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16 Scary Things Hidden In Pictures


  1. FriedPopcorn 549 Author

    the last one I think this is the right video I'm not exactly sure because I do it went forward or it just played the video again and I fast forwarded to the last one and the girl with the face under the bed actually that was the boyfriend who took the picture and the girlfriend was actually cheating on the boyfriend with the person under the bed he was hiding there because he didn't want the boyfriend to find out!

  2. Kacey Harris Author

    There’s an actual story behind number 16. The person who took the photo was the girl in the phot’s boyfriend. The “ghostly figure” under the bed was the man women had been cheating on her boyfriend with.

  3. Renae Thompson Author

    The one with the guy under the bed was actually cheating with her, her boyfriend came over to surprise her & their wasnt enough time for the other guy to escape so she hid him under the bed.
    The boyfriend didn't realise until he had the photo developed & had a good look.

  4. Pretzel Lover Author

    Once I heard breathing in the middle of the night downstairs it wasn’t coming from me or my friend, who was asleep . I cried and prayed to make it through the night. A couple of days later I told my friend ( later because she got scared when I talked about ghosts, were only in 5th grade) and she said in the night she woke up and saw someone standing in the kitchen (which was where the breathing was coming from).

  5. Grandma Fresh Author

    8:39 thats not a ghostly figure theres other videos and vines of this were its a guy looking through the window looking at them. Nothing but a pervert here

  6. Brandy Moen Author

    I was working a haunted house last year when one of my coworkers mother came over to me to show me a picture. I saw two figures on the roof above the line to get into the house. Any picture before or after that shot didn't have the figures in them.

  7. Aimee Paradis Author

    Can’t see several of the things in the photos cuz the damn pictures are too small. Would have been A LOT better if they had been shown full screen and maybe a little slower from shot to shot. Just saying…


    Number 16 the ghost is not actually a ghost it’s a boy I’ll tell you the story so so the person that took the pic is I think her boyfriend and the man under the bed is the boy the girl cheated with so baseiclly she is cheating on her boyfriend it’s wat I think

  9. Reaper Human Author

    Me: pictures myself with my sis
    Facts verse: sees a thing that looks like a ghost
    They said they were alone
    Me: my family is downstairs boi

  10. Askari rezwi Author

    The last one is actually not a ghost it’s a person the story goes that the girl was cheating on her boyfriend and the person under the bed is Her other boyfriend her boyfriend came home earlier than expected so she had her other boyfriend under the bed

  11. Christina Beauton Author

    Ppl are deceived there are no such thing as ghosts only demons that masquerade as ghosts and aliens they can take on many different forms they can even masquerade as Angels of light do not be deceived after we die we either go to eternal life or eternal punishment

  12. tokageki Author

    I'm pretty sure most of these are fake and tricks of the light, but I know for a fact that the last one isn't a ghost. that girl was cheating on her boyfriend and when she found out he was coming over, she had the other guy hide under her bed.


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