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A1 Apologizes to Lyrica | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

♪♪ (Lyrica)
I haven’t told A1 that
I’ve been apartment hunting, and I don’t really plan
on telling him until I’m really sure
of what I want to do. A1’s been trying to show me
that I’m all he wants, but it’s like hard
to believe it this time. Yo. We gotta talk. What’s up? I’m just trying
to work (bleep) out, you know what I’m saying? I’m tired of this, like,
for real, for real. Like… I’m sorry. I am really sorry. That shoulda never
happened first–
in the first place. I was just…
you know… lost last year,
period. But, I want my wife, and I want to
work things out. We got a– a little
baby boy to raise. I’m willin’
to make it work. Are you? I mean, like, do you want
this relationship to work? Like, do you want
to be with me? I would be lying
if I just said I just don’t
want to be with you, but this is the most unsure
I’ve ever felt. I don’t know how I can
even look at A1. And I don’t even know
how I’m getting through this, let alone being in
the same house with him. You know,
I just feel like… not safe anymore. It’s not so easy
to walk away from something you’ve built for almost
ten years. Ocean loves being
with both of his parents. It’s really hard to think about
taking that from him and putting us
in separate households. At the end of the day,
I want to feel comfortable in my relationship
in knowing that it’s about me, and Ocean,
and nobody else. That’s too much stress to try
to take care of an infant and be wonderin’ if
my man is being faithful. You just got off
of a tour. I don’t know what happened
when you was on tour. Um… Well, I mean… I’ve still got
two more dates, you know? If you down… I want to take you
on the tour with me and just have a good time
like we always used to have. In the past, I woulda been
typical style, you know, would’ve bought her a watch or,
you know, threw a bag at her. But this, it’s gonna take
a little more than that. It’s gonna take real work
and real time. Come out, perform,
clear your mind. Just have your mama
watch Ocean… and come out. Perform your single,
“Wreckless”– I mean, me coming out
and performing is a great, fun thing,
but that doesn’t change the damage when
we get home. So, you don’t
want to come to the sold-out
last two days? I mean, I just don’t
feel like pretendin’ like I’m peaches and cream
when I’m really broken inside. Like I said, I’m sorry…
for embarrassing you. I would love for you
to come out and perform. So, just let me know.


  1. Garrison Payne Author

    Uuugh..this situation makin me wanna go to sleep. Like folk, is it really that hard to stay faithful to one person after you swore up and down you would. Just break up at this point bc these folks here are stressin me out

  2. Veronica Green Author

    Marriage is ups and downs if your not willing to work it out through good and bad times dont get married fyi no body marriage is perfect

  3. Michelle Evans Author

    I really from the bottom of my heart hope and pray that A1 and Lyrica workout their marriage. They should go to a marriage counselor and really workout their marriage they are a lovely couple that made mistakes on both ends but I think that their marriage can be fixable. Much love for Lyrica and A 1 on restoring their marriage .

  4. jacqueline broussard Author

    Thank you A1 for telling the truth God forgave Saul when he committed adultery, I pray that you ask for forgiveness honor and love your wife, you owe no one anything but YOUR WIFE!!! people will talk let them. God bless you both and you baby boy..

  5. Riri Graham Author

    Hey Lyrica give him another chance for your son. I love you and A1 . Sometimes people make mistakes no one's perfect. You no him and you don't want different men a round your son.

  6. Anastasia Beaverhausen Author

    Look everyone has seen the DMX challenge!! There isn't a fuckin thing you people can show us at this point that will matter, Auntie has made his bed..

  7. Shayla Washington Author

    Lyrica – separate from A1 because all he going to do is have you confused & broken! Focus on your baby & your career & performing is just a favor for him 💯

  8. Lia J Author

    Continue looking for an apartment, what kind of apologies was that…he still wants to continue with his nasty life. Keep your energy clear baby girl, you don't need everyone energy that he's sleeping with come back towards you. Get out that house and start fresh.

  9. MixedGirl_Vibes Author

    O M G – I just realized who SUMMER BUNNI is…. she is the same girl that had s*x with CARDI B's husband OFF SET ……. like she really dont give a F? she really trying to F her way to the top. and she sound and look like CHYNA .. damn smh.

  10. Sheee Stew Author

    Sometimes as women we try to stay together with the father to say it's for the sake of the child so they could have both parents but at the same time we're doing them more harm than good by letting them see us suffer the emotional abuse the verbal abuse is not healthy so sometimes we just have to stand or on our feet and do what we know deep down in your heart is best . We have to do what's right so our children don't grow up and think it's acceptable for their partner to treat them a certain way because it's love we don't want them to be scarred by the relationship that we had

  11. Yvonne Bishi Author

    I dont really know A1, but at least he's tryin to win his wife back. Some guys mess up and never apologize… He's as you fine as u know what, What…lol..

  12. Chanta Jones Author

    A1 GOT YUH FUCKED UP!! if yo friends don’t tell yuh ima tell yuh! How tf y’all both cheat last year agreed to move on as a couple then he do it again😤 then basically he admitted he just but yuh back with gifts 😡 so he gon give yuh an opportunity something yuh should just get any fuckin way if it’s that easy 🤔 to perform at a sold out concert?? THATS BAIT🤦🏾‍♀️😂 if yuh keep him beat his ass friend he got yuh fucked up lol

  13. CaLiCo MaMa Author

    Correct me if I'm wrong but…Didn't lyrica mess around with safari?🤚🏻💭
    Wasn't it also around that time that she got pregnant & they were wondering if the baby was his or A1's?🤰🤔
    If so, I'm most definitely NOT saying that he had a pass in any way but, he still stayed with her after all that she did to him?!👪 Hypocritical if u ask me!🤷🏼🙄
    I personally, can't(won't) stay with someone that cheats on me.✌🏻 Worse thing u can do is cheat in my book! Along with lying, or stealing!!💩

  14. snowieskiesabove Author

    “Threw a bag at her”?! If that doesn’t tell Lyrica all she needs to know… girl. You’re his lifeblood, his best friend, his companion for life and he thinks he can heal your heart with a bag?! He don’t value you, sis

  15. Juliana Thompson Author

    Seems A1 got feelings for summer bunni. It was same way as offset. I felt he had feelings for her as well. She needs to be a humble side chick and secure the bags. She keep popping off and dudes go back to the wifey.

  16. Juliana Thompson Author

    Next dumb dude who sleep w Summer Bunnie; Make her sign a disclosure!!!!! 😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😂😂

  17. Fabulosityy Author

    Ok she cheated first, then he cheated and she’s making him beg for her forgiveness??? Not saying that he’s right for cheating back on her but there is no way I would feel bad if I was him, either forgive him like he forgave you and move on from it or leave… she gets no sympathy from me…

  18. Passiou.sLoves Author

    They act more like a boyfriend & girlfriend than husband and wife . This is not a marriage 😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  19. Kay’s World Author

    They need to stop using their marriage as a storyline or some movie THIS REAL LIFE YALL HAVE A BABY!GET YALL SHI TOGETHER AND ACT LIKE PARENTS AND NOT TEENAGERS who cheat back and forth‼️🤦🏾‍♀️

  20. Joy Voluptuousbbw Author

    I can't take anyone seriously, having surgeries.They don't love thereself. They let Hollywood chew them up and spit them out. God did not make man for that.#Team Natural beauty

  21. Keevin Perry Author

    🤔SMH!! Really 1st They Got Past The Lyrica N Safari Cheating Allegations Last Year. And Now Y'all Still Going through Same Stuff A-1 should of Thought Twice Abt Putting A Ring on Lyrica Finger Cuz They Need ALL The Marriage Counseling They CAN Get 💯👍✔️

  22. Michael B. Author

    Umm yall know it's 90% fake and scripted…got a buddy work for VH1, their clothes, cars, houses ect aren't actually there's… The lives that they pretend to lead are not theirs either…offset the Females be at home with they real boyfriends and dont even talk to these dudes/cast…but on camera their acting like they're in a relationship kissing on each other and carrying on lol. Its crazy! Truth is Most of the entire Male cast has been gay for years.

  23. Phoenix Rize Author

    It’s hard to forgive a cheater to begin with it’s even harder when the cheating happens in the public eye -I think they should both separate and really give each other space because I don’t feel a true lesson has been learned on his end until he really feels LEFT

  24. tiffany curtis Author


  25. Dee Walker Author

    A1 definitely needs to find himself a good hair stylist because whomever is doing this is making him look cheap n a lil on the unclean side🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂 quiltish like!

  26. Ms. Nigeria Parker Author

    Pause🙋🏾‍♀️ she cheated too. What the freak is the difference? They need to just part ways. Both have crossed a major line of trust.


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