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10 Famous Actors That Hollywood Won’t Cast Anymore

Introduction Everyone dreams of making it big in Hollywood,
but it’s an extremely cutthroat business. It takes a lot of work to get up to the top,
and the slightest misstep can ruin a career instantly. The film industry is full of hungry, talented
people looking for work, and someone praised as the next major star could be yesterday’s
news in the blink of an eye. It happens to even the most famous faces in
the movies. No matter how many accolades one scores, the
fall from grace can always be right around the corner. Here are 10 famous actors that have disappeared
from Hollywood. Seann William Scott After making audiences laugh as Stifler in
American Pie, Scott became one of the biggest names in comedy. Unfortunately, he was never able to find another
defining role. Many of the projects he took following American
Pie were critical duds and failed at the box office, causing studios to stay away from
him. It also doesn’t help that Scott has never
been able to escape the shadow of Stifler and was typecast early on, meaning he never
truly expanded his horizons beyond the goofy party guy. He’s also not one to seek out publicity,
which has kept him out of the public eye for a while. Cameron Diaz In the late 90s and early 2000s, Diaz was
Hollywood’s hottest starlet, winning our hearts in There’s Something About Mary. After a short winning streak that included
a variety of projects, Diaz’s career took a wrong turn and she had trouble replicating
her earlier success. As her career has gone on, Diaz has starred
in a number of poorly received R-rated comedies, including Bad Teacher and Sex Tape. Even working with respected director Ridley
Scott on The Counselor didn’t turn out well. It’s unlikely she’ll headline any major
movies nowadays with a string of bombs spoiling her résumé. Taylor Lautner Emerging as a heartthrob due to his role as
Jacob in the Twilight franchise, Taylor Lautner seemed to have a nice career laid out for
himself. But once the Twilight saga ended, so did Lautner’s
time in the spotlight. He hasn’t starred in much since he wrapped
up his work on the young adult series, and the few vehicles he has been a part of, like
Abduction, have failed miserably. Allegedly, Lautner also demands very high
salaries for jobs and was turned down for both Stretch Armstrong and David and Goliath
because of his outlandish price tags. The good news for him is that he’s still
young, but nobody’s exactly knocking down his door. Adam Sandler Sandler’s fall from the A-list has been
well-documented by now, and even some of his biggest fans are left wondering what happened. As time went on, Sandler became more concerned
with aspects like product placement and working in cameos for his friends rather than making
a funny, entertaining movie. Things reached a boiling point with Jack and
Jill, considered one of the worst films ever made. Today, Sandler’s latest projects aren’t
even shown in theaters. They’re directly released to Netflix. The streaming service is wildly popular, but
this probably isn’t how Sandler envisioned his career winding down. Eddie Murphy Arguably the funniest man on the planet in
the 1980s, Murphy has one of the most frustrating career trajectories of all-time. The former Beverly Hills Cop and Nutty Professor
has had difficulties recapturing his earlier glories, in large part due to a string of
flops including Pluto Nash, Norbit, and A Thousand Words. He hasn’t been part of a major feature film
in four years, and that time away from the limelight isn’t going to make things any
easier. At least he has Shrek 5 to look forward to,
considering DreamWorks brings back his Donkey character. That should be a nice payday. Tobey Maguire He helped usher in the Golden Age of the superhero
movie with his work on the Spider-Man trilogy, but Tobey Maguire is hardly swinging high
through the streets of New York these days. Since that series ended in 2007, Maguire has
acted in only five films. He did receive a Golden Globe nomination for
his performance in 2009’s Brothers, but it’s hard to call him a true movie star
now. Many point to Maguire never growing out of
his boyish charm, as he didn’t sign on for any gritty roles. As he got older, that made him appear less
convincing. Maguire has also settled down with a family,
so he may not want to dive back into the Hollywood craziness. Katherine Heigel It wasn’t that long ago Katherine Heigel
had one of the more promising careers in the industry. Knocked Up was a huge comedy hit, and she
won an Emmy for her role on Grey’s Anatomy. Then, the wheels came off. After being nominated for the Emmy in 2008,
Heigel withdrew her name, saying she felt her performance during that season wasn’t
worth the recognition. She was then written out of the show, and
her movie offers have become limited. Heigel has a reputation for biting the hand
that feeds, even criticizing Knocked Up for being sexist. Her chances of a comeback are probably dead. Brendan Fraser Making a name for himself as the star of the
Mummy franchise, Fraser wasn’t able to keep the hits rolling as his career chugged along. His successes were always offset by some odd
choices, and eventually the bad films caught up with him. He found a surprise blockbuster in Journey
to the Center of the Earth, but due to his demands to hold off on the sequel, he was
replaced by the Rock. You can probably guess how that worked for
Fraser. His most recent projects have been flops,
and now he’s nowhere to be seen. With the Mummy being rebooted with Tom Cruise,
Fraser can’t even go back to that well. Hayden Christensen As Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega
can tell you, starring in a Star Wars film is an easy ticket to superstardom. Unfortunately for Hayden Christensen, his
time in a galaxy far, far away wasn’t as fruitful. Playing Anakin Skywalker in the final two
prequels, the actor was heavily criticized for his dull performances, part of which could
be blamed on clunky dialogue. Following Revenge of the Sith, he didn’t
have many high-profile offers and faded into obscurity. For his part, Christensen seems at peace with
his life and has even said he wouldn’t come back to Star Wars for a quick paycheck. His stepping down from the limelight seems
to be his choice. Catherine Zeta-Jones She was one of the biggest names in Hollywood
at the turn of the century, winning an Oscar for her role in Chicago and starring in hits
such as Ocean’s Twelve and America’s Sweethearts. But Jones couldn’t stay on top for much
longer. Some feel that personal issues, like her struggle
with bipolar disorder and marital problems were to blame, but Jones has another idea. She once spoke out about the lack of roles
for women in their 40s in Hollywood, bemoaning the fact that executives don’t find those
kinds of stories interesting. Jones does have a point there, and she probably
could still deliver a knockout performance if asked. Those are our picks for actors who have faded
from Hollywood. What do you think of our list? Are there any we missed? Sound off in the comments below and be sure
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  1. RadiusZero Author

    Eddie Murphy is making a serious comeback. OAO His role in the upcoming drama film, 'Mr. Church', looks/sounds incredible. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually gets nominated for many awards for it. o_o He'll also be playing Richard Pryor in 'Richard Pryor: Is it Something I Said?'.

    I honestly think it was a good thing Eddie took a hiatus. People today won't only see him as Axel Foley like my generation did. If Eddie plays his cards right, he'll revitalize his career like John Travolta did with 'Pulp Fiction'.

  2. scorpion528 Author

    Cameron Diaz could Never act. The Netflix movie Adam Sandler put out was probably the only one I could ever tolerate( wasn't horrible).Tobey Maguire was  good in the cider house rules, and I still like him as an actor. I always felt Catherine zeta jones got popular because of her Popular hubby ( could be wrong)

  3. Anastasia Beaverhausen Author

    Lets all be honest here Adam Sandler made shitty movies you can only enjoy when high. Now that his audience is a lot older we no longer find his asinine infantile antics funny..

  4. Bullitt Gaming Author

    What if Screen Rant did a list of "Famous" Actors we wish would fade off into obscurity? Maybe that's been done? I don't know, I haven't gone through their entire library.

  5. oni one Author

    sorry to say, but i dont care, i still like all those old actors… Cameron Diaz, Adam Sandler, Eddie murphy Tobey Maguire, Brendan Fraser, Catherine Zeta jones, Seanne…. so who cares, if they aren't cast anymore… those movies that they made are still a big impact to me until now… and even if they recast the movie… my mind would always be the original one.

  6. Guillermo Aguilar Author

    All these perverted of Hollywood only práctices drugs,money,alcohol and sex every way,see investigacions Discovery and find out how many young women has died in that damned place

  7. Dylan Buford Author

    Sandler's career never "winded down" he simply felt cheated by most producers or director because of….something, anyway, he went to Netflix and said something along the lines of: "If you pay me this amount of money and don't do me wrong, I will give you the rights to my movies and even make some for you."

  8. G Author

    All the female stars like Cameron Diaz need to be willing to do nudity in films. Winslet and Mirren don't turn down a great role because there is nudity in the part.

  9. Patty Esme Author

    i love all these actors and their movies are one of the few ill still keep watching even in 10 years from now. Now in days movies are so recycled or have such bad story plots that i don't even bother going to watch them

  10. doseofreality100 Author

    I'm sure the 4 picture deal he/Happy Maddison signed with Netflix was a pretty sweet deal. Also, Pixels? Hotel Transylvania 2? Since 2010 Sandler has released 12 movies….. That's almost 2/year. I'd hardly call that "slowing down." This is unfortunate because IMO Sandler films have been horrible for the last 16 or so years…… pretty much since the calendar rolled over to 2000. The fact he is one of the richest actors going in Hollywood, yeah, pretty sure he's laughing at this list. Adam Sandler is the white Tyler Perry. Both can produce so much better content, but they don't…… and they don't care. They're geniuses at making a buck in the entertainment game, and to that I say kudos.

  11. Kelly Thomson Author

    This is such bullshit Taylor is in scream queens and Adam Sandler makes his own movies I didn't bother to watch the rest of this stupid thing get your facts straight.

  12. SoppyBottomBoys Author

    I don't care what you say about Adam Sandler. I will watch every single one of his movies, because I know what I'm getting I'm getting an Adam Sandler's movie.

  13. KG2018 Author

    Three of the actors on the list are gay, and they probably want to just live their lives without being outed. Some of the other actors just got old and a good film career really only lasts 5 years for a actor.

  14. Brian Feuhtinger Author

    Are You going to do one on Terry Farrell ??, i loved Terry and I thought She was doing great in her television rolls., But something happened during Terry's stint on the ''Becker'' Television series which caused her to get booted out of Hollywood., She (Terry) was saying one thing and the producers were saying another., So a What-When-How- Why and Who on Terry Farrell would be Great

  15. Jessica Hall Author

    I believe the public should be the judge of whether a movie is good or not. A lot of great actors out there that can't get a job and are so talented. Maybe it is like a lottery or maybe it helps to have a celebrity parent. Someone from our home town made it big as a young actor and then ousted out. He took his life with 3 kids to feed. We shouldn't make Celebrities our Role Models. Hollywood is certainly a different world than what we live as the average citizen.

  16. DeAndura Ferguson Author

    I'm trying to figure out why the actors are blamed for flops when it's usually the damn writers, they picked or either were forced into bad movies. It's SAD

  17. Macho Man Randy Savage Author

    Too bad about Brendan Fraser, he was awesome in the Mummy movies. Now we got fucking Tom Cruise… the reboot for the Mummy is going to suck bad. If you have seen the trailer, you'll know what I'm talking about.

  18. J Author

    I think your list SUCKS. Cameron Diaz, Adam Sandler, Katherine Heigal, Toby y Maguire, are absolutely great actors, PERIOD. You can have Catherine Zeta-Jones, you were right about her. But, one thing I've noticed:woman get the boot a lot quicker than a man for speaking out. Not only do they not make as much as their leading man, as their leading woman — they are treated badly.

  19. alex blend Author

    Underrated actors – Kim Basinger, Brendan Fraser, Hilary Swank, Tobey Maguire, Jessica Biel, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone, Eric Bana, Mel Gibson, Scott Adkins, Jennifer Lopez, Milla Jovovich, Sigourney Weaver, Sherilyn Fenn, Kelly Hu, Nastassja Kinski, Meg Ryan, Gillian Anderson, Diane Lane, Drew Barrymore, Ashley Judd, Famke Janssen, Rebecca Romijn, Jennifer Connelly, Kirsten Dunst, Olga Kurylenko and Lindsay Lohan.

  20. bushwhacker Author

    Not true about Cameron Diaz, she is in some of my favourite movies. The only Adam Sandler movie I liked and thought was funny was The Wedding Singer.

  21. Mango Steel Author

    Toby is the $hit! Dirk…. Dirk holistic detective is the greatest show ever! I hope Netflix of Hulu picks it up. It’s too good to fail.


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