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13 Famous Actors Before and After Movie Makeup

Movie magic isn’t just a saying, it’s
a real thing! I mean, where else but a movie set can you
enter as yourself and come out a completely different person or even creature! Actor transformations are a thing to behold,
especially in the case of… #13. Charlize Theron in Monster
Ever wonder what the stunning Charlize Theron would look like if she were a man-hunting
murderer? Well, this 2003 flick will show ya! Along with Theron’s Oscar-winning performance,
her makeup, prosthetics, and dedication to the art of acting completely transformed her
into the late serial killer Aileen Wuornos. The actress donned a pair of crooked teeth
and freckles and even put on weight for the role! Audiences were floored by her transformation,
and Stephen Holden of the New York Times said, “Charlize Theron pulls off the year’s
most astounding screen makeover…” And I’d have to agree with him on that one! #12. Cate Blanchett in Manifesto
Actress Cate Blanchett blew movie-goers away in 2015 with her performances in Manifesto. Yes, performances, that’s plural. In the film, she portrayed a whopping 13 personas! In one role, she rocks a beanie and disheveled
facial hair, and in another, she’s covered in tattoos and wears a short, chic brunette
wig. And knowing how beautiful and poised Blanchett
is in real life, it’s pretty shocking to see her as a scruffy dude and other rough-around-the-edges
types of characters. Then again, as a truly gifted Oscar-winning
actress, I’m not too surprised Blanchett could handle all these roles! #11. Bill Skarsgård in It
Ah, yes, the 2017 horror flick that managed to stir up that intense fear of clowns we
all thought we’d finally gotten over 27 years after watching the 1990 version. No, just me? Anyway, who would’ve thought that the actor
who was transformed into the nightmare-inducing children-eating clown is actually a nice-looking
young Swedish man by the name of Bill Skarsgård! But along with the red wig and creepy yet
colorful makeup, Pennywise’s scariest feature was his smile. To create it, Skarsgård explained that he’d
do a thing with his lip along with an off-putting movement in his lazy eye to make “as much
of a weird disturbing performance as possible”. And he definitely succeeded at that! Almost makes you feel bad for all those birthday
party clowns that couldn’t get any work after everyone had seen Skarsgård’s performance! Yeah, almost… #10. Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Beast
Actor Dan Stevens is anything but a beast in real life. But with some good makeup artists and prosthetics,
even someone as handsome as Stevens can morph into a giant, broken-hearted, hairy creature
stuck in a castle! But makeup wasn’t the only magic present
in this 2017 film. CGI is what took the Beast’s look to the
next level. During filming, Stevens had to wear a heavy,
bulky motion-capture suit to make him look much bigger than he actually was. The actor told USA Today, “It’s an ordeal
for my calf muscles alone!” But along with full-body shots in the suit,
the actor also had to go into the special-effects studio and recreate the same scenes but with
just his facial features. These facial-capture sessions would get close
up on the actor’s face, studying how he spoke and even slurped soup! But that hard work was obviously worth it,
right? #9. Jacob Tremblay in Wonder
At the time the movie Wonder was being made, 11-year-old actor Jacob Tremblay was already
enduring what most grown-up actors consider unbearable. That is, hours in the makeup chair! Being that the 2017 film is about a boy named
Auggie who struggles to fit into the world while dealing with the effects of Treacher
Collins syndrome, the makeup and hair team had a big job to do on set. FX artist Arjen Tuiten (who, by the way, was
also the talent behind Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent and some creatures in Pan’s Labyrinth)
worked his magic on Tremblay, completely transforming him into Auggie. In fact, Tremblay would endure an hour and
a half in the makeup chair every morning. But before the final look came to be, Tuiten
and his team spent months testing and re-sculpting the perfect look for the actor, including
the hair, makeup and prosthetics. #8. Richard Brake in Game of Thrones
If you were to put actor Richard Brake’s picture next to The Night King from the Game
of Thrones, you’d bet money on them being completely different people. And that’s why it’s not all that surprising
to learn that it took about 6 hours to transform Brake into the creepy white walker. Add another 3 hours to take it all off after
shooting is complete, and that’s 9 hours just on FX makeup! Man, and I thought I take forever to get ready
every day… #7. Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour
Do period dramas tend to make you fall asleep? Well, that probably isn’t the case in Darkest
Hour, a 2017 biopic about Winston Churchill featuring respected actor Gary Oldman. You have to give it to the makeup team because
they took an actor who really didn’t resemble the famous British prime minister and made
Oldman look EXACTLY like Churchill! According to Darkest Hour’s twitter, it
took an incredible amount of time for artist Kazuhiro Tsuji to achieve the transformation. That included 13 makeup tests, 48 consecutive
shooting days, and 200 hours of Oldman sitting in the makeup chair! Geeze, I feel tired just hearing about all
that work! #6. Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad
Who would’ve thought that such a sweet face could turn into one of the most kooky, demented
characters in the Suicide Squad! If you recall, Margot Robbie was rocking bright-colored
makeup and even brighter pigtails to play the role of Harley Quinn in the 2016 film. In an interview with The Washington Post’s
Comic Riffs, Robbie explained how tiring it was to wear the costume on set every day. She explained that the wig and the costume
were hard to deal with, but her gold bangles were actually the most uncomfortable since
the spikes on them would stab her during action scenes! Whoa, talk about hazards of the job! #5. Daniel Radcliffe in Horns
Wait, are you sure that’s the same Daniel Radcliffe we all know as the boy wizard in
the Harry Potter series? Whoa… Well, as the 2013 film’s title suggests,
Radcliffe got to boast his own pair of horns when he took on the role of Ig. The actor explained to Entertainment Weekly
that this was a “horrific transformation” but it was “very, very exciting”. He had to sit for several hours in the makeup
chair before coming on set in order to get his makeup, hair, and prosthetics just right. I mean, be honest, just looking at this horned
beast, would you have ever guessed that it was Daniel Radcliffe under all that? Incredible! #4. Nicholas Hoult in Mad Max: Fury Road
Nicholas Hoult’s transformation in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road was nothing short of jaw-dropping. With that bald head, black eyes, and skin
covered in scars and tumors, you’d never guess that it was the same handsome English
actor we saw in movies like X-Men and Jack the Giant Slayer. Hoult’s transformation into the terminally
ill Nux apparently took two hours of makeup every day of shooting. #3. Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas
The makeup artists for 2012’s Cloud Atlas managed to pull off the impossible: they turned
the stunning Halle Barry into a wrinkly old man. Applause everyone! According to Entertainment Weekly, Berry worked
with costume designer Pierre-Yves and hair and makeup artist Daniel Parker to rock the
look of this elderly Korean man. Parker explained that when creating an old
face like he did on Berry, it was important to keep his strokes light so that the features
would be more subtle. Well, I was anything but subtly surprised
by this transformation! #2. Joel Edgerton in Bright
With a 2017 film about a universe in which humans, elves, fairies, and orcs all coexist,
it’s not surprising that some seriously awesome makeup and special effects would be
involved. To transform actor Joel Edgerton into an orc
cop by the name of Nick Jakoby, artists worked on him for around 3 hours a day every time
he was on set. But while this sounds pretty taxing, the actor
admitted that the process was actually a bit freeing since he didn’t have to think about
vanity anymore. Ah, the troubles of being gorgeous! #1. Doug Jones in The Shape of Water
Latex, latex, latex! Actor Doug Jones got very familiar with this
material during his time on set for the 2017 hit film The Shape of Water. According to, the actor couldn’t
text on his phone or even turn a doorknob while in his head-to-toe (er, “fin”) costume. For this transformation, Jones had to sit
still in a chair as 4 people squeezed him into a body suit made of latex, foam, and
rubber. He also wore web-fingered gloves and a fiberglass
helmet complete with buzzing mechanics that controlled his gills. And this was all before he’d have to hang
from a hip harness, bob in water, and attempt scuba-diving-inspired moves. Well done, Doug Jones, well done. Can you add any more mind-blowing actor transformations
to the list? Leave them in the comment section down below! Remember to give this video a big “thumbs
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    South Indian movie.. Starring vikram n anglo Indian actress amy Jackson

    Movie "I" Indicating Influenza virus.. See the transformation of actor as a victim of virus.. Hollywood make up artists worked for it

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    Who couldv'e ever known that these actors were so absolutely crazy scary without their movie makeup lol (I'm referring 2 all the actors who's movie role was put on the left n the real person on the right meaning the real person was 1st n the role was 2nd hence the 'b4 n after')


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