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Actor Profile Skills – Web For Actors Feature Tutorial – Actor Tips

There are two ways of adding a skill to your
website. For those of you who are not exactly sure
what to add to the list, we have created a cheatsheet on the side, so you can simply
click and select the skills you want. Or,
You can simply type in your skill in the available box and as soon as you do, another available
box will show up beneath. There is no limit to how many skills you can
list, but we recommend focusing on a few main skills. You can mark those as featured. Any secondary skills that you may not want
to show on your website, you can type in and mark as “hidden”. These skills will still be used as keywords
for search engines, but will not show up with the rest of the skills. To remove a skill, simply backspace until
the field becomes empty. Finally you can rate yourself on each skill,
to show off your proficiency.

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