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💗Самые красивые актеры Кореи💗The most beautiful actors in Korea💗

I greet you on my channel today present to you the top South Korea’s most beautiful actors 10th place is taken by actor Lee Joon Ki we know him from the drama The Scarlet Hearts of Koryo however, he made his debut in 2004 in the series Hotel Venus Lee Joon Ki owns three martial arts in the drama Lunar Lovers, he coped perfectly well thanks to these skills US continues to invite South Korean actors to its films Lee Joon Ki was no exception he starred in the movie Resident Evil: The Last Chapter 9th place actor, singer and model he is known for the drama High Society Sila Do Bon Soon The actor made his debut in 2010 playing a role in the drama Charming prosecutor became famous after the mini-series Sirius 8th place actor Seo Ji Sop the actor is no longer young, but deserves respect at 42 looks perfect looks 15 years younger my first drama with him Oh my Venus there was Seo Ji Sop I really liked the series and So Ji Sop coped with his role remarkably it was not the first film where I saw him I watched a movie with him earlier drama always in both roles he was wonderful 7th place is occupied by actor Nam Joo Hyuk we appreciated his acting in the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju and moon lovers Joo Hyuk is sure that if you don’t give up, then sooner or later you can succeed by having a dream man will achieve his goal depends on the person whether he will do something for his purpose he also met with his with her filming partner
Lee Song Kyung really sorry they broke up maybe someone thought that Lee Min Ho was in 1st place but decided to put him in 6th place Lee Min Ho conquered our hearts with a drama Flowers after berries Also starred in the TV series The Heirs and Legend of the blue sea and in many successful projects Above all, Lee Min Ho has a large number of subscribers on social networks Facebook and Twitter,
he won an online survey organized by a chinese magazine asian man like god in 2014 and 2015 5th place is my favorite oppa Gong Yu started a cable television career but producers noticed his acting and invited to act in dramas I reviewed a lot of dramas with this actor, and my favorite Tokkebi and the Drama Big and full-length movie Train to Busan I recommend to view the next place is actor Lee Dong Wook he starred in the drama Tokkebi his shooting partner was Yu In Na and the fans were pleasantly surprised because they met again on set in the drama Touch your heart and one more news after that they began to meet Lee Dong Wook South Korean actor and model cheerful and dedicated many girls who played with him in dramas said he was a guy with humor was voted Korea’s sexiest man several times next place actor Choi Shi Won starred in dramas She was beautiful Love Byun Hyuk and Dear Citizens he plays drums well is a member of the popular Super Junior band owns taekwondo and is the youngest Korean received a black belt of 4 degrees Shi Won is the first Korean celebrity to have Twitter more than 3 million fans the next place is taken by a young actor and model Yo Jin Gu, he starred in the series Perfect guy and Hotel Del Luna which came out in August he showed his acting skills at 100% debut took place in the movie Sad Cinema gained popularity thanks to the film Ice flower The directors noticed him and began to offer him roles in 2010-2011 removed a lot all roles are a little gem in the treasury of his career in the first place my favorite actor Seo Kang Joon before bedtime he watched 1-2 films and after that there was an interest in acting he gets few main roles but in the drama you are also human he had to play 2 heroes at once he coped flawlessly showed a high level of acting played in a drama Cheese in a mousetrap played a minor hero but his game was praised by critics also played in the drama The Third Charm Seo Kang Joon is one of the actors who has a lot of fans it’s important for him not only to play a role well, but also to be attractive I hope you enjoyed the video Write in the comments if you like these videos subscribe to my channel Click on the bell and bye, bye))


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    Всё это правда и правда особенно Со Кан Джун!!! Я люблю тебя Со Кан Джун ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍


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