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2015 Hollywood Carnival Highlights – California 6/27/15

2015 Hollywood Carnival Highlights 6/27/15


  1. Anais K Author

    Machel is da damn energy god..he can hype any crowd ! Trinidad used to have the best carnival when it comes to vibes and wilding out but they got too westernized. Lost that carnival spirit. Go Machel !! 😀

  2. Majestics Beauty palace Author

    This openly portraying of lust, with fornications and adultery at the end of it, in this end times, GOD is sitting above and looking down at this filth, and his son Jesus Christ in tears saying "Is this what I died for?". 1Corinthians chapter 6vs9 to 11 this is from the king James bible. Ecclesiastes 7:29, Romans 1vs28 to 32. google these scriptures and read for your self

    people see these cursed act and repent each and everyone and awake with knowledge that the end time is near like today. start to look for Christ Salvation and accept that because God the creator and father loves us too much he allow his one child to come and save us from such a great condemnation after death.. cling to God's love. search for christ and God our father in church and in your Bible for you will find "him" for your own good after you died. peace of Christ Jesus be unto you all, amen!

  3. Paul Watson Author

    Nothing but black titties and fat black asses as far as you can see. What a great way to depict the most important aspects of the black community. Throw in the usual gang shooting and the running knife fights and you an almost believe you're back home in Jamaican mahn.


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