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2018 Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge Finalist: Aaron Richert

Uh, hi. My name is Aaron Richerts and I am from New Orleans. I wrote this song called “Lucky.” It is based off a series of conversations
I had with my closest friend examining the nature of our relationship, and asking the
question of, would you rather have something that is deeply flawed and imperfect or have
nothing at all? That is the reason I wrote the song is to
kind of expand on that. In the past couple days, it has changed a
lot. And it has been stripped of all of its generalities
and it is become — has become a lot more vulnerable and honest. I can’t wait to share that with you. This is not a solo effort. I need to thank Cesar so much and the entire
band, because you are amazing. And my family and my beautiful mother. So thank you all. This is “Lucky.” I hope you enjoy. APPLAUSE [Violin and guitar music] ♪ ♪ We both
want to say something but no one wants to start I know you’re there, but I still feel
alone ♪ Well I watched you in the breezeway across our plate of garlic knots And I wonder
what you’re thinking about But if one thing is clear after researching you It’s that our
fantasy has walls that we can’t see through But don’t you feel lucky when it seems like
you’ve lost every thing And you turn around I’m always standing, waiting for you I’d rather
have you imperfectly than not have you at all. When you called me I was crying And you
needed more than I could give you Next day we’re driving and I’m making excuses to stay
with you And I make up melodies to your favorite songs I’ve never listened to before And the
worst I riff, the more you laugh. [Riff] And you know I feel lucky, when you pick up and your
face appears, and you remind me of the worth I have when I feel lost, and I’d rather have
you imperfectly than not have you at all. I’m not making you as happy as I know you
think I could. If I knew how to give you what you need I
would But you make me as happy as I could ever be. Maybe we don’t always have to line up perfectly. What if we took our walls down? See what’s behind the fantasy? Love our love imperfectly, expecting our insanity
At 3:00 a.m., you message me, I will send you back some melody because I’m lucky. We are lucky. And I’d rather have you imperfectly, than
not have you at all. And one day, I swear one day, yes, one day,
you’ll feel this lucky too. ♪ APPLAUSE


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