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Do you know Aayu got lost today? Surely see today’s story till the end that what did Aayu do? And share this story with your little siblings If you haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe Let us see today’s story That what did Aayu do? Thank you Universal pictures India Pihu you have to do all the sums today You have an exam, no shortcuts allowed Sister come let us play Tomorrow is Pihu sister’s test She can’t play right now You go play alone Do it fast Pihu So then Mom give me your phone Okay play games on mobile phone but do not trouble your sister Go and keep the volume low Now I am going to watch lots of videos Hmm.. which video is this? Oh this is a new trailer of a movie Abominable Come on let us see the trailer, It will be fun Mom There is a new movie releasing I want to see the movie Which movie is getting released? Abominable But Pihu sister has her exams right now The movie is going to release on 27 September Sister’s exams will be finished till then Hmm…. Yes Mom even I have seen the trailer It’s a movie about a yeti Yes that yeti lives in snow Dreamworks has produced this movie oh Similarly they have made many such movies such as Kung fu panda How to train your dragon shrek and many more Mom and Abominable has a moral too because this story is about friendship We will surely go, when sister finishes her exams We should go and watch such good movies Come on now study Ice cream, buy some ice cream Oh Mom it’s the ice cream man’s voice I am going No, no Aayu no you won’t go to the ice cream man Uncle what all flavours do you have? Indian flavour, vanilla, cashew rasins and chocolate Oh you even have chocolate Yes we do have chocolate How much is it for? 10 Rs. Wait I will bring the money Mom Give me 10Rs. i want to eat ice cream No I am not going to give you money Mom give me the money, otherwise I won’t let sister study Aayu when you get stubborn You never listen to anything Okay wait I will get it Pihu do you want ice cream No my exams are going on You don’t want to eat? See, your sister is such a good girl She listens to me I will get the money I will eat ice cream today Whoever likes ice cream please like this video Are you coming Mom the ice cream man is calling me Come fast or he will go away Yeaah, I am going to eat ice cream I will eat after exams Here Aayu take your money Oh run slow, you will fall otherwise Mom after seeing ice cream Does Aayu ever slows down? Right Uncle wait Oh uncle, come back I want to buy an ice cream Uncle wait Oh uncle wait Even I won’t leave I will eat ice cream today Pihu you didn’t do the 6th question Mom it is very easy Practice all the questions Mom Aayu isn’t back yet He must have started playing outside He just needs a reason to play He must have eaten his ice cream and gone to play Oh where did the ice cream man go? What will I do now? How will I eat my ice cream now? Oh what street is this? Where am I? Where is my house? Which street is this? You should never go on the road alone Aayu whenever you get into a problem don’t cry, dont worry use your brain You will find the solution to your problem easily Yes maybe my home is on this street Which street am I on? Where should I go now? Come kid I have loads of chocolates Do you want to eat chocolate kid? take it hold it Never take any food items from strangers You should not take ice cream, chocolate or anything They are very bad people they will take you away No, no I don’t want it I am going Listen, listen Kid, take this chocolate I have a lot of them kid wait I am safe now He was a bad man If he would have caught me? I am hungry now, after seeing that chocolate Mom gave me 10 Rs. I will get ice cream from that Uncle I am very thirsty and I want to eat ice cream too Uncle please give me both for 10Rs. Either you will get ice cream or water You can get only of those for 10Rs. We should always spend pur money wisely You give me water Kid take it from the fridge Thank you Welcome kid Mom my course is done But Aayu still isn’t here I will go and check where is Aayu? Aayu Dev Dev Is Aayu at your home? No Aayu is not at my home Where is he? Kanu, have you seen Aayu? No, I haven’t seen him for a while I don’t know where has he gone? Aayuu… Which street am I on now? Should I go to some quiet place? or where there are some people around? Use your brains then you will get the solution easily Idea I should go the garden So that I stay safe I should call dad Pihu Give me my phone Hello Piyush, I can’t find Aayu I don’t know where is he gone I have looked for him everywhere You come fast, I am getting worried Here is the garden There will be many kids here I will play with them Oh I am so stupid I am thinking about playing I have to find my home I’m safe otherwise the police man would have caught me If you ever get in trouble and you are alone So we should look for a police man and ask them for help huh? Seriously, should I go to the police man? Is he my friend? Police uncle, Police uncle I can’t find my way home How? An ice cream man came to our house I ran after him so then I lost my way What’s your home address? I don’t know that Do you remember a phone number? I don’t know any of that I just know that I drank water I forgot my home address and I can’t remember anything I am very afraid Tell me something about your location Yes, we have a chocolate shop near our house A chocolate shop is everywhere Tell me something else, like some school or Yes, there is a school near our house and? there is a water tank a water tank? Do you know the school’s name? I don’t remember school’s name there is a garden too, near my house Come, let us look for your house Police uncle You won’t take me to the police station right? Not at all I will look for your house and take you to your parents Think of me as your friend okay Happy, now come on Uncle give me this stick If a thief comes, I will give him a lesson No, no you are a very naughty kid Come on, sit quietly okay Is this the school? No, go this way Where? here here? yes This is my home Where is it? here Is this it? yes, are you sure Yes, this is my home and now I’ll go inside bye uncle okay Bye police uncle, you really are my friend Hello, sister is Aayu with Mehr playing He isn’t I don’t know where is this kid okay I wil talk later Mom I’m home Mom I’m back Oh Aayu Where were you kid? I looked for you everywhere I couldn’t find you Then I called your Dad Even he left from office I was worried that where has Aayu gone? Should you bheave like this? Do you know I was missing you so much? naughty kid Yes Mom I rememberd everything you said except for one thing which one? I forgot the home address You don’t forget your home address and number? like the way Aayu forgot and don’t forget that police men are our friend and don’t forget that Abominable is getting released on 27 September We will all go to watch the movie So come let us see it’s trailer

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