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Abandoned Movie Theater With Grand Architecture

In a town somewhere in Hungary with historical and cultural value we discovered one of the most beautiful ballrooms of the whole country. As one of the few cinemas in the region, this used to be the center of attraction for art lovers and the youth. The last screening, however, was already ten years ago and since then the stately theater has been rotting away at a rapid pace. Lately, it has become an insider’s tip of the local urbex community. We were one of the first international photographers when we explored this place. It’s hard to believe that such an architecturally impressive structure lies forgotten within the city center. As the last visitors of the theater we’re trying to bring history to life and show you the beauty of decay. If you enjoy our videos make sure to hit the subscribe button and click the bell to get notified when we upload new content. Hungary has some of the coolest abandoned places we know of. So, it was only a matter of time until we would start a road trip to this country. In the first episode of our new series you could already see fascinating derelict palaces which we explored as the kick-off to our journey. We managed to delve into the moving history of these sites. Also the grand architecture made a lasting impression. But actually, all of that was just a taste of what we should experience in today’s episode. We didn’t know anything about the place we wanted to explore on that day. Our Italian friend Tobi was in close contact with two French adventurers who just recently shared the location with us. We arranged a mutual exploration with them. But as always, we were running late. Since they were already taking pictures inside, we had to find a way into the former cinema on our own. At first, we couldn’t believe that this would be the right spot. The exterior façade was damaged completely and the whole building complex looked rather like abandoned construction works than a historical theater. We thought, if this was the spot, it would be a disgrace for the town. How can they let a cultural center go to rack and ruin like this? This is what we wanted to find out. And apparently, we were at the right place. An inconspicuous door was leading us to the imposing entrance hall. Let’s just hope this thing isn’t turned on. Guys, this was only the foyer. What else can be expecting us here that can top this?! To make it a bit more interesting for you, we share the history of the place we were researching after our exploration. Actually, the cinema was only a small part of a larger building complex with moving past. Originally, the site was constructed as hotel. Its story already started in the 14th century. But the way it looks today, the hotel wasn’t built before 1890. Only after a communization in consequence of World War Two, several refurbishments and extensions as well as numerous changes of name it became the popular entertainment center it was until its closure around 1990. Located at the biggest and most important road in the middle of the city, this building complex combined restaurant, night club, clothing store, barber shop, cine club and the theater itself. The picture palace probably opened in the 60s and even outlived the end of the hotel. Back to us. We’re still in the entrance hall. We just noticed that a dove built its nest at the coolest spot. If we went down the corridor behind the camera now, we would reach the hotel part. But it is rather boring and stripped. We don’t need to show this. Instead we were walking up and approached the cinema hall. Here we finally met the two French urbexers who are obviously brothers . Together we’re photographing more intriguing architecture. Behind these formerly completely mirrored doors the centerpiece of the cinema is located: The main ballroom. So, let’s mute our phones and dive into another world. This looks more like a traditional theater than a modern cinema, right? After another major picture palace in the city had to shut down, the management of this facility decided to change the profile completely in order to guarantee economic survival. The place became an art cinema and mainly avant-garde films were shown. The entrance fees, however, remained super cheap. This should be one of the reasons why the theater perished in the end. In this image you can see the last show in 2008. Since then the building has been vacant. The projectors were given to another cinema in the town which had to deal with outdated equipment for years. If you like our photos, you can see more of them on our social media. And if you want to download them in high resolution, simply support us on Patreon. For only $1 per month we share our picture database with you. There you can find all of our urbex images. Take a look in the video description to find the links to the different pages. Thanks for your support! For ten years the cinema has been falling apart now and it’s striking to see how little vandalism you can find here so far. We only spotted some graffiti but the main rooms have been spared. Unfortunately, most parts of the building ensemble are completely empty. During a multi-year remediation operations simply discontinued. Due to the bumbling demolition and construction works the structure was partly damaged beyond repair. As a matter of fact, the hotel, which was closed down 30 years ago, was supposed to be revived again. Instead there’s now a massive ruin downtown. We felt watched the whole time. Due to the central location the streets around the building were quite busy. Because of the missing windows in most parts, pedestrians could have spotted us quite easily. Luckily, nobody was expecting foreign daredevils to be inside the old walls. That’s why people simply overlooked us. There’s a last highlight we kept from you so far. Here you can see a popular restaurant and how it used to look a long time ago. It’s located exactly below the cinema hall. For that, we have to go back to where we started though. As you might be able to guess from taking a look at those images over the door, the former restaurant was used as a night club the last few years before the cinema was shut down. You could mistake those pillars for dancing poles but actually, nothing here is reminding of the time when this saloon was used as a striptease bar. Today, you only find splendid architecture and great decay. So, how will the future of this unique place look like? In fact, we can be optimistic. The city bought the building complex back a while ago. The restoration to its former glory would cost many million Euros; that’s for sure. But plans for a comeback already exist. That this will be a cinema again, is highly unlikely though. Anyway, we would be happy to see the forgotten paradise be highly frequented again in the future. Not by scrap metal thieves and vandals but by residents and businessmen. It would be a shame to let such a historical place be buried in oblivion. However, now we want to get out of here. Our French friends already left like an hour ago. And guys, we literally picked the worst day for this infiltration. There was a huge event going on in the city and there were people everywhere. There was no way to keep a low profile. But since we didn’t want to stay overnight here, we simply tried our luck. We jumped over the wall when the coast was about to be clear. We think, that we didn’t get spotted and so, we finished another epic exploration. So, this was the third of eight locations we were filming on our road trip. It was definitely the right choice to pick Hungary as destination for our next adventure. It was already late when we reached our place for the night. We decided to take an Airbnb because we had to recharge the batteries of our equipment. This was for sure one of the weirdest lodgings we had on our travels so far. And it was also the reason why we spent all the other nights of this trip outdoors. However, we simply had to sleep in a real bed because on that next day we needed to be well rested. We needed full focus and all of our energy because we were about to start maybe the craziest action of our whole urbex career so far. These photos were taken by crew member Tobi. For more images check out his profile on the gram. He’s exploring all of Europe. On his account you will find numerous breathtaking places we haven’t visited so far. Massive shout-out to both of the French urban explorers who have shared this gorgeous abandoned site with us. We really recommend checking out backtothepast_ and urbextrips on Instagram as well. The brothers are also seeing the whole of Europe and are taking great pictures. As always you can find every link in the video description. By the way, there you also find the music we’re using. Next time on Broken Window Theory: It was an early morning start. Previous to an exploration of an old power plant, our guide Tobi was telling us the plan for the infiltration one last time. What’s good: He already has been there before and knows all the ways. What’s bad: He didn’t want to join us because it was one of the riskiest missions in his whole life. We will see how this will be working out. After that, we head to another abandoned powerhouse. This colossus is well protected as well and it was no easy exploration because it took several unexpected turns. Stay tuned for the most exciting episode of the whole series. How do you like our new series so far? Leave a like and comment and please share the video with your friends. Check out the links to Patreon and those other urbexers now in the video description or just watch another one of our numerous high-quality episodes. Thanks, see you next time and keep exploring!


  1. Peter Attfield Author

    I am glad to see that this place is hopefully been saved, as it is to good to go to the bulldoses, and should be listed as a historical interest

  2. GlobetrotterBR Author

    It's hard to believe that those magnificent places will never have their glory days again.
    Looking forward for the next episode.

  3. Shelia David Author

    What a beautiful building,we are only looking at the abandonded side; but in its heyday was a grand place with with its uniquely designed architecture, old cinema doors,and foyer.Even the back history of the restaurant,and the owners changing its profile,it should be saved and remodeled to its former glory!! Very well put documentary into abandonded Hungary,and to your French friends for the tour!!🤗👍❤️❤️❤️

  4. tinkmarshino Author

    Dang you guys have the teasing down pat… I can not wait to see the next few episodes.. and the 4k looks great on my big screen tv!! You boys be real careful (as I know you are) Keep sharing and carry on!

  5. Broken Window Theory Author

    We postpone our next episode by at least one week! There's simply so much going on in our lives at the moment. Of course we're still exploring but editing takes plenty of time. Thanks for your patience. BWT returns soon!

  6. Snotgirl Author

    This building was so beautiful. I’m glad that you said there are plans to hopefully save it. It was funny when you filmed the French brothers leaving and the people watching them climb over the fence 😆

  7. salomaedances Author

    I hope to see it fixed up and restored to its formee glory. Back in my home town we loved our historical buildings. Only two that survived from the original founding of the town. A church and what was a small hotel, but now a harware store. All over the county tjere are historical buildings that all scream wild west. In the main city there is an old theater, while not as grand as this one, it some how mangaed to survive the test of time. When Main Street USA was invited in tje theater was updated into an Imax theater and another smaller theater was added next door. The theater has more of a 50's style architecture feel about it. Inside is a modern fully updated single screen theater. The Maine theater shows all the latest block busters, like the Avengers while the secondary theater plays the other movies that are out or have been out. Maybe a similar fate is in store for this theater. Well what ever happens here I hope to see this theater restored to its former glory or better.

  8. Mr. Ruinenfan Author

    Vielen Dank für diese super gefilmte wunderschöne Location, BWT. Der große prächtige Saal mit seinen markant roten Decken, Wänden, Säulen, etc. und weißen Verzierungen ist umwerfend, genauso das Foyer mit seinen hohen Decken, Fenstern, zwei Engeln, etc. Freue mich schon auf Teil 3 mit den 2 Kraftwerken. Viele Grüße und einen schönen Sonntagabend 👏👍😁

  9. Péter Szabados Author

    This place looks pretty run down for something abandoned mere 10 years ago. I guess it already badly needed repair when it was closed down.

  10. Reba Lyon Author

    Stunning work, l catch my breath with every shot. Always worth the wait for your videos. Safe travels, my friends. SW Florida 😎

  11. Coco Jo Author

    What a beautiful building, thank you for your Videos I love your Channel with the history and before pictures ect ect. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  12. J Yi Author

    Thank you for sharing what remains of the grand old beauty! What a shame such heritage isn’t cherished and maintained. Thank you for such risks you all take to document the remains. Stay safe.

  13. Life of Dreams Author

    Absolutely stunning architecture! If the abandoned places looks this amazing I can only imagine some of the places that are still standing.

  14. Ali Salih Author

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  16. MrL4t3 Author

    Now that is a beautiful place ..back in the days they really had time to decorate everything, now it is just boring concrete pretty much everywhere. Although there are some developments like using more wood .. and glass in new ways.

  17. Bayla Schauer Author

    That was fantastic! The filming was amazing! But with a stage and "stripper poles" where was Tobi? I wouldn't mind watching him dance again 😉

  18. Grandma Carla Author

    I can wait at least a week for the next episode ! I know it will be worth waiting for. This episode was totally amazing: architecture, colors, the theater and the strip club! I especially loved all the medallions in the theater and the light bulbs that looked like pearls in the main hall! I hope Hungary can bring it back. It's too precious to lose. Thank you all!

  19. Kristy * Author

    You guys always find the most amazing places! This place is sad in it's current state. But will you go back to see how it has been renovated? It's wonderful that graffiti isn't covering the walls. Great video as always guys! Stay safe and God Bless from Nevada, USA. I'll wait as long as it takes for your next video!

  20. William Holmes Author

    I totally agree with you guys. This is just too beautiful building to let it go. From the first shots of the inside, I was like OMG!! This place is amazing. Too bad we can't build a time machine and see how it looked when it was operational. Your photo shoot was just amazing. The building was just so awesome on the inside. I envy you guys sometimes for finding places like this. 🙂 From a devoted fan, Keep up the great work and as always, guys stay safe!!

  21. Regina Norris Author

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  22. CJ Meiko Author

    Bittersweet and intriguing; like the abandoned malls and amusement park videos from The States…new sub here. Oh wait, I'm already a sub

  23. Sally A. Author

    The architecture in there is amazing. Thanks for the history on this place. Really is neat to see the pics of what it looked like before and how it is now. I hope it does get restored.

  24. Michael Brink Author

    Just as I think there could not be a better urbex episode, BWT drops another one thats even better!
    At the end of this episode the next one seems even MORE exiting!!!
    I'm a big fan of BWT's work.

  25. BilisNegra Author

    12:02 What a joy to hear that. Really unexpected, Urbex video watching is very often about feeling sorrow for places that you feel could be brought to life, but just won't.

  26. Lynn Doxey Author

    I can't remember looking forward to a video on YouTube like I was counting the days until yours. Ever. I was not disappointed. It saddens me that such a jewel of architecture and history is being allowed to simply crumble away. The artistry and craftsmanship especially in those ceilings are amazing! You really did find a treasure.
    By the way, the aeriel drone pic from the last location you showed us a few days ago was AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL shot! Loved it. Keep up the good work!

  27. Linda Mesa Author

    That was epic! I have never seen anything so beautiful! That entrance stair case was so amazing! Thank you, If I lived there I would volunteer to help restore that magnificent building! This video gives the feeling that you are watching the fall of the Roman Empire with their beautiful artful architecture!

  28. Avis Author

    This is in my town. Our city tried to fight for this place, because it is one of our iconi cal buildings. This is truly breathtaking after the all the years. I'm glad you were able to show it, my memories faded through the years. Thank you!

  29. Tamarra James Author

    Hat a stunning example of architecture this place is. Your vision really shows us the process of Nature as She takes back what humans have left behind like a once loved and now forgotten toy.. your sense of contrast shines through in every frame you show to us. Thank you for this…stay safe, and keep having fun.🖤🇨🇦

  30. suited penguins Author

    Just some constructive criticism, don't be afraid to show bits of the "boring" areas.
    Although it might be boring, it's still part of the story and history that this building has and paints a better picture.
    I think this was an amazing location!

  31. breakinn403 Author

    It's so refreshing to see the absence of pointless vandalism. Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Thank you for documenting these wonderful sites before they are lost forever. It is my pleasure to support you on Patreon.

  32. Sara Author

    I think you guys and The Proper People are the only urban explorers I'm subscribed to. You're the best! You are respectful of the places you visit. You share as much about the history of the location as you can find. You encourage your viewers to have a similar mindset if they choose to do some urban exploring themselves. If all explorers were like you, trespassing wouldn't need to be illegal.
    You clearly do this because you love it, and not purely for the views. You would be urban explorers even if YouTube wasn't a thing. It's nice that YouTube gives you some additional income to afford traveling and higher quality cameras. Once I have a salary, I'll make a patreon account. I want to support you guys and another YouTuber. You guys provide great content in a way that is creative and helpful rather than destructive or pointless. Thank you.

  33. I. Robles Author

    I think it's an incredible shame that this place was left to the elements and it makes me happy to see that the city will be doing something with it. I can see this as a conference center of some sort, maybe? The space is grand and beautiful. Thanks for the subtitles.

  34. Abandoned Playgrounds Author

    Yes the Avas Szallo in Hungary! Very excellent place. Here are some photographs and a deeper dive into its history and possible renovation here

  35. David Berriman Author

    The like button isn't really enough for your work. Your work just gets better and better and the sites you find are incredible. Thank you so much. Please keep up the great work and be careful.

  36. Louis Richard Author

    I'm always amazed by the quality of your pictures. As an exemple, the photo at 8:44. Wow! Great camera operators and photographers you are.


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