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10 Popular Actors Who Took Their Movie Roles WAY Too Far!

Everyone fantasizes about the glamor and glitz
that comes with being an actor. The stardom, the seven-figure paychecks, and romantic relationships
that blossom with your co-stars but sometimes being an actor isn’t so glamorous. Some
actors sacrifice more than they should, taking it as far as putting their lives in danger
just for a chance at winning that illustrious Oscar gold. Here is Screen Rant’s list of ten Actors
Who Took Their Movie Roles Way Too Far. Robert De Niro in Cape Fear When Martin Scorsese cast Robert De Niro as
a psychopathic rapist in his 1991 remake of the same name, “Cape Fear” he knew he
would get an amazing performance. De Niro already worked as a taxi driver for twelve-hour
days for weeks to prepare for Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver.” So it was no surprise to
the director with the extremes De Niro took to prepare for this role. De Niro paid a dentist
$20,000 to grind and stain his teeth to look like a man who was in prison for years. The
role won him Oscar and Golden Globe nominations giving the actor a wide grin. Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon
Tattoo David Fincher asked Rooney Mara to change
her body to fit the character of antisocial, hostile Lisbeth Salander in 2011’s “The
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” He put her on a strict diet and asked her to live in
Stockholm on her own for weeks before production began. He even had her dye her hair black,
chop down her long bangs and bleach her eyebrows white. What she did on her own was add numerous
piercings to her body to get more into the character. Her eyebrow, nose, lips and even
her nipple! That’s dedication. Christian Bale in The Machinist It’s hard to believe that the muscle toned
Christian Bale in the Batman Trilogy is the same man in 2004’s “The Machinist”.
Bale lost over 63 pounds for his role in the psychological thriller that nearly cost him
his life. He lost another 20 pounds from what his nutritionist said was safe and wanted
to loose another 5 but was told he would die if he did. He survived off eating one apple
and a can of tuna fish daily for weeks leading up to shooting. To make matters worse, he
smoked cigarettes to curve his hunger in this 8.2 million dollar grossing flop. Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade Billy Bob Thornton felt that he had a lot
to prove in his directorial debut with 1996’s “Sling Blade”. The American drama film
set in rural Arkansas is lead by main character Karl Childers, an intellectually disabled
man played by Thornton. Thornton immersed himself into the role causing many filmgoers
not to recognize him on screen. To achieve his characters peculiar shuffle, Thornton
added broken pieces of glass to his shoes to ensure continuity throughout shooting.
Giving a new meaning the word, “Cut!” on set. Natalie Portman in Black Swan Natalie Portman took herself from actress
to believable ballerina for her role in “Black Swan”, by doing extensive workouts. Portman
said, “We usually started by swimming a mile a day, doing the front crawl and breast stroke.
Then we’d do two hours of ballet exercises and resistance work.” This was not her only
form of preparation, she even held to a stringent diet to accomplish the figure she required
in her Oscar winning role. Daniel Day-Lewis in The Crucible We all know of the irregular ways Daniel Day-Lewis
prepares for his roles but 1996’s “The Crucible” might be the oddest. To prepare
for the role of 17th-century farmer John Proctor, Day-Lewis spent the summer before filming
on location at Hog Island, northern Massachusetts. He rode into work on a brown horse, lived
without running water or electricity and helped build the sets for the production. He even
ditched the power tools of today and used the tools of the 17th century. Halle Berry in Jungle Fever The talented Halle Berry has always been a
gifted actress but was over shadowed by her stunning looks for many years. Before winning
in Oscar in 2001’s “Monster Ball” she garnered her first critical fame in 1991’s
“Jungle Fever”. The director couldn’t see past her looks and felt she was too attractive
for the role as a crack addictive prostitute that lived on the streets. So during her 10
days of filming she never bathed or showered to help portray the dirt her character lived
in. This triggered her to apologize to her co-stars those last days of shooting but she
proved her talents and quieted her director. Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight Heath Ledger knew that the Joker wasn’t
a character he that could easily get into and even reached out to Jack Nicholson for
help. Nicholson told him that he’d go crazy reaching the levels he needed to for the role.
Ledger locked himself into a hotel room for four weeks with no contact to the outside
world to prepare. He wrote in a personal diary in which he wrote really insane things and
slept for only 2 hours per day. Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad Margot Robbie is quickly becoming on of Hollywood’s
most bankable stars but if acting doesn’t work out maybe she can use her new skill as
an Olympic swimmer. Robbie learned to hold her breath underwater for over five minutes
to perform a fight scene in “Suicide Squad”. The actress was competitive with her stunt
double and wanted to prove her mad skills. Luckily she stopped at five minutes and went
on to finish some other crazy scenes alongside Jared Leto. Shia LaBeouf in Fury Here is one time an actor joined the US National
Guard and joined a religion to prepare for a movie. Director David Ayer told his cast
he needed his actors to give him their all for 2012’s “Fury. They did, but Shia LaBeouf
went the furthest. He went as far as to cut his face numerous times and even got a tattoo
to give a more realistic portrayal on screen. That’s not where the actor stopped, he also
had a tooth removed and he kept his personal hygiene to a bare minimum. Ayer loved this
dedication and even had his actors’ fist fighting on set every day. What do you think of our video? Did we skip
over any of your favorite actors that took their movie roles way too far? Sound off in
the comments below and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more fun videos! Thanks
for watching!


  1. Allan Deperio Author

    The sad part is of all preparation for that role in Black Swan all I can remember from that movie is the parody Jim Carrey did on SNL about the whole movie. And yeah a particular scene.

  2. Joe Crail Author

    The five minutes of Margot Robbie holding her breath is a complete lie Navy Seals can barely hold their breath for 5 minutes without your lungs exploding/or causing nose bleeds ya guys might want to look some actual facts before u spread a lie

  3. Christopher Swift Author

    Anything Chris Farley is in, he takes things to a whole other level when he acts.
    "when you living in van down by the river!" Matt Foley motivational speaker

  4. Theresa Nowakowski Author

    Tom Hanks lost 55 lbs in four months for Cast away. He has done some crazy stuff for films, many actors have. I love movies.

  5. Marco Hidalgo Author

    poor christian bale. he forced his body to become skinny as the character. but in the other there goes chris evans in the captain america where they used cgi. less effort for chris evans yall haha

  6. A d Author

    Natalie used double for her black swan role. In the dance scences her double danced for her. And while she took the Oscar for her role, she didn't mention about her double at all. I don't think she deserves to be on this list.

  7. Melodica Heart Author

    How is getting body piercings as weird as starving yourself??? Getting your faced pierced is so big whoop- but what that man did to his body…

  8. Dhakadice Author

    How to take a role "WAY Too Far!": Stay in a hotel room, read some comic books and actually trying to get into the role you're being paid millions of dollars to play.

    Seriously, people need to stop disrespecting Ledger's memory by pretending he was some amateur who went crazy because of a movie role.

    He did NOT go crazy from playing The Joker. He had already started working on a new movie when he died.

  9. Music Laboratory Author

    For the most part this video is a group of people that takes there job seriously and has respect for how much money the earn and want to justify that expense

  10. Katherine Hale Author

    You skipped Bella in Twilight when she got pregnant by Edward the vampire and she had to lose all the weight for being pregnant with a baby that was half vampire and half human

  11. Jamie Jackson Author

    Margot Robbie didn’t ‘take it too far’- I’m anxiously awaiting the next Suicide Squad movie. As for the others- actors starving themselves to extreme is a bit much but look at The Dallas Buyers Club, some actors are just dedicated for those millions $$$

  12. Koco Puffs Author

    That was cool but when they said Halle berry ain’t shower for days to fit her role 💀 that’s the only one I seen that was TAKING IT TOOO FAR


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