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10 Famous Actors Who Actually “Did It” In Their Movies

An actor’s primary job is to convince audiences
that everything they see on screen is authentic. A good actor does not pretend to be a character
going through scripted actions, they become the person and exist naturally. When it comes to sex scenes the question of
reality and simulation may cause viewer to ask, “Are they really doing it?” Here are 10 Famous Actors who Actually Did
It on screen. Chloe Sevigny, The Brown Bunny
Writer/Director Vincent Gallo is a controversial filmmaker who tends to take advantage of his
position. His first film Buffalo 66 featured Christina
Ricci in one of her first scantily clad and seductive roles after evolving from child
to adult actor. However, it was 2003’s The Brown Bunny in
which actress Chloe Sevigny enacts fellatio on Gallo that really had people talking. The excruciatingly awkward four minute scene
was fine for Sevigny as she stated she had an intimate relationship to Gallo prior to
filming.  It was an unprecedented move considering
Sevigny was becoming a major player of the indie film scene before The Brown Bunny. Legendary film critic Roger Ebert complained
about the film not because of the salacious scene but because of its banality. Sevigny’s career did not suffer and she
has since become an even bigger star with choice film and television roles. Robert Pattinson, Little Ashes
Robert Pattinson is best known to audiences as the sparkly vampire, Edward, from the Twilight
film franchise. When he isn’t playing the object of a lip-biting
teenager’s affection, the actor likes to branch out to small films like Little Ashes. Little Ashes is a 2008 drama about the life
of artist Salvador Dali. For a sex scene in the film, Pattinson decided
to pleasure himself on camera to have a realistic reaction. He later regretted the scene claiming it was
such an embarrassing moment in his career that he almost quit acting. He persevered and continued working in spite
of publicly displaying the personal moment. Divine, Pink Flamingos
John Waters may be one of the most bizarre filmmakers in history. His extreme vision knows no bounds but he
has been able to acquire a cult following in the over five decades he has been making
movies. All of his movies require a warning and an
iron stomach prior to viewing. One of the strangest and notorious Waters
films is 1972’s Pink Flamingos. The film stars flamboyant drag queen Divine
and includes many questionable scenes such as Divine eating real dog feces. Just as Pink Flamingos seems to have reached
its unappealing peak, it goes a step further with Divine performing fellatio on an actor
who plays her son. Luckily, the two actors were not actually
related. The scene is disturbing nonetheless. John Waters continued to make weird films
like Cry-Baby and Serial Mom but none of them compare to the truly off-the-wall Pink Flamingos. Donald Sutherland with Julie Christie, Don’t
Look Now Don’t Look Now is a creepy 1973 thriller
which stars Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. The film has a vibe similar to Rosemary’s
Baby and tells the story of a couple who travel to Italy after losing their daughter. Soon they meet two women who claim that their
daughter is alive causing chilling events to unravel. Don’t Look Now has a memorable sex scene
between the two stars that was so convincing many questioned if the two were engaging in
an unsimulated act. A movie producer who was on set while they
were shooting the scene claimed that the scene was not the work of movie magic but rather
a genuine act between Sutherland and Christie. Sutherland denied it years later but the film’s
director and star Christie have decided to remain tight lipped on the matter. Melvin Van Peeples, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss
Song Melvin Van Peeples is a revolutionary filmmaker
who triggered a new era of African American focused flicks that were released in the 1970s. His film Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song
was a solitary project which he wrote, directed, produced, scored and financed after it was
clear no studio would touch the action thriller. Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song led the
way for future Blaxploitation films, Shaft and Superfly. Since the film was put together with scotch
tape and a dream, Melvin did his own stunts. There were also unsimulated sex scenes featured
in the film. As this was basically Van Peeples pet project,
he and the other actors engaged with one another freely which reportedly resulted in a few
sexually transmitted diseases, making the independent film a memorable experience for
all who were involved. Peter Sarsgaard with Molly Parker, The Center
of the World The 2001 drama The Center of the World stars
Peter Sarsgaard as a millionaire who offers an exotic dancer $10,000 to spend three
days with him. While the plot sounds similar to Pretty Woman,
the film is much darker and was filmed digitally giving it a voyeuristic feel. The film aroused controversy with its full
frontal nudity and a scene involving a dancer penetrating herself with a lollipop. With that, it became the opinion of many that
the sex scenes between Sargaard and actress Molly Parker were also real. There has been no confirmation to the contrary
and the assumption remains true until otherwise stated. The Center of the World did not suffer for
its graphic scenes but was praised by film critics allowing it to be known as a true
arthouse film. Malcolm McDowell, Caligula
The 1979 historical drama Caligula may be the most well-known mainstream film to feature
illicit pornographic sexual acts. The film stars a cast of legitimate actors
including Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren and Peter O’Toole. Penthouse founder Bob Guccione produced the
film with the intention of having a pornographic style film with a big budget, feature-film
quality and seasoned actors. Caligula does feature many orgy scenes performed
by Penthouse Pets and most of the mainstream actors stick to graphic nudity without penetration. However, Macolm McDowell in the titular role
was not able to get away with faking it on screen. Rumor has it there was no faux fornicating
on his part and he truly committed to embodying the sinful Roman emperor. Eric Balfour with Lauren Lee Smith, Lie With
Me Canadian actress Lauren Lee Smith has worked
steadily in television and film for years most notably as a main character on the Showtime
series The L Word and her brief stint on CSI. Eric Balfour is an even more recognizable
actor who has popped up in films like 2003’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and television’s
Six Feet Under and Haven. The two actors have both been around the block
with demanding roles for a while but their commitment to acting was tested with the 2005
drama Lie to Me. The plot revolves around a sexually aggressive
woman who hooks up with an equally aggressive man causing explosive situations along the
way. The drama involved many explicit sex scenes
with the two leads carrying out the scenes with actual explicit acts. Even with the actor’s dedication to graphic
realism by pushing themselves to the limits, the film was not well received. Keiran O’ Reilly with Margot Stilley 9 Songs
British Actor Keiran O’ Reilly and American Actress Margot Stilley play a young couple
who travel through England in the love story 9 Songs. Director Michael Winterbottom has a history
of realism with his filmmaking in movies like 1999’s Wonderland and 2002’s 24 hour Party
People. For the film 9 Songs, Winterbottom decided
to bring naturalism through in the way of intimate scenes between O’Reilly and Stilley. The sexual content was majorly controversial
once the film was released in 2004 due to multiple instances of the two actors engaging
in one salacious scene after another. Critics were not impressed by the scenes but
found them unerotic and tedious to watch. Viewers and critics agreed the film was not
worth the buzz. Halle Berry with Billy Bob Thornton Monster’s
Ball The 2001 romantic drama Monster’s Ball spills
over with tremendous performances including Billy Bob Thornton, Heath Ledger and Halle
Berry who earned an Academy Award for her gritty role. Thornton plays a former prison guard and Berry
a widowed woman who recently lost her son in a tragic accident. The entire film is one bummer after another
which culminates in a sexual encounter between Thornton and Berry after drowning their sorrows
with alcohol. There was much speculation concerning the
authenticity of the scene. Berry’s and Thornton’s comments to the
press regarding their mutual attraction may have been what sparked speculation. The two stars did not deny whether the scene
was real but did emphasize the steaminess of filming it. Whether the heated scene was just another
reason Berry deserved Oscar gold, or it was legitimate sex between the two, is still unknown. There’s our list. What did you think? Who did we forget? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget
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  2. Bacon Bits Author

    You forgot Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Paris. Word is the actress had no idea that he was actually going to penetrate her. Thus capturing her real reaction on film.

  3. keri caye Author

    EXCUSE ME SCREEN RANT DUDE. i AM AN ACTOR and know, they DID NOT DO IT in films, including a blow job. There is no such thing as a closed set unless its friggin porn………….
    who gives you this info I don't know…..but YOU are wrong.

  4. Fredd Marshall Author

    I thought this video was gross and disappointing. So much was just speculative tabloid stuff. Assuming something is true until proven otherwise. The angle this took was disappointing, because I like a lot of the content you people produce. This one missed the mark..

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    Holy crap I didn't know that dude made Pink Flamingos made Cry Baby they film that in Baltimore in this rock quarry that we used to visit as kids it is flooded and they turned it into an amusement park but a lot of people died there. is the temperature of the water would drastically change from really warm to really cold in certain spots so you can easily like just freeze up and drown and then the all the underwater equipment was there for when it flooded so people would try and dive to get to the bulldozers and stuff and they would drown trying to do that ultimately they shut it down it was called Milford Mill's it was one of the funnest places that for though they had zip lines and does ropes where you swing one from another and high dives and it was a blast


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