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10 Biggest Mysteries in Hollywood – UNCOVERED

Mysteries, murders and cold cases have been
linked to Hollywood from its very beginning. There are plenty of movies adapted from real-life
enigma or that made mysteries their central theme. Think of Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch,
and Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. The movie industry’s fascination
with mysteries is undeniable. But sometimes, life imitates art, giving rise to real-life
Hollywood mysteries. 10) THE DEATH OF MARILYN MONROE: Marilyn Monroe
died of a barbiturate overdose in the late evening of 4th August 1962, at her home at
12305 Fifth Helena Drive in Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office officially
declared her death a probable suicide, based on previous overdoses and her frequently suicidal
thoughts. However, friends of the star soon began claiming
the official report was a lie and that it was instead a cover-up of an actual murder. Agent Pat Newcomb said she had been with Monroe
on the night before her death making plans for the next day. “Marilyn was in the perfect
physical condition and was feeling great.” The star had also recently reconnected with
her ex-husband Joe DiMaggio and was excited about being re-hired on the film Something’s
Got to Give and several new projects. As one of her associates asked, “Does that sound
like she was depressed about her career?” Moreover, the autopsy revealed that, although
Monroe died after supposedly ingesting a large number of pills, there was no trace of any
of the capsules in her stomach. Soon, more and more people grew concerned
that Marilyn Monroe’s death was actually a murder. In the 1960s, author Frank A. Capell and police
sergeant Jack Clemmons speculated that Robert F. Kennedy was actually behind Monroe’s
death, on the basis of a presumed affair between the star and the U.S. Attorney General. According to biographer Donald Spoto, Marilyn’s
psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson, and personal physician, Hyman Engelberg, had agreed to
never prescribe her anything without first consulting with each other. Spoto believes
Monroe persuaded Engelberg to break his promise by lying to him. She made him believe that
Greenson had agreed to it. In this way, after she took several Nembutals, without telling
it to Greenson, the psychiatrist prescribed her a chloral hydrate enema. The combination
of these two drugs killed her. Then, afraid of the consequences, the doctors and the housekeeper
staged the suicide. So many theories emerged that in 1982, a new
investigation was ordered. The report concluded that the evidence failed to support any theory
of criminal conduct. However, it also admitted that the investigation had turned up some
“factual discrepancies and unanswered questions.” 9) THE MURDER OF SHARON TATE: Over the night
of 8-9th August 1969, four members of the Manson Family stormed into the home of married
celebrity couple, actress Sharon Tate and director Roman Polanski, and murdered five
people. The Manson Family was a cult led by Charles
Manson, active in California in the late 1960s. The group lived an unconventional lifestyle
with constant use of hallucinogenic drugs. Sharon Tate was more than eight months pregnant,
so, while her husband was working in Europe, his friend Wojciech Frykowski and his girlfriend,
coffee heiress Abigail Folger, were staying with Tate. On that night, celebrity hairstylist
Jay Sebring, a close friend of Tate’s, was also there. The gang arrived at 10050 Cielo Drive just
after midnight with Manson’s direct order to kill everyone. Therefore when they encountered
the 18-year-old Steven Parent just outside the house, Charles Watson immediately shot
him to death. Subsequently, they broke into the house and gathered all the residents in
the living room. Sebring was killed first. Frykowski and Folger managed to flee the house,
but they were chased down and killed by Patricia Krenwinkel and Watson. In the midst of the
spree, someone stabbed and killed Tate. In October 1969 various members of the Manson
cult were arrested. Among them was Susan Atkins, who boasted that she took part in the Tate
murders to her cellmates, and, by the end of the year, all of the killers had been arrested.
The trial began in June 1970, with Linda Kasabian, who had been granted immunity, as the chief
witness for the prosecution. In 1971, the rest of the gang, including Manson, was found
guilty. They all received the death penalty, but the sentences were commuted to life in
prison after California abolished capital punishment in 1972. However, we still don’t
know who in the gang killed Tate. 8) THE DISAPPEARANCE OF JOE PICHLER: Former
child actor Joe Pichler, who appeared in two of the Beethoven movies, has been missing
since January 5th 2006. He was last seen playing cards with some friends, who reported he was
in good spirits during. According to his family, the last outgoing
call on Pichler’s cell phone was at 4:08 a.m. on January 5th to a friend who Joe had met
earlier in the day. On January 9th 2006 the police found Pichler’s
car, in which there was a note stating he wished he was a “stronger brother” and
asking for his belongings to go to his younger brother.
Detective Robbie Davis, the lead investigator, believed it was a suicide. But Pichler’s
relatives didn’t believe the two-page letter was a suicide note. Pichler’s mother claimed
that, since the police assumed her son was dead, they weren’t really looking for him.
She said “[He] could be in someone’s basement. He could be wandering the streets hurt.”
Detective Davis replied, “We have done just about all we can do.”
To date, Joe Pichler is still missing. 7) THE DEATH OF GEORGE REEVES: George Reeves
came to fame as the first TV Superman in the 1950s. Despite his fame, at that time television
actors were considered inferior to film stars, which is why after the show ended he struggled
in finding new roles. This led Reeves to suffer from anxiety and depression. Therefore, when his dead body was found in
his house in the early morning of June 16th 1959, the LA police quickly dismissed the
case as a suicide. It looked like he had shot himself. But many of his friends believed
he was murdered and criticized the police investigation. Reeves’ mother, for example, refused to
believe her son had killed himself and hired famous Hollywood lawyer Jerry Giesler (guyzler)
to investigate further. The police never checked Reeves’ fingers
to see if any gunpowder residue could confirm he actually pulled the trigger, nor did they
count the number of bullets remaining in the gun. Hence, Giesler called for a second autopsy.
The lawyer also pointed out that bruises on Reeves’ head and body were never investigated. Authors Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger
suggested that Toni Mannix, the wife of MGM vice president Eddie Mannix, with whom Reeves
had been having an affair, might have been involved in his death. Their theory was supported by publicist Edward
Lozzi, who in 1999 revealed that, in his presence, Toni Mannix had confessed to a Catholic priest
she was responsible for having Reeves killed. However, Mannix suffered from Alzheimer’s
disease for years, which reduces the credibility of her confession. The case has never been reopened, but the
doubts have never been satisfactorily laid to rest. 6) THE DEATH OF VIRGINIA RAPPE: Virginia Caroline
Rappe (r’apae) was an American model and silent film actress. On September 5th 1921,
she attended a party at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. At some point during the
party, she and another guest, actor Roscoe Arbuckle, went into one of the hotel rooms
together. But when Roscoe left the room, Rappe was lying on the bed writhing in pain. Four
days later, she died of a ruptured bladder. What fueled the scandal at the time and what
has remained a mystery ever since is the role of Arbuckle in Rappe’s death.
On the night in question, according to party guest Maude Delmont, after a few drinks, Arbuckle
strong-armed Virginia into his room. Delmont claimed she heard him saying “I’ve waited
for you five years, and now I’ve got you.” She became concerned after 30 minutes when
she heard screams coming from Arbuckle’s room. She found Virginia lying on the bed,
naked and moaning in pain. Delmont claimed that Rappe managed to gasp “Arbuckle did
it” just before losing consciousness. However, Delmont was never taken seriously,
since she changed her story many times. Moreover, she also had a reputation from providing girls
for Hollywood parties, to use them to instigate scandalous acts, and then blackmailing the
celebrities involved. Arbuckle, for his part, declared that he went
to the bathroom and when he came out he found Rappe vomiting on the floor. After helping
her, he and several other guests summoned the hotel doctor, who determined that Rappe
was just heavily intoxicated and took her into another hotel room to rest. Eventually, Arbuckle’s lawyers showed that
the autopsy had concluded that there “were no marks of violence on the body, no signs
that the girl had been attacked in any way”. 5) THE POISONED TITANIC CREW: While making
the award-winning blockbuster Titanic, James Cameron encountered many difficulties, but
not everyone knows that one night 50 crew members ended up in the hospital. It happened on the night of August 8th 1996,
when the crew was filming the last scenes on the Canadian set. It was around midnight,
they were all having the dinner break. A local catering company had provided, among other
options, chowder. More than 60 people ate it, and it wasn’t long before the effects
to take hold. As Cameron recalled in 2009, “I’m standing at the monitors, near the
camera, and the room is empty. It was like the twilight zone.” He also reported he was stabbed in the face
with a pen by a crew member. Yet, he sat laughing, helplessly watching what was happening to
his crew. Hopefully, nobody was seriously harmed, and
everyone got back on their feet in the following days. As revealed from the toxicology report
at the Dartmouth General Hospital, people had been intoxicated by P.C.P, a chemically
hallucinogenic drug. But there was still a mystery to be solved. Who poisoned the soup?
The Halifax Police Department investigated the matter for two and a half years, but eventually,
the case was closed due to lack of suspects. However, even though Cameron has never named
his suspect, he is pretty certain he knows who did it. “We had fired a crew member
the day before because they were creating trouble with the caterers. So we believe the
poisoning was this idiot’s plan to get back at the caterers, whom of course we promptly
fired the next day. So it worked.” 4) THE “HOLLYWOOD RIPPER” CASE: “Hollywood
Ripper” is the nickname given to Michael Thomas Gargiulo (guarj’ulo), who was accused
for stabbing three women to death and attempting to murder a fourth. The first victim was 18 year old Tricia Pacaccio,
Gargiulo’s neighbour in Illinois. She was stabbed 47 times, and her body was found by
her father on the morning of August 14th 1993. Gargiulo moved to Los Angeles in 1998, and,
on February 21st 2001, Ashley Ellerin, a young model and fashion design student, was stabbed
47 times and died in her home in Hollywood. In 2005, Marina Bruno, Gargiulo’s neighbour
in El Monte, California, was found stabbed to death as well. On April 28th 2008, another of his neighbours,
Michelle Murphy, was attacked. She fought off the attacker, and blood found on the scene
matched Gargiulo’s DNA. He was arrested by the Santa Monica Police Department on June
6th 2008. However, he kept claiming his innocence. According to Los Angeles County Jail authorities,
Gargiulo stated that, just because ten women were killed, doesn’t mean he murdered anyone.
Police only knew of four victims; his reference to ten women led investigators to believe
there may be more. On May 2nd 2019, after several delays, his
trial finally began. One of the key witnesses in the trial was
actor Ashton Kutcher, who on May 30th 2019 testified about the Ashley Ellerin crime. 3) THE DISAPPEARANCE OF JEAN SPANGLER: Jean
Elizabeth Spangler was an American dancer, model, and actress who appeared in bit parts
in several Hollywood films in the late 1940s. On the evening of October 7th 1949, Spangler
left her home in Los Angeles, telling her sister-in-law that she was going to meet with
her ex-husband before going to work as an extra on a night shoot. She never came home. She was last seen at a grocery store near
her house at approximately 6:00 p.m. Two days later, in a remote area of Griffith Park,
her purse was discovered, in which a letter read, “”Kirk: Can’t wait any longer. Going
to see Dr Scott. It will work best this way while the mother is away.”” The most famous Kirk in Hollywood at that
time was actor Kirk Douglas, who, by chance, had just finished filming Young Man with a
Horn, in which Spangler had a small role. Douglas spoke with the LAPD investigators
and insisted he was not having an affair with the woman, telling them he was in Palm Springs
when she disappeared. Detectives believed him, and he was cleared. Investigations were at a sticking point, so
various theories arose, ranging from her alleged death in a botched abortion to her fleeing
Los Angeles with gangsters with whom she was acquainted. Finally, it was common knowledge there were
ongoing tensions with her ex-husband, Dexter Benner. Spangler’s sister in law recalled
that on the evening she disappeared, Spangler said she was going to meet with Benner to
discuss overdue child support. Detectives contacted Benner and his new wife, who said
they had been together all evening, and they never saw Spangler. To date, no additional evidence has been uncovered
in Spangler’s case, and her whereabouts remain unknown. 2) THE DEATH OF PETER IVERS: Peter Scott Ivers
was an American musician, songwriter and television personality of the ‘70s. On March 3rd 1983, Ivers was found beaten
to death with a hammer in his Los Angeles loft apartment, and to date, the murderer
has never been identified. Ivers’ death is principally known for the
badly managed investigation. In the hours following his death, the LAPD officers failed
to secure the crime scene, allowing many of Ivers’ friends and acquaintances to pass through
the loft, contaminating the evidence. The officers even allowed director David Jove
to leave the apartment with the blood-stained blankets from Ivers’ bed. The first suspect was actor Harold Ramis.
He was briefly considered due to Ivers’ close relationship with his wife. However, the actor
was had an alibi and was quickly cleared of all wrongdoing. Biographer Josh Frank reported that several
of Ivers’ friends told him they suspected David Jove was the murderer. Apparently, Ivers
and Jove had a contentious relationship. Ramis affirmed “”As I grew to know David a little
better, it just accumulated, all the clues and evidence just made me think he was capable
of anything. I couldn’t say with certainty that he’d done anything, but of all the people
I knew, he was the one person I couldn’t rule out.” A few weeks after the murder, producer Lucy
Fisher hired private investigator David Charbonneau to investigate. He interviewed a number of
people close to Ivers, but due to the lack of police evidence and the lack of witnesses,
his work came to nothing. Still, Charbonneau said: “”I do not believe it was a break-in.
I do not believe it was just someone off the street that Peter brought in because he was
a nice guy that night and fell asleep trusting them. I’m not buying it.”” 1) THE DEATH OF NATALIE WOOD : On the evening
of November 28th 1981, actress Natalie Wood was on a boating trip to Santa Catalina Island,
in Southern California. She was with her husband Robert Wagner and her co-star on the film
Brainstorm, Christopher Walken. After dinner ashore with the boat’s skipper, Dennis Davern,
they returned to the yacht and kept drinking for a while. Then, at around 1.30 a.m a phone call reached
the authorities. It was Wagner, reporting his wife missing. Natalie was found a few hours later in her
nightgown and socks floating face-down in the water. The cause of death was initially reported
as an accidental drowning, but the autopsy revealed that the actress had bruises on her
body and a significant amount of alcohol in her system. However, the case remained classified as an
accident. Until 2011, when Dennis Davern publicly stated he had lied to police during the initial
investigation, and the case was reopened. According to Davern, Wood and Wagner had an
argument because she had been flirting with Walken, which enraged Wagner, who also prevented
him from turning on the searchlights and from notifying police after the actress disappeared. Walken cooperated with the authorities, who
cleared him almost immediately. In 2012, John Corina, from the Los Angeles
County Sheriff’s Department, told CBS, “We know now that [Wagner] was the last person
to be with Natalie before she disappeared.[…] I haven’t seen [Wagner] tell the details
that match … all the other witnesses in this case … and his version of events just
don’t add up.” In 2013, Wood’s death was officially classified
as a homicide, due to “drowning and other undetermined factors.” However, in 2018, Corina stated, “We have
not been able to prove this was a homicide. And we haven’t been able to prove that this
was an accident, either. The ultimate problem is we don’t know how she ended up in the


  1. 1 Survivor Author

    My thoughts…

    10) I believe it was suicide. She was a DEEPLY depressed person. All the signs of suicide are there.

    9) It was Susan Atkins most likely. Linda Kasabian was the getaway driver and authorities don't believe she ever entered the residence. Tex Watson used a gun to shoot Steven Parent, not a knife. Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel chased down and killed the fleeing Voytek Frykowski and Abigail Folger. That leaves Atkins alone at the scene with Sharon Tate. Atkins wrote "PIG" on the front door with Tate's blood. And Atkins was the one who happily bragged about participating in the murders afterward. We'll never know for certain. But reasonable deduction here.

    8) This one is tough because there isn't much info out there about his mental state. But multiple articles report that his mother "urged" him to move from LA back to his hometown of Bremerton Washington to finish high school and "have some normalcy in his life". It makes it seem like she was aware he was struggling to deal with something. Combine that with the note and I assume this could have been a suicide caused by possible depression. That's just an assumption tho.

    7) The investigation was botched so severely that we will likely never know. I have serious doubts that it was a suicide however.

    6) I believe she had a health condition that was aggravated by her heavy drinking at the party and resulted in her death from a ruptured bladder and subsequent infection.

    5) Cameron likely solved this one himself.

    4) It was Gargiulo.

    3) She was likely murdered. Ex-husband Dexter Benner is the primary suspect imo. Whoever killed her likely wrote the Kirk note to try to put attention on her high profile co-star.

    2) Getting beaten to death with a hammer is an act of severe rage. Someone close to him did it. Dunno who.

    1) Wagner did it.

  2. PREPFORIT Author

    Kennedy's gold digging wife J. O ordered Marilyn murdered.

    You can see her just seething when she sang him happy Birthday.

    And YES she was a gold digger just look at her next Husband $$$$$ but YUK !

  3. PREPFORIT Author

    Kennedy's gold digging wife J. O ordered Marilyn murdered.

    You can see her just seething when she sang him happy Birthday.

    And YES she was a gold digger just look at her next Husband $$$$$ but YUK !

  4. ping pongelstein Author

    Stanley Kubrick was murdered because he exposed too much insider knowledge of Hollywood in his last movie Eyes wide shut. In this movie there are tons of links to cults, sexual deviancy such as pedophilia etc and we all know the filth that goes on behind doors in Hollywood (Kevin spacey, Harvey Weinstein)

  5. mysticdef Author

    Everytime they say it's a suicide people are like "but they weren't suicidal"; you can't tell everytime when someone is having those thoughts,they know how to hide it

  6. childofthorn Author

    DO BETTER RESEARCH BEFORE POSTING. Yor repeatedly mispronounced Abigail Folgers name. Your photo of the Tate House is actually the LaBianca house and your photos of Linda Kasabian are actually photos of Squeaky Fromme.

  7. koolerpure Author

    i used to go deep into this evil hollywood and evil music industry mysteries, its hard to tell what is true or not but the things i learned certainly makes me question certain details like why was marilyn monroe sleeping with kennedy then killed shortly after. hell we are seeing new crazy shit like 3 of the cops that lead the investigation against hillary clinton and her emails all "commited suicide" all within 10 days out in the open and at odd places

  8. John Marshall Author

    “I’ve got lists of top ten things and a royalty-free stock video subscription… lets start a YouTube channel!” – someone apparently

  9. The Michael Author

    All iam going to say is that suicide can be random and it doesn't matter if the person in question had any plans to look forward to. Why? Because anyone with depression, anxiety, and constant suicidal thoughts can be set off at any time. Happy at one moment then gone the next and all their friends will say the same thing how the friend just made plans and lined up some projects and was looking happy only to do themselves in. Depression and suicidal thoughts are not fully understood and people who don't have them think that people who do have them can easily ignore it or just turn it off or simply distract themselves with something. And I am here to say to these people who don't have these thoughts – it doesn't work that way! Because those thoughts always – ALWAYS – creep back in! It's like a TV channel you cannot turn off or change! And I describe it as a TV channel because your mind creates scenes and thoughts and plays them over and over again and sometimes injects past memories and conversations you don't like to make you feel worse and you think you can control it, but it just happens.

  10. joseph mathis Author

    Marilyn was going to go to the Press about the ET cover up, so she was assassinated. Robert Kennedy was in love with Marilyn and was upset about her assassination, so he was going to blow the whistle on the whole damn thing and he was assassinated. This information is so easy to find if you're curious.

  11. Blue Prince Author

    1 is definitely murder, beating a person under alcohol influence is easy and can be used as an alibi that those bruises/injuries are from hitting the boat whiling falling out of water then drowning in water.

  12. Thicks Author

    I am Michael Wise when I saw on the internet joe pichler i recognize him as the same joe pichler i know from South Africa
    He is alive and lives in capetown
    Michael Wise from South Africa

  13. Laura Loveday Author

    Thank you for this video. I'm surprised that you didn't include the murder of William Desmond Taylor though, since it's mind boggling. There were lots of strange deaths in early Hollywood but that one's like an Agatha Christie novel.
    With the Roscoe Arbuckle case, Delmont was very obviously trying to make a mint out of it (through letters to her lawyers and just her in general since she was a horrible, money-grabbing woman). I recall reading that some of Rappe's internal organs went missing before the autopsy, perhaps to cover up a botched abortion which ruptured her bladder and led to her death. Paul Merton did a good investigation of that case which is on youtube somewhere if anyone’s interested.

  14. Evil Toe Author

    Seriously though. Anyone else noticed that a lot of celebrities look alike. Even in TV shows, there will be a minor actor/actress that looks like a celebrity… It's creepy! I think for sure, there is something fishy going on.

  15. Leash B Author

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I didn't like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I LOVE most of Quentin Tarantino's movies, but this one just didn't do it for me.

  16. Leash B Author

    I still think there's more to Kurt Cobain's death than what police say happened. That's one famous person's death I won't ever be satisfied with the claims that he killed himself.

  17. Leash B Author

    Catering clam chowder? I would never have been poisoned. You can't pay me enough to ever eat clam chowder. I'd rather have the LSD.

  18. 3VILmonkey Author

    I really don’t understand why the 60s generation is so in love with the Kennedy’s. JFK entered the US into the Vietnam war, almost (with the Soviets) destroyed the world during the Cuban Missile “Crisis”, hired his brother for a plum White House position, and had numerous dalliances with women, including Monroe. He was not a good POTUS.

  19. tony'sMelody TM Author

    Female stars are not getting murdered or disapear, except for that 1 time on a boat, but they get taken off stage because the TRANNY wants to come out. When they pass 50 year. Bphomet creatures do not have a valid expire-date. It's already wasted.

  20. Miken Ayers Author

    A lot of the George Reeves conspiracy nuts like to leave a lot of details out that point to a suicide.

    Biggest one being the positioning, and angle of the wound.

  21. Zelda Williams Author

    Leave Robert Wagner alone, that damn guy lied back in the 80s, oh, now you're telling the truth in 2012?
    I'm not buying your lies, because you've been so truthful and trustworthy up till now! 🙄 Yeah, right I wonder what was his motivation to lie in the first place, this was a highly publicized police investigation? 🤔

  22. Carrie Witt Author

    The Sharon Tate mystery has been solved, both Tex Watson and Susan Atkins said in their books that Tex was the one that stabbed Sharon Tate.

  23. Steven Morahan Author

    Natalie Wood was also violently raped by Kirk Douglas, when she was in her early teens. Her mother convinced her not to report it to the police as she wanted her to make it in Hollywood.

    The poor woman had a terrible life at the hands of Hollywood stars. It's also another incident linked to Douglas, where a female/child has been either murdered or raped, and he's gotten away with it.

  24. Darkfireice Author

    I take it you mean when Hollywood started its film industry, not when it was a sleepy dry village outside of Los Angeles. And what about the Black Dahlia

  25. MJART BY DAY Author

    The drugs were actually placed up her anus that's why the drugs were not in her stomach .. a lot of people do believe that she was murdered by the Kennedys? Maybe but who knows .. i have a theory how Natalie Wood died … She hated water she would never of got too close to it as she had a massive phobia of it so how did she end up on a boat then a dingy as this was stated where she ended up. I have heard that she had bruises all over her body but why and who had done things to her? I think it was Wagner but the cops couldn't or wouldn't come up with him being a suspect in the case more than Walken. I think he has got away with murder and i do think it was planned really well and it just didn't happen on the moment kind of thing. I don't know if Walken was involved but maybe he was invited on the boat so he wasn't on his own if there was an investigation. I do believe that stars can get away with murder and if so why are they immune to being accused of murder they are very much accountable as much as any other person famous or not. I do think Marilyn and Natalie's murders are the biggest mysteries in Hollywood to date but still they happen is there an organisation arranging these murders we may never know. …. Please can you cover more of celebrity mystery deaths both old and the new music stars and film stars i would like to see more of these please as i am well into mysteries. Thank Robin cool narrated video as ever .. peace and love x

  26. Zincy Author

    No Bob Crane? Found bludgeoned, half-naked, with an electrical cord around his neck. All the sordid details of his personal life, from the BDSM to the filmed sex tapes, would have made an interesting entry.

  27. Jaden Pearce Author

    1 why are so many pedophiles involved with Hollywood and why is it so powerful swaying the most powerful nations while not making half of what they do.

  28. Poldark Author

    All the actors and musicians from hollywood are dying because of a "big dose" there are 3 deaths that amazed me of how people didnt reacted to it Whitney Houston death in bathroom because of heroine years later her daughter dies in the same way.Michael Jackson dies because of his doctor high dose.

  29. Chelsea Michelle Author

    Wow August seems to be a really unlucky month!

    Loving the new top 10 style videos but I’d love to see some more In Plain Sight

  30. Ariaga 2 Author

    I have a question, since you guys work for a Diagonal View do you receive all the money from Patreon donations and merch sales ? as i would be more willing to donate if i knew you guys were benefiting form the donations.

  31. Kentucky Mama Author

    Lets look at Mario Lopez…
    He said something VERY TRUE & the subject of trans kids is extremely disturbing… Then 24hs later he APOLOGIZED!!! WHY??? Did he have a sudden change of heart… I don't think so!!! "They" told him to…
    Here are the questions… Did they hold a gun to his head or did they threaten his career???
    He WASN'T FORCED to apologize… He CHOSE to… To save his career maybe but his reputation is FOREVER destroyed…
    As far as I am concerned… Those who allow this perverse & evil behavior to go on are JUST AS GUILTY AS THE PEDOS THEMSELFS!!!
    If you don't report child abuse you are guilty of THAT abuse…
    I'd literally rather die then allow a child to be abused… Much less sexual abuse (which trans kids ARE… Victims of child sexual abuse)…
    All of Hollywood is guilty… They All know what is going on…
    Remember Isaac Kappy… That man was a TRUE HERO…
    They LITERALLY MURDERED him because he dared to speak out and wouldn't be intimidated into silence… Now he's dead… He gave his LIFE to save innocent children… We MUST do OUR PART & STOP THIS INSANE EVIL ABUSE!!!
    This is the true evil in Hollywood!!!

  32. Stephanie L Author

    Fatty Arbuckle had a giant penis and he ruptured her bladder. It was covered up because of his fame and the fact that she was a woman without his kind of fame.

    I'm not joking, research it.

  33. Pagan Raven Author

    Natalie Wood was murdered by her husband and he got away with it. I’ve felt this way since she died. And I was a kid when it happened

  34. Rings Of Uranus Author

    You actually incorrectly stated that Charles Manson commanded his followers to commit murder. This isn't the case, and even the prosecution against him acknowledged that he never instructed his followers to commit the murders.

  35. Anomalous Nights Author

    In 4:08 I believe that's Leslie Van Houten, not Susan Atkins. And in 4:17 is Lynette Fromme, not Linda Kasabian.
    Great video, though. 👍


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