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$360 Wish Home Movie Theater Setup!?


  1. ImTheDaveman Author

    I was hoping beyond common sense that the second projector (with USB, etc) would totally work! I had seen that on Wish., but had strong suspicions of it turning film night into an epic disaster. I was right! DOH!

  2. Kacper Sobolewski Author

    seriously? you bought DVD drive not DVD player. Gosh! really? and you expect it will work? 😀 Damn those blond hairs are in place XD

  3. Noah Fogarty Author

    oh god the cringe is almost unbearable
    1. buys usb dvd drive and thinks its a dvd player
    2. buys usb to hdmi adapter thinking that it will make the dvd drive work with the projector
    3. buys dvd (which is 480p and highly compressed) to play on 1080p projector (even though the projector probably projects 240p)
    4. says a 30$ projector can power a movie theater setup

    techsmartt more like tech uneducated (that didn't even rhyme)

    these are some of the reasons i unsubbed from this channel

  4. RockRiver 6 Author

    Sorry but that was a complete waste of my time. What I was expecting was for you to see how well the projector actually worked and looked on the big screen. Thanks for nothing

  5. Norcal Bowhunter Author

    You got to be weary of those cheap projectors. My wife and I dabbled in them for a bit. As nice and cool as it was to have a 100 inch image they just burn out. We decided to just give out and buy a 55" TV.

    My experience pretty much, is that while peojectors are awesome. The cheap ones tend to go bad quickly.


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