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10 Popular Actors With Serious Martial Arts Skills In Real Life!

Actors are required to call upon a variety
of skills and abilities when working on a movie. Depending on the role, they will have to display
dramatic range, showcase their comedic timing, or show off their physicality. And as it turns out, some of the biggest names
in Hollywood are multi-talented people who can do much more than just act. Everyone needs a hobby, and some turn to martial
arts to stay and shape or even prepare for a role. It’s common knowledge that stars need to
undergo extensive training before taking on an action movie, but there are those who take
things to the next level. Here are 10 famous actors you didn’t know
had serious martial arts skills. If you like this video, give us a thumbs up
and don’t forget to subscribe! Jason Statham Statham has emerged as one of the best badasses
in modern action cinema and has definitely carved out a niche for himself. Given his reputation, it shouldn’t come
as any surprise that Statham is proficient in martial arts. In fact, he’s on the same skill level of
some MMA fighters, meaning he could easily throw it down in the octagon if he wanted
to. Kickboxing is his specialty, but Statham is
also trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and all this knowledge has gone a long way in advancing
his acting career. Statham is famous for doing his own, unchoreographed
stunts, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Wesley Snipes As one of the first modern comic book movies,
the original Blade had to bring something exciting to the table to wow 1998 audiences. The ace of their sleeve was star Wesley Snipes,
who was perfect for the lead role. Snipes has been training in martial arts since
he was 12 years old, earning a 5th dan black belt in Shotokan karate and a 2nd dan black
belt in hapkido. He has also trained in a variety of other
disciplines, including kung-fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing. Though Blade was the best showcase for these
abilities, Snipes has put together a great résumé of action films that prove all that
training didn’t go to waste. Taylor Lautner Lautner first emerged as the heartthrob for
Team Jacob enthusiasts everywhere, but the actor is more than just a pretty face. He began training in karate when he was six
and received a black belt at age eight. He was even ranked number one in his category
by the American Sports Karate Association, so his life could have turned out very differently
if he didn’t turn to acting. His martial arts skills have helped him in
films like The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl and were of great assistance while
training for Twilight. Lautner hasn’t done much since Twilight
ended, but maybe he can find some use for his karate soon. Michael Jae White White’s screen presence can come across
as physically imposing, even when the role is just to sit still and listen to the Joker
in The Dark Knight. A major reason for that is because the actor
is an extremely dedicated and gifted martial artist. He has no fewer than eight black belts in
shotokan, taekwondo, kobudo, goju ryu, tang soo do, washu, and kyokushin. White has also been training in jiu-jitsu
since the age of seven. This impressive skill set has popped up frequently
in his career, including films like Exit Wounds, where White starred with Steven Seagal. With everything he knows, directors should
find plenty more parts for him. John Cusack When you think of John Cusack, the first movies
that come to mind are 1980s touchstones like Stand By Me, Sixteen Candles, and Say Anything
– not exactly what you’d call action films. But it was Say Anything that introduced the
actor to the world of martial arts. While preparing for that film, Cusack took
up kickboxing because the character he played was an aspiring kickboxer. He continued training for more than two decades
afterwards and now holds a level six black belt in trainer Benny Urquidez’s Ukidokan
kickboxing system. Most of his roles haven’t featured this
aspect of his life, but maybe Cusack will get a chance to show off his skills in the
future. Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher seems like a goofy, easygoing
guy, but he could probably beat you up if you rubbed him the wrong way. As part of his healthy lifestyle, Kutcher
trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, even traveling to the country several times to practice his
methods. Under the guidance of trainer Ricardo De La
Riva Goded, Kutcher has achieved a black belt, illustrating his supreme dedication to the
craft. The actor has mostly made comedies during
his time in Hollywood, but if he ever wanted to branch out into action, he could surely
put a strong demo reel together and make a lasting impression. Ed O’Neill Famous for roles in sitcoms such as Married
With Children and Modern Family, Ed O’Neill introduced himself to even more people this
past summer when he voiced the lovable octopus Hank in Finding Dory. His characters don’t usually fall into the
action realm, so it may come as a shock that the quintessential TV dad is a skilled martial
artist. O’Neill has trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu
for the last 22 years and received his black belt back in 2007. He called it the greatest achievement of his
life, apart from his children. He’s been nominated for two Golden Globes,
so that shows just how important martial arts are to him. Keanu Reeves One of the more famous lines in The Matrix
is Neo proclaiming, “I know kung-fu,” and Keanu Reeves could give his iconic character
a run for his money. Getting hooked on martial arts while prepping
for the first Matrix film, Reeves has trained in jiu-jitsu, wushu, boxing, and krav maga. These talents have unquestionably helped him
as he emerged as one of the leading action stars of his generation. Reeves loves doing his own stunts, and being
in peak physical condition allows him to do so. He’s also had to train in judo and karate
for more recent roles like John Wick, so he’ll just keep adding to his repertoire. Hugh Jackman Jackman is a man with a plethora of gifts. He’s naturally charming, can belt out a
tune or two, and transform himself into a homicidal mutant for the X-Men films. Jackman’s most famous role is of course
Wolverine, and his training regiment for getting into the proper shape has become almost as
legendary as his performances. Jackman’s extreme commitment to the part
means he’s always game to do his own stunts. He doesn’t put himself through all that
work just for a stuntman to take the spotlight. Jackman has studied martial arts techniques
to help better Wolverine’s movements in action sequences. With only one film left before he steps away
from the franchise, we’ll be sad to see him go. Chloe Grace-Moretz This youngster splashed onto the scene when
she took on the role of Hit Girl in Kick-Ass, and she wasn’t going to back down from the
challenges of the part. While preparing before filming, Grace-Moretz
trained with none other than Jackie Chan’s stunt crew for three months. That sounds like good company to have, and
the results definitely paid off. During production, Grace-Moretz was able to
do a majority of her own stunts on location, giving her performance an authenticity that
would have been difficult to replicate with a double. After watching the film, we don’t want to
mess with Hit Girl or Chloe. Neither would end well. These are just some of the actors who have
become skilled in martial arts – be it for their own interests or a particular role. Which ones did we miss? Sound off in the comments and don’t forget
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  1. Tiffany Cody AMV'S Author

    I can't believe no ones commented about the fact that be didn't mention the name of the film he used when mentioning Taylor Laughtner. I didn't wanna scroll through thousands of comments so if you actually did comment about this sorry, but seriously he mentioned freaking twilight alot more than tracers (or was it Trackers) and the movie he used Abduction. Also there is a lot more celebs with martial art skills.

  2. geetjuhhisdebeste Author

    Oldschool but my personal role model; great guy and good actor (but not very famous), Bas Rutten, Pancrase/UFC hero until his injury

  3. NYC SUGAR Author

    Wesley snipes didn’t do those action moves in the blade movies my friend did !!! Smh Where are you getting this information from it’s incorrect

  4. liverpoolJFT96 Author

    "He could easily throw it down in the octagon if he wanted" 😂😂 NO he couldn't, unless you mean against Amateurs or CM Punk. Even then it wouldn't be easy, he could easily lose.

    Where is Jet Li?? He actually was a martial arts champion. I know they say "you didn't know about" in the video but thats not the title of the video.

  5. Michael Chevrefils Author

    I could list off at least 10 more ppl that could really kick your ass. Like one comment said what about Scott Adkins. There is one I would have mentioned.

  6. Shank Montgomery Author

    Al bundy has been kicking ass without training since his days at Polk high then yall get the wise idea to let him train for a black belt. I feel for the mean streets of Chicago.

  7. Karen Mullen Author

    Chloe Grace-Moretz ASTOUNDED me when I saw the movie! I was asking how did they do that?!? In disbelief, or really second guessing myself. I thought it had to be her, coz it was all so seamless. I mean editors are good, but, DANG!
    I kept looking for any proof that there was a stunt little person, shape of leg or arm musculature, movement, or mannerism to tell of…And watched and paused and rewound and frame by framed my way thru her action OVER AND OVER, and then I KNEW it WAS HER!

  8. royalblue0505 Author

    0:20: "Here are ten famous actors you didn't know had serious martial arts skills."

    Did you really, seriously believe that we didn't know Jason Statham had serious martial arts skills??

  9. Bledar Aliaj Author

    How about Hiroyuki Sanada
    He's not popular or he is not martial artist. … this top 10 sacks only few of them are …..

  10. TheOneTonHammer Author

    Katheryn Winnick of “Vikings” fame. She holds a 3rd Dan black-belt in taekwondo, and a 2nd Dan black-belt in karate.

  11. Gary Thorpe Author

    Katheryn Winnick is an accomplished martial artist who holds a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo and a second-degree black belt in Karate. By twenty-one she had founded and owned three martial arts schools

  12. seraphimprince Author

    Taylor Lautner trained in XMA in Illinois, under Mike Chat (of WMAC Masters and Power Rangers fame) and Matt Mullins (who was Len in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and has been in other martial-arts films).

  13. 4Sk Author

    I would never mess with Chloe Grace Moretz, shes has seeious martial arts skills, she has trained with Jackie Chans stunt crew for 3 months

  14. rwbazillion Author

    Two that aren't mentioned but one already shown was LAWRENCE FISHBURN but also DAVID BAUTISTA, now Dave was a WWF wrestler and I remember him back inthe day as a Wrestler who knew Martial Arts but I add him because he started as an ACTOR not showing his martial art skills but definitely has them.

  15. Uhhh Author

    Jai White is a legit one man wrecking-ball. He has some of the best technique I have seen anywhere, in the world.

    But yeah folks, calm down. He started by saying something like: "Actors you may not expect to know martial arts blah blah", implying that Jackie Chan obviously is a real martial artist and anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that without this video.

    Oh by the way go look up Jacky Chan fighting Benny The Jet. Jesus.

  16. Albert8044 Author

    Original Mortal Kombat actors who did motion capture and digitizing.

    Daniel Pesina
    Carlos Pesina
    Richard Divizio
    Ho Sung-Pak
    Elizabeth Malecki
    Anthony Marquez
    John Parrish
    Katalin Zamiar
    Phillip Ahn

    These are serious true real life martial artist that did motion capture for original Mortal Kombat video game's.

  17. hydrolito Author

    If I recall what i read and it is right Elvis Presley had a brown belt in Karate also Burt Ward that played Robin on the Batman TV show had a brown belt in Judo.


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