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10 Actors Who Were Written Off TV Shows

We’re looking back at Ten actors who were written off their tv shows right here on Listed. As Shocking as it is, even actors can leave or get fired in the middle of a job And when that happens during a tv show, there’s nothing for the writers to do but find creative ways to write those characters off So lets kick off this list with actors who were written off their tv shows with… Taylor Momsen, AKA Jenny Humphrey From Gossip Girl In an interview with Elle Magazine, back in 2011 Taylor claimed that it was her decision to leave gossip girl to concentrate on her music career She told the mag quote, So maybe she wasn’t fired from the show for bad behaviour like we all thought, but either way you can’t blame a girl for following her real dreams, right? Next up Crystal Reed aka Alison from Teen Wolf devastated fans with her exit from the MTV series in an interview with entertainment weekly Crystal says it was her decision to leave Teen Wolf, saying quote Crystal later returned to the series to play a different character, in a flashback scene but she’ll always be Alison to us. Moving on, when One Tree Hill came calling actor Chad Michael Murray had to immediately his Gilmore Girls character Tristan Dugrey behind. As much as we all loved to hate Rory’s class mate and bad boy crush Tristan there’s no way that Chad could have passed the opportunity to play the starring role as Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill and thus Tristan was abruptly sent to Military School on the show. Huh, how that works out. Chad was actually asked to reprise the role in the next Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, But he declined and Tristan was recast as a completely different actor. We can’t imagine any reason why Chad wouldn’t want to retun to Stars Hollow After having to leave the show so abruptly back in the day, but maybe he’s just too busy being a dad and husband to actress Sarah Roemer these days Next, on our list as the central lead on That 70’s Show, writers had a tough time writing Topher Graces character, Eric Thorman, off the show. Topher decided to leave That 70’s Show just before the 8th and final season. Reportedly because he wanted to stop doing tv and focus on doing film. He did a couple of movies, before landing a role in Spider Man 3. But that may have been the downfall of his film career because the movie received truly terrible reviews from fans and critics alike. And he hasn’t done too many things of note since. So maybe it’s time for Topher to consider going back to TV, seeing as that medium was working out just fine for him, back in the day. Next up we have Jamie Lynn Spears, her exit from Zoey 101 means the entire show and her character Zoey Brooks had to be canceled. Jamie Lynn revealed that she was pregnant at 16 years old, but luckily Nickelodeon shared its support for their stars decision, to choose motherhood over the show, in a statement that read quote… Wow, that’s nice of them. Jamie never returned to acting after the hiatus and instead launched a country singing career in 2013, and speaking of celebrity pregnancies, Glee’s writers had to write Heather Morris character Brittany Pierce off the show after she got pregnant in real life. After Brittany was shown in the last episode of season 4 it seemed that Heathers contract with the show was completely up in the air and it was according to reports after Heather’s pregnancy the producers decided to minimise Brittany’s role in the narrative and the writers decided to only include her as a recurring character in the remaining two seasons. But at least Brittany’s story got tied up nicely with her wedding to Santana in the last season. Which isn’t something everyone can say on this list. Moving on, Claire Holt aka Rebekah Mikaelson in The Originals decided to be written out of the show for a very surprising reason. Claire said her reason for leaving the show was because she was homesick for LA, as The Originals filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite it seeming like Rebekah was killed off on the show, any fan of The Originals knows that it is not that easy to kill an original. And thus there’s always room for Claire to come back, at least for a grand finale for the show. And speaking of the Originals and Grand finales, Nina Dobrev took us all by surprise when she decided to leave her starting role as Elena on The Vampire Diaries, after 6 years on the show. According to sources at E! News Nina left the show because she was quote… and while that’s all understandable it’s hard to believe that her big break up with Ian Somerhalder didn’t have anything to do with it. But we’re still holding out on the hope that we’ll see Elena again before the series ends in March of next year. Moving on, it was no surprise when Charlie Sheen’s Two and a Half Men Character Charlie Harper was written off after Charlies very bizarre breakdown and consequent firing from the show. After having a very public meltdown and saying some pretty nasty things about Two and a Half Men’s creator Chuck Lorrie Charlie was fired and his character was written off the show in one of the most brutal ways by being killed in a tragic accident in which he fell off a metro platform in Paris It just goes to show when you’re making millions from starring on a sitcom don’t bite the hand that feeds you Next up, Adam Brody’s beloved Gilmore Girls character Dave Rygalski He had to be written off the show after California came calling Dave was one of our absolute favourite characters on Gilmore Girls, after all he went above and beyond to win over Lane, even despite her crazy strict and religious Korean mum Mrs Kim but Adam Brody was just too damn charming for his own good and landed a huge role on the very successful show The OC. In a pretty obvious turn the Gilmore Girls writer had Dave move to California where the OC is obviously located, thus leaving Lane and the rest of us completely broken hearted. Okay guys, that’s our list so now i want to know which actor did you miss most after they were written off their show. Sound off in the comment section and after that click here to check out celebs who did crazy things for movie roles. Thanks so much for watching Listed and be sure to subscribe I am your host @tomplumley you guys can find me on the socials and I’ll see you guys next time.


  1. i'm only here for the beer Author

    Hey! You forgot one! Jared Padalecki in Gilmore Girls! He was written off too, so he could go and play Sam Winchester in Supernatural!

  2. Manny Author

    Why would they just leave , they know what they’re getting into🙄, Especially being a main character like Nina, that fucking annoyed me.

  3. blara011 Author

    Get something straight Rory did not have a crush on Tristan, and she only kissed home once after breaking up with dean and then went home to wallow

  4. Kassie Author

    nina did not get written off or cut, i’m a tvd super fan.
    nina told julie before they started tvd that she would only stay for 6 seasons therefore that’s why she wasn’t there for 2 seasons other than playing katherine off and on and coming back for the finale 🙂

  5. Bea Nicole Carrasco Author

    I must admit… I didn't watch TVD season 7 & 8 because Nina wasn't there anymore. BUT, I WATCHED THE FINALE BECAUSE SHE'S THERE!!!!! I LOVE YOU, NINA.

  6. yaret0541 Author

    It’s not a TV show, it’s a movie “the mummy tomb of the dragon emperor” when they changed Rachel Weisz… didn’t like that drastic change…

  7. em Author

    Man get your f****ng facts straight… after so many years people still blame Jamie Lynn and her baby that the Zoey 101 ended when actually they were already done filming the last season before she got pregnant!

  8. Dejone Bond Author

    I love Nina thought her career was going to sky rocket & she didn’t want to miss her window but unfortunately she’s not as big as I expected her to be yet. I love Nina, Crystal & the girl play plays Rebeka.

  9. Walker #27800 Author

    Me *seeing that little picture and Tristan on it*: “Maybe I know find out what happened to most stupidest student of Chilton? Have to watch this!!!”
    Who else clicked because of Tristan?

  10. Suraya Ranjber Author

    Nina probably left because of Ian. The characters are sole mates so that can be difficult to play when you actually dated and broke up with the guy

  11. Sadia Ritu Author

    Allison & Stiles (Teen wolf), Eric (That 70s Show), Elena (TVD) & Lucas-Peyton (One Tree Hill) leaving the shows broke my heart several times beyond repair 😢

  12. Marqus Daimen Author

    Ok, so no one remembers when Janet Hubert or James Amos were written off their shows?? One season we had a darkskinned, in-your-face Aunt Viv, next season, Aunt Viv was more lenient and lighter. And James was…..killed off in a car accident. Damn, Damn, DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!


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