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10 Famous Actors Secretly Hidden In Your Favorite Movies!

Most of the time, movie cameos are a fun way
to put familiar faces in front of audiences — even if it’s only for a moment or two. Usually, the whole point of a cameo is that
we’ll recognize the famous person in front of us. But sometimes, directors get a bit sneaky. They hide famous faces behind masks, make-up
and CGI, and sometimes they just put them in roles you wouldn’t expect. And yeah, sure, this might negate the purpose
of having an extra celebrity or 2 in the movie, but it also creates some fun Easter eggs for
fans to discover. Edward Norton in Kingdom of Heaven
Orlando Bloom is the star of Ridley Scott’s crusades epic Kingdom of Heaven, but he’s
not the only big name in the cast. In addition to Liam Neesom, Eva Green and
Jeremy Irons, Kingdom of Heaven also features an uncredited Edward Norton as Jerusalem’s
King Baldwin IV. The reason you may not have noticed this? The historical King Baldwin suffered from
leprosy, and he always wore a mask in public. So, you guessed it, Norton played the entire
role behind a metal mask. Then, he requested that his name taken off
the credits so it wouldn’t be spoiled. But he couldn’t keep it a secret for too
long. Most critics thought he gave the best performance
in the movie! Tim Burton in Hoffa
You may remember Danny DeVito’s grotesque performance as the Penguin in Batman Returns,
but that wasn’t the only movie the height-challenged DeVito made that year. He also directed the gangster comedy Hoffa,
starring Jack Nicholson as the famous union boss who disappeared under mysterious circumstances
in 1962. For a funeral scene, DeVito needed someone
to play a dead body lying in a coffin — so who did he choose? His Batman Returns director Tim Burton, with
his famously wild hair tamed down as the well-coiffed corpse. We certainly hope DeVito cast Burton as a
friend, and not as some kind of morbid commentary about their professional relationship. Gene Hackman in Young Frankenstein
Comedy legends Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder made three movies together: The Producers,
Blazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein. But neither of them had a particularly extensive
track record of working with that other famous Gene: Gene Hackman. Nevertheless, Hackman made a memorable cameo
as a blind priest in Young Frankenstein. Not being able to see Frankenstein’s monster’s
grotesque appearance, the priest welcomes him into his home. But, despite the best intentions, the kindly
old priest ends up doing more damage to the monster than the other way around. At the time, Hackman was more known for thrillers
like the French Connection or The Conversation, so it must have been a shock for audiences
to find out it was him hidden behind that fake beard and wig. Famous musicians in Harry Potter and the Goblet
of Fire Originally, Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand
was meant to play the Weird Sisters, a band that performs at the Yule Ball in Harry Potter
and the Goblet of Fire. But when they dropped out, a hodgepodge of
famous British musicians took over for them. Jason Buckle of All Seeing I [pronounced:
eye] and Steve Caydon of Add N to (X) play rhythm guitar and bagpipes, while Johnny Greenwood
and Phil Selway of Radiohead fill in as lead guitarist and drummer. Meanwhile, Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey
of Pulp cover vocals and bass for the wizarding band. Previously, The Stone Roses’ Ian Brown made
a cameo in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as a bar patron. Who knew the wizarding world was so musical? Richard Branson in Casino Royale
Richard Branson, the British business magnate behind the ubiquitous Virgin brand, makes
a brief blink-and-you’ll-miss it appearance in the James Bond film Casino Royale. Reportedly, Branson is a huge fan of 007,
and offered the production a plane while they were in a tight spot. In return, the producers allowed him to appear
as a passenger getting flagged by security in a scene set at Miami airport. Branson has made cameos in movies like Around
the World in 80 Days and Superman Returns, but his appearance in Casino Royale is special
for another reason. When it was played as an in-flight movie on
British Airways — a competitor of Branson’s Virgin Airlines — they airbrushed his cameo
out of the film. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon in Confessions of
a Dangerous Mind When George Clooney made his directorial debut
with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, he tapped several of his famous friends to help out. Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore agreed to
work for less than their usual salary, while character actor Sam Rockwell took on the lead
role as TV producer Chuck Barris. But when it came time to cast the contestants
on The Dating Game, he recruited his Ocean’s 11 co-stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon to play
two of the contestants. Neither actor has any lines, but they both
seem to be losing to a third, more homely contestant. Cameron Crowe and Cameron Diaz in Minority
Report After Tom Cruise collaborated with director
Cameron Crowe on Vanilla Sky, he moved on to the sci-fi hit Minority Report with Steven
Spielberg. But for some reason, it seems as though he
couldn’t leave his old crew behind. When Cruise boards a train in the film, Crowe
can be seen looking over his newspaper at him. And that blonde behind him? That’s Cruise’s Vanilla Sky co-star Cameron
Diaz. Cruise’s Magnolia director Paul Thomas Anderson
was also on the train, but his cameo was cut from the final film. Nevertheless, you can find Scott Frank, the
film’s screenwriter, being told “you’re the man” by a host of fake people as he
lives out his fantasies in an artificial reality simulator. Danny Glover in Maverick
Maverick is a light-hearted comedy western about a card sharp con man in the wild west,
and Mel Gibson brings his usual roguish charm and charisma to the lead role. The movie is chock-full of cameos that many
people wouldn’t recognize today, including Corey Feldman and Margot Kidder. But one cameo sticks out more than the others. Who is that man behind the bandana who robs
a bank in front of Gibson’s character? It’s none other than Danny Glover, Gibson’s
co-star from the Lethal Weapon series. The two actors look at each other as if they
know each other, and Glover even utters his famous catchphrase from the Lethal Weapon
movies: “I’m getting too old for this sh*t!” Chris Martin in Shaun of the Dead
OK, if you’ve seen Shaun of the Dead recently, you probably noticed Coldplay’s Chris Martin
at the end of the film, where he and his Coldplay bandmate where “ZombAid” t-shirts. But Martin also appears earlier in the film,
as one of the zombies chasing down Shaun and the gang as they escape from The Winchester. In fact, Martin isn’t the only celebrity
who appears as a zombie in the film, but the others, like Rob Brydon and Paul Putner, are
only well-known in the UK. Chris Martin also appeared on the soundtrack to the film, performing
a cover of the Buzzcocks’ “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” with the band Ash. Daniel Craig and many more in Star Wars: The
Force Awakens Simon Pegg, star of Shaun of the Dead, is
no stranger to cameos himself. He even appeared in the biggest film of last
year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Under a great deal of prosthetics, Pegg played
Unkar Plutt, the junk dealer on Jakkar that Rey deals with at the beginning of the film. Other celebrities who appeared in The Force
Awakens include comedians Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz, who came up with the unique noises
made by the show-stealing droic BB-8. Warwick Davis, who famously played an Ewok
in Return of the Jedi, is a patron at Maz Canata’s cantina, and Hamilton scribe Lin-Manuel
Miranda provides vocals for the cantina’s band. The most famous cameo, however, is James Bond
himself, Daniel Craig, who is under the helmet of one of the stormtroopers guarding Rey on
the Starkiller Base. So how did you like our list? Did we miss any other sneaky cameos that most
people wouldn’t notice? Join the discussion in the comments below,
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  1. ghshinn Author

    Another cameo in The Force Awakens which might not mean much to American audiences, but certainly would to the British, as well as many others, was Harriet Walter as Dr. Kalonia.

  2. Steve Coffey Author

    1963's The Adrian Messenger several Major Stars (Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster) were all "makeuped" and revealed at the end – Kirk Douglas played four different characters in the movie.

  3. liquidbraino Author

    LOVE Tim Burton and Danny Devito! Batman returns is one of my favorite movies (and I was lucky enough to get to work on it).

  4. Jack Snorty Author

    I want to no more as to the 'why' of all this.

    Such as, why is Daniel Craig dressed up as a stormtrooper? Just so he could say he was in Star Wars?

  5. farvista Author

    Nobody in the history of ever thought that Gene Hackman in "Young Frankenstein" was a secret. He was on of the the best parts of the movie. At the end of his scene, his line "..but I was gonna make espresso!" was an adlib, and you can hear an off-screen camera-man burst into laughter just as the scene is cut. They left it in just as it was. Hackman totally owned it.

  6. Eff Yiew Author

    "The height challenged DeVito" Really? Tasteless and unwarranted, especially about someone like Danny DeVito whose long and storied career has earned him some respect. Not sure though why I would have expected more from the equivalent of Buzzfeed on youtube.

  7. EVA_Unit_4A Author

    4:39 Having Danny Glover in Maverick was hardly a "hidden" thing at all, but rather an inside-joke because the film's director, Richard Donner, had directed the him and Mel Gibson in all four Lethal Weapon movies. (Indeed, Donner's last film before Maverick was Lethal Weapon 3. )
    Even the film's music composer, Randy Newman, was in on it because you hear a familar Lethal Weapon motif during Glover's time on-screen.

    Unlike other "secret" cameos on this list, this one is nowhere near as vague as you're letting on!

  8. Douglas Krueger Author

    Different topic, but related: spotting famous actors in atypical uncredited small roles before they were famous. My favorites (and I'm going back to Golden Age of Hollywood here): Clint Eastwood in Tarantula and Return of the Creature, Leonard Nimoy in Them!, Tony Curtis in Criss Cross

  9. stacy clark Author

    Did you know that famous Roscoe p Coltrane ( James Best) was also a cameo, in star wars a new hope. He played as one of the rebels on Lea's ship just before the storm troopers barged in and shot him.

  10. The_Lazy_Guy Author

    Wtf on the thumnail i saw the stormtrooper that called Fill traitor and i thought he was gonna be a famous actor and instead i get the dump one who got mind tricked by a girl who never even practiced it before.

  11. Brian John (BJ) Retro Author

    What about Steven Spielberg's cameo in Vanilla Sky? I think the only reason he did it was so Tom Cruise would star in his film, Minority Report, a year later. How do you think the conversation to that one went? STEVEN SPIELBERG: Tom, I would love you to be in my next movie. TOM CRUISE: Okay Steven, but first you have to appear in the film I'm doing now, Vanilla Sky. SPIELBERG: Well, I normally work behind the camera instead of in front of it, but okay!


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