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10 Funny Moments Of Actors Caught Without Digital Effects

If the movie you’re watching was made recently portion of what you’re seeing is probably computer generated While some people argue that CGI is cheapening the medium the market is still booming and sadly for any science-fiction hipsters out there it’s no longer genre specific either but despite all the criticism so many amazing things have been brought to life by CGI that we can’t help but stand in awe at the artists and engineers behind the scenes who make the vision come to life Using a process called chroma keying they are able to insert a person into an inviroment but to do so some pretty hilarious things have to happen first Before we jump into our list can you guess the movie from these emojis stay tuned for the answer and if you like what you see feast your eyes on our catalogue of videos by subscribing to our channel In the meantime though here are Screen Rant’s ten funniest moments where actors were replaced by CGI That things part raptor (dinosaur groans) Jurassic World If we learned anything from the first three Jurassic Park movies it’s that dinosaurs are scary we’ve spent decades living in fear as a result but then jurassic world came along and shattered the meticulously crafted facade as they’re know to do some set photos leaked onto the internet and gave us a humorous glimpse into what life is really like for a velociraptor and it’s far less gnarly than you think it turns out they’re just a bunch of dudes in grey onesies dancing around with silly dino shaped hats atop their noggins and while that information gives us a good giggle we’re also a little jealous Allowed you How do you know what that is Mozzarella of course Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The inflatable costume has revolutionised the wardrobe industry and turns any regular Halloween party into a classy Halloween party after all nothing screams posh more than having to yell all your conversations over the buzzing of a small fan near your crotch The motion capture actors behind the new teenage mutant ninja turtles know what we’re talking about or at least their onset costumes make it look like they might People who were familiar with the franchise as kids have all dreamed of becoming a ninja turtle and anyone who says otherwise is lying to your face regardless of how cumbersome a shell might be (distant shouting) The Revenant Leo may have won the Oscar but everyone everywhere agrees that the bear was the Revenants real MVP we’ve not met one person who disagrees and we probably never will but in the interest of full disclosure we have to tell you something that wasn’t a real bear we know you’re disappointed we were too until we saw the costume used to simulate the creatures onset presence and again just like with Jurassic World’s raptor costumes we find ourselves overwhelmingly green with envy now that you’re in on the secret we wouldn’t be surprised if you added the costume to your Amazon wish list before the sentence was over (explosions) Iron Man 2 We’ve made our love for Robert Downey Jr. crystal clear over the years but even we have to remember that he’s a flesh-and-blood human being and as such the Iron Man costume must have been as awkward as a cow on ice thankfully though some merciful soul in the FX Department rigged up some sweet pajamas for Downey Jr. and co-star don Cheadle sure they still had to wear the helmets of their respective character but at least it wouldn’t take them three hours to go to the bathroom anymore Superman Returns So far we’ve seen examples of motion capture actors being replaced with cooler more interesting big-screen characters but sometimes people’s performances are utilized with the sole intention of erasing them later that may sound counter-intuitive but in pratice it makes total sense for example you wouldn’t trust a wind machine to do the hard job of blowing Superman’s cape just so as he soars through the sky clearly that kind of work should be left to the professionals two gentlemen puppeteers in head to toe neon spandex (screeching) oh yeah exfoliate me The Jungle Book Last year’s re-imagining of the Jungle Book was great for a lot of reasons for one it was pretty cool to watch a then 12 year old Neil Sethi act circles around a bunch of seasoned vets but for many the insane visual effect were the movies crowning achievment with super convincing animals of all kinds and a steller ensemble cast it’s made almost a billion dollars worldwide but the reality of filming Sethi’s scenes weren’t as technologically advanced as you might think


  1. Screen Rant Author

    thanks for watching! subscribe and check out this next video! superhero failed relatioships from our friends at CBR! 🙂

  2. custom specs Author

    what is wrong with this behind the sense? this is how they make movie. you cannot make real life movie like those kids acting putting on youtube without effect. which one would people want to watch? this iswhat I don't like to watch anything on youtube people just bringing bullshit story just to get people to like.

  3. HellDuke Author

    CGI is a good thing when done well. Most people still remember the early days when it was extremely poorly done, but these days you are more likely to see good CGI than bad.

  4. Andrew Tate Author

    As a Peter Cushing fan I didn't like the CGI in the star wars movie it looked very artificial the voice and demeanour was all wrong the actor actually duplicating the voice got none of Peters tones or sibilances or even the way he pronounced his T's with emphasis and he did not point his right index upwards once correctly. Nope massive fail for this fan of Peter. and not once did the character start messing around with props whilst he was talking which is classic Peter Cushing hence his nickname "Props" he used to bring his own props to the sets he worked on. Peter Cushing used to study his parts well even going so far as to ask a Doctor how to remove a Human brain when he was playing Baron Frankenstein and learning how to use medical instruments correctly. Too bad the people who did the CGI and the Actor who stood in for him didn't do the same When attempting to recreate this immensely popular actor

  5. i am granos hah Author

    That movie is deadpool the emoji the person deadpool the skull victom of deadpool knife the waepon and money is the money that daedpool kills for money

  6. Senorita Awesome Author

    Well its the best thing because it may seem easier for the actors and if the movie/show has animals in it its safer.😳


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