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About the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk/Boardwalk, Hollywood, FL 33019

One of the neatest things in my mind
about the Hollywood Broadwalk is the fact that you don’t have to cross the street to
get to the beach. You’re talking about a straight,
continuous 2.5 mile stretch of unending paved Broadwalk. The Hollywood Broadwalk is ideal for families because you can bring your kids, you can rent bikes, they have four-wheel buggies that you can all get on and drive around. They have
all kinds of restaurants and all kinds of bars. It’s just a great place to bring your
family, go to the beach, and take a walk. Or, have a few drinks and go to dinner. What I think is really unique about the Broadwalk that I’ve seen change over the last few years is the diversification of the restaurants that are down there. It’s like walking
through New York City. You can get any type of food you could possibly imagine.
You don’t have any traffic in front of the establishments or hotels. You
have the beautiful Broadwalk where you you can walk up and down the street with
your kids and your family. It’s a mile away from us and we go there all the time. Margaritaville is there now. The Hollywood Broadwalk used to be an older crowd, but I think that’s going to change with the addition of Jimmy Buffet’s new place, which will probably cater to a younger crowd. It’s very family oriented. You go down the beach, and there’s so many little shops on the beach and they’re very very distinct and very classy. It’s just a nice place to be. When I
go to the Hollywood Broadwalk, I can always find parking. And I find parking
is right next to the beach, so I don’t have to park two miles away and lug all my stuff to go to the beach. I was born and raised in Florida. I’m a third-generation Floridian and, I’ve seen some variations of it, but nothing quite like Hollywood. It’s so family-friendly and it’s a beautiful place to be. It’s changed a lot for the better. I think when people see the Hollywood Broadwalk on the beach, I think it’s a winner. I think more and more people are gonna come. I don’t think there’s another
place anywhere in Florida that’s even close to being like the Hollywood
Broad walk. It’s really, really a special place, and I highly recommend it if you
come to visit South Florida. And check out The Greek Joint located right nearby in downtown
Hollywood, Florida.

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