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Actor After Scene: ‘DWTS’ winner Nyle DiMarco plays discriminated deaf customer | WWYD

– You’ve watched “What Would You Do?” Now, we’re bringing you Actor After Scene, where our actors lift the curtain and reveal just what it takes
to make hidden camera magic. – What? Look I don’t know what
you’re trying to say, but I don’t have time for this. Aren’t you supposed to have an interpreter here or something? – How did it feel taking part acting in this scenario today? – [Interpreter] I felt
shocked a little bit actually because I’m used to when this situation actually happens, people don’t actually stand up and respond or it takes quite a long time before
somebody gets involved. But every time it happened here people immediately
reacted, and I was shocked. – Look, man, I don’t have time for this. I’m not playing Charades with you. (booming)
(air whooshing) – Could you show a
little more sensitivity? – Sorry. – Is there something wrong with you? – I just, I got a full
dining room over there. I don’t have time to–
– Yeah, okay. You don’t treat people that way. – What the hell would happen if it was you and you were Deaf? What would you do? What would you do, you come into a diner and you wanna eat?
(dinnerware rattling) – What do you want people
to know about the Deaf? – [Interpreter] That we can communicate. You don’t have to know Sign. If you learn Sign, that’s fine, but you don’t have to know Sign Language. You can communicate in a
modes of different ways. We just have to have an open mind and have the willingness to communicate, the compassion to communicate. – As you know, we brought
along Nyle DiMarco who is not only a model and actor, but a real advocate. – [Interpreter] I think it’s a great way to show everyone in the
world about Deaf culture. He’s a great role model. This is also a great way
to give more opportunities to Deaf people and Deaf talent. – Have you experienced this kind of discrimination yourself personally? – [Interpreter] Sure. I think it’s a lot worse knowing that my entire family is Deaf. All of us being Deaf, if we
go out into a restaurant, often waiters are completely petrified. They’re not sure what to do with us. You can see in their eyes
their world collapsing as they see us in trying to figure out how to communicate with us. – What is your message to people who discriminate against the Deaf? – [Interpreter] Please
just be open-minded. Accept other people for who they are. And learn how to
communicate with everybody, not only Deaf people but
also with other people, people of different languages, people of different backgrounds. The simplest body language
and the simplest gestures will go along way and have a big impact. – [Interpreter] I love it. Honestly, I really hope this is great. I hope that people really
take away this message and provide better experiences for all Deaf people out there. – [John] You leave here inspired? – [Interpreter] Absolutely. I’m very, very surprised after today seeing so many people step in and so many people lend a hand. It’s definitely unexpected, but I’m really happy to see
that those people are out there. We can finally eat in peace! – [Interpreter] I thought
the scene went very well, but it really touched me. I felt like I wanna see more
people like this in the world. – So you were surprised in a good way. – [Interpreter] Yes, absolutely. A really good way. – Hey, there, I’m John Quinones. Thanks for checking out
Actor After Scene on IGTV. There’s so much more to see, so take a moment to follow
us, and you won’t miss another “What Would You Do?” moment.


  1. Cassidy Sellers Author

    I live in a area where we have the biggest deaf school in the world and i love it.. My kids school teaches ASL and i am so grateful

  2. Charlotte Atwell Author

    This happened to me and I was absolutely shocked when a young woman with a small child stood up and began to help and really didn't like the way that the staff member reacted to me, the simplest of things can really help me like people helping me. It's absolutely fantastic that some people are so helpful and are willing to stand up for you even though they don't know you

  3. splendor Inthegrass Author

    I always wish to be present in these scenarios to go off on people, but so far I haven't seen anything. I remember once when I was a teenager I heard a white woman tell a mother with a child to stop speaking Spanish when the baby was crying. I didn't say anything, but some other people stepped in saying "I didn't know you could cry in Spanish". I wished I would've gone off and not been scared.

  4. Michelle Munoz Author

    This video is so true. I'm a CODA, si growing up this would happen a lot to our family. BUT luckily my parents had us hearing kids to STAND UP FOR THEM! We saw this all the time not just in restaurants it happen everywhere. We were looked at as being either weird, different, or crazy. We are all the same people! Some people just need to be EDUCATED! 🤦‍♀️🤣🤟

  5. Blue Flare Author

    Honestly, I didn’t even know that people discriminated against people who are deaf. How much of a terrible person do you have to be to do that?

  6. Sadie McNabb Author

    The waiter doesn't have a pen or paper? If he isn't smart enough to figure out how to communicate with someone who uses another language they are definitely not smart enough to remember my order.

  7. Kara Ryan Author

    Do you know what thank you for making this video. Because it made me cry. Because it's hard that you can't hear. I live here in PA and people get mad at me because I barely can hear. Or my friends can't hear at all and they treat us like a piece of shit. So trust me with all my heart thank you

  8. alex gerling Author

    This showed me to react responsibly in situations that need it, I have extreme anxiety wich shuts me off, clinical depression which takes my energy and adhd which makes me react with anger more often then I should so through the combination I am used to being standoffish, I'm growing as a person from quiting my factory job to be a support worker, I am increasing my humility while learning to have a backbone of my own, and if anything like this happened Infront of my eyes now I would confront it not just to empower myself but for the main reason of supporting people that it affects, I hope other people realise it takes nothing from you and only makes you stronger to do the same.

  9. nina sanzon Author

    I'm here watching this and know it's all fake and I still want to stick my hands through the screen to strangle the waiter, I can't be the only one right

  10. Ionut Trial Author

    Meaby WWYD needs now to put their actors in going to different place's and pretend they have some disabilities or make different scenarios, and see how real employes react and serv, etc, is another idea in making this show a step forward, thanks!

  11. _Sleepy hollow Author

    It absolutely unacceptable for any action. I'm hard hearing and I have experience it anywhere. I took speech therapy for 15 years. I can talk very well any people doe. Do not get surprised that I spoke insane towards anyone if I see this. Personally it really offended by people how they should be respect to another people. I love this show lol

  12. Brit Rose Author

    When I worked at dollar General there was this one deaf lady that came in almost everyday. I learned a few signs so I could communicate with her. I miss that lady. I hope she’s doing good

  13. SGT US Army Girl Author

    I was drawn to watch this as I'm now considered hard of hearing and trying hard to learn sign. My family is tryingntonlearn as well, this way if they were ever out and came across this they would have at least a few signs to be able to help. Having Nyle there, I was one surprised ppl didn't recognize him right away, he has such a stand out look that you are hard pressed to find and he is so genuine.

  14. pep Author

    In the beginning Nyle said that people were shocked or didn't know what to do. He didn't say they were mean. The other actor said that people don't say anything when this happens. I really don't believe it happens like he stated. Lets all not be a victim.

  15. Aaron Wilson Author

    I can feel the guy pain I’m deaf myself and it really painful to watch I know it what would you do but their is a lot of people who are disabled and deaf like myself everyone needed to be treated like everyone else.

  16. Nathan S Author

    I am deaf and actually what happens more often is that people think you are cognitively disabled and they speak to you and treat you like you're a child.

  17. Maina Fridman Author

    Oh God, stop those stupid games on discrimination. In the world now much more wailers about discrimination than the real ones. People are afraid of their living in a pre- war Germany.

  18. Emily Cho Author

    I follow Nyle DiMarco on Instagram, so when he posted a clip of this, I was all over it. I’ve watched mutlipke episodes of WWYD on YouTube before, and was psyched to see this with Mr. DiMarco 🤗

  19. Israel Camacho Author

    Yes. If you know sign GREAT. If not and if you have a pen or Pencil and paper that’s good. But guess what everyone has. A PHONE use a Phone to talk to them. I do it at work.

  20. daveheel Author

    The deaf man said the truth when he said people did nothing at all or took a long time to get involved. This show cherry picks the ones who react (mostly favorably). He said at this place it was different. They could have plants as well.

  21. Nan Wu Author

    The actor is shocked to see people jump in so quickly compared to real-life situations because the actor acting is the bad waitress is exaggerating. Some asshole waiter is smarter and more subtle to give him a hard time.

  22. Jocelyne Reyes Author

    I used to work at McDonald’s in a very fast paced environment. I always offered something to help them write. Not every deaf person has something to help them communicate and we have to understand that ! I offered a cheeseburger wrapper and a marker when there was nothing else. No matter how stressful your job is doing it with kindness is a gift.

  23. QueenVictoria ARTSY X Author

    U know whole world are not equal 😢 I born Deaf, grown up not easy live and go out by myself. In primary school people used to call me Dumb Deaf or Ugly deaf or callin name which make me feel down and broken, high school too hard but go out by myself lots people talked behind my back, heard some men said – “why not kidnap deaf young teen/teenager and sex (raped)” I was soooo upset why they do that! That why I hate Hearing Whole World because it never change our Deaf life. Hearing People think Deaf
    People can’t talk? But some Deaf people can talk and can’t talk. Some hearing people think Deaf people can’t drive or go anyways ? Wrong wrong WRONG!! Deaf people can DRIVE but deaf people is better than other idiot people break laws. Whole World are not equal there’s no way to make earth change.

    My life’s is the most worst. No one know what my Deaf life story

    I went out with my family (Hearing family) I can’t speak English very well (I speak English when I’m 10 late age) my family always talked when chef come up and say Deaf people are not allowed come my restaurant anymore so get out or call police. My family started upset and angry I was so frustrated why my life so hard!! At school some people bullied me it is annoying and very upset I never tell my family, I pretend be happy at school I kept hiding secret hurt myself and hate myself so much (when I was in primary school).

    Honestly I don’t know what I’m doing after graduate yr 12 🙃 you know what? Hearing people and Deaf people are different because Whole World are not Equal anymore. There’s no way have peace ✌🏼 in the Earth.
    Just remember don’t make Deaf World mess up. We wish all have whole world are equal in future.

  24. Coffee Cat Café Author

    I think that this video is really eye opening because deaf discrimination is often overlooked.
    If I saw this happening, I would help the customer with what they needed and discussed with the waiter and manager about how discrimination is wrong and that in the future they have to be more patient and helpful.

    Thank you so much for this video, 🤟🏼 Nyle


  25. ERPS GAMING Author

    Are both of them deaf?
    And why was the girl saying if he want this or that even though the other lady said he cant hear you?
    I'm curious

  26. Sparkly Gabby Author

    Seeing that there are so many inconsiderate people but many more willingly helpful people in the world makes me think there’s hope for change in the world, I would’ve gone off on the waiter.

  27. * nanormous * Author

    Calling bullshit on this! Nobody discriminates against the def!!! Democrook, virtue signaling nonsense about accepting guilt over racist, race baiting, people that hate. Boooski supremo!

  28. Leslie Author

    I am interested in ASL translation for song because music already crosses boundaries…however, I have always been ACTIVELY discouraged from learning ASL because I have no deaf family or friends and had the AUDACITY to want to learn it because I love language and find it to be beautiful and expressive…my feeling is that the more exposure to ALL kinds of people who are different, the easier we can all get along..we are taught to PANIC at the prospect of dealing with someone different, but the truth is that ALL of our hearts beat…

  29. Rainbowcakes231 Kitty Author

    This video warmed my heart because my dad is deaf so hopefully people are better to people as human we should be kind not hurtful comments

  30. The Great Hufflepuff Author

    Honestly, I like charades. I wouldn't mind guessing what he said. If I were helping a deaf person, I'd prefer if we wrote things down though. I haven't learned sign language since elementary school and I remember "I love you". That's it. No hate towards deaf people, I just suck at ASL.

  31. mala.vidaa Author

    i use to work at a Michael’s and a lot of deaf people would come in regularly, i decided to pick up basic signs to make it easier on both of us and to make them feel accepted in a way, i never had a problem with a deaf customer EVER. I made sure to always take the time to understand their needs and wants and seeing their face brighten up when they seen i knew at least some ASL made me wanna learn more. we shouldn’t be making out deaf brothers and sisters feel excluded!!

  32. Syni Author

    I'm not deaf but when the actor playing the waiter said:I dont have time for charades (or something like that)" I felt like crying because he wasnt understanding the costumer

  33. trois Author

    Bro. Imagine being a waiter and having to take the orders of a whole family of deaf people. Not saying you should be rude about it but I’d be so scared lol. Of corse I would take their orders tho.

  34. Cantufishing Author

    I wish a mother fucker would act stupid like that when I'm around John wouldn't be fast enough to get out there and save that person. Everyone in my family is deaf except me. It was amazing growing up in a world of silence.

  35. Francis Lomer Lopez Author

    Did the production gave something to the costumers who helped the deaf man? Hopefully they have something for their kindness that they’ve shown to the man. 😊

  36. Elizabeth Cogswell Author

    I'm so moved by the people how stepped up it reminded me of when I learned Singh language for just one kid in my 1st grade class he was really lonely and so was I so I learned how to Singh in 1st srade so we could be friends and talk

  37. Bosslady77 Author

    My heart, i can't! My Cathy takes a while to order at times. She's Autistic. She needs a minute to verbalize what she's thinking. It's a slower process for her. Sometimes waiters are rude, or loud or ask her to speak up. It's hard. Or when she has her ticks people stare. I ENCOURAGE HER EVERYTIME! I tell her keep going, be YOU BABY!


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