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15-Year-Old Deadpool 2 Actor Julian Dennison Can’t See His Own Movie


  1. Doodoo Yo21 Author

    I subscribed and unsubscribed like 50 times because he said every time you press the subscribe button one of your enemies gets destroyed 😂😂😂

  2. Doug Cohen Author

    Clicked subscribe but your still here.. jk i wouldn't click that, you and Fallon a cringe fest. Can't you dinosaurs leave YouTube to people who don't make you want to fall asleep? You don't see Leno doing this out of date BS

  3. Grace Deng Author

    Googled him since I live in nz and this kid is everywhere and is always in nz ads. Didn't know that he played the kid in deadpool lmao

  4. Tony Fetuccini Author

    Make a movie with this kid and Russell Brand!!! Like a father son comedy ooorrrrr time traveling comedy where Russell goes back in time to his teens before he was the suave smooth talkin playboy and does things differently and gets the girl he had a crush on all thru highschool

  5. John Johnson Author

    "I'm a sponge." <Uh..huh. You got a Spongy look about you. Let's cut the crap! This Fugly Chick is a Morbidly-Obese Maori Blob! That's what a Cutting-Edge Host would say….But you can't expect that from Anybody on Late Night Network T.V. nowadays. Btw, why is this Load of Lard clapping for herself?

  6. Tasso Demo Author

    Julian: “I was doing my math homework” with an accent that sounds like he’s saying “meth”
    Jimmy “You say meth?”
    Lol I died 😂😂

  7. 5k uzumaki barrage Author

    there is no legal drinking age in NZ😂 if you have parental permission you can drink at any age. But you must be 18 to buy alcohol legally

  8. Groot 561 Author

    I’m 22 and he’s 15 and he probably has more pocket cash than I have in my bank account, he’s also funnier than me DAMMIT!

  9. Carmine Gazerro Author

    At 14 to be that size is insulting. His parents should be jailed for child endangerment. 5 3” 266. Wow. He’ll be dead by 28. I was heavy also was 15 lbs over weight. And was depressed. Imagine at 15 you never seen your prick unless you stand on a mirror. Serious how you allow someone to distort themselves He needs a boomerang to put a belt on. I’m like a sponge 🧽. He soaks up all the food.


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