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6 Most Overrated Actors In Hollywood

The following performers are in some of the
most successful film franchises of all time, and while that likely secures them career
longevity, it doesn’t mean they earn every paycheck in between. These are the most overrated actors in Hollywood. Scarlett Johansson managed to carve a space
for herself in Marvel’s highly successful Avengers franchise, but there’s no denying
that she otherwise aligns herself with some questionable projects. 2008’s The Other Boleyn Girl, for example,
was so inexplicably self-serious that it couldn’t help but spur a Saturday Night Live parody. “And he said, ‘Well, perhaps the goat thinks
itself a haberdasher.'” (laughter) But perhaps the worst example of Johansson’s
acting judgment was 2017’s Ghost in the Shell. The blonde, green-eyed actress faced a litany
of angry thinkpieces when she took on the lead role of an Asian character. She found herself facing similar scrutiny
in 2018 after being cast as a trans man in Rub & Tug, which she quit amid the backlash. It’s not clear why Hollywood is still trying
to make Sam Worthington happen. But somehow he’s booked solid through 2025,
mostly with sequels to Avatar, the film that scooped him from the dredges of a Terminator
sequel nobody asked for. While Avatar was an all-time record-breaking
massive success, Worthington’s hardly immune to a flop, though that hasn’t really affected
his career either way. Two of his most high profile films, Clash
of the Titans and its sequel Wrath of the Titans, received big releases but not much
critical praise. The in 2018 came the unrelated The Titan,
which got less attention and less love. Perhaps Avatar 2 through 5 will flip the script,
but it wouldn’t be surprising if no one cares about a series of sequels made more than 10
years after the original. At least Worthington will probably make a
ton of money. Angelina Jolie has totally revamped her image
in the last couple of decades. She went from wearing a vial of Billy Bob
Thornton’s blood and mouth-kissing her brother to being the type of refined activist who
holds down a position as a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador. She also fiercely advocates for her children. It almost makes us forget that she’s an actress,
let alone the kind of actress whose career has been fueled by tabloids rather than actual
acting talent. Looking at Jolie’s career is like looking
at a bunch of fond memories that weren’t actually that great. As unsettling as her portrayal in Girl, Interrupted
was, it wasn’t enough for the film itself to garner more than mediocre reviews. Similarly, becoming video game icon Lara Croft
amounted to little more than a cool costume and a box office gross that far outweighed
the critical response. The fact that one of her best-reviewed films
is A Mighty Heart, for which she was criticized for dabbling in blackface, really speaks volumes. Tom Cruise built a name for himself as one
of the biggest action stars on the planet. Not only did Mission: Impossible basically
write the book on what a modern-day action film should be, Eyes Wide Shut pushed boundaries
in the world of thrillers, and Risky Business just felt good. Cruise even managed to capitalize on the dark
underworld of bloodsuckers in Interview with a Vampire long before Twilight gave them a
glimmering new coat of paint. But the Tom Cruise of recent years is not
at all the same Tom Cruise that played air guitar in his underwear or snuck his way into
the dangerous world of underground parties. Case in point: The Mummy remake. “We’re gonna figure this out. Just stay with me.” By all accounts, Cruise should’ve been the
sole person in Hollywood that could’ve improved an action series fronted by Brendan Fraser
and The Rock. Instead, the 2017 flick suffered a critical
drubbing, and its meager box office is not very promising for Universal’s future monster
movie ambitions. Johnny Depp’s indescribable air of mystery
might just be the reason Hollywood has let his litany of box office bombs slide through
the cracks. His portrayal of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of
the Caribbean was borderline brilliant, and Edward Scissorhands will always be a classic,
but for every hit, Depp has a massive failure. Among his most notorious misfires was the
possible red-face incident when he played Tonto in The Lone Ranger. Of course there was also 2015’s Mortdecai,
perhaps the most WTF movie of the century. “Oh God, it’s unbearable.” “You’ll get used to it, I promise.” “Why should I have to?” If the flops weren’t enough, there’s the fact
that the Depp’s entire on-screen persona has been shattered. A notorious 2018 profile in Rolling Stone
revealed the extent of the actor’s troubled personal life. Needless to say, there’s nothing fun about
watching someone pretend to lose their mind on-screen when they’re actually struggling
in real life. Before Chris Pratt lost 60 pounds in six months
for Guardians of the Galaxy, he was a dopey side character on Parks and Recreation. And going even farther back, one of his first
regular gigs was the gooey WB drama Everwood, which does not hold up in 2019 if you happen
to stumble across it on Hulu. Today, Pratt is beloved for massive blockbusters
like Jurassic World and Avengers: Infinity War. But all those hits don’t change the fact that
he played himself in the critically panned live-action Jem and the Holograms adaptation
or that he had a major part in the similarly not-beloved Bride Wars. And his star power wasn’t even enough to save
2016’s Passengers, in which his attempts to woo Jennifer Lawrence in space turned off
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  1. Country Dingess Author

    & you all are dumb ass hell!!!! & clearly don’t know what your talking about , Angelina Jolie is one of the best actress of all f—king time !!!! & Scarlet Johansson is a good actress as well , I think she has done amazing movies & her acting is amazing! So you all need to really stop talking shit & only telling what your told to say & told what to think….

  2. kam z Author

    This video is just an attack on all these actors. How is their personal life more important than their work. Sometimes movies don't do well for all kinds of reasons, that doesn't mean all the people in it are incompetent. This list is not accurate or logical. You had the guts to insult Angelina Jolie for being a young immature kid and then went on to shit on Chris pratt's hardwork on The Office and the Marvel movies. This video is truly terrible and has absolutely nothing to do with talent or hardwork but more so the overly biased opinion of the creators.

  3. P D Author

    Tom Cruise is here but not Jennifer Lawrence?? Really?? The woman won an oscar because of weinstein's power in the industry! I feel she plays the same characters over and over again. A mediocre actress. And you put Tom Cruise here??? With a spectacular career of 35 years! Unbelievable

  4. Teresa Jimenez Author

    Never cared for, Angelina Jolie, tom cruise or Chris oratt. Not then not now. They just get lucky with some of their choices. But its not their acting!!

  5. AwesomeTv mittyMuetolla Author

    Tom Cruise deserves ever rating he gets he is awesome and deserves it. ……working on my ratings too. Want to watch my progress subscribe to my channel…….😉

  6. Mike Burns Author

    If you wanna talk about an actor being overrated, how about actually discussing their acting instead of talking about a film that bombed or a controversy surrounding it.

  7. Milica T Author

    I dont even like Tom Cruise but it is so obvious that he is one of the greatest actors of his generation. He is very talented and a hard-worker. I think that Angelina Jolie is underrated because of her beauty and interesting private life. She was brilliant in every movie that I watched. Also, Im shocked that you put Johnny on this list, he had so many different roles and his way of transformation is amazing.

  8. Jules Author

    Johnny Depp is one of the most talented, multi-dimensional, hardworking and convincing actors that exists. He fully immerses into every character he's ever played. Sometimes I forget I'm even watching Johnny. Tbh I was kind of with you until you said him. Had you included Kristen Stewart, Ryan Gosling, Shailene Woodley, Emilia Clark, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman I'd have probably agreed.

  9. spoiledsandi Author

    I think will Smith is overrated they think if they put him in a movie it’ll be the best hence why we had that movie with his son and I hate him in Aladdin

  10. Vanessa Awada Author

    Angelina Jolie is an overrated actress and beauty. I truly believe she wouldn’t have been famous this long without Brad Pitt.

    Scarlet Johansson is also an overrated actress and beauty. I don’t understand why people like her! She’s a dud.

  11. Jazzy Moni Author

    So y'all missed J.Lo, but put Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johansson on here? Just because they had misfires at the box office doesn't mean they're overrated. TC and JD have been in groundbreaking films since the 80s. SJ made bad political choices. That doesn't undermine her as an actress. This list is 💩 and 🗑.

  12. Branimir Smrekar Author

    Most overrated actress is Meryl Streep! And Ghost In A Shell is bullshit movie like Anime were always! But Scarlett is a great actress, that part was bad!

  13. TheRadiobox Author

    Sam Worthington is a very underrated actor really, watch The Hunter's Prayer, Hacksaw Ridge, The Shack, and Terminator Salvation (even though it was mentioned here its worth noting that he was the best part of the movie)

  14. Ran2772 Author

    Pff this list is so incomplete…What about J-lo and J-law? And Jennifer Aniston…and Gwyneth Paltrow…and Adam Sandler and The guy from magic mike xD?

  15. Charming Lioness84 Author

    well,i can't stand Angelina Jolie,Robert de Niro, Al Pacino,Leo di Caprio.I agree S.Yohansson&Johnny Depp are overated but I love them both

  16. TerrorMau5 Author

    you can say alot but Saying Chris Pratt is overrated should make you think maybe this channel is overrated. passengers made 150 M profit. wich still is alot hatefull Eight only made 50 M profit because it wasnt that much promoted over the wide world. and with his Jurassic World & MCU Career roles are some of the best i have seen an actor play.

  17. Jessica Jimenez Author

    What the hell does self-serious mean? Are you people just making shit up? The Other Boleyn Girl was a good movie and Scarlet Johansson was great in it. What the hell?? It’s even based on real events.

  18. Jessica Jimenez Author

    Girl Interrupted may have also gotten mediocre reviews, but I will also disagree with those. I think that was a great movie. What the fuck?

  19. Grumpy Sorc Author

    It's hard to choose between "he/she is overrated because I can't stand them" and "I'll try to evaluate them objectively".

  20. jontiv13 Author

    The entire dialogue from 1:04 – 1:17 sounds like the narration of a Gossip Girl burn right before they cut to commercial. I laughed so hard lol.

  21. Yick75 Author

    Think im the only one who kinda enjoyed sam worthington as Jake sully, i know he’s nothing special and wont win an Oscar or anything but i still enjoyed his preformance

  22. Kent Darden Author

    Not sure if Chris Pratt belongs on this list. And ok Tom Cruise:the Mummy sucked, but the Mission Impossible Movies are doing very well. Not bad for a 50 something year old who looks like hes only 35.

  23. Get Out Stan Kroenke Author

    There are more deservedly overrated candidates in Hollywood. Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, John Travolta, Nicholas Cage, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, most of the cast of American Pie series, Will Ferrell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.

  24. Neal shepherd Author

    Jennifer Lawrence, 180 mil.!!? I admit I am a patron of hers and has a beautiful
    Bod. but she can't act!!! 🙄🌹❤️
    She's no Cate Blanchett(sp.) or Ann
    Sucker for beauty.

  25. Calvin Barrett Author

    I did not watch Girl Interrupted I did see Gia and she looked okay nude but I can't say she was awesome as far as her acting went. I like her in Tomb Raider and mr. And mrs. Smith and I can't think of the one where she played a assassin named Fox. I also liked her in Bay Wolf it does seem that she's nude an awful lot. And again I'm not complaining about that. Weather she is a good actress or not. I enjoy most of her movies.

  26. Calvin Barrett Author

    Here you go Johnny Depp a Caucasian Indian. Who is actually in Real Life part Indian. Kind of like Chuck Norris a blond Indian.

  27. Riastrad Author

    Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith… pretty much all of the token diversity actors. Acting is for white people.

  28. Julia Raaymakers Author

    They should get an Asian for the Asian character. Duh. I like Scarlett, though. She's pretty cool.
    Tom Cruise isn't overrated! He's simply amazing! I believe he's a better actor now than when he was younger. Haha Come to think of it, has any of you seen my Tom Cruise video? It's pretty funny; at least, that is what my friends say.
    Love Depp!

  29. Jeffery Evans Author

    I love how they talk to us as if what they say is ABSOLUTE gospel…
    I guess you don't really have to say "absolute" gospel, that's pretty much what "gospel" means.
    But all due seriousness aside, if you want to see your favorite actor and you like their movie then don't raise your blood pressure over what these morons say.

  30. JW Paulson Author

    Can't agree with Pratt, and I, too, liked Passengers … Tom Cruise has only played himself for years now and ruined the Mission Impossible premise by turning it into a star-vehicle … and should never have played Lestat.

  31. Marte Risher Author

    Agree that Chris Pratt, Angelina Jolie, Johnnie Depp, and possibly Sam Worthington absolutely belong on this list! But Tom Cruise? Scarlett Johansson? Ever seen Lost in Translation or The Girl With the Pearl Earring? How about The Horse Whisperer? As for Cruise … too many GREAT films counter balance those that weren’t as commercially viable. But his name is enough to get people to sit up and take notice because MOST of his films are HUGELY successful. And for an action star … he’s amazingly versatile (Tropic of Thunder, Collateral, Rock of Ages, Born on the Fourth of July et. al.) Including him in the list is some kind of sour grapes ridiculousness!

  32. Gage Liley Author

    Wow major harsh on Angelina Jolie! Her roll in Girl Interrupted was outstanding and earned her an Oscar. What in the hell are you talking about Nikki Swift?????

  33. Ms DarkstaR Author

    You mean actors sometimes have movies that don’t do as well as others?! I guess that makes them overrated..btw I enjoyed Sam Worthington in Last Night! I don’t think he’s overrated at all. He does his best with the work he’s presented with. In fact all the actors on this list have solid resumes!

  34. Wales Youth Author

    Mission impossible series, edge of tomorrow, Valkyrie, born on the Fourth of July, tropic thunder, collateral, last samurai etc…and you choose the Mummy to say TC is overrated smh

  35. sameer ahmed Author

    I agree for scarlet becoz she become big star only becoz of marvel and her acting is just cringeworthy…..but tom cruise he’s one of the few actor who’s insanely dedicated to filmmaking


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