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ミリシタ – 桃子と巡る!フルコンチャレンジ – 01. Brand New Theater!

My name is TOPPE.
“Full combo challenge with Momoko”.
Aiming for full combo, It is just a video to play live. Currently, Mirishita has 61 songs, but I already have all of them fully combo. However, it was difficult to the live mode “16:9” to the iPad in the update of the other day. Because it was live play while recording a video, I think that lag is the cause. But I got a full combo with a fresh feeling. On this occasion, while looking back one song at a time, I would like to play live.
I want to deliver the appearance of Momoko singing and dancing. That is such a strategy. Because it is a live play video, updating of the video stops, If the video has disappeared, please take a moment to remember. So, let’s do the first song. As I thought, it is the first song so let’s go from “Brand New Theater!” Let ‘s go with the costume in the Shiny Trinity.
Everyone, Momoko, it will be random. While enjoying it. let’s go. The singing function is good, is not it? Singing function is the best. This, Almost, it is just pushing. There is no rhythm. It is a live game, but I can not get on the rhythm. Because it is such a recording environment. Conversely, rather than focusing on Notes, Enjoy watching the idol singing and dancing. I will concentrate there. This song, playing Mirishita, It’s the first song I hear. At that time, “Another appeal”?
Now I can enjoy twice at once, I did not have it at that time. Is this “normal appeal”?
This is also the best. Always basically, Since appeal selection is set randomly, Since the function of “Another Appeal” has been implemented, there are certainly songs that I have not seen yet. I am looking forward to that. The best It was a good organization.

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