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A Picture to Remember. Russian Movie. StarMediaEN. Criminal Melodrama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Irina Tarannik Hi! Good morning. Your coffee, as you like it. Timofey Karatayev May I have some syrup, please?
– Sure. Alexander Davydov Victoria Litvinenko-Yasinovskaya Thanks.
– Hold it. Valeria Gulyaeva, Dmitriy Sova Where is your Igor? Is he late, as always? He’ll come soon. Olga Radchuk, Irina Melnik Right. When your parents are famous
doctors one doesn’t need to study. Created by Irina Kashnitskaya,
Ksenia Osadchenko It’s not true. Igor is talented. Directed by Alina Cheboratyova He is rich and handsome too.
The only problem is, he doesn’t propose to you and
doesn’t introduce you to his parents. Director of Photography
– Konstantin Gereshkov Oh, Lilya! The most important
thing is that he loves me. Right, right. Hi. Shall we run? If we are late for
the psychiatry, we’ll have to work off! Art Director
– Vadim Shinkarev Go. I’ll catch up.
– Look! Music by Roman Surzha The lessons for today are over!
– What do you mean? Sound Director – Alexander Yeltchev Hi. – Hi. My father has an anniversary.
Let’s go to us! Do your parents want to
get acquainted with me? Montage by Artyom Sukhachyov I’m not dressed up…
– Stop it. You look great! I don’t have a present… Edited by Leonora Paschenko Please let’s drop in to the dormitory! All right, but be quick.
– OK. Stop! Stand like this. Fix your hair. Executive Producer – Ivan Toropov One second. Brilliant. Here, here… Wait, wait. Kolya, your equipment is so outdated! Produced by Larisa Zhuravskaya,
Vlad Ryashin Stop it! It’s a Polaroid.
The middle of the 70ies! I bought it yesterday. Here we go. Let’s go.
– Smile! A Photo for the Bad Memory Come in. Get changed. Hello, Alexandra Nicolayevna.
Hello. I’m Masha. I’m so happy that you invited me.
Igor told me so much about you… First of all, I’m Alexandra Ilinishna.
– Oh, mummy, I’m very sorry. Secondly… Igor, you didn’t
say that you won’t be alone. Here you go. These are marinated mushrooms. My auntie sent them for me
from the village. For the table! Thanks. However,
we don’t eat such mushrooms. Really? What a pity. They are so tasty. Mum, I ate them. They are tasty indeed. You seem to be a future doctor. You should have heard of a
serious disease called botulism. Of course I heard about it. However, Auntie Sveta has
been marinating mushrooms since times immemorial, and
nobody has ever gotten poisoned… I don’t understand what is going on. Igor, we sat at the table
half an hour ago. Come on. Please put the flowers into the vase. Has our Igor come?
– Yes, but not alone. With a Masha. What’s the matter? Masha? Masha? What’s the matter?
Where are you going? To the dormitory. I haven’t introduced you to my father yet.
– I think you shouldn’t. Igor! We’re waiting for you!
– Happy anniversary. Masha! Masha! Masha! She’ll get cold and come back. Calm down. One shan’t get offended so easily.
Let’s go. – Mum… Let’s go. It’s dad’s birthday today.
Let’s not spoil his holiday. At last!
– Hello. Here is our Igor. We have been looking forward to seeing him! Sit at the table! Oh, mummy! How are you? Are you badly hurt? I seem to be alive. Mummy! Wait! I’m a doctor.
Almost. What does hurt? Tell me! My arm. – The arm.
We shall call the ambulance. One moment. Why did you jump under the wheels?
Almost a doctor… …don’t you want to live? I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice you.
Let me help you. I’ll manage.
– One second. Are you bleeding? It’s ketchup. Andrey won’t get his pizza. Thanks God! I have a
napkin, wait. One moment. You’re funny.
– In any case, you shall go to the hospital. You shall do an X-ray and check your
arm out. – It’ll be fine as it is. What do you mean – as it is?
Are you out of your mind? What if your arm is broken?
Plus, you may have a concussion. Aren’t you sick, by the way?
Does your head spin? Here, here… It does spin. It spins…
It spins… It spins so much… Be careful. You may lose conscience
any second, so hold on to me. I’m better now.
Pain will pass after a kiss, I believe. Are you joking? Tell me, where were you running,
all in tears, in your polka dots? Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
– Did you quarrel with your boyfriend? He doesn’t want to marry you, does he? Why marry? It’s not that.
– What is the problem, then? His mum is. He wanted to
introduce me to his parents tonight but his mum… She didn’t like me. And Igor didn’t even
support me with a glance! I see. He won’t marry soon.
Don’t get upset, though. It’s not a problem.
I may marry you if you want! You shall go to the hospital. Why to the hospital?
Let’s better go to the registry office! Enough of joking. I’m not joking. I’m serious.
Maybe it’s fate. Polka dot? Shall we go?
– We shall. I beg you. Let’s go away. It was a joke! Hello. You have a very beautiful dress!
– Thanks! My girlfriend and I decided to get married.
Will you help us? When did you take this decision?
– Long ago. Ten minutes ago. Do you know that you shall file
an application first, young people? Yes. Sorry. Let’s go, I beg you. Of course we know!
Do you have your passport with you? I beg you! I feel uncomfortable. If I have taken a decision, I’ll follow it. If you don’t register us right now,
maybe I won’t meet this girl again. Let’s stop this circus, shall we?
– OK. Let’s go.
– OK. Oh, God!
– Shall I call the ambulance? I think he fainted. He… his arm is broken. Can you bring him some water? No water needed. Have we been registered? I beg you – let’s now call the
taxi and go to the hospital. All right. But only after
we file the application. OK. I’ll accept your
application. But mind – we will be able to register
your marriage only in two months. We have a queue.
– Thanks. Let’s go.
– Wait. Here we go. Careful. It’s all right. I’ll manage. We’re there. How will you go alone, with the motorcycle? Don’t worry. My friend has a
garage nearby. I’ll go there. How can I not worry?
Hello, Yelena Grigoryevna. – Hello, Masha. Hello, Yelena Grigoryevna. Hello.
– Hello. You’re still joking, aren’t you?
– I am. I told you – it is serious. Serious is what is happening
between us. And this is a trifle. So, we’ll be together in
happiness and in sorrow. Until death parts us. See you! What about the jacket?
– Keep it. I’ll come for it later. Hello, Andrey.
– Hello. Where did you break your arm?
– It was like in a classical movie – I fell, fainted, and when I came to
my senses there was a cast on my arm. I sacrificed our pizza
to one great girl. Look! Do you still want to buy my motorcycle? Sure. Why? You can’t live without it. Right. I can’t live without something
else too now. I need the money. If you do one favor for me,
I’ll give you my helmet for free. Masha? Tell me the truth.
I didn’t cut the tag off. They said that if the dress didn’t
suit me, I might give it back. Lilya, may a person withdraw an
application from the registry office? What are you talking about?
– I did a very silly thing. Did you decide to marry? Young man! You can’t come in.
The visits are allowed before 10 p.m…. I’m coming…
– Five minutes. Just for five minutes! Masha, are you coming? Masha, what’s the matter?
I called you a hundred times! And you switched the phone off. I didn’t switch it off.
I broke it. What do you want? Where are you going?
– I’m the courier. Who is Masha Yegorova? I am. However, I didn’t order anything. I only deliver orders. This one has
been paid for. Sign here, please. Lilya, did you order a pizza? Guys, stop it. What pizza?
Are you mocking at me? Congratulations on your engagement!
I’ll be the witness, mind! I hope my dress will do.
– What are you talking about? Stop it, conspirators!
Masha told me everything. She said that you filed an
application to the registry office. When is the wedding? Yes, I’m getting married. You are, aren’t you?
OK, I’ll think your proposal over. I’m not marrying you, Igor Mikhaylovitch. Very funny.
You said it in such a serious tone… I am very serious. Lilya, what’s wrong with your girlfriend? Good bye. As you say. Masha, do you realize what you’ve done? You have been dating for two years, and you ruined it in one minute!
He won’t come back. Good. I don’t need him.
– Oh, God! Think of what you’re saying! He is the son of Professor Bogdanova!
– So what? This is what! A good flat,
a good job, great life. Or do you want to work at the ambulance
in a district center all your life? Why don’t you like ambulances?
– Oh, Masha… Wait. Whom are you going to marry? Lilya… I don’t understand anything myself. Masha! Look out of the window! My Polka Dot, look out of the window. I can’t live without you. Without you!
– Why are you shouting? I’m waiting for you.
Your eyes have driven me crazy. Get out of here!
– My Polka Dot! Yelena Grigoryevna, I’m so sorry. You’re my Polka Dot.
I can’t live without you… What right did you have…
– My Polka Dot… You trampled down at the grass…
– He can’t live without you! Kiss me!
– Kiss him! I’m happy, I’m so happy!
You’re my Polka Dot… My aunt told me that my parents
died only two months afterwards. I was incredibly mad with her. Later I realized that she was just
trying to save the 5-year old child from sufferings. She thought
that they were unnecessary… She is my only family… she used to be… My father died a few years ago.
From a heart attack. My mother is a librarian.
This is a profession that is dying out. However, she is cool. I believe that
she knows the entire world literature! Shall we drink? We are getting married soon,
and you’re still looking around! Our wedding is in 24 days. Have we known each other just for one week? It seems to me that I’ve
known you all my life! It seems to me so too. All right, Polka Dot. Study well. Mum is waiting for us
for the dinner tonight. Have you told her about me? Of course I did! I can’t inform her about that
on the day of the wedding, can I? See you tonight.
– See you tonight. Masha, enough of quarreling. Let’s make up. My mum is not very easy
but it’s not the reason to interrupt our relations. Right? What relations, Igor?
We don’t have any relations. What do you mean?
– This is what I mean. Ask your mum. Masha? Masha?
– Hi, girls. You will run back to me! Hi. What’s going on? I don’t know what has happened to her.
Everything seemed to be all right. It seemed all right for you, Igor.
Girls want to be constantly conquered. Lilya, talk to her. You’re friends.
She’ll listen to you. What will I get for that? You’ll become a friend of our family.
It’s good, agree! Be more exact, please. First, I’ll talk to mum and she’ll
find a good internship for you. Will it do? – It will. However,
there are lots of girls besides Masha. Who are not worse than her. This is true. However,
they don’t interest me. Go and make her come to her senses before she has done something silly. OK? Igor and you are idiots.
– What a deep and timely statement! You are indeed. Aren’t you?
You quarreled because of such nonsense! Lilya, first, his mum would eat me alive.
Igor wouldn’t even notice it. Mum will get used to you.
Igor could be your safe house! He could be a golden cage.
Secondly, I fell in love. I don’t need anybody except for Sasha. What if you’re mistaken?
– Maybe you’re right. First, I fell in love. And all the rest is not even
“the second” and is not important. Let’s not talk about it, please! Girlfriends, I’m tired of looking for you.
We have arranged a picnic. Masha, you shall bring mushroom pies. Lilya, we’re responsible for
water and bread. Do you get it? Yes, Sir! Sanechka is five here.
He has a costume of a hare on. Masha, I sewed that costume
all the night through. I couldn’t make the ears right. Look what I have found! What a camera! Do you know how Sasha broke his arm?
It was my fault. It’s all right.
It was a blessing in disguise. He met you and finally
got rid of his motorcycle. Look what necklace he has given me! The amber is tar made of wind,
a bright shard of sunlight… Mum!
– Sasha, did you sell your motorcycle? Why not? I was going to sell it long ago.
Shall we drink tea? Let me put the kettle on the stove.
Don’t get bored without me. Shall I help you?
– No, no. Thanks, Masha. I’ll manage. Will you smile? Kolya, I wish you helped me! Well? Where is she?
– She’ll come soon. When will she come? I’m sorry. I didn’t know that he
would come too. Maybe we shan’t go. Why not?
We didn’t do anything bad. Let’s go. Hi, everybody!
– Hi. The music has arrived! We’ll have fun!
– Great fun! What do you play? – Everything
from humorous rhymes to the Beatles. With one hand. Can you imagine?
– Cool! Guys, come in! What a clown! Why are you late? If you need it, the river shed is nearby. There are chicken and eggs there.
My name is Uncle Pasha. We’re there! Make a picture. Smile. Good. You’re not trying hard enough!
You may stay without an internship! What can I do? They are in love.
Kolya, let’s go there! It’s so beautiful here! I have a surprise for you. Are you serious?
Because I have a surprise for you too. Who will speak first? – You do it.
No, wait, let me do it. Sanechka… …we’ll have a baby. It’s great, Masha! What about your surprise? It can’t be compared to yours, of course… It’s for you to keep you by my side.
– I won’t go anywhere. It’s all right. It’s for the happiness.
– Is it? I’m sorry. Do you want a salted cucumber?
There are olives there too. – Sasha… Wait. Kolya, enough. I am tired. I’ll go and lie down for a bit.
– Let’s go. I’ll bring a blanket. Smile, come on!
– Do you have a headache? I got it… I love you.
– I love you too. Seryoga, you’re so slow. Come on!
– It’s ready. You may take it. It smells so good!
– Of course it is! Dimon?
– Yes? Here you go.
– Come on. You’re responsible for the shashlik.
– Brilliant. Everything will be all right. Don’t over-roast it.
– OK. Yes, mum? Anna Stepanovna?
What has happened? I’ll on my way. Come on, open it. Wow! Masha? Lilya, I need to go to the city urgently. I’ll come back in the morning.
Masha is sleeping. Please ask her to call me
when she wakes up. OK? – OK. Uncle Pasha? Uncle Pasha?
Uncle Pasha, I need to go home. Will you ever gather together? Zhenya, come on! Faster,
faster! The light will disappear. Come one! Girls, come on! Let’s go! You shall throw that old thing away.
You won’t have to catch the light then. Oh, how do you know? Lilya, do you
need a separate invitation? Come on! Kolya, the entire world has
transferred to digital cameras, and you’re still bothering with films! Let me explain for the smartest of us. The film gives you the depth and details
that digits are unable to provide! It depends on the digits.
– My rarities suit me well. Kolya may open a museum
of cameras in his room. And exhibit them for money.
– Come on, guys! Smile! I missed you so much, Masha! What are you doing here? Where is Sasha? Masha! Masha! Masha! Masha! Masha! Guys, did you see Sasha?
– I don’t know where he is. I know. He went to the city. What do you mean – to the city?
Why didn’t he wake me up? The subscriber can’t be
reached at the moment… The subscriber can’t be reached.
I’ll go there too. Are you out of your mind?
Where will you go so late? You’ll go tomorrow, with everybody else. Wow! What thunder!
– Besides, the thunderstorm is approaching. Hello. Hello. Did you come to the Kondratyevs?
– Yes. Lyubov Vasilyevna is in the hospital.
The ambulance came yesterday. They were afraid that it was a heart attack.
But she is all right now. What about Sasha?
– I don’t know. I didn’t see him. I beg your pardon.
What hospital was she taken to? The Second City Clinic.
– Thanks. Very good. Hello.
– Good afternoon. Hello, Lyubov Vasilyevna.
– Hello, Masha. Where is Sasha? Didn’t he come to you?
I thought that he was here. No. I have been dialing his number
since morning when I felt better. His phone doesn’t work.
I can’t reach Andrey too. Masha, can you go to Andrey?
Maybe he knows where Sasha is. Sure. Just don’t worry. OK?
He’ll come for sure. How are you feeling? Better. They shouldn’t
have called the ambulance. I’m just taking somebody else’s bed.
Do you know what? Pack your things at the dormitory and
move to us. Is that a deal, daughter? Masha, hello.
– What are you doing here? My father died. I’m very sorry. Masha… I miss you so much.
Let’s start all over again. Igor, are you drunk? Please go home.
Nothing may happen between us. Why?
– The reason is simple. I love Sasha. He has been gone for six months. It doesn’t change anything. I talked
to the investigator and he thinks that… I talked to the investigator too.
And no. There is no hope. You shan’t say so. Masha, look, this is my child.
– No. Not yours. I don’t care, Masha.
I don’t care. I love you. You and the baby will have everything.
I’ll be a good father and a good husband, Masha.
I can’t live without you. Igor, go home.
I’m very tired and I need to lie down. Yes, sure. We’ll order the stroller that you liked. As soon as our girl is born,
I’ll buy it. OK? Are you upset with something?
– No. Everything is fine. I can see it. What has happened?
Is something wrong with the baby? No. Tanechka is all right. Yes, I want to name her in
honor of my mother – Tanechka. Very good. So, what’s the matter? It turns out that many girls will
be giving birth with their husbands. And I felt so upset… It’s all right, girl. Sasha will
come back, he will, for sure. Everything will be all right! Yes, Lyubov Vasilyevna.
I hope for that very much. Sasha? Sasha! Masha! Masha! Are you all right?
– No. It hurts so much! Masha! Masha! For the most beautiful mother in the world! How are you feeling?
Have you gotten up already? What are you doing here?
– You gave birth in my hospital. I must tell you that you’re
a very irresponsible mother. – Mum! You got lucky. The best
specialists did a Caesarean for you. They managed to avoid hypoxia
though the girl was born four weeks before her term. Thank you very much. Will she be all right?
– I hope she will. We’ll invite a physiotherapist
and massage therapist later. Everything will be fine.
– You got lucky twice, Masha. The ambulance brought you
in during my son’s shift. He was present at the birth and was
the first one to take Liza in his arms. What Liza?
– Your daughter. Why Liza? And I…
– Because it’s a great name. Lizaveta. Mum, bring a vase.
– A nanny will do it. Get up, don’t be lazy. Will you explain what is going on? I told mum that the girl is our daughter.
– Are you out of you mind? Catch up with her and tell her
that she is not your daughter. She is mine. She is mine, Masha.
Elizaveta Igorevna Bogdanova. God, it’s some silly joke?
– It’s not a joke. It’s not a joke, Masha. When you are discharged, we’ll go home. Mum has already prepared a room for us. What room? What are you talking about?
Sasha’s mum is waiting for me. Masha, nobody is waiting for you.
I’ve already moved your things. Lyubov Vasilyevna packed your suitcase. What do you mean?
Did she pack my things herself? What did you expect? You’re nobody to her. You and her son didn’t
register your marriage. Why would she bother herself
with a stranger woman with a baby? But she is her granddaughter!
– You shan’t get nervous. Think about the baby.
Masha, I love you. I love you. I’ll do everything for you to be happy.
Just believe me. Everything will be all right. Tell me “yes”, and everything will be fine. Have rest. Hello?
– Hello? Lyubov Vasilyevna? Hello. Good afternoon.
– This is Masha. Yes, Masha. How are you feeling? I gave birth to a girl. Congratulations. Lyubov Vasilyevna, how are you? I’m fine. But you know…
I can’t talk right now. Plus… don’t call me anymore.
Never call me! Farewell! Well? How much longer? We’ll pump the wheels now,
and you’ll be able to ride it. Dad, the boys are asking
where you had been for so long, And I don’t know what to tell them. I don’t know, little one. I can’t remember. Mum says that you’re a builder. Were you building a
house somewhere far away? Maybe I was building a house. Hello, neighbors.
– Hello, Valentina Petrovna. How are you? Have you restored your papers? I sent so many enquiries,
but none was answered. Does your arm still hurt? It does a bit. Tosya says
it reacts to bad weather. Sure. You shall work on it.
– Well, Valya? Hello.
– Hi. Let’s go, Yurik. I’ll make a bell for you. Did you come on business? I brought some milk for Yurchik.
My husband finally bought a goat. Yurk! Yur!
– What? Will you drink some milk?
– No. Give it to dad, then. He doesn’t like milk.
– He doesn’t, does he? Be careful! Miracles do happen. Why miracles, Valya?
I knew that he would come back. But you didn’t believe me. How could we believe you
if we had never seen him? – Oh, Valya! How much longer? Yurka adores him. He won’t
leave his side for a moment. Will there be a wedding? Maybe there will. I’m not
worse than everybody else. Sure, you’re better than many.
– Thanks, Valentina Petrovna. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. The milk was very tasty. Hello, Uncle Pasha.
– Hello, Yura. You’ve grown so much. I have an open-door day today. Hello, Antonina.
– Hi. Hello.
– Hello. Did you see my husband?
– I didn’t. Again? I’ll now show him!
– Go, go. What did you come for? I
haven’t seen you for ages. Hi, Antonina.
Sell me some rabbits. A couple. Why? Your Natashka used to say
that she wouldn’t buy my rabbits for I fed them with a charming potion.
Did she change her mind? They are not for us. The relatives are coming.
– The relatives… good. One moment. Wait. Hello.
– Are you Tonka’s husband? I am. – You have been absent for long.
I think I saw you somewhere before. Maybe. Tonya?
– Yes? I saw your husband somewhere before. Where did you see him?
In your drunk dreams? Take this. Did you get the rabbits? Pay the money.
I’m hurrying to the sauna. Come on! Go now. Tell hello to Natashka.
Hi. What are you doing? We’re almost done. I remembered! I remembered! Students were having a
picnic nearby last spring. I took them across the river in
my motorboat. You were among them. Your arm was in a cast.
The police were looking for you. They showed me your photo. You confused everything, drunkard! Go away! I didn’t confuse anything!
The investigator came a few times. He gave me his business card. Do you still have the investigator’s card?
– Sasha… A year has passed. I lost it. What about the surname? Do you remember it? Sasha, what can he remember?
Go out of here, faster! You got your rabbits, so go!
– Tonya! Go away from here, I told you! A drunkard! Sanya, Sanechka!
My honey! Forgive me, please. All women are fools. Please forgive me. More than a year… You’ve been
lying to me for more than a year. Forgive me. All women are fools.
Forgive me, please. Where did you find me? On the river bank. I went to
Granny Glasha to buy some milk. You were lying there all wet,
with a split head. What happened to me?
– I don’t know, Sasha. Mum, may I ride my bike?
– Yes, but don’t go too far. Sasha, I thought that Yura would have
a father and I would get a husband. There wasn’t a marriage stamp in
your passport. Or the children. In the passport.
– In the passport. Where is my passport?
– Where is the passport? As I understand, my applications for the restoration of
the documents weren’t sent. It was my life. I don’t
know what kind of life it was and I don’t know how I ended
up on a bank with a split head. But I want to remember everything! Sanechka, what about me?
What about Yurka? Sanya? Hi, Sanya.
– Hello. Sasha! Sasha! You’re alive! I knew! I felt it! Sasha? Sonny, did you find the album? Did you remember something? What about me? Do you remember me? Here we are at the party in the nursery.
Do you see? Here you are. This is your father.
He died a few years ago. He was a head of a workshop. There was a serious accident
there and many people suffered. He worried too much and his heart failed. I’ll show you some pictures
from the technical school. You’re a car mechanic.
You wanted to enter the institute but didn’t have time to – you
started to work. Where are they? They must be here. I can’t find them, sonny.
I’ll look for the other album. Mum, I’ll go to ride.
– Just be careful, sonny, I beg you. I don’t want to go home! Hi.
– Hi. How are you?
– Fine. Wasn’t she capricious? How did she eat?
– Fine. Masha, I’d like to hear more about it.
– Sorry. Have you been outside for long?
– For long. For very long. What’s the matter? Mum won’t eat you. She is just better with the babies…
due to her profession. Yes, I understand. Everything will be all right.
Let’s go home. Come on. Andrey, hi. Sasha came back. Yes, he is healthy but he
doesn’t remember anybody… even me. Yes, sure, do come.
Maybe he’ll recognize you. But Andrey… I beg you, don’t tell him about Masha.
OK? He doesn’t need it right now. Oh, wow! When Lyubov Vasilyevna
called me, I nearly fainted. What had happened to you, Sanya?
– I wish I knew it myself. What about the motorcycle?
Do you recognize it? It’s all right. Maybe you’ll
ride it and remember something. Take the keys. I won’t need
them anymore now. – Why? I’m going to the north.
They offered me a good job there. Sanya, let’s go together!
– What kind of job is it? It’s what we studied for. Car mechanics. It’s well-paid too.
– Let’s go! Here you go! Thanks. Thank you very much,
everybody. You may go and work now. Thanks. Thank you, mum.
– You deserve it. You’re a great specialist and
the collective respects you. Your father would be proud of you. Maybe you will change your mind. You may miss your beloved work
and throw me out of your office. Stop it. I’ll care for
my beloved granddaughter. If you want to care for
your beloved daughter, Masha may start working, right? As who? Who is she going to be? As far as I remember,
she didn’t get her diploma. There is a vacancy of a lab technician
in the clinic. I could apply for it. Why not? Not everybody can be a professor.
Right, Liza? My good girl! Let’s go to the buffet.
We’ll buy something tasty. Let’s go. Come on… Kolya called. He invites us
for their housewarming party. He says that all our friends
will come. Shall we go? Of course!
I haven’t seen them all for ages! Shall we come in?
– Congratulations! Hello.
– Good afternoon. Hello. I came to Sasha. He is not here.
– When will he come? He doesn’t live here now. We came in vain, Yura. Is he married? No, he is not married.
He went to the north, to earn the money. Was it long ago? – A year ago.
I beg your pardon… who are you? I’m Tosya. Antonina. And this is my son. I’m Yura. We love Sasha
and miss him very much. Is that so? It’s good that you love him.
Why are we standing? Come in! I brought you some rabbits.
You shall put them in the freezer. Is that so? Bogdanov, I heard that you wrote
your thesis. Congratulations! Thanks. It’s not all. I’m now the head doctor of
the district clinical center! We shall toast it immediately! Let’s do it!
– Come on! Great! A head doctor at 27!
Of course we shall drink for it. Friends! You look like an absolutely
happy man. Is that so, Igor? Yes, Dima. I’m an absolutely
happy person. I have everything – a great job, my beloved beautiful
wife and my beloved smart daughter. Congratulations!
– Happy housewarming! Happy new home! Congratulations! Masha, may I talk to you for a moment?
– Help yourselves. You look great, friend. Thanks. It’s great that you invited
all of us. And the pretext is great too. Yes, it’s great to own an apartment. I still haven’t used
to this thought, though. Now Kolya will have his own photo-lab and I won’t stumble upon his
films and chemicals everywhere! Did he decide to leave medicine in earnest? He did. He left the hospital two weeks ago. His love for the real people
turned out to be weaker than his love to their reflections.
I won’t even ask about you. I can see everything myself.
You’re beautiful, loved and rich. What is it? I may guess. Professor Bogdanova
doesn’t leave you in peace. Not even for a second. Let’s drink, at last. For all of us!
For gathering all together! What? Hurray! I have been living like this for a year. Sasha sends me money but doesn’t
come himself. I miss him very much Did he remember anything?
– No. I think we went God knows where not to torture himself
with a need to remember. He enjoys new life that is
not connected with his past. However, pain may reach you
in any corner of the world. This is what Marina Klingenberg
said in her “Autumn Runes”. Help yourself, Yura. Eat.
– Thanks. Sit down.
– Thank you. Lyubov Vasilyevna,
I’m very guilty before your son. However, I have a justification. I love him. Give me the
address of that northern place. We’ll go there to him.
– Stop it! Why would you go there? Although… I don’t know. Maybe you will be able to
talk Sasha into coming back. Let Yura stay with me, though.
No need to tire him out with train trips. Yura, will you stay with Granny Lyuba?
– Yah. He agrees. I don’t think so…
– Thanks… Attention, please! I prepared one
surprise for you. Guys, don’t be shy. Let’s go. These are the pictures from our last picnic. I found the negatives by
accident and made the pictures. I didn’t make all of them,
but I sure will. Look! Right! One shall wait for what one
had been promised for two years! Kolya, you’re a relic of the stone age…
with your chemicals and stuff… Igor, you don’t understand.
It’s completely different quality. Kolya, don’t tell us about the advantages
of the film! At least not today! OK. I’ll do the rest.
Scan them. Download to the Web. To make them look 21-century. Masha, did you hear
anything about Sasha? No. Hello. Does Sasha Kondratyev live here? They will come soon. Go to the
kitchen – straight and to the left. The soup is on the stove there.
Check on it. – OK. Oh, God… Kolya, are you coming?
– Wait, I’m almost done. Lilya?
– What? Come here! Quick!
– What is there? This is Sasha. Can you see his cast?
And who is this? Who? I can’t see it properly.
– I can see it properly! I’ll enlarge this fragment later
and print it out. It’s Igor. Do you see a white sweater? He was
the only one in a white sweater then. He is absent on the last photo. It’s impossible. Igor couldn’t have… What shall we do? What shall we do? Call the police. I don’t think they will treat
this information seriously. Yes. The situation is as if from a movie.
What do you suggest? I’ll go to Igor. I must sort it out. One moment. Are you hungry? My friend died today.
– What sorrow… One moment. Drink, Sanechka.
Let his soul rest in peace. You shall come back home.
Bury your friend and go home. Your mother is alone there.
You may find a job anywhere. Sanya? Yura misses you. And I miss you too. Sanya? Yes? Kolya, hi. How may I help you? Do you want to present me
a photo for good memories? Or for bad memories. Look. There are two people in the boat.
One is Sashka. Who is the second one with the oar?
– I can’t see. You can see everything well.
You hit him with an oar, he fell into the water and drowned. He couldn’t swim for his arm was in a cast. Kolya… Listen… We quarreled and he fell overboard.
It was an accident. What accident are you talking about? You killed a person,
and he and Masha were in love! You don’t know anything
about love. Kolya, listen. We can’t bring Sasha back.
And Masha and I are happy. We have a child. Kolya… One second, Kolya… I understand. One moment, Kolya. Here you go. I don’t need your money. Kolya, Kolya… wait. You shall tell Masha the truth. Let her decide herself what to do
with that truth. Do you understand? Kolya, I will tell her. I just want you
to know that it was a tragic accident. Kolya, hi.
– Hi. I’m glad to see you. How are you? Our friend complains of his heart.
We came to consult with me. I’ve consulted with you. I’ll be
waiting for the results. Bye, Masha. Bye. What’s wrong with him?
– It must be stress. When do you finish today?
We promised to take Liza to the cinema. I ask you, when do you finish?
We promised to take Liza to the movies! Yes. Masha, I’m busy tonight.
I have a symposium up to the late night. Go on your own, will you?
– Yes, sure. OK. Masha? I love you very much. Remember it. Dad, guess where we went today!
– Where? Mum and I filed an
application for the school. Sanya, it’s some kind of a special school. It’s all right, Tonya. Your
son is smart, he’ll manage. Take your jacket off, smart one.
Let’s go wash hands. Sasha, I’m so glad that you came back. I watched a program on the
TV yesterday… about hypnosis. They say that under hypnosis
a person may remember anything. Wait. Hypnosis means that
somebody will get into your head. Let’s not do it. Maybe he’ll
remember everything himself. Tosya, switch the lights on.
– OK. I did it. Switch them off now.
– I did it. Sasha, you shall be kinder to her.
One can’t insult with love. Love is pure as a dew drop.
Tosya loves you very much. I know.
– You won’t find a better wife. Granny Lyuba, mum asks
if you have a spare apron. She threw hers into the mashing machine. Tosenka?
– Yes? Look in the larder.
There are three aprons there. – OK. Dad, let’s go clean the motorcycle.
– Let’s go. Hurray.
– Hurray! Well… I’m afraid he won’t tell anything to Masha. I don’t like this story. What if you
are mistaken? You’ll spoil their lives. I’m going for a work.
Kolya, lock the door. Kolya? OK. I’ll lock it. Masha, hi. This is Nechayev.
May you talk? I’ll call you back. What are you doing here? Who is it? – Oh, well…
and I was trying to remember where I put it. What is it by Sasha’s side? I means that I didn’t
wear that apron for a year. I found the picture in the apron.
Who is this girl close to Sasha? This is Masha.
They were going to get married. When Sasha disappeared it turned
out that Masha had been lying to us. She said that she was pregnant from Sasha. I’m grateful to her present
husband who told me the truth. It turns out that the baby is Igor’s.
Igor is Masha’s husband now. I see. – I still can’t understand
why she lied to all of us. Thanks.
– For what? For not showing this picture to Sasha. Thanks. I decided to leave.
– Where to? To my mum. To come back to my senses a bit. Hold on.
– Thanks. I’ll come back in a moment. Masha, I need to talk to you. Kolya was murdered.
– Lilya, stop it. He was completely healthy.
He never complained of his heart. He came to Igor in my presence.
And complained. I’m certain. His studio was searched. However, the investigator
doesn’t want to listen to me. Lilya, are you going to your mum?
I think you’re right to do it. Kolya died here. There is
something bad about this apartment. You’re scaring me.
You can’t be serious, can you? I’m sorry. Ignore it.
Thank you for your help. Why doesn’t it start?
– One needs an accumulator or batteries. Where do we take that accumulator?
– We’ll buy it now, don’t worry. What a cool motorcycle! Go and play and I’ll buy
a motorcycle for Yurik. Sanya, it’s expensive. Go, go.
– Let’s go. Sasha… Do I know you?
– God, Sashka! Where have you been all this time?
What has happened? Where have you been?
I have been waiting for you for so long! I’m sorry but I don’t recognize you. Are you joking? I’m Masha! Mum, I’m bored without dad. I don’t remember anybody after the trauma. I’m trying but to no avail so far. Sanechka, Yura doesn’t
want to play without you. Dad, let’s go faster.
You promised the air hockey to me. Let’s go. I beg your pardon. Masha, did you look at the time?
We called you many times. We put Liza to bed. Where have you been? I was in a shop. I bought the
bear that we promised Liza. Why did it take so long? There was a traffic jam,
plus I punctured the wheel. It takes ten minutes to
go to the shop on foot. However, you want to drive everywhere! Where is it?
– Where is what? Where is the bear? I forgot it in the car. I’ll fetch it now. Get changed. I’ll do it myself. Masha, what is going on?
Where have you been? I told you that I… Why are you lying to me?
The spare wheel is untouched. I met Sasha in the shop.
– Who? Is he… alive? Why are you keeping silent?
Is he alive? Where is he? I don’t know. He didn’t recognize me. What do you mean – he didn’t recognize you? He said that he didn’t remember
anything after the trauma. Did he tell you what had happened? Are you upset that he didn’t recognize you? Maybe it’s for the better.
There was a woman with a child with him. And he called Sasha “daddy”. Sanechka, what’s wrong with you?
– Nothing. What do you mean?
I can see that something is wrong. What is wrong again? Everything is wrong.
Everything. Can’t you understand? No, I can’t. It doesn’t work out,
Tosya. It just doesn’t. I’m going.
– Here we go… I’ll wait for you in the car.
– OK. Leave Liza in peace. Children of her age shall
learn how to eat on their own. If I didn’t work but sat at home Liza would have been doing
everything on her own. You may sit home. Your job brings no good. You just go God knows
where God know with who. I beg your pardon.
What are you talking about? About your yesterday’s adventures. Igor and I have sorted it out.
– Really? You did, didn’t you? Alexandra Ilinishna, honey,
I don’t get it. What do you want of me? I want my son to be happy. He adores you. Do you realize that you’re
living in clover? “Masha, Masha… Masha wants a new car…
” Masha wants to work – here, she gets a new position.
But Masha still doesn’t like it. She is always unhappy.
I wouldn’t stand you in my house even for a minute but for Liza. Are you tolerating me because of Liza? And I’m tolerating you
because of Igor. Who needs it? Who needs these sufferings? I’ll now pack my things
and go away with Liza. Nobody will delay you,
but the baby will stay here. Liza won’t go anywhere. We’ll see.
– What? Here we go… Liza will stay with her father! Will you ever calm down?
She isn’t your granddaughter! What?
– Igor is not Liza’s father. Were you lying to us all this time? When Igor finds out,
you will lose everything. First, I don’t need anything from you. Secondly, your son knew
everything from the very beginning. It was his idea. Not the
best one, as we can see now. Masha, what is going on? We’re being late. Igor, do you know what she has
just told me? – What? That Liza isn’t your child.
And that you know about it. I know, so what? Bitch!
– Mum! What an ungrateful bitch!
– Mum! I can’t do it. I can’t listen
to it anymore. – Masha! Go away from here! Nobody will keep
you here. – Mum, stop it! What are you doing? Stop, I tell you!
If Masha goes away, I’ll go with her! Know it! You’ll stay alone! Masha! Live as you want to. Masha, stop it. Masha!
– I can’t tolerate it any more. Stop it, my honey.
– I can’t! My honey, it’s all right. Calm down. Calm down.
Everything will be all right, Masha. Stop it. If you want it, we may leave. I was offered to head a
department of cardiac surgery in a clinic in Dusseldorf.
Shall we go there? Yes, I want it. Let’s go. We’ll go. Or we can buy tickets
for today and go to Thailand. I want it very much.
– Or to the Seychelles. Anywhere!
– Masha… It’s none of my business but…
what has happened, Tosechka? He doesn’t love me. Life is long. He’ll get
used to you and love you. No. He hasn’t been himself
ever since he met Masha. He as if feels something, Stop it. She has been
married for a long time. She has a daughter.
She is not a competitor for you. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. Wait. Maybe it’s sort out by itself.
As Paolo Coelho said: “If you really want something,
the entire Universe will help you get it”. Did he really say so, that Pavlo?
– He did. Is that it? This is it. Well?
– Well… Stop it, stop it… Listen! Sasha is my man!
God forbid you from approaching him! Is it a threat?
– I found Sasha on the bank half-dead. I cared for him a few months
until he came to his senses. I was with him in sorrow and I
was with him in happiness too. My congratulations.
What do you want from me… if everything is good between us? Sanya doesn’t remember anything. However, the doctors say that
he’ll remember his past soon. I wouldn’t like you to
be close at that moment. Are you so unsure of yourself? Did you see this? Sanya gave it to me… when he found out that we’d have a baby. Is that true?
– It is! How interesting! We’ll have a girl.
So keep your distance from him. I don’t have any claims for Sasha.
I have a great husband. My daughter considers him her father. Nobody will ruin your family. Besides, we’re moving to
Germany soon. Good luck to you! Stop! Who is the father
of your daughter? Sasha? I told you – good luck to you. It’s Sanya. I’ll enlarge this fragment
later and print it out. Hello? Hi, Masha.
– Hi, Lilya. Didn’t I wake you up? I am calling to say good-bye.
We’re leaving tonight. Far away? – First for the vacations
and then to Germany. To Dusseldorf. Igor was offered a job there.
– Have a safe trip! Lilya, do you know the news about
Sasha Kondratyev? He is alive. Sasha? Alive? How do you know? I met him in a shop a few days ago. Why did you keep silent?
– What would it change? It changes everything!
We need to meet, urgently! Lilya, my plane is in three hours.
And… I hug you. Sanya? Hi.
– Hi. What are you doing?
– I’m packing my things. Are we leaving for the village? I’m going back to the north.
I decided that it would be better this way. Better for whom?
For you? For me? For Yurka? Better for everybody. Wait. What about your mother? How can you leave your
mother with her weak heart? Sanya? What shall I do?
I may give you a baby, if you want. A girl. Sanya! Please!
– Tosya, please let me go. Sanya, where are you going?
One can’t escape oneself! I’m sorry. Sanya! Sasha! Tonya? Tonya, what happened? Tonya? Your Sasha left.
– What do you mean – left? Where to? He let for the north.
– He left one time. We’ll come back soon. No. This time he left for good. I put a stranger’s ring on my finger
but I didn’t get any happiness. That Masha… she has a daughter
from Sasha. – What? I am saying that Sasha is the
father of Masha’s daughter. How? This is impossible.
Igor, Masha’s husband, told me that the girl was born
in her term and that’s why… …Igor was her father.
– It means he lied to you. How can that be? And I… God… What do I do? Yura and I will go home. Sasha? Sasha? Where are
you going? I’m going to you! I’m sorry but I’m in a hurry. Sasha! I’m Lilya. Don’t you recognize me? I can’t recognize you. I don’t
remember anything after the trauma. Sorry. Will you give me a
lift to the train station? After this trauma? How will you row with one arm?
Let me help you. – OK, help. There is something I wanted to say…
get off Masha, will you? How can I? We’ll marry soon.
– What wedding are you talking about? You’ve been with her for only
a month and we’ve been together for two years. We
quarreled when she met you. She loves me. Do you understand? Me! No, I don’t understand.
She loves me, Igor. Why are you so stubborn?
Shall I throw you out of the boat? You won’t do it. Don’t you understand that you’re a spare? No, you don’t understand
that you’re a spare. I’ve remembered everything.
– What? I’ve remembered. Lilya! He hit me with an oar
and I started to drown. I felt short of oxygen and
started to beat my feet. When I surfaced, the boat was far away. I remember that the water was icy cold. My head was splitting from pain,
and it was very hard to row with just one arm. Thunderstorm
started, it became dark. Then – bright light in my eyes.
A woman bent over me. It was Tosya. Igor is a real bastard.
He stole yours and Masha’s lives. Masha… I need to see her, urgently. Will you bring some water? Anything else?
– No. Hello? Lyubov Vasilyevna? Hello. Masha, where are you now?
We need to talk, urgently! I’m in the airport. We’re leaving
for the vacations. What has happened? I… I’m so guilty before you, girl!
– You’re guilty, aren’t you? I am. I didn’t believe you. I thought that you lied to me
and that your baby isn’t Sasha’s. But why? Lyubov Vasilyevna!
Liza was born a month before her term. Igor convinced me that the
baby wasn’t born prematurely. God, what is going on? I’ll now explain everything to you, Masha. Kolya made a picture on
which Igor is hitting Sasha. I wish I killed you then. I have all the proofs with me.
The police are on their way. I’ll explain everything to you now.
Do you hear me? We’ll sort everything out. Don’t worry. Sasha! Sasha! Everything is all right. Look who is here, honey. Hi. She looks so much like you!
As beautiful as you. It seemed to me all the
time that she had your face. Is that really so? Mum? I remembered everything.
– Sasha… Masha… daughter… My sunny… God, children!
At last we’re all together. Let’s go home.
– Let’s go. Let’s go, come on.
– Come on, come on. Come in… The End


  1. Benjamin Rood Author

    Russian women are the most beautiful.
    I respect Sasha's romanticism!

    edit: This whole movie goes down the toilet after Sasha's disappearance. It was perfectly interesting just being a romance.

  2. Ismael Figeuras Author

    I conclude and maybe some of you will agree that whenever we watch a movie and made us cry, for sure that movie is extra ordinary because it touches our hearts and minds and made our tears flow for happiness or loneliness . thanks for every worthwhile movie

  3. Priscilla _ Wangshul _ Lutmang Author

    So sad that i feel so petty for igor. And i still feels his love for masha been so sweet and romantic. Love her so much that he has gone crazy enough. Feel pity for him.
    Really like this movie. 😄

  4. gems huelar Author

    omg…. sasha at least u can be nicer to your savior tosya… nice story… somebodys life was ruined by selfishness…
    but then again….. love is powerful and also karma….
    nothing can be hide forever…
    im starting to love russian movies… nice movies pretty actors amd actresses….

  5. Lalhmu Dika Author

    Evertin happnd so faz at the beginng.almost gave up..but it got bettr n bettr untill I realized that every characters were living a big lie n boom …!!!! Such a nice plot…loved it…

  6. Izzy Bulado Author

    All I can say is WOoooaw!! 😮 a very interesting story Sasha and Marsha has a good chemistry I love this Russian movie and I’ll have to find more stories 😊

  7. Abdul Mulla Author

    I love russian movies and thanks for the english subtitles. My heart goes out for the ladies and children like Antonina (Tonka) and Yurik. Yurik's innocent childhood goes on without his father's love and Tonka's entire life goes out without a real loving and caring life partner. Well, life is not always about the happy endings; somewhere is sad and bitter. Good movie BTW.

  8. Afriane Chaniago Author

    Ótimo filme….apesar o final não tão supriendente mas vale apena assiste …..gostei e recomenda thanks 4 posting…

  9. Angel Shrav Author

    And I wish that lost ring 💍(which was fell over when Sasha wanna present to Masha at the picnic ) could have given to Masha at least at the end.

  10. hajar hadi Author

    Nice story but a bit boring, maybe because I’m already used to this type of plot in a story. Accident n forget but happy ending😪

  11. john byrne Author

    well if this story doesn't rip the tears out of you face nothing will–just as well I am a hard arse bastard and would have put a bullet in the head of that bloody doctor.


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