한국인 남녀 ‘아메리칸 밈’ 웃음 참기 챌린지

I can’t hold laughing. For me, I can’t really hold laughing but I have never been sick in my life before. Alright. You know that right? I can
bear pain very well. OWW! What is the theme of the day? Have you guys heard of meme? Aren’t they some images that are trending? -Meme?
-Yes, meme. It’s not something like fad words but I know what that is. But I just can’t explain. Don’t lie.
Hey, I could also say like that! -Oh that one~ I can’t really explain but I know what that is.
-You know that? -Yes!
-Mimi? The doll. Meme! Meme?? X2 -What’s a meme
-Meyum? -You know that.
-In Korea we call it ‘zzal.’ -Yup, that is meme.
-I can also explain like that. So we’re going to do a challenge Called ‘Try not to laugh.’. Oh my God -But I think I can hold it because it’s awkward.
-I don’t think I can. -Try not to laugh?
-TNTL X2 Okay. -Try not to laugh?
-I have never laughed in my life before. Do you guys want to make a bet or something? -Slapping.
-The Loser’s getting slapped. One slap for one laughter What does the loser have to do? -Should we do this?
-Or hitting the palm. -No way!
-On the palms. Slaps..? He just said slaps.. Give me a sec X3
can I laugh first before we see it? Oh, it makes me laugh because I’m nervous. This isn’t that funny. I guess the next one would be the funny one.
Since the challenge is called ‘try not to laugh,’ so I keep laughing. So they are trying to jump over that on a bet, right? This is easy. Easy. It kind of reminds me of when we went out on a trip. -Wow, that’s going to hurt.
-That’s going to hurt. Is she gonna fall through the gap? This isn’t funny Oh god no way X2 She fell with that squeak sound. That must be very painful. Oh, so cute. Cats change the world. Is it funny?
For me…hmm Wow. Is he bisexual? oh… that must be painful. Isn’t he going to hurt himself? That’s gonna hurt. This one too. So like watching other people getting hurt… It looks like the one that goes like ‘ll disappear~’ -Aww So cute
-So cute. Magic trick One, two, three. -Why are you laughing!
-It’s just so adorable He said that he would disappear but he runs away. -This one haha
-You laughed. -It’s not… wait a sec X3
-He laughed X3 Because it was so adorable. -Whatever.
-It’s not because it was funny but it was just so adorable. But you still laughed -Where did he hit himself?
-Onto the ceiling x3 Well I thought he shot that guy’s important part. That shocked me. What is it ? What is it X3 I think we have different humor styles. We don’t laugh at such things. That looks dangerous. X4 I can’t handle the laughing sound. Got to think of some sad things X2 What’s with the music? Wow, the baby is so flexible. That was funny. Why is it so emotional? It’s the sound of a rice cooker. -Oh please x2
-Oh that must really hurt. Those fingers would hurt too. -How can it go that deep?
-It went too deep. -This is TNTL!
-Ah I can’t count how many time I have to slap you. Everything begins now. Wow, that would be very painful. Guys, please don’t do it. No, don’t beat X2 into the world of the universe. You can feel that they laugh at something we don’t find funny, right? I do. I feel sorry for your cheeks. Who makes such things? They’re really crazy. Why, why, what’s wrong? Is that a snake? BAAM I should try that sometime. Actually, to us.. I think she’s got it as a present. That’s an iPhone. Oh dear. She must be very sad. That’s cute. But we’ve all been through this kind of situation before. Like when we are putting the case in for the new phone. So cute. No, don’t do that. But I saw some of the cats do things like that with their own tails. I get scared when there is a thing like that I think she’s gonna hurt herself. That’s gonna hurt. People laugh at this? -Is this funny?
-this isn’t something people should laugh at. So cute. So adorable. Such a cutie pie She couldn’t help it. That ‘help’ was so cute. Don’t do that. Oh damn I think foreign people are like.. Men would die right ? If that happens.. -No we don’t.
-You don’t? But what’s gonna happen now? But why are you feeling the pain too? -That’s it.
-Is that all? What do you think? -It’s kind of different I think.
-What they laugh at is different from ours. Why do they like to laugh at other people’s pain? That’s true. How many times did you laugh by the way? But he kind of disturbed me. Did I? It’s not funny at all. I think they have different sense of humor from Koreans. -Things that were funny could have made me laugh if they were longer.
-That’s true. It was very short. You know, that person got hit on his.. Also that woman who hit her own foot with a hammer. I could’ve laughed at that, to be honest. When the baby went like ‘Help~’ this made me laugh How is it different from Korean style memes? It hurts. It makes me hurt too. Feeling the pain together rather than laughing. I think they’re some kind of perverts enjoying the pain. -Would I say they are more extreme?
-The funny videos of people getting hurt I can’t really handle the laughing sound. I think we are too kind. Maybe it’s only us x4 -How did others react?
-They laughed a lot. So it was only us. We were very kind. -Since we’re so pure…
-Kind people don’t find them funny. -I don’t know if others are kind or not
-Yup, because we’re so kind~ -We made a bet right
-But I never laughed. -I saw you laughing four times?
-No, no. I’ve never laughed in my life before. Do you want your butt to be beaten? I don’t know how to laugh. Oh you want to beat my butt? Butt or face. -Slap for real?
-Yes Just one, x2 Can I beat with my fist? Shit But I never laughed.
That ‘ha’ was just me being sarcastic. That was just ‘ha!’ -That’s also laughing.
-Right, I laughed because the kid was cute. -She’s dying to hit me
-So they find those videos funny, right? How are you going to… -With my palm…
-You’re going to hit me with your hand? -Then what should I use..
-No it’s all right. Just do it. Rock scissors paper Rock scissors paper! What’s wrong with us? Why do we keep showing the same thing? Rock scissors paper! Rock scissors paper! Reverse play it after editing.
I didn’t laugh that much, he laughed much more. -You must tell me that!
-Turn right. For me, I can’t really hold laughing -but I have never been sick in my life before.
-Ok. You know that right? I can
bear pain very well. One two, This..! He is delaying it intentionally..! Can I slap his face right away?
After his turn and can I slap right away? It was weak. I didn’t hit properly. – In 3 seconds, if you don’t hit in 3 seconds then you’re getting beaten too.
-Okay, okay. One two three I can’t hit her, we just met today. -You can’t laugh anymore.
-I never laughed in my life! -I’ll hit you 2 straight slaps.
-Alright. I still have two more? alright. -How do you feel? You must feel like you’re reborn.
-I thought you’re slating with my butt. I thought it’s done. I’m not good at Rock scissors paper -Two out of three for it!
-Rock scissors paper~ No, we men go for 1 round only. -I’m a girl
-Oh yeah

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