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  1. David Hermanson Author

    When a pilot, having noticed that he's fired a missile at two targets rather than the expected one queries his ground controller, the controller, test director and range safety officer look at each other and shrug. Yeah, that's realism. two thumbs down from these viewers.

  2. Billy Brooks Author

    1: 0:00
    2: 2:54
    3: 6:08
    4: 9:02
    5: 12:50
    6: 15:31
    7: 17:26
    8: 22:51
    9: 25:56
    10: 28:47
    11: 32:32
    12: 35:06
    13: 37:42
    14: 40:14
    15: 44:18
    16: 47:35
    17: 49:23
    18: 54:02
    19: 58:07
    20: 1:00:51
    21: 1:07:13
    22: 1:14:32
    23: 1:17:27

  3. Marcus Vincent Author

    Are yoU Serious??????? Im amazed this was even allowed to continue filming after the first scene was drafted. AWFUL AWFUL im watching it just to laugh at it

  4. Joaquim Gil Author

    The Asian girl, Kelly Hu and now with 51, is simply BEAUTIFUL and I wouldn't mind flying with her! 💕🌹 The movie is CRAP and inaccurate all the way! 🤮💩💩

  5. Ebony Man Author

    Mostly everybody survives except for the young Black guy, JJ the navigator. Now he is on the second deck and gets sucked all the way down the aisle, then gets sucked down the stairwell, then gets sucked back up the first floor aisle and out the hole. Everybody else is in the seat and does not get sucked out. The only one that gets sucked out is the little girl, but she is right next to the hole. The black dude was way out on the other end of the aircraft but he gets sucked out. He is the only one screaming with his eyes all bugged out, clawing for everything. Everybody is just sitting in the seat. Nothing happens to them. Then I noticed a lot of Blacks are put in the authority position. You got the admiral, all those Blacks in the station, the air traffic controller and her hair is in corn rows.

  6. Dan Savka Author

    yeah I thought that blonde b** was kind of hot until she started talking about money and stuff and it just made her so freaking but ugly it's amazing how when a woman opens her mouth sometimes it makes her very other person most of the time that's what it does LOL women are so evil there are very few good ones left

  7. Yola Montalvan Author

    Donald trump needs more people like that Navy Officer, That CEO, and that Insurance Woman for his team of active Secretaries. He only selects the best people.

  8. Greg Rogalski Author

    who rates these movies must be losers who never owned a tv or computer all there life ! this movie could be good only if when they talked there lips would move at the same time ! this is like some b grade martial arts movie ! thats all ! I am Canadian greg

  9. Hương Vivian Author

    Chưa bao giờ thấy 1 bản dịch nào tệ hơn phim này. Chuyển thể từ bản gốc qua đã sai bét nhè + văn phạm TV thì sai tè le + văn phong của đàm thoại thì lộn xộn hơn cả bãi rác. Trình độ của thế hệ trẻ thời hiện đại lại "hại điện" đến cỡ này sao?!? VN thời nay còn thứ gì là chưa loạn không khi loạn đến cả ngôn ngữ là tiếng Mẹ đẻ như thế này?!?

  10. Sean Goddard Author

    Hilarious how the black guy got sucked along the corridor, down the stairs, along the corridor them out the hole. Man, that's some suckage right there.

  11. liktom Author

    I really enjoyed this film, the actors were excellent. Most films today are over the top, to stylized. Enjoy any film/movie with Aidan Quinn, he's a natural. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Rene McIntyre Author

    Those hi honey navy people. Shot that plain because an airline pilot is black. Silly Billy said to Joe blow dick, Hi honey, I want to be a Navy pilot when I grow up. They are both madly in love with the drill Sargent. Were the dogs injured too? Start writing the insurance checks to the people on the plain and the people who fell from the airplane.

  13. Megga force Author

    Yeah man a so unuh kill off people all the time with unuh army testing an all a that shit, several times people suffer at the hands of the military and they lie and say all manner of things wicked bitches

  14. Minlal Vyfphye Author

    This is what I call a movie ,my kind of movie anyone else watching this movie 🤔, August 2019,a very5 nice movie with a my dream air hostess beautiful girl😍😘😍

  15. matrox Author

    How TF can someone be a stewardess and not know a damn thing about how to fly the plane. I bet buying and flying a computer flight sim has never crossed that idiots mind.

  16. matrox Author

    The US. Navy was about to intentionally shoot down a civilian aircraft to cover there own ass. Is the US Navy really that corrupt? What exactly did the US navy have to say about this slanderous depiction?

  17. Keith S. Author

    Surely with a hole that size the depressurisation should have taken only a few seconds. But everyone would have been unconcious by then. Cabin oxygen masks did not deploy either.


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