1. king leonidasberg the spartan heeb Author

    this is why everyone hates cops…well almost everyone. these fuckers do this in real life, everyday real life. it cracks me up when I see ppl supporting the pigs…until it's THEM getting a ticket, until it's THEM being talked to like they're scumbags, until it's THEM having their rights blatantly violated. I know I know…its just a movie riiight, why get all worked up over a movie riiight? fuck them, they get paid to take the risks they take just like everyone else. see what they say in support of the average Joe blow construction worker who gets hurt on the job. fuck them…everytime one of them gets hit with new charges in the news I get a semi woody. when they get convicted and have to do time with the "scumbags" they helped put away or if they get hurt otj…I get severe wood, as in needs immediate medical attention cause my shit won't go down kinda wood.

  2. Isiah World Author

    Oh I'm sorry let me rephrase,,,FUUUCCK YOOOUUU!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄 I looked up this scene just for that part. This guy is a good actor too. The Crazies is another movie where he says a laughing my ass off line "Everything is fucking moving"!.

  3. Sagittarius jen Author

    2003 had some great ass kicking Badass movies
    – Swat
    – Bad boys 2
    – 2 fast 2 furious
    – A man apart
    – Hollywood Homicide
    – The Rundown
    And to name a few
    Now in 2k18 it's All thanos and Shit

  4. Douglas Monroe Author

    I do enjoy this scene. But there is one major problem. It's when his partner says that all they have on him is a ticket for J-walking. They have him for that. But not reckless driving or what vin diesal says. Him parking in a handicaped spot. This guy should have three tickets on him and his licenses revoked.

  5. David Pearce Author

    While watching this I tried picturing Tim as Brian but couldn't without him making the character look like a pussy and he definitely couldn't have been Dom .. No Offense

  6. Oberyn Martell Author

    "There's a human being named 'Overdose'?"

    Miss this movie and I miss Olymphant. Gotta rewatch this immediately.

    I am Groot!!


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