1. Robert story Author

    The one with terry crews was way funnier I found myself fast forwarding through this looking for something funny but eventually forward till the end and when I got there I was glad it was over the end!

  2. Anderson, Don’t Talk Out Loud Author

    I love this series way too much. The second I saw the title was “Do you wanna see a dead body” I was like “I need to watch this”

  3. Marco G Author

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  4. Todd Long Author

    So you're telling me, that some single guy, whose a total weirdo, working odd jobs, knows where all the dead bodies are? That the FBI can't find? Okay. On a side note if I ever meet Justin Long he better give me some free sunglasses or I swear.

  5. Philippe Gauvin-Vallée Author

    I am not actually enjoying the video. I'm studying the lifespan of the shades toss running gag. The thing is I forgot to start counting…


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