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15 TALLEST Actors In The World!

15 TALLEST Actors In The World Number 15. Ben Affleck – 6’3″
Ben Affleck met his best friend Matt Damon in Cambridge, MA when they were 10. The two took acting classes together, eventually
moving to Hollywood and co-writing the screenplay Good Will Hunting in 1992. Affleck took small parts in movies through
the 90’s until finally Miramax agreed to fund his movie, which went on to win the Oscar
for best original screenplay. This skyrocketed Affleck into the limelight,
who would continue rising until the critically panned Gigli, which he made with his then
fiancé Jennifer Lopez. Affleck’s career took a swoon until he re-emerged
as a major player with his films Gone Girl and Argo, the latter of which won him an Oscar
for best picture. Recently Affleck has taken his height to thrillers,
starring in Batman Vs Superman and The Accountant. Number 14. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 6’4″
Before he was “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson won a national championship playing football for
the Miami Hurricanes. He was drafted into the Canadian Football
League, but cut only two months into the season. Unsure of what to do, he was soon recruited
by WWE. By 2000 he had taken over the scene and won
his first Royal Rumble. The Rock set a record by making $5.5 million
for his leading role in The Scorpion King, the most an actor has ever made in his major
motion picture debut. Since this debut The Rock has taken over Hollywood,
becoming the industries highest earner in 2017. Among his roles, The Rock is perhaps best
known as portraying the tough Diplomatic Security Service officer Luke Hobbs in the last three
installments of the popular Fast and the Furious franchise. Number 13. Liam Neeson 6’4″
Liam Neeson was born in Northern Ireland. He began acting in the 1970s, and had fully
integrated himself in the Hollywood system by the end of the 80s. His first massive role was the lead in Steven
Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, a performance which earned him an academy award nomination. Audiences were ecstatic when the high caliber
actor was cast as the wise jedi Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. In 2008, his career hit a new gear when he
played an ex-CIA operative searching for his daughter in Taken. The movie was a huge success, and has launched
him into several other action films that serve the gentleman’s imposing tall frame including
The Grey and The Commuter. Number 12. Jeff Goldblum – 6’5″
Jeff Goldblum first got his start as a gang thug in the controversial 1974 Charles Bronson
film Death Wish. He had big parts here and there, including
line roles in Annie Hall and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In 1981, he was nominated for a Genie Award
(Canadian film award) for best performance by a foreign actor for his portrayal of Aldo
Gehring in 1981’s Threshold. Five years later he won a Saturn Award under
David Cronenberg’s direction in the 1986 movie The Fly. And guess what? In 1989 he starred in a movie entitled The
Tall Guy! But it was his role as the charming scientist
in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park that made audiences adore the 6’5″ nontraditional actor. Three years later he hit jackpot again in
Independence Day, causing him to become one of the 1990s highest grossing actors, and
a pop culture mainstay up to this very day. Number 11. John Cleese – 6’5″
In 1962, John Cleese was at Cambridge University performing in a Footlights show called “Cambridge
Circus”. There, he met Graham Chapman, two would go
on to create Monty Python’s Flying Circus, arguably the most influential sketch comedy
group of all time. Cleese, 6’5″ used as height as his advantage,
playing the high status, authoritative characters who had a inkling for hurling insults. After the success of the group, Cleese went
on to create and star in Fawlty Towers, one of Britain’s all time best sitcoms. Cleese is still working today on films, television,
video games, and even broadway, and as appeared in over 200 projects throughout his lifetime. Number 10. Joe Manganiello – 6’5″
Joe Manganiello claims in high school he was skinny with coke bottle glasses and invisible
to girls. Yeah, right, well, the past is the past. At 6’5″ and 236 lbs of pure muscle, Joe has
become the ultimate Hollywood hunk. After graduating from the prestigious Carnegie
Mellon acting school, Manganiello took on guest roles here and there through the aughts,
most notably Peter Parker’s bully Flash Thompson in Spider Man 2 and 3. Joe says his height hurt his ability to get
roles. Since most leading men are much shorter than
him, unless he is a bodyguard or bouncer, casting directors don’t want him to dwarf
the masculinity of their star. But it was in 2010, when he started appearing
in True Blood, that audiences couldn’t help but notice him. Manganiello cemented his superstar status
when he starred as a stripper opposite Channing Tatum in both Magic Mike films. Oh, and in 2014 he married Sofia Vergara,
sigh. Number 9. Tyler Perry – 6’5″
Tyler Perry saved up $12,000 in order to write, direct, produce and star in his first musical,
I Know I’ve Changed, based on a series of letters he wrote to himself about his abusive
father. The project reportedly lasted one weekend
and only drew 30 patrons, ouch. Most people would have given up at that point,
but Perry was undeterred. He resorted to living out of his car in order
to save money for his projects. “Can you imagine a 6’5″ living in a Geo Metro?”
he told Essence Magazine. But soon, audiences turned towards Perry,
and his stage success led to the production of his first movie. Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Although it was panned by critics, the film
went on to make $50 million dollars. With the money he made from the sequels, Perry
became a major media mogul, and now owns his own media company and acting school. It just shows that you should never give up
on your dream, no matter how cramped your Geo gets. Number 8. Vince Vaughn – 6’5″
Although he played football and baseball in high school, Vince Vaughn always described
himself as an average athlete, so it was an easy choice to pursue acting. He was first cast in a Chevrolet commercial,
prompting his exodus to Hollywood in 1988. He got his first film role as a minor character
in the 1993 feel good sports movie Rudy. It was there that he met Jon Favreau, who
he would go on to write and star opposite him in his breakout movie Swingers three years
later. Vaughn upped his profile two years later starring
in Steven Spielberg’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Vaughn appeared in several acclaimed films
following this, but it wasn’t until his comedic turn in 2003’s Old School that he became a
household name. He went to cement his standing a year later
as the villain in the classic comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. During this time Vaughn as labeled one of
the “Frat Pack”, a group of hollywood celebrities who frequented comedies. Vaughn briefly dated Jennifer Aniston before
marrying a Canadian realtor. The couple have two children. Vaughn recently returned to athletics, getting
his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Number 7. James Cromwell – 6’6″
James Cromwell, the son of two actors, made his screen debut in a guest role for The Rockford
Files. A few weeks later he landed his first recurring
role as Stretch Cunningham on All in the Family. For the next ten years he played modest roles
on television and screen alike. Then, in 1985 he had a breakout performance
in Babe. For this, he received an academy award nomination,
making him the tallest actor to ever receive the honor. He’s been nominated for a total of four Emmys,
winning best supporting actor for his role in American Horror Story: Asylum. Cromwell is still working at 78 and has over
200 credits to his filmography. Number 6. Christopher Lee – 6’6″
Christopher Lee was a premier english actor whose career spanned 70 years, and whose height
spanned 6’6″! He had trouble finding roles because of his
height, which was mostly worked around by having him sit for scenes or propping other
actors on apple boxes. Lee’s breakthrough role was perhaps The Curse
of Frankenstein. His long gate added to the terror of the titular
character and reinvigorated the monster into popular culture. Lee moved from Britain to Hollywood in 1977,
concerned he was being typecast for his height. Christopher Lee had an incredible last act
of his career. He starred as the high status dignified villains
Saruman and Count Dooku in the The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars prequels respectively. All said and done, before his passing in 2015,
Lee worked in over 250 projects, and was even knighted! Number 5. Kevin Durand – 6’6″
No, not Durant. Kevin Durand, Canadian by birth, is the original
tall KD. Kevin got his start as a hockey player in
the 1999 comedy drama Mystery, Alaska, directed by Jay Roach. In 2004 he joined the tall title club when
he played Booth in Walking Tall. A couple years later he would gain major mainstream
exposure by recurring as Martin Keamy on the cult phenomenon LOST. Despite the powerhouse ensemble cast, it was
easy to focus on Kevin as his hulking built frame towered over everyone, making him an
imposing antagonist. Since then he has never stopped working, appearing
films and television alike such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Robin Hood, The Strain, and Vikings. Number 4. Brad Garrett – 6’8”
Brad Garrett began his career during the stand up boom of the 1980’s. He didn’t lean on his height for material,
but it undoubtedly helped him get noticed by agents. He started his television career in minor
roles and guest spots until landing his big break to play opposite Ray Romano in the critically
lauded sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Brad would go on to win three primetime Emmy
awards, out of a total six nominations. In between acting gigs, Garrett has begun
a side career as a professional poker player. Number 3. Shaq – 7’1″
When Shaquille O’Neal was drafted into the NBA, opposing coaches had no idea what to
do with him. For Hollywood agents, it was the exact opposite. Shaq started his acting career opposite his
Orlando Magic teammate Penny Hardaway in the 1994 film Blue Chips. Two years later he starred as a 5,000 year
old genie in the musical fantasy comedy Kazaam. Two years later he became one of the first
African Americans to portray a major comic book hero in the titular role of Steel. Shaq has gone on to appear as himself in various
sitcoms, films, and music videos. You can see him now as a studio analyst for
the TNT NBA Show. Number 2. Richard Kiel – 7’2″
Richard Kiel, a charming, sweet man at heart, could never avoid being typecast as monsters
in film. In his debut film, he played the titular Eegah,
the caveman who kidnaps the innocent Roxy. Fast forward fifteen years, and he’s sick
of the monster roles. So when his agent tried to get him to play
the menacing henchmen Jaws in the latest James Bond film, he almost turned it down. Then he figured, hey, it’s James Bond, I have
to do it. Kiel says that he put human touches on the
character, so that he wasn’t all bite. This humanization is perhaps why Jaws is considered
one of the best Bond characters of all time, and why he is considered one of the greatest
tall actors of all time as well. Kiel, who has always had an exemplary sense
of humor, got to show it off in Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore. Since then he has taken a quieter profile,
but not so quiet he couldn’t record as Vlad, the soft-hearted thug in the critically acclaimed
Disney animated film Tangled. Number 1. Peter Mayhew – 7’3″
You probably wouldn’t recognize Peter Mayhew in the street, but he gets on the list for
playing one of the most iconic players of all time, Chewbacca. Mayhew was first discovered by the producers
of Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger when they saw him in a newspaper article about people
with big feet. They contacted the big man and cast him as
a minotaur in 1977. The same year, George Lucas was casting Star
Wars. He had bodybuilder David Prowse in mind to
play Chewbacca, but he ended up playing Darth Vader instead. Lucas went on a search that led him to Mayhew,
who was working as an orderly at the time. The rest is history. Mayhew went on to play the tough lovable hulking
furball in five of the Star Wars movies.


  1. Terry Baby Author

    John Cleese and Graham Chapman had just a little bit of help from the other four (5, if you include Neil Innes) people associated with Monty Python.

  2. Matthew Purchase Author

    1. If you’re gonna include Mayhew then u might as well include every tall person ever recorded on a movie set. (Wilt, Kevin Nash, the entire Space Jam cast etc…).

    2. As I read the comments I smh at some of these height numbers people are throwing out there for some celebrities. A good rule of thumb, always take off 1-2 inches from a speculated celebrities height… nothing is real in Hollywood remember this.


    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 7"2 who played 20 seasons in the National Basketball Association for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers, was a villain in the movie Game Of Death" with Bruce Lee!

  4. Cecelia Tkach Author

    Ben Aflack ftm, JLo MtF, Dwayne Johnson ftm, L. Nisson (?), Jeff Goldblum ftm, John Cheese (?) tranny wife, Joe Manganalo ftm tranny wife, T. Perry ftm, Vince V. ftm, James C. ftm, Christopher Lee (?), Kevin Durand ftm tranny wife, Brad Garrett ftm tranny wife, Shaq ftm 32nd° Mason wife tranny, Keep ftm, Peter Mathew (?).

    It is said that all these men are female to male and the wives are transgenders. I have no proof only look at the bone structure which most of the males have female foreheads.

    Most have female slopped jaws, female glaze/energy, wrinkle as women, short humerous (know as T-rex arms), female knees; many female bone structure.

  5. Cole Brown Author


  6. Lee Felix Author

    192cm -BuFan
    6 ft 10 in (2.08 m) -Seo Janghoon
    (I don't know if they're actors but they're part of a Tv show and BuFan is an idol)

  7. FuriousGibbon Author

    Kevin Peter Hall, who played the Predator in the first 2 Predator films was 7'2". If Chewbacca counts, then Predator should too. He at least speaks some lines in English.

  8. TheMasterArtz Author

    Richard Kiel – 7'2
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar – 7'1
    Gheorghe Muresan – 7'7 (he starred in 2 movies)
    Neil Fingleton – 7'7
    Andre the Giant – 7'4

    Just a few people you missed

  9. eireannsg Author

    Was Michael Clarke Duncan too short to mention because he was just 1.96 m tall, taller than Affleck, Johnson and many others you mentioned

  10. fullstrutn Author

    from the longest lasting TV show 20 years James Arness who towered over 6'4'' John Wayne at 6'8',,'and in the movie ''Conan the Bararian '' Wilt Chamberlain


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