$48 Lens on a RED Cinema Camera | Yongnuo 50mm f1.8 Lens

so we all know that a good camera means
absolutely nothing without the right lens right? let’s take a look at this 50
millimeter Arri anamorphic lens. let’s remove a couple zeros from the price and
we end up with this guy. I got this lens for $48. see canon made a lens that’s
very identical to this and it’s their cheapest lens yet and then this is a
knockoff of that one. It’s an EF mount lens which means it fits on most canon
cameras like the canon a 80D I’m filming on also fits on like a a rebel or c100
c300 and it’s even adaptable to a cinema camera like this red. do you guys think
it’s gonna look like absolute trash? Do you think it’s gonna look pretty good? it’s
actually making this camera feel super small and light and it’s like this
little focus ring, and it’s like eee. Okay, let’s try this, this is stupid. we’re gonna go out and film some stuff
with this setup and here’s some of the footage by the way this was a shoot that angel
whipped up last minute for us you might remember her from a couple of the
previous videos. Angel’s always doing awesome crazy cool stuff so make sure
you go send her some love and of course don’t forget to follow her super
talented friends who all came out to help that night you will not regret it I
promise. Now that was pretty cool right? but that kind of lighting and setup it
makes it pretty difficult to see the characteristics and qualities of this
lens so we’re going to switch over to footage with entirely natural lighting
shot at different times of the day by the way do you guys like how overly
dramatic this music is? the music kind of gave this scene a feeling of intent or
emotion but really here Mika’s just straight-up thinking about if we’re
gonna get fish tacos after. how about we try switching up the music a little bit. what did you guys think of the footage? was
it along the lines of what you were expecting did it perform better or worse
let me know in the comments I’m super curious to know what you guys think. me
personally I thought it performed pretty damn good just to make it clear I’m
definitely not saying this is the best lens I’ve ever used. I mean if you
compare this against a cinema grade lens this thing gets shredded apart in a
second but this lens cost less than to fill up my Jeep with gas. there’s a dozen
reasons why this lens under performs compared to the pro grade lenses like
the clarity the coating on the lens. the most obvious being this focus ring I
mean if there’s very little travel I mean this isn’t really meant for video
this is more for photography but operating this little thing in manual
focus was a real struggle I noticed a lot of my shots were like 80-90% in focus
but it just didn’t have that perfect 100% super crisp image. I mean
that’s the range of travel right there opposed to a zeiss like that which has
all this travel so I can really get nice and precise with the focus but I think
it’s safe to say if you have this lens learn to use it learn its limitations.
this could potentially be the best 48 dollar investment you could make to your
camera arsenal. especially if you don’t have anything that’s like in the 50
millimeter range. this is no doubt a better lens but I’m not gonna want to
carry this thing around with me all the time especially if I’m traveling or or
hiking or something like that. Like this little thing is a very small investment
in terms of carrying it with you wherever you go. like if this lens got
stolen or broke I’d be like dang that sucks. but if I drop this thing and it
broke I’d be like alright where’s the noose. and by the way this is a 50
millimeter 1.8 lens the 1.8 means that you could get some pretty shallow depth
of field and also shoot in some pretty good low-light out of it and 50
millimeter is like a pretty tight angle but if I’m doing like a vlog I’m really
counting on this wide lens to get a majority of the video and be able to
throw this lens in once in a while to get some super creative shots. for example some of these shots you just can’t achieve super shallow depth-of-field on
the super wide angle lens. if you guys are interested in picking up one of
these I’ll put a link in the description and would you guys want to see what it
looks like if we put a proper cinema lens on like a basic camera like this 80D maybe? I don’t know if that’s something you guys want to see let me
know and I’ll put that on the list of you know ridiculous videos to film that
makes no sense really. oh hey guys I just finished editing the video and I just
realized that I didn’t film an ending so here it is. it’s an ending. I guess while we
wait we can just play with the autofocus I have the 50 millimeter on the 1.8 and
I’m just gonna move around so you guys can see the autofocus speeds and also
there’s no image stabilization on the lens so keep that in mind. you might want
to have some sort of tripod or some sort of stabilizer or at least like a little

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