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10 Famous Actors Who Did Adult Films Before They Were Stars

Rarely is an actor a true overnight sensation. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and
persistence to achieve a decent amount of fame in Hollywood and that may include taking
on tawdry roles along the way. While some famous actors may start out in
bad slasher movies or student films with stilted dialogue, others pay the bills by appearing
in something much more indelicate. Here are 10 Famous Actors Who You Didn’t
Know Did Adult Movies. Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz became one of the hottest and most sought after actresses to hit the big
screen after she made her debut in 1994’s The Mask. She continued her massive success in films
like Charlie’s Angels, Gangs of New York, and ironically enough, Sex Tape. .But before she hit it big in Hollywood, she
was a struggling model who did photo shoots for teen magazines but it was a completely
different kind of photo shoot that created a mild media stir. In the early 90’s two years before she starred
in The Mask, she did a nude photo shoot that also included light bondage. The photo shoot just happened to be filmed
on video as well. After Cameron became a big star, the scummy
photographer decided to sell his footage. Even though Diaz blocked the release, the
video still ended up on the internet. Cameron Diaz’s brief moment on camera acting
out raunchy behavior may seem mild compared to other adult films, but it certainly is
unexpected for a bubbly cheerleader from Long Beach. David Duchovny
David Duchovny is best known as Fox Mulder on the science fiction modern classic, The
X-Files. However, Duchovny has been acting for decades,
early roles include playing the villains in Don’t tell mom the Babysitter’s Dead and
Beethoven, with a ponytail in the former to really emphasize what an insufferable jerk
he was supposed to be. During those unfortunate hair years, he appeared
on the Showtime series Red Shoe Diaries. The series was soft core and considering Duchovny’s
later series, Californication, it definitely should not surprise audiences to see him in
the series. Simon Rex The name Simon Rex may only elicit
familiarity for those who watched a lot of MTV in the 90s but his face should be more
familiar since he has appeared on Jack and Jill, the short lived television series that
also starred Amanda Peet and Jamie Pressly, as well as, television’s Felicity. Rex has also appeared in a few of the Scary
Movies and a handful of other films. The man gets a lot of work and some of that
work included a few adult movies, mostly solo scenes with titles like Young, Hard, and Solo. Rex went under the name of Sebastian for the
videos but has never claimed the videos were not him nor has the existence of the adult
films caused any difficulty for him finding work as he is also a model, rapper, and record
producer when he is not acting. Not bad for an MTV VJ. Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan is a household name thanks to his acrobatic fighting skills and surprising
comedic chops. Although he has been a working actor since
he was a child in the 1960s, he did not gain international fame until the 1990s. While a struggling actor Chan accepted a role
in an Adult film called All in the Family where he took part in a single sex scene. The film was not exactly a highlight of his
career but he has stated that he had to do what he needed to pay his bills so it was
not a big deal. With a prolific mainstream acting career,
it is just a minor role that was lost in the shuffle and probably best stays lost. Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone was definitely not an overnight sensation, and surely part of his inspiration
for his film Rocky was his own underdog experience. Before becoming a multi-hyphenate, Stallone
struggled not just to earn decent acting roles, but anything that would give him money to
put a roof over his head. It was after he found himself homeless and
sleeping in New York’s Port Authority bus terminal that he ventured toward adult films. The Party at Kitty and Stud’s was a softcore
film that paid Stallone $200 for his two days of work. Six years later after the massive success
of Rocky, the adult film was rereleased and renamed The Italian Stallion. Stallone, like a few others on our list, does
not regret doing the film as it was his only way to earn rent money. Adam West
For some, Adam West is Batman. The 1960s campy Batman series featured a well-adjusted
Bruce Wayne compared to the more recent Dark Knight interpretations. In the 1980s, West decided to take a detour
mid-career and star in a few Showtime After dark soft core films and The Happy Hooker
Goes to Hollywood. The films are tame but the idea that non-threatening
and comforting Adam West decided to take a few much more adult roles feels like a POW
and BOOM straight to the gut for audiences. Matt Leblanc
For ten seasons, Matt Leblanc entered a majority of living rooms in America every Thursday
night playing Joey Tribbiani of NBC’s Friends. Before he was earning a cool million per episode,
he was a struggling actor appearing in a memorable Heinz Ketchup commercial and Kelly Bundy’s
boyfriend on the popular sitcom Married with Children and even went on to star in two failed
Married with Children Spin-offs. Leblanc had a busy career before Friends,
but he managed to fit in some soft core porn into his repertoire with Showtime’s Red
Shoe Diaries. He had a small role in two episodes. Just like David Duchovny and a few familiar
character actors, The Red Shoe Diaries was a common stop on the road to fame. Sibel Kikellie
German actress Sibel Kekilli has received critical acclaim and awards for her performance
in the 2004 film Head-On. She is most recognizable to American audiences
as Shae on HBO’s Game of Thrones. While Game of Thrones is known to be salacious,
it was her earlier work that raised a few eyebrows. Between 2001 and 2002, she appeared in thirteen
Adult films under the name, Dilara. It was a career move she did not plan on sharing
and when she accepted an acting award for work in Head-On, she tearfully explained that
she did not appreciate the press bringing up her past and that it was a smear campaign
against her but she managed to move on just fine. Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren is such a polished and highly accomplished actress, one may find it impossible
to imagine her in an adult film. Even though she was appointed a Dame in 2003
and began her acting career at the Royal Shakespeare Company, she was also in the erotic drama
Caligula in 1979. The film sounds like a mainstream film as
it is a historical drama about the rise and fall of a Roman Emperor but that Caligula
was a naughty ruler. Legitimate and well-known actors Malcolm McDowell
and Peter O’ Toole also appeared in the film, so she was not alone in venturing toward
explicit territory. Caligula was produced by Penthouse founder
Bob Guccione and featured many “Penthouse Pets”. The pornographic film did not tarnish Mirren’s
reputation or acting career and she has continued being one classy dame. Traci Lords In the last two decades, Traci
Lords has carved herself out an impressive acting career with her 90s film credits like
Crybaby and Blade to her television credits in Melrose Place and Gilmore Girls. Long before her expansive mainstream work,
she was a hard core porn actress. In fact, older audiences may know her name
for the controversy that came with her porn credits stemming from the fact that she was
under age when she starred in 75 films. The Film Company, as well as Penthouse for
which she stripped while under age, claimed that Lords gave them a fake ID and Birth Certificate,
which was true. Obviously all of her films were ordered to
be removed from adult shops and video rental stores. Lords has worked steadily and unscathed by
her adult work and even poked fun of it by appearing as a porn star in Kevin Smith’s
2008 comedy, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. What do you think of our list? Did we forget any actors who dipped into the
adult film pond? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Screen
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  1. James Fleming Author

    Given the number of mainstream actors in it (many of whom had far higher profiles than your target) why focus on Helen Mirren in Caligula? It's not even an "adult" film. It is rumoured that the producers hired porn actors to perform in the background but it's unlikely to be true. Why pay the extra for actual porn action when you are unable to use the footage or even shoot the action in any graphic way?

  2. anummasa Author

    FUKIN CRAP U MISSED THAT BIG NOSED FRENCH ARSEHOLE GERALD DEPARDU YOUR VID SUKS AND JOANNA LUMLEY 2 0 and why doesnt this fukin utube put the comments in as posted

  3. Steve Dyver Author

    Alex Lifeson (Rush) appeared in Suck, along with Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Moby and Henry Rollins.

    Lemmy, Paul McCartney and Bill Wyman appeared in Eat the Rich.

  4. MarcellusTheGreen Author

    There was a rumor years ago that unshaven Miami Vice guy (Don Johnson) posed in Blue Boy Magazine prior to his attaining TV star status.  Anything to that?

  5. MadJackPat Ciderhouserules Author

    Got to meet Traci Lords at a comic con 5 years ago. I was so flustered after a babble of barely coherent words,  she said thank you in a very lewd salacious manner, A memory I<ll carry until I die.

  6. Keith Lloyd Author

    Helen Mirren, Malcolm McDowell & John Gielgud all made a straight film. The porn scenes were were a later addition. Doubt it bothered them much.

  7. Brandon Hart Author

    Y'all are being pretty damn liberal with the term "adult film." Adult film generally mean porn. There's a BIG difference between fetish photoshoots/sex scenes & straight-up porn. Stallone, Sibel, & Traci Lords were the only ones on this list that did legitimate porn.

  8. Brandon Hart Author

    Y'all are being pretty damn liberal with the term "adult film." Adult film generally mean porn. There's a BIG difference between fetish photoshoots/sex scenes & straight-up porn. Stallone, Sibel, & Traci Lords were the only ones on this list that did legitimate porn.

  9. Grunthos the Flatulent Author

    Yeah, except they blacklisted Traci Lords for a Very long time, giving her paltry, low-paying minor roles after having left the nasty porn industry. No other such actor or actress got the short end of the jue sdick like poor Traci – she worked very hard her entire life, only to get black-balled from any starring roles to this very day. I feel bad for her. (yes, I'm biased!)

  10. wayne gallear Author

    Most modern films have 'soft porn' elements. These are included just to get the ratings up. I think People poking fun at actors who struggled (and I mean the main stream press) don't realize most of the population don't really care about this. Getting work in the acting industry is notoriously difficult and they do need to pay the rent! Hypocrisy is so easy when you have your bills paid and stable job.

  11. niajef Author

    so all we got was cameron diaz photo shoot, a bunch of guys, and a bunch of women that nobody heard of or cares about…so disappointed…

  12. jon beams Author

    Chuck connors also did hard core porn…although filmed from the neck down only …he was with many women contrary to the belief he was gay.
    Amber lynn and sharon mitchell are xxx stars who also got noteriety in a main stream media film 52 pickup with roy scheider.
    And annette haven also a xxx star was in 10 with bo derek.
    Marianna hill was in the tool box murders with cameron mitchell..but marianna hill is best known in xxx as kelly nichols. She joined thr military but outside the recruiters office she took off all her clothes in a sliw strip tease and the recruiter tore up her enlistment papers.
    Just to name a few you missed…

  13. A.C. Creations Film Studios Author

    One that surprised me not listed was actor Adrian Paul who also played on Highlander the Series. He later went on to explain he had to make ends meet; which is understandable considering how expensive California can be.

  14. Mark W Author

    If you willingly star in a porn (soft, hard, or just a tease) your objection later to it being seen is BS. You did it under your own power. Suck it up.

  15. Mytomanen bre Author

    So if you ever sent a dick pic on snapchat to your gf, and you somehow become a famous actor, be ready to star in another Screen Rant video of "10 famous actors who did adults films before they were stars.." And yes, i am dissapointed in the lack of fap-able pr0n to famous hot chicks this video really offered me.

  16. Markus Patients Author

    Isn't everyone a secret Perv in private? Everyone except for Jimmy Swaggart and James Baker, who are Pervs in the public eye.


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