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101 Facts About Hollywood

greetings from the factors my name is
Sam and today I’m gonna be talking day Oh oh come on Steve that take was
perfect I can’t work like this I’ll be in my trailer
Philistines anyway hello my name is gregory happenstance and i’m the actor
who’s played sam for all these years today i’m going to talk to you all about
hollywood the glitz the glamour the crass commercialism and disgusting
abundance of tourists hollywood has it all baby
it’s mostly about bollywood central role in the US film industry because
apparently the only other interesting back bar honey would involve narcotics
and feral chickens so we’re going to take the easy route but what is the
highest grossing hollywood film of all time what did the hollywood sign used to
say and where in the name of all the previous happenstance men before me is
my organic guava juice i’m going to kill my PA to answer three those questions
are going to be answered so turn on the lights fire up the camera and get ready
for some furious faction as we count through 101 facts about hollywood number
one hollywood first and foremost is a neighborhood in the central region of
Los Angeles California notable as the center of the American
film industry as a result the word Hollywood has become shorthand for the
industry in general kind of like Hoover except with more naughty things
surrounding it number two Hollywood is also known by
several different nicknames such as Tinseltown and The Dream Factory which
reflect the bright glittering and perhaps even unreal image of the movie
industry know right Hollywood superficial perish the thought number
three aside from these several groups of Native Americans who lived in the area
before they were displaced by you guessed it European colonialism the
history of Hollywood as a permanent habited place goes all the way back to
the Year 1853 when the number of buildings located there stood at exactly
one Adobe Hut by 1870 however an agricultural
community had flourished and Hollywood was well on its way to becoming the
haven of iniquity and sin it is today except it started with root veg number
four apparently the word Hollywood was coined by a real estate developer named
HG Whitley who visited the area while on his honeymoon with his wife while
standing on a hill Whitney encountered a Chinese man who was carrying wood in a
wagon and upon asking him what he was doing the man of her
responded I’m hauling would get it cuz it it pounding sound by Hollywood yeah
with me let the sound of Hollywood as the name for the region claiming that
Hollywood represent England and would would represent his Scottish heritage
okay sure that story Sanford Jets number five
however this origin story seems to be contradicted by a competing theory no
way really which holds that Dana Wilcox wife of a developer named Harvey
Henderson Wilcox heard the name from a woman she met on a train journey who had
just used the word Hollywood for her country home in Ohio after a Dutch
settlement of the same name another version of the story says that David
Wilcox heard the name from her neighbor either weed a prominent investor and
friend of the aforementioned HJ whitley number six regardless of how she heard
it Wilcox like the names so much that she later dubbed her ranch Hollywood and
when her husband bought 120 acres of land in the area he used the name when
he submitted a map of his property to the Los Angeles recorders office on the
1st of February 1887 number seven by this time the invention of films was
already underway as the work of several people eventually converge into
something resembling modern filmmaking in the late 18-hundreds Eadweard
Muybridge created a famous moving image of a galloping horse in 1872 Thomas a
Edison and William Dixon invented the Kinetoscope in 1891 and in late 1895
brother’s Augustine and Louie Lumiere held their first public demonstration of
the cinematograph a three and one device that could record to develop and project
motion pictures widely considered the first film camera in history number
eight within months the cinematograph as being
shown throughout Europe and North America and around 1905 $0.05 movie
theaters charmingly known as Nickelodeon’s began to pop up these
Nickelodeon’s offered people an easy and inexpensive way to watch films which in
turn encouraged public appeal of this new technology and generated more money
for filmmakers they also served as a useful method for exhibiting news in
propaganda during the First World War number nine in 1909 the central film
company a production company based in New Jersey created a West Coast
production units called the Nestor film company which in October of nineteen
eleven established the first pone at film studio in Hollywood California
Hollywood was officially up and running baby you’re welcome Chris Pratt
number 10 the very first feature film made in Hollywood was Cecil B DeMille
1914 silent western the Squaw Man the 74 minute long film was originally going to
be filmed in Flagstaff Arizona but upon arrival DeMille felt the surrounding
scenery wasn’t appropriate for his vision of the film so made a last-minute
decision to shoot in Los Angeles instead number 11 the very first film of
any length made in Hollywood was a 17 minute silent film called in old
California made by American writer director and producer DW Griffith all
the way back in 1910 Griffith is better known for making the 1915 silent drama
film The Birth of a Nation a three-hour long epic set during the Civil War and
the subsequent reconstruction error which is acclaimed for its radical
cinematic triumph and condemned for its clearly racist ideological starts which
includes the glorification of the Ku Klux Klan yeah those guys
what a dick number 12 there were many reasons why Hollywood was an obvious
choice as a location for the US film industry southern california experiences
great weather for most of the year it’s also home to a diverse array of scenery
in the form of deserts forests mountains and beaches and land was shifted by at
the time and local labor was plentiful however there was also one huge reason
why many filmmakers wanted to head west number 13
Thomas Anderson’s motion picture patents company was founded in 1909 and was
based in New York in other cities on the east coast of America while the MPP C
did many positive things with the burgeoning u.s. film industry like
reducing the dominance of foreign films and standardizing various areas of
filmmaking Edison and his buddies in the organization also held most motion
picture pictures at the time and regularly sued people for the
unauthorized use of anything from cameras to projectors number fourteen
the MP PC used its elevated position to bully and terrorize uncooperative and
independent filmmakers producers and theater owners and was apparently even
known to hire mafia affiliated thanks to violently intimidate people my god
Addison leave it out as a result filmmakers began moving out west to Los
Angeles where it was harder for the MP PC to enforce their patents sneaky
number 15 eventually the film industry in
California developed beyond the MPP seize control while many of the patents
upheld had been found in the mid 1890s began to expire leading to the
precipitous decline of Edison’s litigious consortium sorry not sorry
number 16 by 1912 well several major motion picture companies had set up
production in or around Los Angeles and after the end of World War numero-uno
the United States experienced an economic and cultural boom as the
relatively new film industry continued to flourish Hollywood had become the
home of American cinema bringing in all the glitz and glamour of the
entertainment industry with it number 17 as such the 1920s represented the
beginning of the u.s. film industry’s cultural ascendance hundreds of movies
were being made every year leading to the birth of the movie star and directed
with characteristic talents and styles eventually Hollywood began to cultivate
its status as an oasis of leisure and luxury and it’s this period which is
today identified as the beginning of the Golden Age of Hollywood cinemas which
would last for several decades everything sounds like it’s going well
so far right number eighteen it’s in this optimistic spirit that in 1923 the
iconic Hollywood sign was constructed on the southern slope of Mountain Lee in
the Santa Monica Mountains the sign originally read Hollywood land and was
built to advertise an upscale housing development snazzy
number 19 what is often less reported about that sign is that the upscale
housing development in question was a segregated white-only housing
development not so snazzy in fairness virtually all of Los Angeles
was segregated in the 1920s because back then racism was even more popular than
it is now hard to believe I know number 20 the formerly racist sign costs
$21,000 to construct which in today’s money is equivalent to roughly three
hundred and ten thousand dollars that’s certainly enough to purchase large
quantities of nuggets the Poulet number 21 in addition the Hollywoodland sign
was originally illuminated by roughly four thousand light bulbs which as you
can imagine a burnt-out and very often indeed as a result the sign required a
caretaker in the form of Albert Cota who changed the light bulbs on the sign
every single day number 22 Oh coach it was so dedicated to his job he even
lived in a little cabin near the Hollywood sign is something an incorrect
person would say this popularly stated myth about the history of the sign is so
pervasive that it’s even been printed in academic books on the subject
it is however total firm plan while there was a cabin near the sign it was
only used for storage by his own admission Cota lived at the north end of
North Beach would drive he was a science caretaker so don’t
believe everything that you read okay number 23 around this time several film
companies had been established and eventually a small group of huge studios
emerged as the leaders in the Hollywood film industry collectively known as the
big five because they were big and there were five of them
yeah these large film companies were Warner Brothers RKO Fox MGM and
paramount have all owned their own film production sets and Studios number 24
meanwhile a number of smaller studios such as Columbia and Universal were also
active at the time and were distinguished by the fact that they
didn’t own their own theaters other studios were smaller still and included
tiny little insignificant companies like dice me Disney never heard of it
number 25 during the 1920s the Hollywood film industry was the fifth largest
industry in the entirety of the United States since then Hollywood has been
overtaken by considerably less sexy industries like Finance and non durable
manufacturing give it up the non-durable manufacturing everybody whoa number 26
legendary Hollywood producer Hal Roach famous for producing comedies in the
1920s and 30s would often employ someone called a wild E to sit in this writers
room the selected person was either insane or drunk whose sole purpose it
was two spouts crazy ideas whenever they had a writer’s block which the
professional writers in the room then had to entertain seriously but now I’m
in the wrong job number 27 in the mid 20s execs had a recently formed and
financially struggling studio known as Warner Brothers decided to take a risk
on this unusual first-time film which was ultimately released in 1927 under
the title the jazz singer this film constituted the very first
feature-length talkie well kind of it was the very first feature film to
include audible synchronized singing in speech but it’s only for certain
sections and not the whole thing sadly the film was also remembered for
its extensive use of blackface which is oh dear number 28 in 1929 the very first
annual Academy Awards which if for some reason you don’t know about is a
prestigious award ceremony given drawn artistic and technical achievements in
1929 the very first annual Academy Awards which if for some bizarre reason
you don’t know what they are they were procedures walt ceremony honored
when I leave very first annual Emmy Award which of some bizarre reason we
don’t know I was finished award ceremony given officing I’m technical development
within the film industry were held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel now
commonly known as the Oscars this event was considerably smaller than its
Gauguin Xuan modern descendant featuring the presentation of only 15 awards with
less than 300 people in the audience number 29 Hollywood’s golden age
continued into the 1930s with gusto as a new era film industry began with
introduction of sound into film and further forays into genres like action
comedies westerns musicals documentaries even horror it was in this decade that
silent film began to die off and sadly many silent movie stars did not make the
transition to sound number 30 the early 30s brought with them further innovation
which can be seen with the 1931 adventure film the Viking financed by
Paramount Pictures on the condition that the production you – crew from Hollywood
originally titled white thunder the film tells the story of a bitter rivalry
between two men who set out on an Arctic seeding expedition aboard a ship called
the fine King it’s notable as being the first film to record sound and dialogue
on location which was done so in Newfoundland Canada number 31
sadly the Viking is also remembered as one of the most disastrous movie
productions in cinema history I mean it was the first one outside of studios I
wasn’t gonna go well was it while attempting to use explosives to break up
some of the sea ice around the Viking a crew member accidentally ignited 25
crates full of dynamite aboard the vessel causing a gargantuan explosion
which killed 29 people including the film’s director producer Varrick for
sell to this day that remains the largest number of fatalities to ever
occur during the production of a Hollywood film number 32 however it was
in the 30s that the film industry’s prudish critics finally caught up with
them and it suited the motion picture production code more commonly known as
the Hays Code after will hate Hays who is the president of the motion picture
producers and distributors of America later known as the Motion Picture
Association of America between 1922 to 1945 first published in 1930 but only
properly enforced in 1934 the Hays Code was essentially a long list of things
that filmmakers were banned from including in their films now this range
from the normal stuff like sex and drugs all the way to miss Sega nation and
ridicule at the kalarjian buzz
number 30 stray though filmmakers had experimented with use of coloring films
it’s the early 1900s it wasn’t video until the mid 1930s that technology
really allowed color cinema to the first feature film to be shot entirely using
Technicolor’s innovative three-strip process was the 1934 historical drama
Becky sharp and soon after Technicolor became the established favorite of all
the major studios number 34 in 1932 the Hollywood sign
early history took a tragic turn when the British actress peg Entwistle
committed suicide by jumping off the letter H she was found by a hiker who
after finding a woman’s shoe jacket and purse that contained a note looked down
to see the actresses body lying at the bottom of a ravine and whistled was most
well known for her Broadway performances and appeared in only one Hollywood film
thirteen women which was released two days before she was found number 35 in
1934 Frank Capra’s it happened one night starring Clark Gable and Claudette
Colbert became the first film to sweep all five major Academy Awards winning
for Best Picture Best Actor Best Actress Best Director and Best Screenplay
adaptation this feat was not achieved again until – formance 1975 film
adaptation of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest which did the same thing at the
48th Academy Awards in 1976 number 36 the first african-american Oscar winner
was Hattie McDaniel who won Best Supporting Actress in 1939 for her role
as mammy in Gone with the Wind a frankly shameful 24 years would pass
before another african-american would be awarded an Oscar in the form of mr.
Sidney Poitier my favorite actor who won Best Actor for lilies of the field at
the 36th Academy Awards in 1963 number 37 as the u.s. struggled with the Great
Depression Hollywood attempted to raise profits by
presenting double bills and selling cheaper tickets while filmmakers
responded to the troubled times with escapism and social criticism when
President Franklin D Roosevelt enacted his New Deal reforms through 1933 1936
the film industry became polarized politically as producers and executives
beard rightward while actors writers and directors moved to the left
number 38 the decade baked in 1939 with the release of films like mr. Smith goes
to Washington stagecoach and MGM’s Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz
both of which are still considered by many to be – the greatest films ever
made number 39 throughout the 1930s studio
bosses allow the German government to send
or even sometimes canceled Hollywood films that were unflattering towards
Germany or their new fascist regime in order to reign active in Europe number
40 not only that but Jewish staff often had their credits removed from films or
work replaced one particularly evil MGM exec named Fritz string Holt the head of
the company’s German office divorced his Jewish wife at the request of the
propaganda ministry she ended up in a concentration camp
number 41 okay that was heavy but luckily not everyone was as willing to
let fascist boss them around the Year 1939 also saw the release of the film at
confessions of a Nazi Spyder first plate in the anti-nazi Hollywood film as a
result history’s biggest douchebag Hitler Peart studio had Jack Warner on
its extinction list to be carried out in the event that Germany won the Second
World War but plot twist they didn’t so gutted the meaning of life in addition
when Charlie Chaplin made the Great Dictator 1940 he had to pay for it with
his own money because much of Hollywood was afraid of losing money when they
took a stand an opening mocked Hitler studio bosses putting money for ethics
for what number 43 the early 1940s were hard for the American film industry
especially following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor it wasn’t all doom and
gloom though further technological advances such as high quality in sound
recording better special effects and the continued rise of color film all made
the movies at that time appealing to the average cinema goer number 44
naturally the Second World War effected Hollywood in a variety of ways many
actors directors and technicians join the Armed Forces and those that didn’t
salt war bonds and appeared in propaganda to raise money and awareness
for the war effort you know like Captain America did number
45 meanwhile two new genres emerge the patriotic war movie which demonizing
stereotypes of Germans and Japanese and films that would later become known as
film war which was heavily influenced by German Expressionism as a result of the
many refugee filmmakers who fled to the United States to escape Germany number
46 in the early 1940s the aforementioned caretaker of Hollywood sign Albert Cota
was driving drunk atop Mount Lee and lost control of his vehicle and went 20
did the exact opposite of a stated job description by crashing into the letter
H though Cota wasn’t harmed his car was destroyed and the H was completely
knocked over is another thing an incorrect person would say yes get
another Albert Cota myth in reality the son is brought down
via windstorm a fact that’s corroborated by articles that appeared in the Los
Angeles evening Herald and Los Angeles Times newspapers that’s some good police
work their gang number 47 in 1946 the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People or the NAACP called for a boycott of Disney’s
animated musical films song of the south an adaptation of the Uncle Remus stories
that feature stereotypical depictions of recently released black slaves on a
plantation though the film has never been released in its entirety on home
video in the United States because of this it did inspire the crate in the
popular Disneyland ride Splash Mountain yikes number 48 later on in the 40s the
film industry came under attack from an internal foe in the form of
anti-communist witch hunts in 1947 the house on American Activities Committee
held nine days of hearings into alleged communist propaganda and influence in
the Hollywood film industry which was met with Craven submission from the
studio’s Craven I say none lordy neither during this time actor and eventual
President Ronald Reagan acted as informant for the FBI reporting on other
actors in Hollywood who he suspected of subversive activities sounds like Ronald
Reagan number 50 a total of 79 individuals to subpoenaed for the HUAC
on suspicion of including communist propaganda in their work but for various
reasons only 10 men appeared to testify before Congress later known as the
Hollywood tear despite the fact that the HEA sees accusations were
unsubstantiated and the membership in the Communist Party was not actually
illegal the Hollywood turn were convicted in contempt of Congress and
given short jail sentences after refusing to reveal their political
affiliations number 51 over the next few years more than 300 people including
directors actors and particularly screenwriters were blacklisted by the
studio bosses in Hollywood many of these people were forced to move elsewhere or
even sell their scripts cheap me for other people to take the credit
all the girls America was scared of a little redistribution of wealth
I wonder what Bernie would have to say about that number 52 in 1949 in the
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce under the contract for the city of Los Angeles to
repair and rebuild the Hollywoodland sign which was only meant to be up for
18 months the agreement stipulated that the word land to be removed to spell
Hollywood so then the sign would refer to the whole area rather than just an
extremely racist housing development scoop number 53 in the 1950s television
content it’s meteoric ascent forcing the
Hollywood film industry to adapt instead of continuing to produce films featuring
idealized portrayals of youths filmmakers embrace the spirit of
rock’n’roll and rebellion films of this era began to contain darker narratives
and edgier characters played by the likes of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe
why am i speaking like this number fifty-four technological advances of the
era included bigger screens in the form of cinema scope this division and
Cinerama the latter of which utilized three separate projectors to create a
widescreen image the mid-fifties also saw the mainstream introduction of 3d
film yes the 50s it did happen before have’t our 3d film became popular in a
golden era lasting only two years between 1952 and 1954 thinking with
Alfred Hitchcock style and the murder number 55 one of the most famous films
of 1950s the 1955 classic revel will of course be just three main characters
played by James Dean Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo eerily all three of these
performers met untimely deaths Dean died in the car crash Natalie Wood drowned
and Sal Mineo was stabbed to death number 56 in 1953 somebody had the smart
idea to litter the street of Hollywood with numerous stars bearing the name of
prominent stars I guess of the entertainment industry a sort of Walk of
Fame if you will that somebody was a m.stuart
the volunteer president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Stuart proposed the
Walk of Fame as a means to maintain the glory of a community whose name means
glamour and excitement in the four corners of the world sure why not number
57 a total of 1500 58 honorees were selected to be included in the initial
installation of the Hollywood Walk of Fame representing the four major
branches of the entertainment industry films television music and radio
completed in 1961 the art deco tourist attraction continues to attract tourists
Mike assured to this very day number 58 the 1960s as we covered in our very own
video on the subject where time of great social change in the form of new
fashions and trends changes and cultural values and the rise of counterculture
and the civil rights movement significantly the decade opened with
director Otto Preminger giving writer Dalton Trumbo a prominent member of the
Hollywood 10 his first screenwriting credit since the 1940s for the 1960 film
Exodus soon after actor Kirk Douglas who’s still alive for the
Wow listen life is Kirk Douglas still alive Kirk Douglas was born the 9th of
December 1916 and is 102 years old what he’ll declare that Trumbo had written
the screenplay for Stanley Kubrick’s epic historical drama Spartacus and in
doing so he’ll tweak in the blacklist against the Hollywood ten ever working
again number 16 the year 1963 constituted the slowest here in
Hollywood film production for decade with only only 120 movies released which
was the lowest since the 20s this decline in production was prompted by
lower profits due to the rise of television a response the film companies
diversify by creating made-for-tv movies television programs Reuven by branching
out into the music business to boost their profits number 61
not only that in the 1960s Hollywood saw significant competition from innovative
in less prudish foreign made films in the year 1964 Hollywood released 141
films in comparison to 361 foreign releases in the United States number 62
in the heady taboos smashing days of the swinging sixties censorship was also
becoming less and less popular and after a difficult battle with censors the 1966
classic Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf became the first movie release for the
stipulation that no one under the age of 18 would be allowed in the theater
unless accompanied by a parent Congrats kids in the 60s number 63 eventually the
ailing Hays Code was finally replaced in 1968 with the more relaxed system of
self regulation in the form of the MPAA film rating system which is totally cool
and has never been abused or mishandled Nintendo 64 the 1960s saw a slump in
Hollywood film industry as the average film ticket price was lowered in an
attempt to attract moviegoers eventually numerous studios were acquired by
unrelated business conglomerates signaling the sad death of the Golden
Age of Hollywood which was pushed out into the Pacific on a burning lock
boatload of the highly flammable celluloid gone but not forgotten baby
number 65 however these changes allowed authority over filmmaking to shift from
the studio’s to the director this transitionary period was marked by
the release of important movies such as Bonnie and Clyde the graduate and Easy
Rider which became emblematic of the beginning
of the new Hollywood era number 66 as a result of the breakdown of the
established from production conventions demise of the restrictive Hays Code and
an increase in appetite for change an innovation
the general population the 1970s were met with an explosion of creativity in
Hollywood sex and violence became more acceptable darker stronger thematic
content flourished and new and exciting special effects technology dazzled
audiences signaling an artistic high point for Hollywood number 61 in turn
this renewed energy in Hollywood allowed for the surprise success of films like
George George what like doing which in 1955 became the first movie to gross
over 100 million dollars becoming the highest-grossing film in history at the
time this record though was swiftly overtaken in 1977 by the near-legendary
space opera Star Wars number 68 these films were created as a result of the
ascendance of the movie brats not a movie about the dolls brats but a small
group of young often bearded filmmakers who burst onto the movie scene and
produce some of the biggest titles in cinematic history this gang of movie
nerds included iconic names like Steven Spielberg George Lucas Martin Scorsese
and Francis Ford Coppola who generated a steady output of huge blockbusters which
delighted and enthralled audiences all around the world so leaves me one
question this who is your favorite movie brat director let us know in our snazzy
YouTube in addition this era also saw the advent
of revolutionary technologies like the VHS video and laserdisc players which
quite an increased profits for Hollywood studios although this was at the cost of
a significant decrease in theater attendance in the following years it’s
like spinning plates number 70 the shortest performance to win an Oscar for
Best Supporting Actress was verges straight performance in the 1976 film
Network which only lasted 5 minutes and 40 seconds the last time I gave a
performance starting only 5 minutes 40 seconds was you know achieved that
private let’s move on number 71 in the late 70s Hugh Hefner the founder of the
popular at optic magazine Playboy I mean I read of the articles of it erotic
leather campaign to have the Hollywood sign restored following decades of
neglect which left the sign in a shoddy and frankly depressing state that year
the old sign was replaced with an identical version made with very
structural improvements such as steel footings rather than telephone poles
number 72 where are they in 1978 in honor of his 50th anniversary Mickey
Mouse became the first animated character to be honored with a star on
the old Walk of Fame since then many other cartoony boys have become star
recipients including Bugs Bunny Donald Duck Tinkerbell Winnie the Pooh and The
Simpsons number 73 the relative boom of the late
70s came to an abrupt and costly end with a rapid succession of expensive
failures such as Scorsese’s musical drama new york new york spielberg spirit
comedy 1941 am idle jimmy knows utterly disastrous epic western Heaven’s Gate
which made only 3.5 million dollars on a production budget of 44 million dollars
singularly bringing United Artists to the brink of collapse number 74 as a
result the film bosses and eggs act stepped back in ending Hollywood’s brief
fling with the right to driven film is in favor of much tighter studio control
which in turn led to the cavalcade of soulless pop buses which littered the
following decade number 75 indeed it’s been stated by many film experts at the
80s constituted a lull in quality for Hollywood films producing numerous
generic movies for leaders who sought simple entertainment
well screw them I like the simple entertainment anyway
Studios began exploiting advances in special-effects technology instead of
taking risks with more cerebral content that being said the decade did have a
lot of gems including the likes of terminator top gun George Luke
– star wars’ equals which if you don’t remember are called the Empire Strikes
Back and Return of the Jedi number 76 in 1985 the Hollywood
Boulevard commercial and entertainment district was listed in the National
Register of Historic Places making Hollywood’s contribution to American
culture official he only took eight decades number 77 predictably the
economic decline of the early 90s prompted a significant decrease in
box-office revenue they fought tunes had returned by 1993 and continued to
increase overall theater attendance was up due to the production of new
multi-screen cinema complexes as high budget blockbusters enticed punters with
improved special-effects running car chases epic gunfights and all manner of
violence baby good signs number 78 the 1990s also saw a major comeback for
animated films which was capitalized upon by the likes of Disney and a plucky
new company called Pixar you may not have heard of it number 79
the year 1990 was also a great year for Hollywood as it was the first year in
which the world was changed forever by the birth of the best person currently
in existence Jennifer Schrader Lawrence and as luck would have it she also grew
up to be a Hollywood film star Apple convenient number 80 in 1995 Pixar
release Toy Story their very first feature film which has since become a
100% legit ironclad 90s classic Toy Story was also the very first
entirely computer animated film so yeah it was kind of a big deal number 81
meanwhile behind the scenes of the whole of Hollywood however the pressure was
intense the cost of Hollywood movies was becoming exorbitant expensive due to the
higher prices for movie stars rising production costs slick advertising
campaigns and threats of strike some crew members bad times number 82
also in the early to mid 90s the Hollywood sign trust was set up to look
after the legendary landmark which requires frequent renovations and upkeep
since its restoration in the late 70s the sign has been repainted every few
years to keep it looking shipshape and tip-top number 83 DVDs first hit stores
in 1997 and allowed for much better image quality as well as the capacity
for interactive and behind-the-scenes content videotapes became obsolete
almost immediately as the digital revolution took hold in Hollywood and
around the world more films contained digital imagery all being projected
digitally and Digimon became a thing so yeah everything was digital for a while
delays really accepted him on that’s kind of died isn’t it number 84 one
filmmaker and Explorer James Cameron salt Hollywood funding for the 1997
classic tragic romance film Abbott oh sorry no I mean Titanic he did so
because he wanted to dive to the shipwreck he has stated explicitly that
making the film which was four years the highest-grossing film of all time was
mostly secondary all like number 85 with the turn of the millennium came a new
age in film history this period was marked by further technological
innovations such as the introduction of the blu-ray disc and digital video
recorders like TiVo and sky plus the continued rise of this little thing
called the intern named neat I don’t know also made video streaming more
accessible to number 86 throughout the latter half of the 2000s James Cameron
worked on the science fiction epic epic avatar which was ultimately released in
2009 avatar break the world record for the highest grossing film ever only 41
days after its release and then went on to become the first film’s grossed more
than 2 billion dollars which is lucky really because it costs two hundred and
thirty seven million dollars to make number 87 however it should be noted
that avatars record as the highest grossing film ever is based on its
nominal earnings basically it didn’t adjust to inflation but if we do do that
a different ranking emerges the 1939 American epic historical romance film
Gone with the Wind and three hundred ninety three point four million dollars
at the box office a figure that is today equivalent to roughly three point four
four billion dollars making at the highest grossing movie of all time
number eighty-eight today there are a small number of major film studios clone
collectively as the big six because they are big and there are six of them
nothing to do with baymax I’m afraid all of these two euros Paramount Pictures
Warner Brothers pictures 20th Century Fox Universal Pictures Columbia Pictures
and Walt Disney Pictures were active during the Golden Age of Hollywood
number 89 however only three of them Paramount Pictures Warner Brothers
pictures and 20th Century Fox were part of the fabled big five of the Golden Age
as mentioned earlier Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures were part of the
second tier of studios and Disney was smaller still the two remaining of the
big five studios MGM and RKO do still exist but on a much smaller
scale number nine 80 today the Academy Awards are held in late February or
early March of each year honoring the previous year in film the awards are
commonly held at the dole at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland
Avenue which is in Hollywood hence its inclusion in the list thank you and good
night number 91 today roughly three-quarters
of lead roles in Hollywood go to men well isn’t that a depressingly sexist
statistic but what can i holler straight white male do to help number 94 to
number 92 though it’s often thought of his English actor Sean Bean who is
mostly widely known for his numerous cinematic deaths it’s actually fellow
Englishman John Hurt who’s been snuffed out the most on film number three
however when averaging out cinematic deaths by member film credits beam
apparently retains his most death crowned with 0.32 deaths per film a
statistic he shares with Hungarian American actor Bela Lugosi famous for
his titular performance in the 1931 classic Dracula number 94 not only is
getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame extremely difficult it’s also very
expensive someone has to pay to keep the Walker family from spick-and-span
so the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce currently charges those who nominate
someone for a star the princely sum of $40,000 so y’all’s gonna get one but
some worth it now is it and that’s the only reason why I won’t have one number
95 crooning legend Frank Sinatra old blue eyes Antony has three stars on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame one for film one for music and one for television some
people are just greedy or just extremely talented across multiple areas of the
entertainment industry one of the to number 96
the blinking light atop the iconic Capitol Records Tower spells out the
word Hollywood in Morse code the night has done so since the building was first
opened all the way back in 1956 when it was turned on by Layla Morse the
granddaughter of the coach crater Samuel Morse no relation Bingham what
will it be my first name number 97 as already mentioned the stars on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame are a very popular destination for tourists the
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce estimates it as many as 10 million people visit
the Stars every year number 98 in total the Walk of Fame company consists of
more than 2600 stars celebrating celebrated celebrities
number 99 in 2002 Muhammad Ali was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
interestingly our least stars the only one that is not embedded into the
payments but on a wall of the Dolby theatre alley didn’t want his name
walked over by people who didn’t respect him a decision that was also motivated
by the fact he shares the name of the Prophet Muhammad
number two Hulbert Dona Ana the Apollo 11 crew consisting of Neil Armstrong
Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins also have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
which are also somewhat different to the others in place of regular stars the
Apollo 11 lads have moons instead get it because they went on the moon
well at least of what the government wants you to think that was when to be
Robin from what some conspiracy did I made it I nailed it number 101 a diner
in assigned til he’s called the Equality cafe appeared as a location in so many
Hollywood films then in 2006 it was shut down solely to be used as a movie set
waste of a good diner if you ask me so that was 101 fact about Hollywood baby
have you ever been to Hollywood have we missed any facts let us know in the
comments down below also give this video a like because it really does help us
out and subscribe top 101 fact if you have not done so already because well I
mean look at all these cool customs they’re doing it over 400,000 of them
now well what I know crazy anyway look at these two little stars in their own
right one of them is gonna really make your day and so’s the other so watch
them both but I’ll let you choose which one you go for first tonight for now
I’ll be in my trailer


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