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15 Actors who actually killed people in real life!

15 Actors who actually killed people in real
life! In this video I will show you 15 Actors who really have killed people, that’s including
vehicular manslaughter, homicide and murder in the 1st and 2nd degree! Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star Matthew Broderick
and his girlfriend and co-star Jennifer Grey were on holiday in Northern
Ireland. Broderick was charged with causing death by dangerous driving and faced
up to five years in prison but was later convicted of the lesser charge of careless
driving and find a hundred seventy five dollars Jawbreaker an urban legend actor Rebecca Gayheart
was driving a car when she hit a nine year old who was crossing the street
she was convicted of vehicular manslaughter charge to which she pled no contest she was sentenced to three whole years of
probation a one-year suspension of your license and a massive dollar fine oh
and let’s not forget the hours of community service actor lane garrison known for playing tweener
in prison break heard guilty to a particular manslaughter and after he was involved
in a drunk driving accident that killed the passenger of his car at the time
of the accident garrison had a blood- alcohol level of 0.2. or higher and there
was cocaine in his system he was sentenced to months of jail following a guilty
plea melrose place actress Amy Locane here another
car with her while driving with a blood-alcohol level three times over the legal
limit the collision killed six-year-old tell and semen and seriously injured her husband
the king was convicted of a circular home site and sentenced to three
years in present though the victim’s family has appealed the ruling mike Massey is the actor who accidentally
shot and killed Bruce Lee son Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow a prop gun on set
was improperly prepared for the scene they were filming and a stock bullet
caused the tragic accident Massey says he still has nightmares about the event to
this day. The shield Michael Jace was arrested and may
the fatal shooting of his wife April in front of their two children Michael ,himself
called emergency service to report the murder according to chase. he was upset with
his wife as he believed she was cheating on him. At trial he pleaded not guilty
and claimed that he was only trying to inflict pain by shooting her in the last
time I checked there are far less fatal methods of doing this. He was convicted of
second-degree murder by a jury in 2016. Felicia Pearson was fourteen convicted of
second-degree murder after the shooting of a girl named Okia Toomer, though she was
sentenced to serve two consecutive eight-year terms She was released after six
and a half years at the Maryland Correctional Institute. Actor Johnny Lewis known for his role and
Sons of Anarchy broke into a home of year old captain Davies ransacked her home
and then killed her and her cat witnesses then saw Lewis jump over a fence
assault a neighbour and return to the Davis house he then fell or jumped from the
roof and died despite history of drug use an autopsy report showed that Louis had
no drugs or alcohol in his system when he died Alien 3 actor Charles Dutton at age 17 when
he got into a fight with another man and killed him. He was convicted of manslaughter
and spent seven years in person several months after being released from prison,
he was arrested for possession of a deadly weapon and was sentenced to three
years in prison Gig Young the Hollywood star from the fifties
and sixties. He was in Bruce Lee’s last film the game of death was found dead
with his newlywed wife and their home in TA after surveying the scene the police
reported that young shot his wife and then killed himself. Skylar DeLeon who had a small part of the
power ranges episodes was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder for
the murders of Tom and Jackie hawks and he convince the couple to take him on
a test crews that their yacht which he pretended to want to buy. he tied them to the anchor and push them overboard
still alive DeLeon was sentenced to death Robert Blake who is a Money Train was charged
with the murder of his wife bonny Lee Bakley who was shot to death he was later
quoted but was found liable for wrongful death in the civil lawsuit coincidentally
Blake appears in the film lost highway a movie about a man who murders his
wife it was inspired according to director david lynch by the oj simpson case
that part actor Michael breno for a small role and ugly betty attacked
his mother of a sort of received from a freemason ceremony reported the same
that Michael was found incredibly bloody crime scene his mother was found dead
at the scene for multiple swords and possibly worse you support so that the
active reportedly screamed Bible verses and said for a pent as he chases mother
threw her neighbours say they could hear ok and here the honorable mentions oj simpson
yes i know it’s predictable but technically he’s innocent man he was arrested
and charged with the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman
though he was eventually found not guilty but many still believe that Simpson
literally got away with murder legendary actor james stewart was a pilot
in the US Air Force Reserve during world war two during his time strip participated
in several bombings that results in the deaths of enemy soldiers and civilians Shelley Malil the year old virgin active was
sentenced to life in prison after stabbing his girlfriend times he was convicted
for attempted murder with a deadly weapon we didn’t actually kill her so technically
he’s murder free although he is currently incarcerated at chuckwalla Valley
State Prison in riverside county california 15 Actors who actually killed people in real
life. Literally killed people, mistakenly killed people. Actors who really killed people,!


  1. John Smith Author

    killed someone @ 14 on purpose, but the sarcasm alarm goes on the accident lol. skewed, much? that kid should of been in for life, shooting another girl.

  2. Daniel Pessoa Author

    I don't know if it's my OCD kicking in, but why do you only write down the names of the celebrities on the beginning of the video and then stop midway through? Nice video anyway, but it would make researching easier if you just included all names, plus… HOMOGENEITY!

  3. The Unsalted Author

    3 years for the life of a 6 year old. Fucking disgusting. If it had been my child, I would’ve kidnapped and tortured the bitch, skinned her and kept her alive on ABs so she could still live but as a mutant. Then I would tattoo, “I value drugs and alcohol over the lives of kids” on her forehead. Then I’d shoot myself in front of her right after I called the police to come save her. Have a great life cunt!

  4. Vocalist Pianist Author

    hm, seems that the white killers mostly got fines and community service while Hispanics, Blacks, and other non-white folks got hard time.

  5. A-Frame-Wedge Author

    Adding James Stewart to this list is BS why didn’t add all the other actors that have fought in wars. You are a douche for adding someone who was fighting in WW2, jackass.

  6. Jazalin Mari Author

    This is why I don’t drive too much anxiety what if someone hits me while they are texting and driving and what if I mess up cuz I get nervous. I mixed up the breaks and the gas pedal while I had my permit at 16 and drove into my brick house and I never driven again now I’m 18. Anything can happen while driving due to someone else or problems with the car.

  7. Shirley Schork Author

    To put a war hero like James Stewart in with these murderous sleezebags and then go on to the next sleezebag is horrible! On what level of thinking were you to include him? Idiot!!


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