10 Popular Actors With The SCARIEST Movie Auditions

Since casting is such an integral part of
any film, directors will typically hold auditions for key roles. This means that even some of the biggest stars
in the industry have to try out before they sign on for a project – regardless of how
talented they are. Sometimes, these screen tests don’t always
go so well. It doesn’t matter if the thespian in question
has won numerous awards throughout their career; there’s always a chance they’re just not
the best fit for a certain role. And they find that hard the hard way. Here are 10 talented actors with the scariest
audition stories. If you like what you see, be sure to subscribe
to our channel and give us a thumbs up! Eddie Redmayne Eddie Redmayne has received an Oscar for playing
Steven Hawking and is now a part of J.K. Rowling’s famed wizarding world, but there
is one thing we know he can’t do: be a villain in a Star Wars film. Redmayne was one of the actors who read for
Kylo Ren during pre-production on The Force Awakens, and it’s safe to say he bombed
his audition. Due to the secrecy of the project, Redmayne
was reciting lines from other movies and only knew his would-be character was a bad guy. He started doing a poor Darth Vader impression
and spoke in a funny voice, which didn’t win over the casting directors. At least he has Newt Scamander. Aaron Paul The Breaking Bad star had a minor role in
J.J. Abrams’ Mission: Impossible 3, so it’s no surprise he met with the filmmaker again
while Abrams was working on Cloverfield. When Paul arrived for the audition, Abrams
had the actor tell a story of a cool card trick he performed during M:I 3, which caused
Paul to lose his train of thought. Instead of delivering a three-page monologue
he memorized, Paul had to stop in the middle of it and apologize. All Abrams said was ‘That’s OK. Thanks for coming in.’ and Paul left without
the part. But shortly after he became Jesse Pinkman,
so it all worked out. Blake Lively Lively looked to make movies at a very young
age, trying out for the hit comedy Mrs. Doubtfire when she was just 5-years old. Blake’s mom didn’t want her daughter to
get star struck by Robin Williams, so she told Blake that she’d be reading with the
comedian’s twin brother. When Lively walked in, the filmmakers introduced
her to the one and only Robin Williams, and Blake’s response was, “You’re not his
twin?” You can probably guess how things went after
that. When Blake came out of the room, she told
mom that Williams had morning breath and moved on. Now that Lively is a successful actress, she
can laugh about that mishap. Chris Evans These days, people are in awe to meet Captain
America, but prior to the actor’s Marvel days, it was the other way around. Evans met with Ben Affleck to audition for
the Boston legend’s directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone. Upon arriving, Evans became nervous and asked
Affleck if the parking spot he chose was OK. After an awkward conversation about parking
meters ensued, Evans was mortified and couldn’t wait to leave the room. He was so upset that he gave Affleck one-word
answers to any question asked and kept rocking in the chair he was sitting in. Now that they’re both established superheroes,
maybe Affleck and Evans can work together one day. Chris Pine Chris Pine made a name for himself as the
new Captain Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek series, but he could have had a role in a
different 2009 sci-fi blockbuster. Pine was in the running for James Cameron’s
Avatar, but his audition went horribly. Recalling the experience, Pine mentioned that
he went into the room not believing in himself as he tried to picture Cameron’s ambitious
vision for the film. He stopped halfway through his reading, and
the casting director was either smiling or laughing at him. Neither one would be ideal, and the role of
Jake Sully eventually went to Sam Worthington. Pine has led three successful Star Trek movies,
so it’s clear he’s got talent. Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal has emerged as a chameleon
actor capable of completing transforming himself for a role, but he’s steered clear of big-budget
productions. Maybe his awful experience auditioning for
Lord of the Rings played a role in that. Gyllenhaal read for Frodo, but nobody told
the actor that the character had an English accent. Gyllenhaal recited his lines in an American
accent, which didn’t please Peter Jackson. The director told Gyllenhaal to fire his agents
and felt it was one of the worst auditions he’d seen. This is why it’s always best to prepare
as much as possible, a lesson Gyllenhaal seems to have learned. Leonardo DiCaprio Leo has played everything from a sleazy stockbroker
to a dream thief to a vicious slave owner in his career, so there’s very little he
can’t do. Director Baz Luhrmann discovered one limitation
of DiCaprio while casting Moulin Rouge: singing. Leo admitted he feels he has a horrible singing
voice, but tried out for the musical anyway. Luhrmann played piano while DiCaprio sang
a tune, and when the Oscar winner reached a high note, Luhrmann stopped and said, “I
don’t know if this conversation should continue.” Leo has acted in numerous genres, but this
is one he probably won’t audition for again. Some people just aren’t cut out for singing. Bradley Cooper Bradley Cooper quickly rose to the top of
the A-list thanks to a trio of Oscar nominated performances that made him an awards season
mainstay, but before he became a critical darling, his career could have taken a different
trajectory. Cooper was one of the names considered for
2011’s Green Lantern, but the actor didn’t really take his audition seriously. His screen test amounted to doing an impersonation
of Christian Bale’s gravely voiced Batman, when the casting people wanted him to just
talk normally. Cooper didn’t get the role, and that turned
out to be a bullet dodged. Now, we’re just wondering when he’ll win
his Academy Award instead of how he’ll recover from a flop. Daniel Radcliffe You know the old saying, “if you don’t
have anything nice to say, don’t say it?” Even a kind-hearted hero like Harry Potter
forgets that sometimes. While in an audition, Daniel Radcliffe was
gossiping about somebody when another person came walking in the room. Radcliffe continued his story and when he
finished, he came to the sobering realization that the person he was talking about was a
good friend of who Radcliffe had to audition for. We don’t know which movie this was, but
it’s safe to say it’s not a project on the actor’s IMDb page. Talk about an awkward situation. Channing Tatum Channing Tatum has gone from a pretty boy
to a go-to actor who has worked with respected auteurs like Steven Soderbergh, Quentin Tarantino,
and the Coen brothers, but he had a rocky journey to the top. Earlier in his career, Tatum auditioned for
a role in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, but he forgot the most important lesson: remember
your lines. Yes. Tatum could not remember the dialogue he was
supposed to say during the screen test and ended up freaking out and sweating profusely. He obviously didn’t get that part, but he
managed to turn things around down the road and become a Hollywood leading man. Chloe Grace-Moretz The legendary Martin Scorsese is a director
every actor dreams of working with, and when auditioning for him, there’s no limits to
what people will attempt to get in his favor. When trying out for one of the lead roles
in Scorsese’s love letter to cinema Hugo, Chloe Grace-Moretz rolled the dice and told
the filmmaker a little lie. The Georgia-born actress told Marty that she
was British and tried to pass it off so she could get the part. Apparently, Chloe is good at fudging up the
truth, since Scorsese cast her in Hugo. If he was impressed, Moretz did something
right. Conclusion Those are just some of the worst audition
stories from the A-listers. Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below and don’t
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