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5 Hollywood Movies Infiltrated by China | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored, five Hollywood movies infiltrated by China. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. Hollywood seems to have a difficult time dealing with Asia. Mickey Rooney as a Japanese man! Who could have imagined that taping your eyelids and wearing buck toothed
dentures to play a living stereotype would be in poor taste? But we’ve moved way beyond that now. These days, whenever a story calls for an Asian character, Hollywood just casts a white actor and tells everyone that they’re Celtic. It’s called whitewashing – taking ethnic characters and making them white. And who cares what anyone thinks? You can see more on that here. But at the same time, Hollywood cares very much about what China
thinks. And that’s because China is poised to become the world’s largest movie market soon. At a predicted 8.3 billion dollars for this
year, China’s box office is already number two, just a few billion away from catching up with
the US. But the Communist Party of China only allows 34 foreign films a year. And they’re subject to strict censorship
requirements. So that means, before the next Hollywood blockbuster goes
into production, studios go to great lengths to ensure their
movies won’t hurt the feelings of the Chinese censors. Yeah! Now that a more bettah! Like when Angelina Jolie was promoting Maleficent in Shanghai. A reporter asked who’s her favorite Chinese
director. She named Ang Lee, and then said, “I am not sure if you consider Ang Lee Chinese; he’s Taiwanese!” Well that made everyone pretty ang-ry because that seemed to imply that Taiwan was somehow a separate entity from Mainland China, just because it has its own government, currency, and Olympic team. One Weibo user even called Jolie a “deranged Taiwan independence supporter.” Disney was concerned this could affect their movies chances in
China. So they made Jolie go on a publicity tour
in Shanghai. Moral of the story, Maleficent made 48 million dollars in China. Money is a moral, right? But it’s not just celebrities that need
to be careful. Everyone watching an American movie now needs
to be careful, too. Because there’s a pretty good chance that the next blockbuster you watch will have been changed to appease the Chinese
Communist Party. And here are 5 Hollywood movies that already
happened to. Number 5 Great Wall The biggest production in China’s film making
history! It’s set 1000 years in the past, and Matt Damon helps save China from monsters. Matt Damon. Something like that. But there’s more to the story than whitewashing. The movie is produced mainly by Legendary Entertainment, the people who brought you Jurassic World
and Interstellar. Legendary is an American company, but it was bought earlier this year by the
Dalian Wanda Group, the same Chinese company that owns the biggest theater chain the world. Will the Great Wall finally give the Chinese
government the soft power movie they crave? I just hope they give us Matt Damon back. Number 4 Iron Man 3 So when the main villain —or is he?— is based on an offensive Chinese stereotype, you can understand why that would be changed. But Iron Man 3 takes it a step further. For the Chinese release, they added a four minute new scene featuring two famous Chinese actors saving Tony Stark’s life. And don’t forget the product placement! Enjoy Yili Milk today! Remember that one. Disney also partnered with Beijing-based DMG Entertainment. Not only did that help Iron Man 3 break past the 34 foreign film limit, it also meant Disney got a bigger share of
the profits— 40% of the profits instead of just 25%. Yeah, the Chinese regime normally only lets foreign
movies keep 25% of the box office revenue. Robert Downey Jr, the actor who plays Iron Man, also went to Beijing for a press conference. “I’m interested in all things Chinese,”
he said, “and I live a very Chinese life in America.” By which I can only assume he means working for 5 dollars a day, dealing with corrupt local officials, and staying away from political issues to avoid having his organs harvested. Number 3 Independence Day: Resurgence How do you make the sequel to the highest grossing movie of 1996 a hit in a country it was never shown in? Well, for one, get rid of that whole “America saves the
world” theme. Instead, why not have China and the US work together as part of the Earth Space Defense to defeat the aliens? Be sure to throw in Hong Kong pop star Angelababy. And let’s not forget  Moon Milk, a competitor to the Yili Milk from Iron Man 3. In fact, Independence Day Resurgence features so much Chinese product placement that even my favorite state-run media, the Global Times, makes fun of it. On the plus side, this level of teamwork did help get the movie a same-day release in China and the US. Pretty rare, since usually there’s a long censorship
process involved. Fortunately, they just made censorship part of the script
writing. Number 2 World War Z The great thing about this movie is, even if you read the book, it will still seem fresh! Because it’s an entirely different story. Spoilers for the book: The zombie virus that sweeps the world begins in China. It’s spread through the Chinese military’s black market organ trade. The Chinese regime covers it up by launching a war on Taiwan. Civil war breaks out as top officials mobilize the army to protect their own skin, leaving the rest of the country to burn. That only ends when a rogue Chinese nuclear submarine nukes the Politburo Standing Committee. Now, spoilers for the movie… there are none. It’s already been spoiled because literally nothing in the book is in
the film. This was all done in the hopes of getting a China release— which they did not get. I mean, nuke the Politburo! Plus, the Chinese regime has had problems
with Brad Pitt ever since he was in that movie about that separatist leader, the wolf in monk’s robes, the Dalai Lama. So yeah, that movie was never going to get a piece of the Chinese market. And finally, Number 1 Transformers: Age of Extinction Not just the toys are made in China. Transformers: Age of Extinction was a co-production between Paramount pictures, a Chinese company, Jiaflix Enterprises, and, get this, state-run newscaster and Communist Party mouthpiece, CCTV! That means the Chinese Communist Party was
directly involved. And you might just be able to make out their fingerprints on the film. For instance, the villains of the film are the American
government, specifically the CIA. That hurts. One US authority puts a gun to the hero’s
daughter’s head to get him to reveal information. The main villain is manipulating the US government. His appeal to “national security” is really just a cover for a secret project he’s got with a big corporation that will
make him rich. And he’s willing to kill for it. As popular entertainment magazine Variety
wrote, “My first reaction to “Age of Extinction”
was that it was an astonishingly unpatriotic film. But I was wrong. ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ is a
very patriotic film. It’s just Chinese patriotism on the screen, not American.” Because how do Chinese authorities come off? Well, when aliens attack Hong Kong, who you gonna call? The Chinese central government! And then the Chinese defense minister comes along and vows to protect Hong Kong. Just a few months after the movie came out, tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters
spoke out against that very same Chinese “central
government” for destroying their freedoms and way of life. Then there’s this scene. Even when running from CIA assassins, there’s always time to stop for Shuhua milk, made by our old friends at Yili! And here you have Mark Wahlberg stopping to use the ATM at his favorite bank— China Construction Bank— in Texas. And what did they get for teaming up with the Chinese government to make anti-American propaganda? 300 million dollars, surpassing China’s previous top grossing
movie, Avatar. Moral of the story is— money! In fact, Paramount must really have enjoyed the experience working with the Chinese regime. That might be why the Dalian Wanda Group is trying to buy a 1 billion dollar stake to 49% of Paramount. But this all is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our upcoming episode where we dig deeper into how China’s cultural
takeover of Hollywood is part of the Communist Party’s
larger plans to influence and surpass the US. So what do you think of the silver screen
turning red? Leave your comments below. Once again I’m Chris Chappell, see you next time! This episode of China Uncensored is sponsored by Yili Milk!


  1. Calisthenicsnoob Author

    This channel really sends out the wrong information. Hollywood is a company so it is normal for them to try to please those who are the bigger market. This is NORMAL, should not be criticized (if they don't do this then it would in fact undermine a capitalist and democratic society). Before China became the second biggest market, Hollywood would always portray China in a negative way to please (or brain wash) the people in the west. So if this channel really want people to make the judgement on their own, it really should present the information in a non-biased way.

  2. Ay Caramba Author

    Great video, but please don't say "The vilain in the film was the American government, specifically CIA. That hurts". I hope that was sarcasm !? The American government is as malicious as any other government.

  3. FedorSaku Author

    jews run Hollywood not whites. So they will pander to The Chinese and do what they can as long as they control propaganda to people and make money.

  4. Vash Stampede Author

    Stupid propaganda from Agent Chris Smith.

    First of all, I am no fan of the Chinese government. Yet I am no fan of ridiculous anti-China propaganda either.

    Let me point out some of the obvious flaws in your logic…

    Great Wall – Lots of Chinese are not happy with American stars featured in Great Wall. A film took place in ancient China did not need to include any non Chinese characters. Yet in order to have the film looked good to the western audience, the director included two American actors… and a lot of Chinese are not happy about it… calling it white wash. (how does it sound when you hear the other side of the story?)

    World War Z – the book is based on the normalization of anti-China propaganda (anything negative about China is "normal" to you even if it is pure fiction). "Chinese army released virus"… "Chinese government tried to save its own skin and left people to die when the virus broke out"… "rogue Chinese submarine destroyed the Chinese government"… none of this has happened in real world, has it? If not, then it is propaganda. So why should the Chinese government accept something (fake) that is clearly trying to make them look bad?

    Transformers – "Call central government"… so who is Hong Kong supposed to call when there is an alien attack? The US? Is Hong Kong even a part of the US? Or a part of China? Even on CIA factbook (web site), it is said the defense of Hong Kong is the responsibility of China. So what is the problem?

    If the film truly wanted to make Chinese government look good, then Chinese military should have actually DONE something. They did NOTHING useful but to arrive afterward.

    Independence Day – Once again, it is the movie maker tried to make the film more appealing to the Chinese audience. So they added (pathetically) amount of Chinese elements in the film. Angelababy is a huge star in China (not that I like her acting skill… in fact I think she is terrible in acting), yet she got what? 2~3 lines in total? The kid on the school bus had more lines than her. In the end of the film, she was what? A trophy for a sidekick? If it is Chinese propaganda, a Chinese should have saved the day.

    The milk commerical was indeed stupid, but it was nothing but a money grabbing scheme for the film maker. Obviously the dairy company paid them for it… as ads money.
     "Chinese and Americans worked together to save the world form aliens"… so what is wrong with that? Is the US the only country allowed to do it … in the movies?

    I have watched quite some of your videos. A few (yes, only a few) of the points you made in other videos such as
    the forced relocation for big building projects did make sense and was very true. Yet, majority of your videos are pure misleading propaganda.

    Anyway, Agent Chris Smith, I know you are paid to make these anti-China videos. So your live-hood is depended on it. Fair enough.

  5. Chiras Tello Author

    its a cia op to let the communist party takeover Hollywood so the American people can get tired of the communist trying to take over the country despite the big debt that the usa has with china.Then the American president has a nation behind him ready for war just my thoughts the cia is a force for darkness

  6. JacksBat Author

    I get the feeling the Chinese version of 2016's Deadpool would just be a feature length version of that captain America joke that Wade makes when he is coming up with his superhero name

  7. Jason Author

    why should Chinese see some white Nordics in the movie? They should watch themselves, don't cooperate with Hollywood, replace them. They just try to change Jesus and Romans to blonde Nordics..

  8. Ujjwal Sharma Author

    America is loosing everything like Drugs delars to Mexico, Tech from India and movies industry and big companyes from china. so tell me americans how mr.trump gonna save ur black and white asses ?

  9. Hieu Nguyen Author

    Thanks to this channel i boycotted all Hollywood movies and downloaded them instead. The irony is i use a chinese websites haha. They infiltrated the movie industry just to fuck it up for themself just like how they fuck it up for everyone else by not having copyright laws.

  10. Mike Cassidy Author

    Too many comments to view…but the remake of Red Dawn…with Chris Hemsworth a few years back…was digitally altered…from being Chinese invaders to North Korean…after a Chinese company purchase the US theater chain (AMC?)

  11. Foton Icon Author

    Yeah, Shanghai Film Group gave $2b USD to Paramount, thus ensuring that new projects like Star Trek Discovery also most likely be pre-censored and friendly to the CCP's soft power propaganda campaign. They want YOU to be accountable for your ideas, while remaining above accountability for theirs.

  12. Theo L Author

    You forgot to add the Olympic team is so called"Chinese Taipei" .
    What is different between this channel and communist propaganda by being so subjective. lol
    I think you channel is supported by FALUNGONG

  13. Mello Krieger Author

    I watched Independence Day Resurgence in China when it came out with an Aussie friend of mine we were both like what the actual fuck…Unreal..They cucked freaking ID4! They just gave the 4th of July to the Communist Party…

  14. sol666 Author

    China already owns half of Hollywood. translation: THEY OWN AND CONTROL AMERICAN OPINIONS THROUGH HOLLYWOOD MEDIA. It is only recently that their political subliminal messaging in Hollywood productions has gotten heavier and more open. I recently watched "the nut job 2" a movie aimed at children. the cover picture alone spoke a 1000 words. the Chinese white mice army standing tall in front while the heroes of the movie shoved to the back. and then I watched the movie and again the Chinese white nice seemed to be the real heroes who trample the evil corporate monster mayor and his sadistic henchmen like they were nothing and saved the hero. there were a ton of those Chinese communist proverbs just for embellishing the propaganda. got me thinking how long before american children start idolizing chinese communist culture as if it was normal?

  15. BG Author

    There's also the scene from day after tommorow where the giant submarines are built in China as an American official says 'Leave it to the Chinese to build something so quickly' (something on those lines). Why would the govts of the world choose to build something lifesaving collectively in china!

  16. Tony Mark Author

    It`s Funny that people still believe organ trade, please read some medical book, human is not like transformers, you can just simply put someone`s organ on to heal yourself.

  17. Benn Conner Author

    This is exactly why capitalism without honour is a dangerous and treacherous thing. I am happy that I avoided most of these shit films. Except for WWZ but I never payed to see it.

  18. John Phung Author

    Films written and produced outside of China will always have something the Chinese cannot simply buy, originality and substance and the guts to go to strange places of the human mind. I have never watched a Chinese film that provoked thought and discussions except maybe Ang Lee films.

  19. Supercalifragilis ticexpialidocious Author

    Iron man suit is red and yellow, guess what other things that are red and yellow too? Yup, the chineese (ccp) flag.

  20. iao69 Author

    How much influence did China have on the film “First Man” which I will not see? Did they leave out the scene of the planting of the American Flag on the Moon so that the movie could be shown in China? I guess it would have been too obvious to have Neil Armstrong, wearing a American Flag on the shoulder of his spacesuit, planting a Chines Flag on the Moon so let's just leave the scene of planting the American Flag out of the movie.

  21. diamond Tran Author

    In 2015, Hollywood released "The Martian" with full of Chinese "brain works" in helping the US bringing astronaut (Matt Damon, cast) back to earth from Mars. The kids watching the movie with me were astounding of how the Chinese scientists are much more intelligent than the Americans'!

  22. Some Dandy Author

    I remember hearing people talking about how Rose Tiko was a character that was meant to make Last Jedi more appealing to make the Chinese market like the film, but they didn't factor in the problem that the actress was Vietnamese and that China wasn't really fond of Star Wars.
    This really ads some perspective into the international politics and intrigue that go into Hollywood films. I never even thought of the fact that studios would make anti-American stuff just to appeal to China. I thought it was just naive self-hating college ideology.

  23. TRANG NGUYEN Author

    They touch anything it will turn to shit, red shit with Mao’s face printed on it. Shame on the Americans who sell their own mother to get Chinese money

  24. Rick Bourne Author

    The remake of Red Dawn should be #1 here IMHO. When the movie was shot in Michigan in 2009 it was China invading the USA. MGM went into bankruptcy, and it wasn't released until 2012, and for a cost of about a million dollars, everything China was removed, and the invasion force was from North Korea. The remake of the 1984 classic was a bad it idea for several reasons, but then it became ridiculous.

  25. Cameron Bishop Author

    So I feel a little embarrassed to admit, but World War Z is my favorite guilty pleasure reading. So hearing Chris being as mad as I am about it is hysterical

  26. Jon Egan Author

    If Paramount sells out I will boycott anything they make an with all my will and effort encourage my fellow Americans to do the same

  27. Jacob H Author

    Let the Chinese buy Paramount, all 100% of it. They will then go bankrupt because of their ridiculous management and censorships, and more ridiculous product placements, and then avoidance by pissed off Americans and Westerners in general, then the Americans buy Paramount back at dirt cheap price. It's a net positive situation

  28. Time to make Changes Author

    What do I think of the silver screen turning red, it's just a different shade of red used to be soviet now it's Chinese. John way would have a fit, Jane Fonda's lining up for tickets.

  29. shadow eagle Author

    That's what America needs to put a stop to Chinese infiltrating and buying American products for eating in Hollywood they're infiltrating need to put the stop no matter how much you look top of the money there investing Helen already selling everything you buy every damn store you go to chinese-made

  30. Robert Eischen Author

    The transformers one is a bit ironic. I mean, a high ranking government official interested in money especially at the cost of the innocent citizens of the country?

    Sounds a lot like he's a Comminist party leader in China.


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