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Acting Secretary of the Army Proposes Revised Eligibility Criteria

Arlington National Cemetery is our
nation’s premier military cemetery honoring the service and sacrifice of
our men and women in uniform Arlington National Cemetery is over 150 years old.
We have Americans from every conflict going back to the Civil War laid to rest
here. Today nearly all of the 22 million living Armed Forces members and veterans are eligible for only about ninety five thousand spaces. This is where we say
thank you for those who have served we honor their families and their
commitment to service and sacrifice. There’s something special about an
experience of a family who comes here and sees that flag being folded, hears
taps, listens to the firing party and sees that iconic caisson moving past
them. That really embodies what Arlington is all about and keeping it active means
keeping it available for those burials that I just described. Our reality is we
are running out of space without any changes in eligibility we will be full
for first burials by the year 2041. So, to be able to keep Arlington National
Cemetery open an active well into the future, which we define as 150 years, then
we’re going to have to make some tough decisions that restrict the eligibility. The National Defense Authorization Act requires the Secretary of the Army in
consultation with the Secretary of Defense to propose revised criteria that
will keep ANC an active burial ground. Years of outreach have guided the
decision making process. This has been a very lengthy and deliberate process that
has been done in the public domain. We have a Federal Advisory Committee at
Arlington National Cemetery; an independent body mandated by Congress to
look at very substantive issues related to the cemetery and they have looked at
the question of eligibility for many years. We have done public surveys that
garner input and feedback from military service organizations, veteran
service organization and community based elements. We’ve also made sure to hear
from the active duty component who serves today and by and large 95 percent
or more want Arlington to not only remain open
but remain open and active well into the future and that feedback that we have
gotten has been part of the Secretary’s deliberations and part of our
discussions going forward. To help navigate these challenges the
Secretary established three imperatives: sacrifice, service and impact to our
nation’s security. The proposed eligibility criteria established by the
Secretary of the Army honors commitment to military service and is equitable
across branches and eras of service. Revised criteria should also be easily understood, fair,
meet congressional intent and be consistent with agency’s mission. So, the administration in Congress required the Secretary to establish these criteria
before 3 September of 2019, but to actually implement their criteria we
have to do what’s called “rule-making.” So, we will publish the draft rule in the
Federal Register for public comment. Once we get through those comments and
adjudicate the comments then we will publish the final rule. At that time, the
criteria will be effective. This rule-making process takes a minimum of
nine months and includes inter-agency staffing, review and a public comment
period. This is a lengthy process but it’s another opportunity for those who are invested in what Arlington is to them to have a voice and a say for what
Arlington needs to be in the future we’re very proud to have this discussion
in the public forum and we look forward to all your input as we work this very
difficult problem. In addition to preserving 1,000 grave sites for current and future Medal of Honor recipients proposed revised eligibility criteria
for those who honorably served our nation are as follows: Any changes to ANC eligibility criteria will not impact
Department of Veterans Affairs burial benefits or veteran eligibility at the
137 Veterans Affairs national cemeteries and the 115 state veterans cemeteries.
Arlington National Cemetery will continue to actively engage stakeholders
in the important decisions impacting the future of the cemetery.
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  1. Desert Sky Author

    I have an idea to preserve Arlington: STOP all these ridiculous, Military Industrial Complex (Thank you, Mr. President Eisenhower), New World Order, Federal-Reserve-Financed WARS! STOP IT! Globalists are filling up Arlington, so simply STOP Globalists! America has spent thousands of lives & ONE TRILLION dollars in Afghanistan…..FOR WHAT?!!!! Show us!!! All we have to show for it is the U.S. running out of space in Arlington. It has to STOP!

    Q: How long did it take General Patton to defeat General Rommel & the Nazis in North Africa….think on that!
    7 Months!!!…it took General Patton & the Allies 7 months to defeat the Nazis (Rommel) in North Africa after Patton was placed in command.
    …..and we can't get out of Afghanistan after 18 mother-effing years???!!!!!!!…..President Eisenhower was correct with his farewell address warning in January 1961: "Beware the Military Industrial Complex."

    North African Campaign:

    Excerpts of President Eisenhower's Farewell Address:

  2. lizardfirefighter110 Author

    You know something is very wrong with our government and military when it has been proven scientifically, on multiple occasions, that the official WTC7 collapse theory is wrong! It is impossible that the effects of fire and the collateral damage caused by the collapse of WTC 1, 355 feet away, could cause the collapse of WTC 7 straight down in 7 seconds! IMPOSSIBLE!!

    There is only one scientific explanation for the collapse:

    Demolition by explosives! It takes weeks to prepare such a demolition!

    Let that sink in for a few minutes! What are the implications? All of the information above is factual, even if we don’t want it to be.

    Our soldiers are put in harms way, not to preserve our freedoms, but to preserve the special interests of those that make up a special network of government officials, corporate owners, and bankers. Members of this special network are sometimes referred to as War-profiteers. The network as a whole was given the name The Military Industrial Complex by President Eisenhower in April of 1961.


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