10 Popular Actors Who Were Rejected For Famous Roles

Title: 10 Actors That Were Rejected from Famous
Roles Author:
Intro Audiences usually forget it, but acting is
a job. Each individual role counts as one job and
each role will have a lot of actors either auditioning or being considered for it and
often even the most successful and well know of performers understand the sting of rejection. We hate rejection too! So, before we get started, if you want to
see cool vids about movies, tv, gaming and more- take a second to hit subscribe! Jennifer Lawrence – Twilight While in 2008, not many people had really
heard of Jennifer Lawrence while she was working her way up in the industry, auditioning for
roles and garnering notice for her roles in little seen films such as The Burning Plain. One of the earlier roles she auditioned for
was Bella Swan in Twilight. With the book being a huge financial success
and the movie looking to be quite big, there were a lot of women that auditioned for the
lead role. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) for Jennifer
Lawrence, director Catherine Hardwicke felt that it was Kristen Stewart who was best for
the role. As a result, Lawrence lost out on the part,
along with other actresses such as Lily Cole In spite of this, Jennifer Lawrence has said
she doesn’t regret losing to Kristen Stewart and given how the Twilight series turned out…
we can understand that. Chris Pratt – G.I. Joe
One of the reasons that Chris Pratt initially turned down the opportunity to appear in Guardians
of the Galaxy was because he feared embarrassing himself in the audition. This happened to him when he auditioned for
G.I. Joe, where he lost out to Channing Tatum. Something about Chris Pratt’s acting style
just didn’t mesh with G.I. Joe and Chris Pratt felt humiliated. Thankfully since then Chris Pratt hasn’t
had much trouble landing action roles, appearing in not only Jurassic World, but also Westerns
such as the Magnificent Seven and the sequel to Guardians of The Galaxy. He is also rumoured to be considered for next
Indiana Jones franchise entry Ironically, Channing Tatum has been venturing
a lot more into comedy since G.I. Joe, which is usually Chris Pratt’s forte. Tatum has appeared in both the Jump Street
films and Hail Caesar! Jensen Ackles- Captain America
Long-time star of Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, came close to capturing the role of Captain
America. Unfortunately for him, the role of the first
avenger went to Chris Evans instead. While Ackles rough around the edges style
vaguely had the look that you’d expect from the character it wasn’t enough to win out
over the guy next door looks of Chris Evans – who comparatively resembled the character
a lot more. While Ackles, like most TV actors, has had
trouble breaking into film, he did bag the role of Jason Todd in the animated adaptation
of Under the Red Hood. While it would have been nice for Ackles to
play the ‘the man with the voice that could command a god’, it’s also cool to see
that in spite of losing out the role he is still having a very successful career on TV Will Smith – Django Unchained
In a strange situation, Will Smith was rejected for the role of Django Unchained by Quentin
Tarantino, because Smith felt that he wasn’t ‘the main character’ if he didn’t get
to kill Leonardo DiCaprio’s character by the end of the movie. In Will Smith’s mind he felt that he would
be playing a supporting role if he didn’t get that opportunity and as a result, Quentin
Tarantino decided he would rather stick with the story that he wanted to tell and passed
Will Smith over for veteran actor and musician Jamie Foxx. With Django Unchained becoming the most financially
and critically successful film of Tarantino’s career, and received Oscars for screenplay
and supporting actor it seems apparent that while it would have been a nice bonus, Tarantino
did not need Smith’s star power to sell the film. Smith meanwhile starred in “A Winter’s
Tale” instead….ahem. 5. Jim Carrey as Loki and Captain Jack Sparrow
There have been a fair few roles that almost starred Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey was offered the role of Doctor
Who in the 90s in an attempt to launch a new series, but Carrey turned it down out of respect
for the fans of the show, as he felt that it wasn’t right for someone who wasn’t
familiar with a cult classic show, to play the lead role. He was also rejected the roles of both Loki
and Captain Jack Sparrow. While it’s not unreasonable to think that
he could have performed well as both, they certainly would have been vastly different
movies. Carrey surely would shave made an interesting
Loki, given his performance in Kick Ass 2, but the role went to the excellent Tom Hiddleston. And while his broad comedic style would have
made a very different Jack Sparrow, we can’t really argue that Johnny Depp was a great
choice. Leonardo DiCaprio – American Psycho
At the time American Psycho came out, Leonard DiCaprio was viewed very differently to how
he is today. While today he is regarded as one of the best
actors around, back in the early 2000s he was groomed by Hollywood as the pretty boy
love interest in spite of his Oscar nomination for Whats Eating Gilbert Grape. His romantic leading man image was a big part
of why he didn’t get the role of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Coming off of the huge successes of Romeo
and Juliet and Titanic, Leo was typecast as a love interest by this point and studios
felt his career might suffer by playing a psychopathic killer like Bateman. The role instead went to Christian Bale, a
young character actor who had attempted stardom in films like Empire of the Sun, Newsies and
Portrait of Lady. Bale was able to capture both the calculated
rage and satirical humour that made his Bateman so chilling and
Leo picked up steam in a wider range of roles eventually though, in movies such as Django
Unchained, Wolf of Wall Street and the Revenant. That pretty boy image is certainly shed. Robin Williams vs Jack Nicholson – The Shining
& Batman Comedic actors often deliver some of the finest
dramatic performances in memory. Despite largely being known for comedies,
Robin Williams played numerous serious roles in One Hour Photo, Law and Order and Good
Will Hunting, often playing dark or unnerving characters. So while it probably sounds unusual at first,
Robin Williams was once considered for the role of Jack Torrence in the Shining. Despite this, he was ultimately rejected in
the role, with Jack Nicholson replacing him. Not only that but Nicholson also replaced
Williams as the Joker. While Williams was originally wanted for the
role, DC decided that they really wanted Jack Nicholson and used Williams’ name to convince
Nicholson to take the role instead, rather than lose it to another big name actor. DC would later repeat their actions with Williams
in baiting him into playing the Riddler in order to convince Jim Carrey to take the role. Robin Williams rejected the role of The Riddler
as a result. Robin Williams sadly passed away in 2014,
leaving a an incredible legacy of both comedic and dramatic work. 8. Kurt Russell – Star Wars
There are dozens of names who auditioned for Star Wars, and dozens who auditioned for Han
Solo, including Steve Buscemi and even Bill Murray. Kurt Russell was another one of these names
and was closest to what you’d expect Han Solo to be. Kurt Russell was very young at the time -only
in his twenties, and known for Disney teen comedies like the Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. He was certainly younger than what Harrison
Ford is known as being, but Russell was still good enough to get through to the taped stages
of auditions which can be viewed on YouTube for free. While the star later played similar roles,
like Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China, and bad ass action heroes in films
like Escape From New York, unfortunately his audition, while certainly good, just wasn’t
as good as the work Harrison Ford was putting in as Han Solo in rehearsal takes. While Kurt Russell certainly would have been
a good choice for the role, how many people can imagine ANYONE else playing Han Solo but
Harrison Ford? Emma Stone – Heroes
One of Emma Stone’s earliest auditions what for that of Claire Bennet on the TV Show Heroes. The popular superhero themed show ran for
4 seasons in its first inception, but it all started with the pilot episode Genesis, which
introduced us to Hayden Panettierre in the role of Claire. Emma Stone has said that losing the part to
Hayden was pretty tough on her, because she was actually only in the room next door when
she heard Hayden being told that she got the part and that she was the best for the role. Luckily for Stone, only two weeks later she
got the part for Superbad and that served as a jumping off point for the rest of her
career. Emma Stone later got to be in a superhero
movie thanks to the Amazing Spider-Man films and we doubt she’s looked back much since
then. Ryan Gosling – The Lovely Bones
While Ryan Gosling is generally considered to be a Hollywood hunk and a talented actor,
he was actually rejected for the movie “The Lovely Bones” because he had gotten too…
fat. While at first Gosling stated that the reason
he left was due to creative differences with Peter Jackson, and feeling that he was too
young to play the father of a teenage daughter, Gosling later revealed that it was because
he had gotten too fat for the role. As it turns out, both stories are kind of
true. Ryan Gosling had actually gotten fat in preparation
for the role as he felt the character should be out of shape and scruffy looking. The problem was that Gosling had not told
Peter Jackson that he was going to be doing this and Jackson decided that Mark Whalberg
would be the better choice for the role. Shortly after that Ryan Gosling went back
to being a hunk, garning critical acclaim for roles in Drive, La La Land and Blade Runner
2049. What famous rejections have we missed? we
know that there are tons more examples we could have talked about. So leave your favourites in the comment section
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