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“180” Movie

(Ray Comfort)
Have you heard
of Adolf Hitler? No. You don’t know who he is? No. ♪♪♪ [cheering] ♪♪♪ (Adolf Hitler)
[speaking German] ♪♪♪ I’m Ray Comfort. I’m Jewish, and I’m deeply
concerned that a generation is forgetting one of
the greatest tragedies in the history
of the human race. Adolf Hitler
sanctioned the murder of eleven million people, including six million Jews,
through what’s commonly called the Holocaust. In Germany, statues
of Hitler are forbidden, and his Nazi salute
is illegal. And in Austria, if you even deny
the Holocaust took place, they’ll throw you in jail. Germany so wants to keep alive
the memory of that horror, it has mandatory Holocaust
education for its children. This is because it’s
been rightly said that those who forget history
are destined to repeat it. (Ray Comfort)
Adolf Hitler, what do
you know about him? He was a, um–
what’s it called? He was kind of a president. (Ray Comfort)
What do you know
about Adolf Hitler? I really don’t know
anything about it. (Ray Comfort)
Have you heard
of Adolf Hitler? Um, no. (Ray Comfort)
You never heard of him? No. I vaguely remember him. (Ray Comfort)
Who was Adolf Hitler? Um, he was the guy that’s
in–was he German? I really don’t know
that much about him. (Ray Comfort)
Who was Adolf Hitler? Um… uh, this guy–with a– he had a mustache. (Ray Comfort)
Who was Adolf Hitler? He was a communist,
right, leader of Germany? Who was Adolf Hitler? I don’t know. You have no idea at all? No. Uh, he was a communist. Um, is he like
a actor or someone? He’s like, something
about Holocaust. (Ray Comfort)
So tell me what you
know about Adolf Hitler. Uh, I don’t know
anything about him. Have you ever
heard of him? No, I haven’t. Who’s the guy
with the mustache? Um, don’t know,
I’m sorry. (Ray Comfort)
You’re about to meet Steve. As you’ll see, Steve is
a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi who loves Adolf Hitler, hates
Jews and people of dark skin. White people are up here, and then there’s
[bleep] and Jews. So, the white man
is the best man. (Ray Comfort)
What’s the purpose
of man’s existence? To get drunk
and have a blue Mohawk. What was Jesus Christ? (Ray Comfort)
Savior of the world. No, he was a [bleep] Jew! And what do Jews do? They lie! Christianity is a Jewish trick,
but it hasn’t tricked me, because I’m Greek and
I’m smarter than that. (Ray Comfort)
Spell the word “shop.” Shop?
S-h-o-p. (Ray Comfort)
What do you do when
you come to a green light? Stop. (Ray Comfort)
Green light. Oh. Go. [laughs] (Ray Comfort)
See, now, if you
can make a mistake with something
as simple as that– [Yeah that was good.] (Ray Comfort)
just think if you’re
making a mistake with this whole philosophy. I’m not.
You’re making a mistake! I don’t hate black people
because they’re black. I hate black people because
they’re pieces of [bleep], because they ruin every
[bleep] neighborhood they come into, because
they do bad things to my people because of
the color of our skin. This country is [bleep],
and I hate America. America is run by a bunch
of little weak [bleep] Jews that were like, that couldn’t
stand up for themselves, so they had to make up
a fake God to protect them, because they’re a weak race. Jesus was a Jew, and if He were in Auschwitz,
I’d give Him a tattoo. Adolf Hitler was not evil. (Ray Comfort)
So, what do you
have to do to be evil? He killed six million Jews,
and blacks, and gypsies, and homosexuals. I don’t believe that;
I think that’s a lie. I don’t think he killed
that many people. I love Hitler. (Ray Comfort)
Why? Because he wanted to cleanse
the world of non-white races. (Ray Comfort)
Don’t you think
he was evil? Evil?
No, no. Who was Adolf Hitler? The leader of the Nazis. He ran the fascist movement
in World War II, right? Good guy, bad guy? He was intelligent, but he was– what he was doing was bad. (Ray Comfort)
Have you heard
of Adolf Hitler? Yes.
Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
What did he do? He killed a lot of people and
tried to take over the world. (Ray Comfort)
Good guy or bad guy? Bad! (Ray Comfort)
I’ve got to ask
you this question. It’s not a racist question, but are you German? Bin ein Deutschlander. And do you know what Hitler
said, is he said Christianity is a nice religion,
but let’s let it die out. He put the Jewish people
in concentration camps. And he basically brainwashed
the whole German civilization into believing
that Jews were evil, and he needed to
get rid of them. He started World War II. (Ray Comfort)
It’s 1939, you’ve got
a high-powered rifle, and Adolf Hitler
is in your sights. Do you take him out? (female)
Absolutely. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, so you
didn’t hesitate. Would you take him out? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, it’s about
30 years earlier. Mrs. Hitler is
pregnant with Adolf. Would you take her out? If I knew what
he was going to do? (Ray Comfort)
Mmm-hmm. Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Would you shoot him? (Ray Comfort)
If you go back
30 years earlier, and Adolf Hitler’s mother
is pregnant with Adolf, and you’ve got
a high-powered rifle, and you had got one shot,
would you take him out? Would you kill
her to kill him? (Ray Comfort)
Did he kill
millions of Russians? (Ray Comfort)
Did you lose any relatives? ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (Ray Comfort)
Adolf Hitler
hated Christianity. He called it a disease
and once said, “The heaviest blow
which ever struck humanity was Christianity,” adding that it was
an invention of the Jew. He killed or imprisoned
genuine pastors and replaced them
with his own Nazi pastors. He also replaced
the cross with a swastika, printed 100,000 copies
of his own twisted Bible, rewrote the Ten Commandments, and then created his own Aryan,
anti-Semitic, non-Jewish Jesus. But most importantly,
all this sprung from the fact that Hitler had created
his own image of God and was what the Bible
calls an idolater. He had another god
before the God of the Bible. Like Judas Iscariot,
he professed to be a follower of Jesus of Nazareth,
but his motive was for his own evil agenda, and
that agenda was very clear. He said, “He alone who owns
the youth gains the future.” Adolf Hitler deceived
the youth of Germany. He deceived many within
the traditional church. But most of all, he deceived the millions of Germans who believed his lie about the supremacy
of the German race. ♪♪♪ (Ray Comfort)
History tells us of
one man who was present when the Nazis killed
1,600 Jews on April 6, 1942. He witnessed them being shot
and then being buried alive. (male #1)
I saw them do the killing. At 5:00 p.m.,
they gave the command, “Fill in the pits.” Screams and groans
were coming from the pits. Suddenly, I saw my
neighbor Ruderman rise from under the soil. His eyes were bloody,
and he was screaming, “Finish me off!” A murdered woman
lay at my feet. A boy of five years crawled out
from under her body and began to scream
desperately, “Mommy!” That was all I saw,
since I feel unconscious. (Ray Comfort)
It’s 1943, a German officer has pointed a machine gun
at you and told you to get in a bulldozer
and drive it forward. You look in front of you. There’s a big pit. Hundreds of Jewish
families have been shot, and they’re in the pit. Many of them are dead, but
some of them are still alive. He’s telling you
to bury them alive. [Gasps.] (Ray Comfort)
You know that if you say no,
he’s just going to say okay, and shoot you
with his machine gun. Oh, my goodness. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, and someone else
is going to do it. He’s going to do it. Would you do what he says? I don’t know. Wow, I think that’s
a powerful question. (Ray Comfort)
If you do what he says,
he’s going to let you live. Would you drive
the bulldozer forward? No. No. (Ray Comfort)
Why not? They’re going to die anyway. Because I’d rather die
not doing that, knowing that I was the cause. (Ray Comfort)
Would you drive
the bulldozer? Absolutely not. I think I would do it forward
only because of the fear of my own life and fearing
that I have no other choice. (Ray Comfort)
Would you do what he says? Absolutely. I would not. (Ray Comfort)
What about you? Would you drive it forward? No, I would take the shot. (Ray Comfort)
Would you do what he says? Probably, yes. (Ray Comfort)
You’d just bury those Jews? Yeah, if it was me
or if it was my life, I would probably
do that, yeah. I’d do it. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, let’s say that
the soldier said to you, “Look, I don’t want you
to bury these people alive. I’m just going to
give you my gun, and you just finish
them all off. Just shoot them.” Would you do that? Nah, that would
be harder to do. Yeah, that would be something– (Ray Comfort)
It’s almost more merciful to be shot than buried alive,
don’t you think? Oh, I think so, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
So, you wouldn’t shoot them,
but you’d bury them? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
What’s the difference? Because I would think that
most of them would be dead. That would be the– (Ray Comfort)
But there’s some still alive. Yeah, I would probably try
to put that out of my mind. (Ray Comfort)
Would you do what he says? Absolutely not. He may as well shoot me. (Ray Comfort)
If he said, “Take my gun. We’ve got a dozen officers
pointing their guns at you. I want you to
shoot those Jews.” No, dude, no, no. (Ray Comfort)
So, you wouldn’t shoot them? Nah, I don’t like– (Ray Comfort)
But you’d bury them? If– Well, then, I would probably
do it just to save myself and my family. (Ray Comfort)
If he said to you, “I want
you to take this machine gun and finish those Jews off,”
would you do that? No, I wouldn’t kill anybody. I couldn’t do it. (Ray Comfort)
But you’re
burying them alive, which is worse than
being shot with a bullet. You’re killing me, man. That’s a tough decision. (Ray Comfort)
Would you do what he wants? (Ray Comfort)
You’d just drive it forward? You wouldn’t hesitate? (Ray Comfort)
Would you drive it forward? No. No, I would not. (Ray Comfort)
Would you do what he wants? No. (Ray Comfort)
Why not? Well, for one, that’s
not morally right to me. What can one person do,
if just that one person got out of the bulldozer? You know what I mean? Like, then their
life is gone, too. It’s that everyone needed to
rise up against him, you know? And I think that’s what
a lot of people were– where was the world,
you know? Where was everybody?
You know? (Ray Comfort)
Maybe everybody is made up
of individuals that would say, “I could never bury
human beings alive. I’d rather die than do that.” Do you value life? Of course. (Ray Comfort)
So, you wouldn’t
take a human life? You value human life? (male #2)
Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
How do you feel
about abortion? (male #2)
Mmm, it all depends. That’s a tricky subject. (Ray Comfort)
Sounds like you
value human life. I do value human life. (Ray Comfort)
Alicia, how do you
feel about abortion? Uh… I feel that, um, it’s
a woman’s right to choose, and every situation is
a different situation. I’m for abortion. You know, that’s
a tricky situation. I am pro-life, but you know,
until you’re–it’s really easy from the outside to say
I’m going to do this, and I’m going to do that, but until you’re actually
in that situation, there’s no saying
what you will do. I mean, it’s really– (Ray Comfort)
If you’re pro-life, do you
believe it’s a baby in the womb? Absolutely, yes. (Ray Comfort)
When does it become a life? Well, it kind of
does at the start, but it’s not as much until
after three months. (Ray Comfort)
This is actual footage
of a baby in the womb at just six weeks,
six days of age. You can clearly see the baby’s
eyes, hands, and heartbeat. There’s a fetus
there, not a baby. (Ray Comfort)
You don’t think it’s a baby? Not yet, not
until three months. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think it’s
a baby in the womb? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, finish this
sentence for me, okay? It’s okay to kill
a baby in the womb when– I don’t know. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think it’s
a baby in the womb? Yeah. Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, finish this
sentence for me: It’s okay to kill
a baby in the womb when– If it comes from something
that shouldn’t have happened. (Ray Comfort)
When does it become a life? That’s a tough one. (Ray Comfort)
Here’s a question,
if you’re in doubt. Okay, I’m
a construction worker, and I see a building,
and I say to you, “I’m just going to blow up
that building in a minute. There’s a possibility
there’s somebody in there. I just don’t know, but I’m
going to blow it up anyway.” What would you say to me? I’m not sure if there’s life
in that building or not, but I’m going to
blow it up anyway. Have you had an abortion? Actually, yes, I have. (Ray Comfort)
Do you feel guilty about it? No. (Ray Comfort)
What justifies the killing
of a baby in a womb? If you can’t support
it when it comes out. I think it’s
better to have a plan. I think it’s–you know, if
you’re going to do something like that, you should definitely
give it much, much more thought. It’s not something you should,
you know, just lightly say, “Oh, well, let’s
just go do it.” You know? (Ray Comfort)
Can you see that’s
like saying, “Look, before you bury
those Jews alive, just give it some thought
and then bury them alive”? Ah. (Ray Comfort)
Can you see the– Yeah, I see where
you’re going with this. I guess you could say it’s
kind of the same thing. (Ray Comfort)
Here’s you, Frank. You would give your life
for Jews who were going to die anyway, and yet you
won’t speak up against the murder of children
in the womb. I would like you to
say that is wrong to kill a child in the womb. The safest place on earth
is a mother’s womb. And to actually go in there
and destroy a human life. Why? For selfish reasons. Well, depending,
I guess, right? I mean, it would
depend on the reasons. (Ray Comfort)
Well, tell me a reason for
killing a baby in the womb. Well, I mean, you
know, if it’s rape or something like that. You know what I mean? Which is, I know, a tough
decision, but that’s mentally, you know, for– (Ray Comfort)
Why is it tough? Why would you kill the baby
for the crime of the father? Which is worse,
murder or rape? You’re murdering a child,
taking another life because of the crime
of the father. Who knows when life begins? I wouldn’t know. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think God
knows when life begins? I think yeah, probably. (Ray Comfort)
And do you know what
the Sixth Commandment is? No, no. (Ray Comfort)
It says, “You shall not kill.” So you should say it’s
never right to kill a child in the womb. And Hitler
declared Jews as non-humans, and that’s what you’re
doing when you’re saying, “That’s not a baby
until three months. That’s what I think.” It’s very subjective. And if you’re not sure,
it’s taking a terrible risk with somebody else’s life. Imagine if someone said that
about you when you were just three months old,
and they decided to kill you because of selfish reasons. I wouldn’t want
other people to judge me, so I wouldn’t want to do
that to other people. So whatever their
decision is, you know, it’s between them and God. It’s their baby. (Ray Comfort)
Whose baby? The mother. (Ray Comfort)
She’s got the right to kill it? If she can’t–if she feels she
can’t take care of it or she– (Ray Comfort)
So that’s the criteria. I can’t take care of this. It’s going to
interfere with my life. I’ll kill it. Yes. (Ray Comfort)
Wow. [rewind sound] (Ray Comfort)
Do you value human life? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Are you a Christian? Um, in a sense. I believe in God completely. (Ray Comfort)
So what’s
the Sixth Commandment? I don’t know. (Ray Comfort)
“You shall not kill.” Why would you advocate
the murder of a child in the womb,
if you know God says, “You shall not kill”? You should be dogmatically
against the killing of children in the womb. It’s the safest place on
earth, a woman’s womb. So why would you say it’s okay
to kill children in the womb? There’s no way that you’re
going to change my opinion on this, because I believe
it is a woman’s choice. I just, I personally
would not do it, but I believe it
should be a choice. You know, there’s all
sorts of medical problems. There’s all sorts of birth
defects, whatever, so you know that their quality of life
is going to be pretty much restrained into
a 9 x 9 hospital room. (Ray Comfort)
So, you’re saying– Do you really think that it’s
fair to kind of live that– I mean, what type of
quality of life is that? (Ray Comfort)
The Nazis are
in front of you. They’re going to kill
kids with Downs Syndrome. They’re going to kill them all. They did this. Uh-huh. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think
that’s okay then? No, absolutely not. (Ray Comfort)
They’ve got
a bad quality of life. Definitely not. And who’s to say that they
have a bad quality of life? There’s no possible way
that that child would have a good life, so why raise that
child to have a bad life? (Ray Comfort)
How can you make that judgment
when the child is not born? Um– (Ray Comfort)
I could say that
about any child. This child could
have a bad life. I think I’ll kill it. What about you? It’s okay to kill
a baby in the womb when– Um, when you’re
really messed up, and you’re about to beat
that kid or something. (Ray Comfort)
We’re talking about
a holocaust in America, in our country that’s
sanctioned by the government. Do you think it’s okay
to kill kids in the womb? I don’t think it’s okay. I just don’t think that, um– (Ray Comfort)
But isn’t that like what
Nazi Germany was about? It’s like saying, “What
Hitler did was wrong. I think it’s his choice. I don’t think it’s okay,
but he did it, and it was his choice to do so, and he had the sanction
of the German people, because they allowed him in. And so
it’s okay, but even though, you know,
I don’t agree with it.” Can you see it’s
a similar thing? Uh, I guess when
you put it like that, it is very similar, yeah. It’s very similar to say that–
I guess me saying that it’s okay for someone to choose is
the same thing as saying it’s okay for Hitler to choose. (Ray Comfort)
So are you going to
change your stance on it? Yeah, it’s definitely, it’s definitely
making me think, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
I’d like you to feel
like you would in Germany, when Jews were being
killed all around you. You’d be horrified. And we’ve got a holocaust in
America where real babies are being murdered because
of a woman’s choice, and it’s legal. It’s like Nazi Germany. He did it legally. He didn’t do anything
legally wrong. But I think, in some
situations, it can be necessary. I think– (Ray Comfort)
Do you think it’s
a baby in the womb? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
So finish this
sentence off for me. Killing a baby in
the womb is okay when– Oh, there we go. Never. (Ray Comfort)
Brittany, I noticed
you called it a child. So finish this
sentence for me. It’s okay to kill
a child in the womb when– Well. Maybe it’s just okay if
you adopt it out and just not keep it, ’cause if
somebody is not ready for it– (Ray Comfort)
So you’re saying that
you’re changing your mind about abortion right now? Yeah, yes, yes. It sounds bad when you put
it in that kind of words. (Ray Comfort)
Would you ever vote
for someone who was for the killing of
children in the womb? No. (Ray Comfort)
Well, that’s great. So, have you just changed
your mind about abortion? Yeah. It’s not something
I’ve thought about much, but I figured if I was ever in
a situation like that, I’d just give it up for adoption if I
couldn’t take care of it myself, so– But I’ve never really
thought about it like that, I guess. (Ray Comfort)
Isn’t that great to
give it up for adoption instead of killing it? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
It’s a wonderful
option, adoption. And just as you felt strongly
about the life of Jews, and we needed to rise up as one
person and speak against it, don’t you think
we need to do that when it comes to
the issue of abortion? I think you have
a valid point there. I never paralleled those two. (Ray Comfort)
The Holocaust and abortion? Yeah. Yeah. I feel like it should be
allowed, because it is a choice, but I feel like I
personally would not do it. It’s just– (Ray Comfort)
So you wouldn’t kill Jews, but it’s okay for
someone else to kill them? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
So what would you say to
someone like you in Germany that says, “Well,
you should never kill Jews, but I think people should
have the right to do it.” I don’t think–oh. (Ray Comfort)
Because that’s what you said. Yeah, that is
what I said, huh? Okay. (Ray Comfort)
So have you just changed
your mind about abortion? Yes, I’ve just changed
my mind about abortion. (Ray Comfort)
So are you going to vote
differently in the future when you do vote? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Do you mean that? Yeah. So are you changing
your mind about abortion? Yeah, when you put it that
way, it does change your mind. It’s never okay to
kill a baby in the womb. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, so are you going to
change your mind about abortion? Yes, I am. (Ray Comfort)
Are you going to vote
differently in the future? Yes, vote against abortion. (Ray Comfort)
It’s okay to kill
a baby in the womb when– In my heart,
I would say never. (Ray Comfort)
So have you just changed
your mind about abortion? Yes, I have. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think it’s
a baby in the womb? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
So, what justification
is there for killing a baby in the womb? Can you think of one? Um, for killing
a baby in the womb– Um, well, I think everyone’s
situation is– (Ray Comfort)
Give me a situation
where you could say, “Yep, that’s justifiable. You can kill that
baby because of–” Um… you know what? I can’t think of one. ♪♪♪ (Ray Comfort)
Adolf Hitler hated
the Ten Commandments and wanted to free
people from them. He called the Commandments
the curse of Mount Sinai and said that the God of
the Bible was a tyrant who tells us to do the things
we don’t want to do. Clearly, Hitler didn’t
like the thought of “You shall not kill,” because it didn’t fit into
his hate-filled worldview. Although he’s an extreme
example, it’s common practice to have a low moral standard
when we free ourselves from the Ten Commandments
or when we’re unaware of their true meaning. It’s encouraging to
realize that people are willing to change their minds about abortion. When people see things from
a different perspective, they’re able to think
clearly and often make honest, intelligent choices. As I spoke with people
about abortion, our conversation often
led to the issue of morals, where morals came from, and ultimately the issue
of the afterlife. Hey, what happens
after someone dies? Do you think there’s a heaven? Sure, we’re going
to go to heaven. Yes, sir. No, I think that
that was something, like heaven and hell are
just kind of made up. (Ray Comfort)
Are you afraid of dying? No, I’m not afraid of death. Where are you
going when you die? At the moment, hell. (Ray Comfort)
Steven, what do you
think happens when someone dies? Do you think there’s
an afterlife? Uh, I don’t know, probably not. (Ray Comfort)
Probably not? So, this is all there is? I think so, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe God exists? I don’t think so, no. (Ray Comfort)
If there is a heaven,
do you think you’d get there? Are you a good person? Oh, yeah, for sure. God wouldn’t be mad at me. I’m a good person morally. Yeah, I’m a good person. I’d hope so. Yes, sir. I believe in God. I believe in good. I don’t do nobody no harm. (Ray Comfort)
If there’s a heaven, do you think you’re good
enough to go there? Are you a good person? Yeah, I think
I’m a good person. (Ray Comfort)
Why would you go to hell? Because of my
lifestyle I’m living. There is no hell. I don’t believe that
there is a judgment. (Ray Comfort)
You don’t? No, I don’t believe that. (Ray Comfort)
Then what’s going to happen
to Hitler on Judgment Day? He’s in hell. (Ray Comfort)
How many lies have
you told in your life? Oh [bleep],
I don’t know. Thousands, I guess. Lies, lies? Too many to count. Oh, countless. (Ray Comfort)
What do you call someone
who tells countless lies? A liar? (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever stolen something? In my lifetime? (Ray Comfort)
Mmm-hmm. Sure, of course, yeah. Uh, yes. Sure. (Ray Comfort)
What do you call
someone who steals things? A thief. (Ray Comfort)
So what are you? A liar and a thief. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever used
God’s name in vain? Absolutely. Sure have. Absolutely, [bleep]. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever used
God’s name in vain? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
I heard you use
His name just before, probably about 30 seconds ago
when you talked about lying. Do you realize that’s called
blasphemy when you use God’s name as a cuss word? It’s very serious. Sure, I guess it is, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Now Jesus said, “If you look
at a woman and lust for her, you commit adultery with
her in your heart.” Have you ever done that,
looked at a woman with lust? Shoot me now. Yes, sir. Yeah. I like fornicating. It’s fun. (Ray Comfort)
Yeah, well, you can like
raping and bank robbery. It can be fun,
but it’s not right. Have you ever looked
at a guy with lust? No, I’m gay. I commit adultery about
every two minutes maybe. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever
looked with lust? Yes. Yes. (Ray Comfort)
So, Alicia, by your own
admission, you’re a lying, blasphemous adulterer at heart,
and you’ve got to face God on Judgment Day, and we’ve looked
at four of the Ten Commandments. Oh, my goodness! (Ray Comfort)
You had sex out of marriage? Yep. (Ray Comfort)
So, listen to this, David. This is why you don’t
want to believe in God. You’re a self-admitted lying,
thieving, blasphemous adulterer, fornicator– Uh-huh. And you have to face God on
Judgment Day. And the thought of being morally responsible
to Him is abhorrent to you, so you deny His existence. Does that make sense? Yeah, it makes total sense. (Ray Comfort)
So, John, you’re in big
trouble on Judgment Day. By your own admission, you’re
a lying thief, a blasphemer, adulterer at heart,
and a fornicator. Wow, that’s a lot. (Ray Comfort)
So, will you go
to heaven or hell? From the way it sounds, hell. (Ray Comfort)
Does that concern you? Absolutely. No, no, no, no, no, no. You’ve got it all wrong. Guilty. (Ray Comfort)
Would you go
to heaven or hell? Hell. (Ray Comfort)
Does that concern you? Yeah! (Ray Comfort)
So does it concern you
that if you died today and God gave you justice,
you’d end up in hell? Not really, no. Well, don’t try
to change me around. I am the way I am, and
I don’t give a [bleep]. (Ray Comfort)
You’ll be guilty of
breaking the commandments. So does it concern you that
if you died today, you’d end up in hell? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
So you’re starting
to think about your life and how valuable it is? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
Does it concern you
that if you died today and God gave you justice,
you’d end up in hell? I think God’s a loving God, and I think He
would see my heart. (Ray Comfort)
You know, He does, and He
sees a liar, and a blasphemer, and an adulterer at heart. But if you’re repentant, there’s something
you can actually do, because of God’s kindness,
to have all your sins forgiven. Do you know what God did
for sinners, any idea? He sent His Son,
Jesus Christ, to the earth to, um, die on
the cross for the sinners. (Ray Comfort)
So if God judges you by
the Ten Commandments on the Day of Judgment, do you think
you’d be innocent or guilty? Guilty. (Ray Comfort)
Heaven or hell? Hell. (Ray Comfort)
Does that concern you? Yes, it does somewhat. (Ray Comfort)
You know, God gave
you a conscience, so you know right from wrong. You know it’s wrong to lie,
and steal, and fornicate, and blaspheme. It’s written on your heart. Right. (Ray Comfort)
Do you understand the legal
implications of what He did? God’s a judge. In His eyes, you’re guilty,
because you violated His law, the Ten Commandments. You’re heading for a place
called hell, God’s prison, without parole,
but Jesus stepped in and paid your fine
on that cross. That means God can legally
dismiss your case, because your fine
was paid for by another. I don’t know, don’t you
think it’s funny, though, that God would put
a nice guy like me in hell? (Ray Comfort)
But a criminal might say
that to a judge, but the judge will do that which is right,
even if it’s a nice guy. If he’s raped and murdered, he’s going to get
the book thrown at him. And you’ve violated God’s law. Even though you might be a nice
guy, you’re a self-admitted lying thief, blasphemer,
adulterer at heart. God will give you justice,
but He’s not willing that any perish. He’s given you something that
says, “I don’t want to die.” Listen to it, man. You’ve got a cross in
the middle of your eyes. Think about what Jesus
did on that cross. Think about how much God
cares about sinners, that He would do that. And in the Bible verse, “For God so loved the world that He gave
His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish
but have everlasting life.” Then He rose from the dead. And what you’ve
got to do is repent, turn from your sins,
trust in Jesus. God will give you
everlasting life. He’ll forgive your sins. Does that make sense? Yes, sir. (Ray Comfort)
And the thing that will
save you is God’s goodness, the Savior, Jesus. He’s like a parachute. Turning to a parachute
won’t save you, but putting it on will. And the moment you put
on the Lord Jesus Christ, the minute you put
your trust in Him, Alicia, God will forgive your sins, dismiss your case, and grant you the gift
of everlasting life. God will forgive our sins,
including abortion, and grant us the gift
of everlasting life. Does that make sense? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
Do you have a Bible at home? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
Are you going to
think about this? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
So, if you died today
and God gave you justice, you’d end up in hell. There are two things you
have to do to be saved. You’ve got to repent,
not just confess your sins, but turn from them, and
trust alone in Jesus Christ. When do you think
you’ll do that? Well, probably
as soon as possible. Wouldn’t everybody? (Ray Comfort)
Do you have a Bible at home? Yeah, I’ve got
a Bible at home. (Ray Comfort)
Well, would you
please think about this? Yeah, of course, sure, sure. Why not? Shortly after the war had
ended, the American military made those living near
the concentration camps go through them. They wanted them to see
firsthand what had caused the smoke to billow from
the chimneys of those camps and to witness what
the leaders that they had allowed
into power had done. Notice their lighthearted
demeanor as they entered the camp, obviously
unaware as to the horror that had taken place
in their own backyard. And look at the change on their
faces once they realized what had actually taken place. No doubt there’s
an abortion clinic near you. Perhaps you should pay them
a visit to see what actually takes place behind their
walls, so that you can witness firsthand what’s happening
in your own backyard. Over 50 million human beings
have been murdered in America’s holocaust,
sanctioned by political leaders who’ve been put into power
by the American people. Please never, ever give
your vote to any politician who advocates the murder
of a child in the womb. So, are you going to vote
differently and think differently about this? Yeah, I think I would. I think I definitely would,
because you’re right. I had just said
about the Holocaust, where was the world? If everyone would have banded
together, you know, make a difference. I couldn’t have said
it better than Alicia. If you need help in any way
regarding the issue of abortion, please go to for details. We would love to get “180”
into the hands and homes of every person in America and
throughout this whole world. If you feel the same,
we need your help now. Please go to for details. Thank you. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪


  1. Living Waters Author

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    Ok I’m 20 minutes in. Ya know it’s super horrible that these kids don’t know who Adolf is. Every question Ray asks these kids give more senseless, horrific answers. They’d actually use a bulldozer to run over and bury people, or they’d shoot them instead JUST to save themselves smh. Now I knew that most kids would almost right away say abortion is ok. But we as Christians, but not even that, as human beings, a good person should of course not kill the baby. I believe life begins at conception. Anyone that is selfish enough to Kill the baby and not even have the thought of giving the baby up for adoption is so cringeworthy. They believe it’ll ruin their life when it’s 100% their fault for getting pregnant. Getting pregnant when you got raped is very very rare, so that shouldn’t ever be an example used in an argument. But if you do get pregnant from a rape, God technically put that baby in your womb for a reason and it’s obviously one of the worst things that could ever happen to someone, but again, you can still give that baby up for adoption. And who knows what could happen to the baby the 9-10 months it’s growing inside you? Miscarriages happen often, it may happen to a lot of the people that have gotten abortions! Meaning it’s not your fault the baby died! So you end up getting the stain of murder on your soul. Sorry for the novel long comment but that I guess triggered me :/

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  16. Susana Torres-Londono Author


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  20. Frank Walton Author

    You "put on your gospel parachute" (Ray's analogy) by faith at baptism into Christ. "For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.
    For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ" (Gal. 3:26-27).

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    Thank you so much for this movie. I was duped, lied to, and indoctrinated. I learned the truth by the grace and mercy of God. May God continue to guide, protect,and bless you.

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    "Exodus 21:22-25 prescribes the same penalty—death—for someone who causes the death of a baby in the womb as for someone who commits murder. Over 95 percent of the abortions performed today involve women who simply do not want to have a baby. Less than 5 percent of abortions are for the reasons of rape, incest, or the mother's health at risk. Even in the more difficult 5 percent of instances, abortion should never be the first option. The life of a human being in the womb is worth every effort to allow the child to be born."

    "With the release of an undercover video today, the world learned, I hope, that a modern day Molech exists. Molech, as described in the Old Testament of the Bible, was an Ammonite god who required propitiatory child sacrifice. A couple sacrificed their firstborn by burning the child on a metal idol of Molech, believing that Molech would ensure financial prosperity for the family and future children. The Israelites were strictly forbidden to practice this form of worship (Leviticus 18:21, 20:2-5; 2 Kings 223:10; and Jeremiah 32:35) as it is in stark contradiction to the sanctity of life espoused throughout the Bible. Today’s Molech is the abortion industry, sacrificing babies for the idol of financial greed, veiled in the hopes of the development of new cures through biomedical research."

  23. Eleazar Yasharahla Author



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    It's amazing when God opens your eyes and you see all the evil around you, all these evil women are for abortion is sick. The men too are evil going along with it. All it is, is a ego thing to these women. Instruments of Satan, and God will punish these fools. I love all my Christian brothers and sisters, I love all people even my enemies, I pray for these lost souls to find Jesus Christ. This is what happens when your spiritual weak without Jesus, this is what you get worldly people full of evil. The same liberal fools that constantly like antifa calling the conservatives Nazi which is ridiculous to begin with but these same people are know better than Hitler himself. They kill babys everday from abortion, some women are having multiple abortion just for fun. They will burn in hell. They will meet their fate and God will meet them on judgement day and it will be the last time they see Him, they will be sent straight to hell. It's so evil. God bless this world, only the righteous will inherent this world in the kingdom of heaven. We are all sinners but you can accept Jesus, repent, confess, and follow His commandments. All these homosexuals and even some Christian change Gods Word to fit their lifestyle. I pray for everyone, I truly love everyone and want them to except our Lord Jesus Christ. So many that mock my Lord have elementary levels of knowing God. Most their arguments consist of a guy in the sky, show me Him, etc. They are fools but i love them because I know they can change, I know they can and regardless of popular mainstream opinion you can change and not live in sin and be a perfect example of Christ on earth. You can because if you give the time and truly belief in Him, He will take all the unrighteousness out of your heart. He revealed Himself to me and took it all away one day in my life and it was truly Amazin'. I can even describe it but simply the desires I had before were gone. God is Amazing and He loves you all but you will burn in hell if you don't change, He so loving he gives you the choice to accept Him. That my friends is a God of love not a God that leads by fear. Think for yourself. It's in you, Satan will fool your mind but God will speak thru your heart. He will reveal Himself if you give Him yourself and with time you ll see this. God bless the world.

  25. Bella S Author

    Pretty much no mother want an abortion; however, our foster system is overcrowded and littered with abuse, murder, and corruption. I would rather be aborted when I could feel no pain rather than suffering through a large portion of my life that would most likely have a horrible impact on the rest of my life. Abortion is horrible, but legalizing abortion helps abortion rates go down while criminalizing it forces it to go up. It IS a touchy subject, but it isn't black and white like both sides of the argument claim it to be.

  26. sweet pea Author

    I was getting so angry and sad listening to those two guys talking to Ray in such a foul manner all because he's of Jewish background… I was getting emotional. Ray has so much patience and kindness to have stood there and taken that verbal abuse.. he really has God with him at all times. I'm saved as well but I'll have to work on stuff like that. Being discriminated over something you can't control is horrible, and God will certainly deal with racists.

  27. Neal Caidin Author

    I'm sorry but Hitler was not raped by a man, and pregnant with the Jewish race. He was killing sentient human beings who had rich lives, and who had family who had deep personal connections with them. He killed, by the hundreds, then thousands, adding up to millions. A fetus, developing in the womb, without being viable, without having experiences and life and connections, is not the same thing. It doesn't mean that a fetus' life isn't valuable. Life is valuable. But a woman making a heart wrenching decision on what to do with the one burgeoning life within her, her potential child, is nowhere near the same as a cold calculation that a whole race (and race is actually a myth, scientifically/genetically speaking) deserves to die. This video is more about emotional manipulation than it is about looking deeper into everyone's values (including pro life and pro choice), and considering scientific evidence. I feel disgusted by the approach this video takes in trying to sway people, not much integrity here, to me. I can respect the values of a person who is on the anti-abortion side of things, but I don't respect this video.

  28. milo xodeine Author

    Christians are the most judgmental lol isn’t that gods job..can you not persuade a person to gods way of living without judging them?

  29. redcinos Author

    First of all I am so amazed that people don't know who Adolf Hitler was and what he and his political administration did because he wasn't alone doing all that evil. Second, God used Ray Comfort to open my eyes to see what a horrible person I was and call myself Christian. I am learning so much from Ray and the people who are running next to him.

  30. Stephanie Ade Author

    God Almighty bless you Sir Ray and your team, i pray that God Almighty will give you all the grace to function more in your ministry and your labour of Love will not be in vain in Jesus matchless name Amen.

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    For all you bible believers or 'Christians' out there God judges and destroys entire nations for the sheddinng of innocent blood in the old testament He wouldnt even forgive child sacrifice all of Israel was destroyed and the Hebrews were sent off into slavery into pagan nations. Abortion is the torture and murder of innocent babies plain and simple so if you need a cause believe in the bible and love your country going out and preaching pro-life would be a good one escpecially if you have or plan on having kids and you want them to grow up in the easiest place to live in the world our country America. History is Gods' providence and its already repeating itself. They're ripped apart in the womb or sucked into a tube breaking thier skull and bones on the way up or they are burned to deathwith saline in the womb. On the alter of selfishness- ''I want to party, I want to finish school, I dont want my body changing, I just dont want to pay for it'' thats why its being done 99% of the time. Dads just as guilty.

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    I can't believe that they don't know Hitler…just like the Pharaohs, Egyptians forgot about Joseph. Put God's people into slavery.
    Today, these people are in slavery.

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    Very onesided view on Hitler. Hitler was a catholic, not a christian. Why does Ray not point to the difference – is he ignorant of that most important fact? Hitler was planted and controlled by Jesuits as every political leader. Ray should study the history of the roman catholic church and of the counterreformation Jesuits before making such indoctrinating superficial "Mainstream" arguments. If you do not expose the power behind people like Hitler, Stalin ( the latter was a jesuit priest!) etc. you never come to the full knowledge of events in history.

  40. Liza Carde Author

    I thought everyone knew about hitler…we were taught that in school…this generation doesnt seem to know much about anything than selfishness…Im a born again Christian and I am so heart broken about what they had to go through with hitler in charge…and for those that say the Holocaust didnt happen that really upsets me and I pray that their eyes would be opened and them realized what they all went through…hilter doesnt deserve to have his name capitalized and he is right where he should be in hell…Thank you Ray for sharing this video I will pass it on people really need to watch this…God bless

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