This video is brought to you
by Videoblocks. [Cinecom’s intro music] Jordy here for
and welcome to Creative Tuesday! A while ago we created a similar video
showing three Hollywood effects from Wonder Woman, Superman
and Star Wars. Today we’re taking a look
at 3 new effects and we’re kicking it off
with Mission Impossible. There’s not really a specific scene
that we’re going to recreate, but look at any of those films and
there’s probably a shot in there where someone jumps from
one roof to another. Now we had different ideas
to pull this effect off, so we first tested it on
a small scale in the studio. It went great, so let’s take it
now to a larger scale! [Upbeat pop music] -It has been raining a lot yesterday, so the
first thing I’m going to do is check the roof for water and clean it up,
if necessary. The battery is dead! Take 2! Hey! [Music] We filmed this on a drone, but of course
you can also do this on a tripod if you have the ability to
set it up somewhere. The green screen will be the gap later on,
so make sure it lays straight. And by the way, guys, we have created
a collection of green screen gear that we use, I’ll leave a link to it
in the description below. Now, on the viewfinder of the drone we
then marked the perspective of the roof and in the meanwhile, I could
jump over that green screen. And this is your first shot. Then fly backwards
and film the side of the building, now make sure that it fits within that same
perspective that you’ve drawn on the display. Snap your shot and head over
to Premiere Pro. -Yannick! -Cut the hair, Jordy! #keepthehair. Place your jumping shot
on track number 2. Then head over to the Effects Library
and choose the Ultra Key, which you can apply to this clip. This effects allows you
to key out the green. We’ve actually done an in-depth
green keying tutorial a while back, if this is all new to you, then
I’ll leave a link to that video in the description below, as well. After the keying is done, place
your second clip on track #1. It will reveal itself
underneath that keying. First, right-click and
choose Add Frame Hold. Reposition the facade of the building
so that it matches with the gap. If your perspective wasn’t
looking so good, you can always apply the Basic 3D effect to it
and stretch the clip to have it match better. And finally, you probably wanna
stabilize your jump shot. This can easily be done
using the Warp Stabilizer. Add it to the top clip and
change the result to ‘no motion’. [Music] Next up we’re going to recreate
the famous ET scene where you can see the bike
flying through the air. For this one, you wanna setup a complete
green screen that fits the entire subject. As we’ll be working with
a moon in the background, we’re also going to setup a backlight
to make it match better. The moon that I got is a stock clip
from Videoblocks, which is an online library where
you can find all kinds of stock clips, video effects, After Effects
templates and much more. And the great thing is that you only
have to pay a single price per year, which gives you unlimited downloads. If you like to check it out too, then make sure
to click the first link in the description below. Yannick was holding my steer so that I could
keep my balance while I was riding the bike. So, the stock clip goes on
your first track in my timeline. On top of that goes the
green screen shot. With that clip selected, head over
to the Effects Controls from which you wanna click on the
Pen tool under the Opacity property. This allows you to draw a mask around
your subject to get rid of the surrounding, making the keying go easier. Important is that you cut off the arms
of your pal who was holding the bike. Then with the Ultra Key effect, we can
again remove the green, like we did before. And this already blends your
shot with the background. Now simply, scale and position
your clip to where you want it to start. Create a keyframe for the position
and move forward in time. Drag your clip to the right. The
animation will now go in a straight line. With the Motion property selected, we can see
the animation path in the Program monitor. From here you also can see these
levers, and if you pull on them, you can change the animation
path into a curve, which gives you a better flying bike. And since we’re going
in a curve now, we’re also going to animate
the Rotation a tiny bit. For the final touch,
I’m opening up Lumetri as we wanna blend the clip
better with the background. We’re shooting against a bright moon,
so decrease the exposure a bunch and increase the contrast to
create a silhouette of yourself. As you will see, my tires were flat,
so this flying trick came in pretty handy. [Music] That brings us to the
last Hollywood effect! Did you ever wanted to be Spiderman?
Well, it’s actually super easy! We’re going to start with
a shot of a building. Have your camera sit on a tripod, as we’re
going to blend ourselves into the facade. To make it yourself easy,
film from a low angle. Next, we’re laying down
a green screen in the studio. It’s very important here to tighten
the green screen well, tape it to the ground or something. Then match the perspective of your first shot
a little bit when setting up the camera. And since we got
a low angle shot, we don’t have to go too high
with the camera in the studio. And of course, also match the lighting. If it’s a cloudy day, you wanna
use a softbox. If there was a hard sunlight, you can
use hard lighting in the studio as well. Take the shot of you crawling
for a little distance. And then in Premiere Pro, we’re
going to mask again around the subject. After that, we can apply the Ultra Key
to remove the green. And now simply rotate, scale
and position yourself so that it seems like you’re
climbing up to the building. Once your clip sits in place,
the effect should already work. If you need some more shadow to sell the effect
better, you can always use the Drop Shadow effect. Adjust its settings to make
sure it seems natural. Now, since everything was shot from a tripod,
the result could look pretty static. And that’s why I’m adding a fake
handheld camera motion to an adjustment layer that
we’ve laid on top. These are a bunch of presets, which you
can download for free from our website, again, link in the description. -Lorenzo! Get off the wall! -Get back to work, Lorenzo! And that was it again! Thank you guys so much for watching,
thank you Videoblocks for the support and like always: Stay Creative! -Yannick! Stop playing with drones! -Jordy, your hair
is getting too wild! Catch this! -Argh! -Yannick! God damn it!

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