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Action Point (2018) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Let’s see what this baby can do! [AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!] Ok, I gotta go. Thanks for taking care of her,
Dad. She loves having you around. Get it at the bottom of the ball Really pump– [crash] [laughter] That looks fun! Your mom ever tell you that your old PaPaw owned one of the greatest amusement parks of all time? Those days were different. There weren’t so many rules Your mom would come
for the summer Boogie! Hi! Oh, baby, oh! Even back then she was the voice of reason. You’re the lifeguard! Shouldn’t we be facing
the water? [SPLASH] Nah, let God sort ’em out. AHHHHHHH! [laughter] What’s our attendance today? Down about 45% What?! Suppose you probably heard You got some competition
in town. They got roller coasters and a
chair lift that actually works. This is our home, we can’t
just let somebody take it. Damn it! Ow! What this place needs is an excitement enema We’re gonna make this place
fast and loose Every ride ♪♪♪ Every attraction No rules, No speed limits Just pure fun! That sounds kind of dangerous Let’s see what this baby can do! [♪Ready, Steady, Go!♪] [AHHHHHHHHHHH!] The new Action Point is now open Free beer for everybody! AHHHHHHH! We need something to do with
these little bastards Like the petting zoo Hold my beer Ow! Ow! Ow! [Bear Growling] [screaming] [laughter] Bye-bye Mr. Brakes Woah! AHHHHHH! Ow! [moans] [laughter] Yeah, baby! Oh my God! There’s more where that
came from That’s it! Ow! Ow! [laughter] When I was younger I could do four of these
at a time [grunt] [laughter]


  1. Bariax Official Channel Author

    This trailer seems really goofy compared to the park that it’s based off of, you know, the one where 6 people died and thousands more were injured. Yeah, seems like they wanted to forget that any of that happened.

  2. Ethan Nelson Author

    This movie and park was modeled after Action Park, one of the most dangerous amusement parks ever made. 6 people had to die there before they shut down in the 90’s.

  3. Eluwenie Stargazer Author

    Johnny Knoxville is awesome! This film, "The Ringer" and "Idiocracy" would be the best triple featured films together IMO. Thank you for posting this trailer. Peace!

  4. cutie evee 2 Author

    I thought it was going to be based on action park dammit I always wanted an action park movie so I can learn mor about that dangerous amusement park of all time

  5. Ally Kayyy Author

    Such a shame that kids today are probs like "who the fuck are these guys"…. rip. Our generation as 90s kids was LEGITIMATELY cooler. Luxury "Pranks" ain't got shit on these guys.

  6. tombstone5860 Author

    This film was totally underrated! Johnny Knoxville had the most injuries during filming from this film. To think that this was his lowest earning film he was in sucks.

  7. GreenJeep1998 Author

    I must be tired, For some reason, that old man makeup is making Johnny Knoxville look like Robert Culp as he got near that age?!

  8. Raf Man Author

    Literally all the stunts are in the trailer – in the order they appear in the movie. The trailer makes it look like a great movie, but it is a total mess, a mistake, like an unplanned pregnancy that turns out to be a disabled mentally challenged child.

  9. John Kristiansson Author

    This trailer was basically false advertising, and that’s probably the biggest reason why this movie flopped. The movie is not about stunts like this trailer makes it out to be – I swear every funny stunt in the actual film was shown in this trailer.

    The movie is actually more about the struggling fate of the park itself, and how D.C (played by Knoxville) copes with this while also trying to rebuild his relationship with his daughter. The movie has some surprisingly good and heartfelt moments that I did not expect to see at all. I feel like underneath the silly facade of it all lies a missed opportunity. Johnny Knoxville is actually a pretty good actor and you can definitely see it in every scene where the filmmakers aren’t trying to joke around.

    That main actress Eleanor Worthington Cox is going to blow up in a few years, I’m sure. Together with Knoxville she brought some well-needed drama to this film.

  10. E.H Edits Author

    I loved the movie! Just constant laughs throughout the entire film! the only thing I realize now is that I'm really happy I didn't watch the trailer before I saw it, it just reveals wayy too much of what you're about to see.


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