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10 Improvised Movie Scenes That Made Actors React Out Of Nowhere

Behind the scenes of every movie you love,
years of planning have gone in to making sure that every line, prop and camera angle are
exactly what the filmmakers want. The crazy thing about movie making, though,
is that sometimes, even with all that planning, the filmmakers and actors decide to toss out
the script and improvise instead. Sometimes this can be disastrous, but sometimes
these unplanned moments turn out to be seriously awesome. For this video, we are taking a look at some
of the best for our list of 10 Improvised Movie Scenes That Made Actors React Out Of
Nowhere. Enjoy this video and be sure to hit the subscribe
button for more awesome Screen Rant content, every day of the week. The Wolf Of Wall Street
Matthew McConaughey had himself a pretty good 2013. Not only did he take home the Best Actor Oscar
for Dallas Buyers Club, he also delivered a quick but quality performance in The Wolf
Of Wall Street. Fans loved the scene where McConaughey was
banging his chest, and as it turns out, this is something that the actor made up on the
spot. The ritual was actually something McConaughey
would do before shooting, and he decided that he would bring it into the scene. DiCpario is a world-class actor, but you can
totally see him cracking up, and even looking over to the camera crew as McConaughey’s
chest beating and humming escalates. Zoolander
While 2016’s Zoolander sequel was an absolute travesty, the original film is actually quite
hilarious and is jam packed with fun unscripted moments. In one scene involving David Duchovny and
leading man, Ben Stiller, Duchovny’s character is explaining how the fashion industry has
been behind every high profile political assassination of the last hundred years. Stiller’s Zoolander asks, “Why male models?”
which prompts Duchovny to give a long and clear explanation. Stiller then stares right at him and again
asks “Why male models?” As it turns out, this moment happened because
Stiller actually forgot his line and just opted to repeat his previous one. This prompted Duchovny to ad-lib his response
“Are you kidding? I just told you like a minute ago.” The scene was totally unplanned but thanks
to Duchovny’s great reaction, it ends up fitting in perfectly! The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight is still regarded as one of the best superhero movies of all time and
Heath Ledger’s Joker performance has become even more iconic as the years go on. It is well known that Ledger threw himself
deep into the role and this led to some pretty amazing unscripted moments. A lot of people know about the improvisation
in the scene where the Joker blows up the hospital, but there is also a great-unscripted
moment from when the clown prince is locked up behind bars. As the officers in the room applaud Commissioner
Gordon’s promotion, Ledger begins, totally off script, to slowly clap – never changing
his facial expression and staring through the prison bars with a truly terrifying look. It was just a simple improvisation but it
totally changed the vibe of the scene and has become an iconic moment from the film. The Silence of The Lambs
Even though he had less than 25 minutes of screen time in the movie, Anthony Hopkins
performance as Hannibal Lecter is still one of the most bone chilling portrayals of all
time. Even with such little screen time, Hopkins
found ways to improvise some truly creepy moments. In one scene, Dr. Hannibal Lecter is in the
middle of telling a story to FBI agent Foster’s Clarice about his cannibalistic ventures. At the end of this story, Hopkins decided
to add-lib a truly haunting hiss sound that is now an iconic part of his character. Apparently, this was something that Hopkins
would do often between scenes to try to spook Foster, so when he brought the hiss in to
the scene, the terror on Foster’s face is totally genuine. Fast & Furious 6
The Fast & Furious movies have brought us some of the best over the top action scenes
in recent memory. But, hidden between scenes of cars doing back
flips are some pretty well acted moments featuring a talented cast. Fans were excited when The Rock joined the
franchise, but who would have known that he would deliver the best-improvised moment from
the entire series. In the sixth film, The Rock is walking up
to join the group and Tyrese Gibson’s character starts to chirp him. Instead of sticking to the script, The Rock
decided to chirp back by saying “You better hide that big ass forehead!” The best part about this improvised line is
Ludacris’ genuine reaction as he spits his drink out all over the place. The Godfather
The Godfather is one of the most loved films of all time and Marlon Brando’s performance
as Vito Corleone is truly iconic. Brando does an amazing job of crafting a multi
dimensional character that is so much more than just a ruthless mob boss. One of the most memorable scenes comes when
Brando is delivering some brutal orders – all while gently, albeit maniacally, stroking
a cat. The crazy thing about this is, the cat was
never part of the original script. The origin story of the cat is spotty, some
reports say that the director plopped the feline into Brando’s lap just before filming
began and other reports say Brando found the famous feline roaming around the set and decided
to use him. Whatever the case may be, an unplanned cat
definitely adds an interesting dynamic to any film shoot. The Empire Strikes Back
The Star Wars films are known for a lot of things, but they definitely aren’t what
comes to mind first when you think of great improvised lines. That being said, Harrison Ford brought his
special blend of charming and cocky to the iconic role of Han Solo and he’s been a
fan favorite ever since. As it turns out, one of Ford’s most famous
lines was actually improvised by the actor on the spot. In a scene where the script required him to
show some compassion, Solo was supposed to respond, “I love you too” to Princess
Leia. Ford didn’t like how the line felt, so George
Lucas told him to just say whatever he felt fit best and the actor decided to go with
“I Know”, which is a probably the most Han Solo answer to “I Love You” that we
could imagine. Trainwreck
Trainwreck was one of the most hilarious movies of 2015 and featured some great performances
by Amy Schumer, Bill Hader and even John Cena. One actor that was surprisingly funny in the
film was NBA superstar, Lebron James. A lot of the movie was improvised and it turns
out that Hader and Schumer were trying to trip Lebron up and making him laugh with their
improvised responses. In one scene, Lebron is trying to convince
the couple to take a trip to Cleveland and when Hader and Schumer start rapid firing
improvised zingers at him, he has a hard time handling them. Lebron hangs on longer than we would have
expected but ultimately breaks down laughing when Schumer gets him to profess his genuine
love for Cleveland. It’s a scene that can only be seen in the
extra features, but it’s totally worth it! The Departed
Martin Scorsese’s film, The Departed, is a must see for anyone who considers themselves
a fan of movies. The story of Boston crime family was stuffed
with incredible actors like Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio and many more. Scorsese did a great job directing this film,
but there were some moments that even he couldn’t take credit for. In an intense scene opposite Leo about uncovering
a rat in the group, Nicholson decided to take things into his own hands. Even though it wasn’t in the script, Nicholson
pulls a gun out from under the table and this move totally changed the tone of the scene. DiCaprio is visibly rattled by the Nicholson
power move and it only adds to the authenticity of the moment. Kudos to Leo for just rolling with Nicholson’s
decision and delivering such a great scene. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2
The Harry Potter movies have some of the most devoted fans in the world and they will go
to extreme lengths to defend every aspect of the wizarding world. That being said, there is one scene that makes
even the biggest Potterhead cringe and that is the moment when Voldermort and Malfoy share
an incredibly awkward hug. According to Tom Felton, this uncomfortable
moment was totally improvised and caught the cast totally off guard. While they were filming the scene, Ralph Fiennes,
who plays Voldermort in the series, decided to hug Felton and the actor’s reaction of
stopping dead in his tracks and looking very confused is totally genuine. So there you have it, there is our list of
10 improvised movie scenes that forced actors to react on the spot. Which one of these great moments was your
favorite? What other great unscripted reactions do you
know about? Sound off in the comments section below and
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  1. Maxx Gunner Author

    I knew the right answer was “CATWOMAN” the moment I saw the emojis in the beginning of the video. That movie rots hairballs so much that an animated movie about cats would have better special effects, story and characters than “CATWOMAN”.

  2. gary mckechnie Author

    " One flew over the cuckoo's nest " Jack Nicholson kills an imaginary fly , completely improvised and caught the other actor off guard . I dont know why but I love that scene .

  3. Snizzle Author

    Anything even mentioning the name "Amy Schumer" gets an instant dislike. She is truely the villain of today and should not be praised for anything.

  4. Big Smile Author

    When the joker is clapping they had to spend some time framing the shot. Did he start clapping off camera and they reframed the scene to include it?

  5. EL GEE Author

    You talk about the scenes more than you actually show them… I think it would've been OK if the video was longer so we can actually see and experience the moments you're so eloquently describing… 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Taytum Dolan Author

    Most of Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr’s scenes were scripted but Robert went off on his own so Tom had to try to keep up and improvise too


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