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17 Roles In Hollywood Everyone Went After

Some characters are destined to steal the
show. But when it comes time to cast roles, crazy
things can happen, and it’s impossible to predict who will end up in front of the cameras
when they start rolling. It may be hard to imagine, but some of your
favorite movies and TV shows almost featured someone else entirely in the leading role. Here’s a list of roles everyone in Hollywood
wanted to play. Young Han Solo Casting the original Han Solo was nearly as
tough as making the kessel run in under 12 parsecs. So when Lucasfilm and Disney announced they’d
be expanding the Star Wars universe with a full slate of standalone films — including
a “young Han Solo” prequel directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller — every twentysomething
male actor in the galaxy lined up to audition. Among the big names: Whiplash’s Miles Teller,
Ansel Elgort from The Fault in Our Stars, Neighbors star Zac Efron, and Brooklyn’s Emory
Cohen. Sources claim over 2,500 actors either met
with casting or submitted tapes before Hail, Caesar! breakout actor Alden Ehrenreich was
ultimately cast in the hotly anticipated film, which will fly into theaters in 2018. Just don’t get cocky, kid. Of course, that wasn’t the only Star Wars
role to be hotly contested… Rey A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,
Lucasfilm decided to make a third Star Wars trilogy and needed a brand new hero to anchor
it. Director J.J. Abrams and the casting team
launched an extensive search for the right person to play Rey, the mysterious orphan
at the heart of The Force Awakens. Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan auditioned, apparently
having a blast “pretending to take out a lightsaber.” Elizabeth Olsen and Shailene Woodley were
rumored to have auditioned for the part as well, but Abrams was dead set on casting a
fresh face. Newcomer Daisy Ridley nabbed the role after
five auditions, including one tearful screen test that blew Abrams away. The Force is strong with that one. Wonder Woman Hollywood has tried and failed for decades
to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen. Along the way, quite a few of the film industry’s
biggest stars have expressed interest in putting on her iconic bracelets, including Sandra
Bullock, Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko, and even Katie Holmes
— who’s no stranger to the DC Comics universe. When Warner Bros. finally decided to cast
Wonder Woman for 2016’s Batman v Superman, the casting description read: “Tall, brunette, athletic and exotic.” Israeli actress Gal Gadot won the role — and
a shot at solo cinematic stardom with Wonder Woman, James Bond Betting on who will become the next 007 has
become a national pastime for bookies in the U.K. Six actors have portrayed the world’s
most famous spy on the big screen, but every time the role is vacated, a new crop of hot
British actors hope to fill Bond’s perfectly-tailored suits. Among those over the years who’ve wanted their
martinis shaken and not stirred: Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes,
Colin Firth, and Clive Owen. Current Bond Daniel Craig has been hesitant
to confirm his participation in another film after the success — and stress — of four
films in the role. Until he does, a few favorite candidates have
emerged as his possible successor: Luther’s Idris Elba, Thor baddie Tom Hiddleston, Tom
Hardy, and Homeland’s Damien Lewis. Even X-Files star Gillian Anderson wants to
put her spin on the role. Who will be the next secret agent to carry
a license to kill? Only time will tell. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele When it came time to cast the big-screen adaptation
of erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, fans of the series, as well as author E.L. James, had plenty of opinions regarding who
should play the lead roles. Fans campaigned especially hard for Matt Bomer,
Alexis Bledel, and Ian Somerhalder, among others. James was partial to Shailene Woodley, who
passed because of her commitment to the Divergent franchise. Other names entered seriously into the mix:
Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard, Cara Delevingne, and
Oscar nominee Felicity Jones. Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam was originally
cast as Grey opposite Dakota Johnson before dropping out and being replaced by Irish actor
Jamie Dornan. Guess Hunnam got too tied up. Harry Potter To cast the Boy Who Lived, Warner Bros. put
out an open call on the internet for Harry Potter lookalikes, and over 40,000 kids sent
in audition materials in hopes of being chosen. Author J.K. Rowling’s one stipulation was the cast be
British, eliminating Sorcerer’s Stone director Chris Columbus’ initial first choice: Stepmom’s
Liam Aiken. But plenty of other young American actors
expressed interest, including the Sixth Sense’s Haley Joel Osment and Jonathan Lipnicki of
Jerry Maguire fame. Though he wound up playing Draco, even Tom
Felton initially auditioned for the parts of both Harry and Ron. Of course, now it’s impossible to imagine
anyone but Daniel Radcliffe as the boy wizard. Clarice Starling Hannibal Lecter actually never said “Hello
Clarice” in the movie Silence of the Lambs – really! And Clarice almost wasn’t the Clarice we remember
so well had late director Jonathan Demme had his way. Though Jodie Foster campaigned heavily to
get the role, she wasn’t anywhere in Demme’s shortlist. Michelle Pfeiffer was the first choice, having
just worked with Demme on Married to the Mob, but she was uncomfortable with the movie’s
subject matter and ultimately passed. Meg Ryan was also considered thanks to her
popularity coming off a string of hits, but she too passed, apparently “offended” Demme
even thought of her for such a gruesome project. Laura Dern gave such an impressive audition,
Demme said she was “it,” but studios weren’t comfortable with the still relatively unknown
actress carrying such a big project. So he gave the role to Foster — who went
on to win an Oscar. Katniss Everdeen After the massive success of the Hunger Games
book trilogy, there was no shortage of actresses looking to score the highly coveted lead role
of Katniss Everdeen. Emily Browning, best known for her role in
Sucker Punch and The Uninvited, was a top contender for the part. Saoirse Ronan, who starred in Hanna with Cate
Blanchett, was also a strong choice with her background in hand-to-hand combat and penchant
for athletic roles. Also on the list were Abigail Breslin from
Little Miss Sunshine and Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit. Of course, Katniss went to Jennifer Lawrence,
and the rest was movie history. Amy Dunne Anyone who read Gone Girl knows the casting
for the character of Amy Dunne had to be perfect. This highly sought after part was actively
pursued by Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, and Olivia Wilde. Portman, the Oscar-winning actress best known
for her turn in Black Swan, would have brought a multi-layered performance, while Charlize
Theron’s stunningly disturbed turn as Mary Ann Lomax in The Devil’s Advocate with Keanu
Reeves proved she could have nailed this role alongside Ben Affleck. Finally, Olivia Wilde, no stranger to carrying
a film as the deranged Zoe in The Lazarus Effect, had the looks and the chops for the
role of Amy. It ultimately went to Rosamund Pike, who turned
out to be the perfect choice. Vivian Ward For awhile, it seemed like every actress in
Hollywood was clamoring to play the hooker with a heart of gold in what many consider
to be Gary Marshall’s masterpiece. Meg Ryan was initially offered the part opposite
Richard Gere, but had to decline the offer as she had scheduling conflicts. A string of other actresses nearly took the
opportunity to play Vivian but had concerns with the subject matter, including Michelle
Pfeiffer and Daryl Hannah. Julia Roberts ultimately landed the career-making
part. Michael Corleone Believe it or not, Paramount Pictures’ first
choice for the compelling Godfather franchise was not Al Pacino. It’s hard not to picture him in the leading
role, but at one point Jack Nicholson was wanted to play Michael Corleone. Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman also expressed
interest in playing the role and made it far along in the casting process. Meanwhile, director Francis Ford Coppola nearly
pulled out of the project as he fought Paramount executives over casting Marlon Brando as Don
Vito Corleone. Batman As far as Batman movies go, Tim Burton’s first
Batman flick is legendary. In the 1980s, every leading man in Hollywood
actively sought an audition to be a part of what was undoubtedly going to be a hit franchise
with a stellar paycheck. Can you imagine your favorite Ghostbuster
as Batman? That’s right: Bill Murray was reportedly considered
for the batsuit. Mel Gibson was rumored too, as were Charlie
Sheen and Alec Baldwin. After all that, Michael Keaton was the lucky
guy who eventually donned the cape and cowl. Ferris Bueller John Hughes reportedly wrote Ferris Bueller’s
Day Off with Matthew Broderick in mind, but other actors had to be considered. Johnny Depp was initially offered the role
but ultimately turned it down. Jim Carrey was also rumored to be in the mix,
but after conducting his studio-mandated search, Hughes returned to Broderick, the guy he’d
wanted for the part all along — and in hindsight, it’s pretty obvious he had the right idea. Dr. Evil Who doesn’t get a kick out of this super ’60s-themed
spy comedy? Up until a scheduling conflict arose with
the production of Liar, Liar, comedy superstar Jim Carrey was set to play Dr. Evil in Austin
Powers: International Man of Mystery. Stuck for an actor to fill the crucial role,
star and creator Mike Myers decided to don the bald cap and play Austin Powers’ nemesis
himself. Rachel Green Easily one of the most popular sitcoms of
all time, Friends catapulted every actor involved to fame, most notably Jennifer Aniston, who
played Rachel Green. Many young hopefuls auditioned for the role
that would eventually inspire one of the most imitated hairstyles of all time. At first, the producers expressed strong interest
in actress Tea Leoni. But as when Aniston passed on an opportunity
at Saturday Night Live to sign on for the sitcom, the rest became Must-See TV history. Scarlett O’Hara It may very well be the most famous casting
search of all time. In an effort to build anticipation for the
1939 big screen adaptation of Margaret Mitchell’s epic novel Gone with the Wind, producer David
O. Selznick decided to make his hunt for spunky heroine Scarlett O’Hara a national obsession. According to an Entertainment Weekly article,
he had fans writing impassioned letters on behalf of their favorite actresses and a whistle-stop
tour of the South looking for unknown talent. says that MGM spent two years trying
to cast the role, seeing 1,400 actresses and testing the likes of Katharine Hepburn, Tallulah
Bankhead, Bette Davis, Paulette Goddard, and Joan Crawford. Filming had already begun on the burning of
Atlanta scene when relatively unknown British actress Vivien Leigh was cast just days before
principal photography was set to begin, ending a search nearly as melodramatic as Scarlett
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  1. Epiphanny Taylor Author

    Bill Murray has never been fine…. Why would they consider him for bat man??? And some of them others as well. Eek
    And Vivien Leigh. Soo perfect! ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Charmedsas1 Author

    10:58 🙌🙌🙌 the wicked stepmother look that could have been so good if there were to make a live action after the cartoons princesses were coming out 😍😍😍 oh my goodness! Perfect shot!

  3. F U B A R methink Author

    that piss me off when a black guy gets a role thats made for a white British man for James bond its not being racist, but if a white person play Michael Jordan in a movie there would be an uproar so why are they even thinking of having a black 007 aka James Bond. black people why not just make your own agent movie 4fs.

  4. Robert Glinert Author

    Rosamond Pike was a HORRIBLE choice for the Gone Girl wife and star. Any fan of the book would know she was not in any way like the character. D-

  5. Olivia Healy Author

    I’m not kidding my Aunt (who lives in New York) was going to make a movie with Jonathan Demme. Like they had even met up and planned everything… until he died in 2017. That delayed the movie a lot and it’s still not out yet or anything😐

  6. HelloMsAnny Author

    This is such a weird list, it's literally just a list of movies that everyone knew were going to be huge, or franchises that are already huge and that anyone would want to be a part of. Very strange.

  7. darcyissues Author

    It's funny how people say they can't imagine anyone doing HP but D. Radcliffe, since he was the wors possible option for that cast. Sorry, but he wasn't anything special as an actor, same goes to Rupert Grint, the only one of the trio that proved to be an amazing actress, and managed pretty soon to leave her character behind, was Emma Watson.

  8. MK Niazi27 Author

    Gal gadot may be a hero on the screen but let's never forget she supports Israel's killing of innocent Palestinian civilians which include children. Patriotism is one thing but closing one's eyes against such atrocities is simply inhumane.

  9. kandaka R Author

    Chris hunnam and felicity Jones for fifty shades of gray.. That may have worked.. I love dakota and jamie Dorman but they have zero chemistry

  10. Pieter Keyser Author

    Charlie Sheen as Tim Burton's Batman… Now that would have been actually awesome to see! Personally I never liked Michael Keaton as Batman… But I think Mel Gibson would have done the role justice, or Kevin Costner

  11. rias Author

    Charlize as Amy Dunne, maybe, but Natalie Portman? Can you imagine her little girl nagging voice delivering those lines? A very limited actress. Btw, I don't get why would anyone want to play Batman? I mean all you need to do is stare angrily and grunt words.

  12. HiPetitGateau Author

    Anyone woulda been better as mr grey that guy is creepy and she is boring. They didnt have chemistry at all.
    I think emily browning woulda rocked the in hinger games. But now we know how it was cast. Thats why i think he says the rest is history
    Michelle Pfiffer missed out on alot of good roles not sure I believe that silence of the lambs subject matter was a reason for her not taking it i mean she did scarface
    Friends ? Anoston is still playing that character in everything she done since.

  13. Salome Kabinga Author

    Tbh, it's not that hard to imagine. In an alternate universe, other people are playing your favorite characters roles. 😒. You simply adapt. It's not that serious, unless you're portraying Lupita or RDJ, those two are fantastic 😍😍

  14. Nights Shadow Author

    You know I would think that the dumb asses would learn FOLLOW THE BOOKS BETTER that way people who like the books will like the movies stop screwing up great stories, Divergent, Mortal Instruments, Breaking Dawn.

  15. jolymac Author

    I don't think actors were lining up to play any roles in Fifty Shades. The fact that fans were campaigning for certain people doesn't mean those actors were interested.

  16. xs_ fox Author

    I admit, that i liked the 50 shades books but the actors were so wrong, i would refuse to see the movies. Glad i did they seem like rubbish.

  17. Ex It Author

    Knowing now how casting widely worked in Hollywood years ago and not that long ago. Imagine what was really behind "gone with the wind" female casting. On here they make it sound like it was a world wide search for the right person. Bah!

  18. Kunal Gaurav Author

    Who else clicked the video just to be sure if they were right about assuming that Batman would be on the list.
    And history repeats itself. Too many names were there before Nolan's trilogy and also before Matt Reeves Batman

  19. Cisco4kid1990 Author

    if everyone wanted to be Han than how and the fuck did they pick the guy with the huge head and not so good acting skills smh that's just CRAZY

  20. Jim Bronaugh Author

    The actor chosen for young Han Solo was the only actor auditioned by the producers directly. They chose him immediately because he was so beautiful, like a lovely boy dancer and then they spent six months 'location' checking' in expensive hotels all across Europe. Ron Howard had to stop production and bring in an acting coach for six weeks in order to 'butch' the actor up and teach him how to move in a masculine manner. I have seen the clip where-in he moves like a fourteen year old girl and expressed anger with a lisp.

  21. Emillie Carson Author

    Emily Olsen is a JOKE I can't believe she wiggled her untalented ass in marvel. Listen hunny if you dont wanna take your parts seriously go do fashion like your sisters and let someone worthy be the scarlet witch.

  22. miss loublou Author

    Wrong about pretty woman!!! Richard gear wanted julia Roberts to play the part he has spoken about it in interviews so has Julia Roberts he actually begged her to play the role.


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