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10 Popular Actors FIRED For The Craziest Reasons

Just because they are rich, famous and sometimes
even powerful celebrities, it doesn’t mean actors cannot be fired. They’re rich, famous and seem to have it
all so it’s hard to imagine powerful celebrities It probably happens a lot more than you’d
think. And sometimes it is a lot worse than you’d
imagine. Say, for instance, you’re an actor or actress
who has filmed all your scenes and the director has a last-minute epiphany that you just aren’t
right for the role. Whether it is a contract problem, money issue
or simply not being a good fit, getting fired is not fun situation to be in. Check out
these 10 actors who were fired during production. Edward Norton in The Avengers
Edward Norton is known for his incredible work in films like “Fight Club,” where
he played the unreliable narrator and “American History X” as a reformed neo-Nazi. Additionally, Norton appeared as Bruce Banner
in the 2008 Hulk movie. He was expected to reprise his role as the
green monstrous hero in “The Avengers,” however, Marvel Studios said it wanted another
actor more suitable for playing the character. Norton reportedly met with director Joss Whedon
and was told Mark Ruffalo was chosen for the role, citing Ruffalo was much easier to work
with. Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2
Terrence Howard could have had an integral part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but
all that disappeared in a blink of an eye. If you remember, Howard co-starred in the
2008 “Iron Man” film as James Rhodes/War Machine, but was replaced by Don Cheadle in
“Iron Man 2.” Howard has stated that he had a three-picture
deal and was guaranteed $4.5 million for the first movie, $8 million for the second and
an undisclosed amount for the third. However, the studio only offered him 1/8 of
the original agreed amount for Iron Man 2, which is sadly only $1 million. Aside from the low ball offer, Howard was
also told the film would be a success with or without him. Ouch! Stuart Townsend in Lord of the Rings
Stuart Townsend is undoubtedly a talented actor, but he just hasn’t landed a role that
earns him an A-list status. This could be because he’s missed a few
major opportunities. The biggest came when, after months of intense
training and preparation, he was fired from the role of Aragorn just as filming was commencing
on “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” At the very last minute, director Peter Jackson
decided 26-year-old Townsend was too young for the role and replaced him with Viggo Mortensen. Unfortunately, Townsend missed another big
opportunity when he dropped out of the Marvel blockbuster “Thor.” Megan Fox in Transformers
After appearing in both “Transformers” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,”
Megan Fox was replaced as Mikaela Banes. Back in 2009, the actress made several remarks
about director Michael Bay comparing him to Hitler. Apparently Fox said to Wonderland magazine,
“He’s (Bay) like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and
he is. So, he’s a nightmare to work for.” After the interview was published, Fox was
fired and replaced with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Anne Hathaway in Knocked Up
“The Devil Wears Prada” actress Anne Hathaway was originally cast as lead Alison Scott in
Judd Apatow’s 2007 comedy “Knocked Up.” In the film, Alison ends up getting pregnant
after a one night stand with Ben Stone (played by Seth Rogan). But it looks as though Hathaway had an issue
with the birthing scene, which she described as too graphic. In the end, Apatow decided to let Anne go
and replaced her with Katherine Heigl. Dougray Scott in X-Men
You can’t mention X-Men or Wolverine without picturing Hugh Jackman’s face. For over 15 years, the Australian actor has
appeared as the metal clawed hero in over seven films. But it would surprise you to know he was not
the first choice for the role. Russell Crowe was originally eyed for the
role but his salary demands were too high. Next, Dougray Scott was cast as Logan. However, playing Wolverine required a sequel
and Scott’s conflicting schedule with “Mission: Impossible II” made it quite literally an
impossible mission. So the role was given to Hugh Jackman. Sean Young in Batman
Kim Basinger embodied Vicki Vale in Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman” flick. It was like the actress was made for the role. But she wasn’t the first choice. Sean Young was initially set to play the journalist. Unfortunately, the “Blade Runner” actress
could not continue on in the role after she broke her arm from falling off a horse in
rehearsal. Samantha Morton in Her
Imagine the 2013 film “Her” without Scarlett Johansson’s husky tone as Samantha, the
intelligent computer OS. Well that almost happened! The movie had already completed filming when
the Spike Jonze decided to replace British actress Samantha Morton with ScarJo. Apparently Morton’s performance “wasn’t
working for what the character needed.” Ryan Gosling in The Lovely Bones
In Peter Jackson’s 2009 film, “The Lovely Bones,” Ryan Gosling initially earned the
part of Jack Salmon. Gosling decided he needed to gain weight to
play the grieving father and put on 60 pounds by melting Haagen Daz ice cream and drinking
it. When Gosling arrived on set the first day,
Jackson was all but impressed. The two apparently had different ideas of
what the character should look like and in the end Gosling was replaced by Mark Wahlberg. James Purefoy in V for Vendetta
James Purefoy was originally cast in the role of V in the 1988 DC/Vertigo Comics series
“V for Vendetta.” About six weeks into filming, Purefoy complained
about wearing the mask saying he couldn’t do it for the entire film. Ultimately this led to him being replaced
by Hugo Weaving and the rest is history. Amanda Seyfried in As the World Turns The blonde bombshell Amanda Seyfried is best
known for her role as the ditzy teen Karen Smith in “Mean Girls.” But what you may not have known is Seyfried
got her start at 11-years-old on popular soap operas like “All My Children” and “As
The World Turns.” Unfortunately, Seyfried’s acting in the
latter was so bad she was fired. She played Lucy Montgomery on the soap and
revealed she was so uncomfortable on screen that the only option was to ship the character
off. As devastating as that is, it did prompt Seyfried
to take some acting classes and enhance her skills. What do you think of our list? Know of any other surprising firings in Hollywood? Join the discussion in the comments below,
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  1. Toys hanger Author

    Imo they lost everything after firing Megan fox. This was where transformers went down hill if you think about it bay got her back for tmnt so basically they screwed up. Bay didn’t really cared for the comment and if they were both not in terms it Megan Fox will not be in tmnt. It was Spielberg fault if anything and basically transformers went so bad

  2. FoxxyGradius Author

    One of "craziest reasons" to be fired: Comparing your director to Hitler. I'm not saying it was right to fire her for that, in fact it was petty and childish, but it's not a 'crazy' reason.

  3. robbedmiracles Author

    'but unfortunately marvel studios only gave him 1/8 of the price. which is only 1 million dollars.'
    me: bitch I can't even get 10 dollars without working for weeks-

  4. Christopher Snow Author

    Ok, done watching your videos until you learn how to pronounce things like English is your first language and Earth is your home planet.

  5. Natalia Romanova Author

    Crazy? Some of the reasons were justified!! Especially Megan Fox. And can you blame Terrance Howard? If you signed a contract to work for a company for $80, 000/yr and the next year they decide, naaah, we're only giving you $30,000/yr, you'd have a problem with it too!! That being said, i actually like Don Cheadle better anyway. Shhhhhh…..

  6. iceygrillz Author

    nice way to misrepresent what happened with terrence howard, geez. howard earned more than RDJ for iron man 1. for iron man 2, RDJ renegotiated, and they reallocated the money. super weird that the star of the movie, the person playing the title character, would be paid more than his sidekick, right? lol. come on dude.

  7. Julia Connell Author

    1) reasons were not "crazy" – 2) the actors who ended up in these roles were perfect
    e.g. Viggo Mortensen Aragon – perfection
    Hugh Jackman is wolverine

  8. kapparhotau181 Author

    Megan Fox firing was not surprising. If you insult your boss like that by calling them hilter why would they keep you. I'm surprise he didnt try to sue her for emotional distress. I can't stand her anyways but her replacement wasnt much better 🤣🤣🤣

  9. David Smith Author

    Too graphic for anne Hathaway?! I saw some random movie YEARS ago where she almost got double teamed by 2 Mexicans to join a gang… But hey to each their own.

  10. Entertainment Junkie Author

    When you put “Fired” In the title and open with “actor who got fired” I expect everyone of them to have a reason behind LOSING a role after begin hired. Dougray Scott and Sean Young” were not fired from the pictures, they had no choice to walk away from the rolls, one a scheduling conflict and the other injury. THAT’S not getting FIRED!

  11. lakewood monitoring system Author

    Ed Norton didn't like the writing and wanted something smarter, Terrence Howard was woman beater and Robert Downey Jr didn't want to work with him.

  12. mintythekid 9 Author

    The biggest mistake they did by cancelling Terence Howard from Ironman flicks as he was perfect for the role of “war machine “

  13. Shba Cochrane Author

    Eric Stoltz was replaced by Michael J Fox for the role as Marty McFly for the movie back to the future. It was first offered to Michael J Fox but he had such a conflicting schedule that he couldn’t commit to it. So Eric Stoltz started filming and not too far into the filming schedule Michael J Fox was free to play the role so they pretty much fired Eric Stoltz and reshot the footage With Michael J Fox because Steven Spielberg wanted him to be Marty McFly that badly!!! As much as that situation sucked for Eric Stoltz Michael J Fox still was the perfect Marty McFly!

  14. Last Drop Falls Author

    "A measly one million dollars". Bitch please, ain't nothin "measly" about a million bucks. Sure for some actors it might be considered measly but I doubt it's measly for Terrance Howard. It is BS that they only offered him a million after originally offering 8 million but I would film the same iron man movie every day for a year for a million and I'm not broke. I am what you would call "well off". Though I'm not a million dollars well off. Still though I live really really quite comfortably. They were right though, the movie was a success with or without Howie.

  15. m. mache Author

    10 popular Seleberity Artists Actors Actress fire and are blinding themselves I love it public voted 4.3 Bilions like every one of you congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

  16. V Persaud Author

    Howard would have made a better MCU character. He is a better actor and he really started rody character. Compared to the current rody

  17. fumblerooskie Author

    The original Captain Janeway, Geneviève Bujold, was fired (some say quit) and replaced with Kate Mulgrew for Star Trek: Voyager after Bujold turned in a terrible performance in the pilot. The decision likely saved the series.

  18. MemeMachine Author

    Imagine gaining 60 pounds to get an acting role just to get replaced because apparently you didnt need to get the 60 pounds. 😵😵

  19. mean he Author

    Amanda Seyfried, bombshell? Uh no. Her bulging, googly eyes are in different zip codes. Her eyes are so far apart, the space between her eyes is wider that the N/S Korea demilitarized zone! She got catfish eyes, she probably got amazing peripheral vision.


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