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6 Star Wars Actors Who Hated Their Roles!

You’d think most actors would jump at the opportunity to feature in the galaxy far, far away, what with the franchise’s uncanny ability to make stars at the drop of a hat. However, sometimes a dream come true can turn into an unbearable nightmare, as proven by these 6 Star Wars actors who hated their roles! Number 06. Peter Serafinowicz When the opportunity arose for Peter Serafinowicz to voice the saga’s next iconic villain, the Shaun of the Dead star must have jumped for joy. Unfortunately, he soon realised why well-established actors such as Benicio Del Toro turned down the role. Firstly, with brief and baffling notes, such as “sound more evil”, Peter found it extremely difficult to work with George Lucas. This relationship only worsened when much of his dialogue was cut from the final edit. To add the unsavoury icing on the cake, Serafinowicz wasn’t even invited to The Phantom Menace’s premiere party in New York, forcing him to buy a ticket like everyone else. And when he finally saw the finished product, Peter felt uncomfortable with the racial tone, and found Jar Jar Binks completely unfunny. Number 05. Terence Stamp Having acted in over sixty movies throughout a stellar, award-winning career, British icon Terence Stamp seemed like the perfect choice for grizzled Supreme Chancellor Valorum. Yet, during an interview with Empire Magazine, Terence revealed that the perfect role wasn’t so fitting after all. To begin with, only accepting the role at the behest of his agent, Terence was baffled by George Lucas’ ‘incompetent’ directing and overuse of CGI. And while he looked forward to working with Natalie Portman, who he described as “absolutely entrancing”, he was shocked to discover what Lucas had in store for their scene: Lucas tried to make amends by gifting Stamp a ‘Phantom Menace’ stencil set. You can only how imagine how that exchange went. Number 04. Harrison Ford I’m sure most Star Wars fans have at some point dreamt of being Han Solo. After all, he is one of coolest, most badass characters in the history of cinema. But it seems like Harrison Ford never quite got the memo. Ever since landing the dream role, Ford has famously criticised scripts, jokingly called his character ‘Ham Yoyo’, and refused to answer fan questions. He also requested to have Solo killed off in Return of the Jedi, to no avail. Overall, Ford couldn’t wait to move onto other projects, though the prospect of $20 million was enough to draw him back in for one final showcase. Number 03. David Prowse It’s difficult not to feel sorry for David Prowse. Sure, he got to portray the saga’s most iconic villain. But he expected to be so much more than the physical embodiment of Darth Vader. In fact, it wasn’t until the release of Star Wars that Prowse realised his voice had been dubbed over by James Earl Jones. This, of course, deeply hurt him; Then, to make matter worse, Prowse was usurped by Sebastian Shaw when it came time to reveal the Dark Lord’s face in Return of the Jedi. Prowse tried to get his own back in 2010 by appearing in the critical documentary: The People vs. George Lucas. Unfortunately, this act of defiance resulted in his prohibition from all official Star Wars conventions. Number 02. Jake Lloyd Jake Lloyd must have felt like he had won the Golden Ticket upon landing the role of young Anakin Skywalker. Little did he know that his life would become a “living hell”. Unlike the aforementioned actors, Lloyd was bullied and tormented for his performance in The Phantom Menace, to the point where he quit acting altogether. But the stress and pain did not end there. As recent as June 2015, Lloyd was arrested following a high-speed, 100 mph police pursuit in South Carolina, which led to a spell of ten months in prison. However, to better deal with his schizophrenia, Jake was moved to a psychiatric center where he remains to this day. It’s safe to say that Star Wars forever changed Lloyd’s life, and not for the better. Number 01. Alec Guinness As far as Star Wars actors hating their roles go, Alec Guinness was the pioneer. Having famously won an Oscar in 1957 for The Bridge Over the River Kwai, let’s just say some upstart Yank’s weird space opera was not something he was used to. From the get-go, Guinness was baffled by the entire concept of the franchise, labeling it as “fairy tale rubbish”. Furthermore, the classically-trained actor didn’t understand his dialogue, nor did he like his new-found legacy as Obi-Wan Kenobi. He even told a young, autograph-seeking fan, who boasted about watching Star Wars over 100 times, to never watch the film again. Thankfully, there was a silver-lining. By negotiating a contract worth two-and-a-quarter percent of the profits, Guinness had earned around $70 million from the franchise by the time of his death in 2000. So, there we have it; 6 Star Wars actors who hated their roles. Were there any that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. If you learned something new from today’s video, make sure to leave a like. And if you haven’t already, press that subscribe button and notification bell to keep it locked heeeeeerrree to TheCancrizans!


  1. David Zeebillgize Author

    these are the facts, Jake Lloyd did an amazing job at the phantom menaces, attack of the clones should not have happened till he was ready to play the role, same with return of the jedi, we did not get the sequals we needed.

  2. TaSwavo Author

    Star Wars and Indiana Jones films are connected – as Lucas and Spielberg kinda consorted on both – Ford GOT both jobs ONLY because the two directors worked together. Ford just thought Han Solo was 'without depth'
    Though the Jones character clearly is one of the most predictable characters in film history – though I love all of them
    So just a moment – the multi-millionaire needs more millions to be attracted back – he didn't come back for money – he came back with a promised kill-off.

    Very sad about Jake Lloyd. Other this other stuff is fluff. This is very, very sad. I thought big film companies looked after young actors during and after fame – but Lucasfilms maybe didn't bother…

  3. Lord of Cinder Author

    Guess Jake Loyd was imagining himself in a pod racer during that police chase. Lol all jokes aside it seems that the star wars franchise has some kind of control/power over these legendary actor's lives. Like it has some undying destiny to fulfill otherwise there would have been no chance for guys such as Alec Guinness to even play a role in the movie

  4. DarkAlex1978 Author

    Well, is not kid's fault if he starred into the testament of George Lucas' precocious senile dementia. People are genuine coward assholes sometimes

  5. handoverthecoffee Author

    If prowse hated his role, he sure is using it these days lol he was just some wrong. He didn't hate being vader. And poor Jake Lloyd, he was a baby. Maybe it's a vader curse lol

  6. Andrew Garfield Author

    I just don't get the deal with Ford. You'd think at 76 years old he'd understand that Han Solo was all people ever wanted to ask him about but no he just acts like it never really mattered

  7. Natalie Panaro Stack Author

    Ok the only actors I feel bad for are jake and David browse. He did all the work prowse the acting the light saber fights etc and not recognized. I get it his voice is all wrong but he should have been told but they obviously cast him bc of his large size I believe he was a body builder. Jake Lloyd I blame Lucas bc the kid couldn't act at all. I watched the behind the scenes and it was down to him and a blond boy who was a much better actor. He also resembled young luke much more bc in casting Lucas had their head shots next to mark hamill pic from a new hope and the blonde kid looked like him.and was a much better actor. Jake messed up lines a lot and Lucas picked him for some reason . If he dies have schizophrenia that is genetic right so that's not George's fault but the bullying for his acting is. I also think George should have cast a teenager not a child esp one that was a really bad actor. Like another said Ricky Schroeder in the champ was phenomenal my god . Only acting like that from a kid can be respected . Tatum ones too but she had a monster for a dad and no mom at all she was busy on drugs. Anyway Harrison I could kick u . Very ungrateful u were an out of work carpenter ok and this role led u very luckily to Indiana Jones. U should send checks to the magnum pi people who wouldn't let the already cast tom selleck out of the role. Harrison made 3 bombs after a new hope heroes Hanover street and Frisco kid . He was on his way to being typecast as Han forever if not for tom selleck dripping out and Spielberg had to beg Lucas who didn't want to use the same actor in all his movies Ford was cast 3 weeks before filming and went on to a stellar career so he really shouldn't be so nasty about star wars . Again u were a 34 year old washed up actor of episodic television at that point . It was over. So don't feel sorry and he should be a lot more proud and grateful to star wars . Mark hamill i s the one I could see with a chip but he's a great guy and embraces star wars . Alec again 70 million bucks so u could live a life we'd all drea m of and UR great great grandkids will be wealthy and never have to work so be grateful . Terrance stamp will be ok he's zod and a legend . The Darth maul guy meh u weren't hurt either way

  8. Cheryl Sahawneh Author

    Umm… you do realize that Jake Lloyd having schizophrenia has nothing to with him having acted in SW? Sure, the bullying after TPM didn’t help matters at all. But they’re two very separate problems.

  9. William Bowers Author

    Yeah , I'm pretty sure Carrie Fisher hated her roll as she repeatedly reported she was harassed about her weight alot . I would think that would be # 1 on your list !! Great video though , I didn't know about Jake Lloyd . Was there any information on why he went nuts . Surely as an adult he learned to put shit behind him ,Star Wars did NOT make him drive 100 mph. His decision was his own .If I were him and someone teased me for being iStar Wars, I'd kick 'em in the shins , then I would throw an action figure and a wad of cash in their face !! Then truthfully I'd would probably spit right in their face , unless it was a girl because you know , she's a girl and when a GIRL picks on you , it's usually because she likes you and is testing you based on your reaction , LoL.

  10. UndeadDave Author

    The kid from the phantom menace was a horrible actor, whoever cast him must've been blind and deaf, he did just as much damage to the movie as Jar Jar Binks, and there were several child actors who could act at that time.

  11. Spider Web Author

    My Family didnt want Han Solo to die because he is important for the film. I want him to die because of Solo: A Star Wars Story and Harrison Ford hates the charcther.


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