38 Actors You Didn’t Realise Were In Star Trek

Know has her role as Rebecca in Cheers Kirstie
Alley had her first ever starring credit as Saavik in Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan Christopher Lloyd, best known for his role
as �Doc� Brown in the�Back To The Future�trilogy, played Klingon Commander Kruge in the film�Star
Trek III: The Search for Spock. In Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country,
Sex in the City star Kim Cattrall appeared as the Vulcan “Lt. Valeris” also in Stark trek 6 actor Christopher Plummer
who has been in countless movies played the Klingon antagonist Chang Mr. Robot�and Heathers star�Christian
Slater�also has had a small part as a night-duty officer Kurtwood Smith, best known for�That �70s
Show�and�Robocop,�has played several roles in Star Trek. He was in�The Undiscovered Country
playing the Federation president. He was Thrax, Odo�s�predecessor in DS9�and
Annorax in Voyager�episode the �Year of Hell�
Part 1 & 2 James Cromwell known for his roles in Babe
and LA Confidential has played multiple roles in the Star Trek franchise. Most notable was
his performance as Zefram Cochrane, the first human to create a warp drive in “Star Trek
First Contact” Dwight Schultz who was a recurring guest star,
and one who’s often better remembered as Mad Murdock on The A-Team played Reginald
Barclay in “the Next Generation” and Voyager Parks and Recreation�star Adam Scott also
had a cameo in First Contact�when he played a crewmember on the Defiant who declares “it’s
the Enterprise” Bryan Singer, director of�pretty much all
the most recent X-Men�movies, has a quick appearance as a tactical officer in�Star
Trek: Nemesis. Before he was famous in roles like Inception
and the Revenant, Tom Hardy appeared as Shinzon the Romulan-devised clone of Jean-Luc Picard and his right hand man “Hellboy�”and Drive�star
“Ron Perlman” who is barely recognizable as the Reman Vice-eroy. Kelsey Grammer�of�Cheers�and�Frasier,�played
Captain Morgan Bateson in�Star Trek: The Next Generation’s�episode �Cause and Effect.� Best known for playing Frasier’s wife �Bebe
Neuwirth played the nurse who had a thing for Riker in the TNG episode First Contact Ronny Cox know for his roles in Total recall
and RoboCop played Captain Edward Jellico in the two-part story Chain of Command. Matt Frewer Max Headroom himself who was also
in “Honey I shrunk the kids”, played the time traveller Berling-hoff in the episode
“A Matter of Time”. Candyman�star Tony Todd played Worf�s
brother in TNG and�DS9, he also popped up in other episodes of�DS9�and�Voyager�as
different characters and has a role in the Trek fan film,�Axe-anar. Lost�star Terry O�Quinn played Admiral
Erik Pressman, an old commanding officer of William Riker�s who appeared in the TNG
episode “the Pegasus”. Best known for playing Mary Jane Watson in
the Spider-Man films, Kirsten Dunst appeared in the episode “Dark Page” when she was just
eleven-years-old. A Kind of an obvious one is Whoopi Goldberg,
who famously played “Guinan” in occasional episodes of TNG and was also in Star Trek
Generations. Oh and of course Malcolm McDowell was also
in Generations as the Evil Dr. Soran David Warner from classic movies like Tron
and Time Bandits has played three roles within the Star Trek franchise. As Ambassador St.
John Talbot in Star Trek 5, Klingon chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek 6 and his most memorable
role as the Cardassian “Gul Madred” in the TNG episode Chain of Command. “There…are…four…lights!” In her very first on screen credit, Ashely
Judd appeared in 2 episodes of TNG as a love interest for Wesley Crusher. and in only her second TV role Farm-ka Jensen
who played Xenia Onatopp in Golden eye and Jean Grey in the X men franchise appears in
the TNG episode “The Perfect Mate”.� Desperate Housewives and The New Adventures
of Superman actress Teri Hatcher has a small role in the Episode “The Outrageous
Okona” Bob Gunton�known for his roles as the warden
in The Shawshank Redemption, as well as the TV shows 24 and Daredevil plays as Captain
Benjamin Maxwell in The Next Generation episode “The Wounded”. You may well know him as Dr. Bob Kelso from
Scrubs, but Ken Jenkins played a different Doctor on the TNG episode “Evolution” Jonathan Banks, more famously known as Mike
on�Breaking Bad�and�Better Call Saul, played Golin Shel-la, on an episode of Deep
Space Nine. Wallace Shawn, best known for playing Vizzini
in�A Princess Bride, was Zek the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance in�Star Trek: Deep
Space 9. Gregory Itzin Known for playing President
Charles Logan in the series 24, played five different characters in Star Trek! He appeared
twice in DS9, once on Voyager and twice on Enterprise. Andy Dick is best known for his work on�NewsRadio�
and random movie cameos popped up on an episode of�Voyager playing an Emergency
Medical Hologram in the Episode Message in a bottle Seinfeld�star�Jason Alexander�played
Kurros in the� Voyager�episode �Think Tank.� �Comedian and actor Sarah Silverman appeared
in the two-part episode “Future’s End”. Another Lost alumni, Daniel Dae Kim played
the Astronaut in the Voyager episode Blink Of An Eye as well as many Enterprise episodes Lord of
the Rings star John Rhys-Davis played a hologram of Leonardo da Vinci who appeared in two “Voyager” episodes, Concerning
Flight, and Scorpion: Part 1. Battlestar Galactica�and�Quantum Leap�star
Dean Stockwell reunited with actor Scott Back-ula in an Episode of Enterprise,
he also made an appearance on�Star Trek: Voyager The Creator of Family Guy Seth MacFarlane�
also made appearances in two episodes of�Star Trek: Enterprise. and last but not least Dwayne the Rock Johnson
as “The Champion” in Voyager episode Tsunkatse, where he kicks Seven of 9’s ass!
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