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This video is brought to you
by Rocketstock’s Collider. [Cinecom’s intro music] Hey folks, it’s Jordy here for
and welcome to Creative Tuesday! Every week we think outside of the box
to share some exciting new filmmaking tips. And today we’re looking at three famous
Hollywood effects that are super easy to recreate inside Adobe Premiere Pro. First off we’re going to take
a look at Wonder Woman where she’s dodging the bullets
being fired by the enemy soldiers. All the sparks from the bullets hitting
her shield is quite easy to make. You film in a dark space and
take some shots of a lighter. You don’t wanna film the flame,
but the sparks that it produces. Another option is where you take
some shots of a grinding wheel. And this might give you better results.
And if you are a minor, then please ask your parents to help
you out when using a grinding wheel. Another option is to work
with pre-made effects. And Rocketstock has a brand
new pack called Collider which has over 150 particle
effects, including sparks. And then of course film yourself holding
a shield and pretend to be at war. In Premiere Pro you put the
layer of yourself on the bottom and on top of that
goes the spark. With the layer selected, head
over to the Opacity property and click on the Pen tool to draw
a mask around the spark. Then back to the Opacity property, change
the blending mode to Linear Dodge. And this should remove the black. If it didn’t, you can always use Lumetri to make the
shadows deeper and the highlights brighter. And now just reposition
and scale the sparks to where you have the bullets
have their impact. You might wanna adjust your mask so
that it takes up the shape of the shield. Now, duplicate the spark or take some
variations of it as much as you want and arrange them
over your timeline so that it seems like you’re
being hit by a thousand bullets. I also used some of the longer sparks
that came from the grinding wheel as the bullets themselves. The Collider pack from Rocketstock
also has these bullet stripes which you can solo out
with a mask. Definitely make sure to check it out,
there’s a bunch of more things in there from dust particles, powder
explosions, etcetera. You can click the first link in the
description below to learn more. Or if you scroll a little bit further down the
description, you can also find a download link with two free spark effects
from the pack so that you can try them
out yourself. [Heavy gunfire and shooting sounds] Now let’s continue to Star Wars
and create our own light saber. The only thing you’ll need is a shot
of yourself swinging a stick, or a Samurai sword,
like Yannick did. In Adobe Premiere Pro I’m going to add
a black video on top of my shot. On this black video I’ll add
the Lightning effect and change all of the animation
values to 0. That is everything between
the segments to stability. Then change the width to the thickness that you
want and of course select your favorite color. Finally from the the opacity property,
change the blending mode to Screen. Now you wanna select the lightning effect,
and you’ll see you have two points and you wanna reposition them
to cover the stick that you’re holding, or… Samurai sword. Anyways, then enable the animation
for both the start and the end point. It’s a little time consuming now as you
need to adjust the point’s position per frame that you go forward. But the end result is pretty cool. As a final touch, you could also add the
Directional Blur effect to the black solid. From here you can animate
a blur direction and length to recreate the motion blur
on the lighting effect. This is also the reason why I’ve created
the light saber on a black solid. [Light saber sound] Moving on to the next
Hollywood effect and we’re staying with the super heroes
and recreate a Superman lift off! Essentially it’s not so hard, you
film yourself jumping in the air, move away and take
an empty shot. In Premiere Pro that empty shot goes
on the bottom, your jump shot goes on top. At the point that you’re jumping,
you add a cut, then right-click on the right part
and choose Frame Hold. Then head over to the Opacity
property, take the Pen tool and draw a mask
around yourself. Then right-click on that clip again
and choose Nest from the menu. On the nested sequence you
apply the Transform effect and animate the position so that
you move outside of the frame. Disable to use Composition’s
Shutter Angle and set one of your own
to get a natural motion blur. And that already gives you
a lift off effect. But there’s an important
asset missing, which is the ground that has to explode
a little bit from the lift-off. That’s something iconic
from the ‘Man of Steel’ film. So, we came up
with the following. So, we just had an ingenious idea
by putting a ball into the ground and we will pump air into
that ball until it explodes and that way we kinda have the
impact of Superman lifting off, but unfortunately we broke the ball
by putting the pin into it. So… we can’t do that anymore. Take #2: Yannick still had one
of these balls in his car, so let’s try and explode this
one with a manual pump. [Music] So, that also didn’t work. We can’t get the ball to explode. So we’re gonna go to plan B and
that is just throwing sand in the air but then behind the hill here. So let’s try that. [Music] Everyone is probably thinking: why don’t
you just use stock footage, Jordy? Yeah, it was a lot easier! Ha, ha. Using the shot where we threw sand in the
air as the empty shot made it look better, but I still believe that with some
kind of explosion in the ground we would have had a more
realistic impact. Unfortunately, sticking a fire bomb
in a nature preserved park is not the greatest idea. As a final touch you can nest everything
together, apply the Transform effect to it and animate the rotation, scale and position
to add a little shake to the shot. [Nature outdoor sounds] [Lift off explosion sound] And that was it again! Thank you guys so much for watching,
thank you Rocketstock for the support and if you would like to see some
more behind the scenes then make sure to follow us on Instagram,
there’s a link in the description below. And like always: stay creative! -So, Yesterday Lorenzo here
gave us an assignment where we have to make
a horror film with sausages. -That’s right. I made Jordy and Yannick battle
against each other with sausages. So if you wanna see that, go
to the second channel cinecom raw. -Battle against each other
with sausages, that really sounds wrong!


  1. Michael Titera Author

    Very cool tips! Can you do an episode on how to remove grain, especially on someone's face? The Remove Grain in After Effects does a decent job but takes forever to render. What can I do in the Lumetri Color panel, in Premiere, that will help to reduce grainy video?


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    Just give me one chance and 3 minutes
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  3. Al Fahad Akash Author

    Jordy.please I need your help..
    star wars lighting effect its not possible for me… I started the start and ending point keyfrem its brock at to the middle point. why, idon't no.
    that's really need for me.

  4. 4 FUN Author

    Hi, I tried to make the lightsaber effect just like you explained, but after some frames, my sword starts to curve from the middle. How can i fix that because it is very annoying .

  5. ChazNewtsGaming Author

    I'm trying to do the superman effect and have followed all the steps, the only problem is that I do not have the option to set a keyframe for the position which I believe is what I need to do. The option just isn't there. If anyone can help me out with this it would be appreciated

  6. G M Author

    Regarding the Light saber effect, could you please explain how to resolve the issue with it bending in the middle when adjusting the start and end points. seems like a lot of people are looking for a resolution to this (myself included)….

  7. MSS Customs Author

    Hey! Maybe you guys could answer my question! I'm trying to do the lightsaber effect, and ive done every step, however everytime i go to begin moving the start and end point, the saber bends in the middle almost as if there was a third point. How do I get rid of this issue?

  8. Oficial gamer Author

    thanks, now i'm minding in TOOO MANY THINGS TO DO, I was thinking about doing a wet ball fight at school, where the sparks would come out of the pen and hit the notebook (the shield) so the director arrives and sees the situation and starts playing

  9. Schelbenhouser Author

    My lightsaber keeps breaking in the middle. Do you know what I can do to fix it? i've watched this video in slowmo tons of times. I can't figure out why it's breaking

  10. Anubhav Singhal Author

    For making a sand blast impact u can use a speaker woofer unit..put a plastic sheet over a blasting bass..and then later or enlarge and mask it in the will give you a great punch on floor effect as might have to slow it a little,blur and smooth it and u will even be able to get a punch impact circle..


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