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Actor Turned EXORCIST Exposes HOLLYWOOD Demons and the Path of Becoming Spiritually Awakened

Today on Edge of Wonder, we talk with actor and minister
Leon Isaac Kennedy who started out as one of the top 10 DJ ’s in
our country as Leon the Lover. He soon moved to Hollywood and became one of
the first African American celebrities in the 70’s. But things took a turn when he left this life
in the 90’s and became a… minister! In this episode we talk about Satanic
Ritual Abuse in Hollywood, Leon’s involvement with Disclosure, the path to become
spiritually awakened, and new projects he is involved with. Let’s
meet him now, Mr. Leon Kennedy Hey guys welcome to
Edge of Wonder, we’re with and a very very
special person here, Leon Isaac Kennedy who is a very famous
actor in the seventies and eighties. So Leon thanks for being
with us for one thing, my extreme pleasure
to be with you, it was a great day, today we
just finished disclosure fest, how is this for you. Well I loved the coming together, I love the harmony, as you know I’ve been in ministry
now for the past 15,16 years, so they asked me to fly in and say one of
the prayers for peace and harmony on this planet. I’m all about loving yourself
and loving others, so I loved today, it was great. Let’s talk about something that you’re
very passionate about which is suppressed technologies surprisingly. Well I’m all about disclosure all my life, from
the time I was a young person, by young person I’m talking 11,12. I was always looking for truth and in looking
for truth certain things never added up, so for example when people say well
there’s no one else but us, the human race, out of all the billions
of suns much less planets, I think it’s very egotistical, I think that we’re egotistical
maniacs to think that we are the only planet that has an
intelligent life source on it. I completely agree with that 100 percent, so coming from Hollywood background. How did you get a disclosure fest and because
a minister at the same time. As far as ministry I say this, that there is a god and when he
purposes you to do something, when he wants you to do something,
you can run but you can’t hide. We know that first hand, so it was
not in my business plan, I was happy being a movie star
from the time I was 15, I was a disc jockey at a young age, my
plan was to be a disc jockey, be a big on air personality,
get a TV show, from having the TV show, then come in
the back door and do movies, and I worked on that plan from
the time I was 15 and 18, I did have my own TV show, and at age 26 started doing
major motion pictures, so I was very happy leading my life
from being called a movie star, but then god came knocking, and
it changed my whole life, so I went into the ministry, and even though I was running at first
when it dawned upon me, and it really got into my spirit,
wait a minute, the lord wants you to do something
for him, to impact lives, and you actually see lives change. Nothing can be more
rewarding than that, so people say Leon you were
on the top of your game, and you just walked away
from Hollywood, how could you do that, but when
you look at life that change, when you actually see the spirit of
god invade a life and change a life, I have someone that
calls me every year, he has been calling for
15 years saying, Leon from the time you and
your ministry prayed for me, I’ve been clean and sober
for these 15 years, I could tell you 100
stories like that, so those lives change
that’s my Oscar, that’s my Amy, that’s
my Grammy. So it’s very rewarding to
have done this work, now I love the creative process
and in the past 2 years or so, it’s been put in my
spirit to come back, and start doing films again, so we started writing
and started producing them, we’re now doing what we
call transformational films, films that will still entertain the
successes at the box office, but would drop golden nuggets of truth and
motivation and inspiration and light, so we’re working on
things like that now. There’s about a lot of different
things going around recently especially in the Q community
and anon community about things that have been
going on in Hollywood, including some of the dirtiest types of
things that we’ve heard about, I mean like pedophilia rings,
all of these kinds of things, and not necessarily I don’t want to put you on the spot
here and and have you answer all of that, but what’s your take on this, do you think that this is something that we
should be worried about or not, and how would you can answer
people’s concerns about it. Well I would say this that
there are in any community you have people that are very very full
of light and do great things for humanity. Then you have people that get corrupted or get perverted for whatever reason
and it all exist at the same time, is it something that you
should get worried about, well yes because it has affected other people
and there have been victims, is it going to be exposed, I believe yes, how soon I don’t know, but I would say
within the near future, and I think that there are big changes
being made even as we speak, and these changes really
are for the good, even the things that are now coming out
about women being abused, and taken advantage of
and so on and so forth, well actually this has happened throughout
the history of mankind, and it’s happened throughout
the history of Hollywood, the casting couch and people being
compromised and so on and so forth, but that’s being exposed now,
it’s being cleaned up, and people are evolving, people are
learning certain things are not acceptable anymore, and so I’m happy to see people
graduating and evolving, we have a personal friend who is pretty big as a
musician and doing a lot of things, and this is one of the things that he
was directly telling us to, like some of the things that he’s
been involved with, he’s not like a super A list person, he’s been kind of seeing everything
from like the side point, like what’s going on with all the A-list people,
and he’s just telling us like, he got out of that whole
thing a while ago, he’s still part of the thing, but he’s not like going out on parties
and interacting with these people, but he’s coming back is just like, you guys just won’t believe the stuff
that is really happening, just name somebody and just
the way things are happening and he talks about MK Ultra and whatnot. And he’s just like it’s crazy. Anyone ever try to compromise you in your stay
in Hollywood? like how was that for you, did you ever get put in a
terrible situation? I’ll answer this in a number of ways, first of all, I’ve been in radio
from the time I was 15, so you’ve got the music business, and a lot of things go on in
the music business, and then you have television and
the movie business, so I knew about a lot of things, and I knew other
people that perhaps were compromised, and I knew people that did
perpetuated you know you were
being compromised, but as far as myself, I never
had to go through that, because I was known
as a tough guy. You were like boxing,
and I saw the boxing, I saw you in a boxing movie
back in the day right, So there were certain
stands that I made, and then I was married to a very beautiful woman
Jayne Kennedy at the time, and of course you would think that people
would have gone after her, but because we were together, she was not exposed to as much or I’ll say she was not propositioned as much as
maybe somebody else would have been, although there were a few incidents also you gotta remember now I was doing this in
the late seventies and the early eighties, so there was a whole different attitude
toward blacks in the industry, I can’t even imagine that, so there were many barriers that
one had to go through, or you might to had to kick
down certain doors, my attitude always was if you
won’t let me in the front door, I’m coming in through the side door,
through back door but I’m getting in, but nevertheless there were so many doors that
were purposefully slammed in one space, racism was real and you had to deal
with it every day, so within that and then the compromises to
that you’re here and other people had to go through, it was a lot that one had to
deal with and overcome. You were talking about earlier about god
and light and everything, and when you find a
purpose you just know, I mean realistically I feel that’s really what
happened with our channel, like what is happening with our channel
and how incredible our fans have been, I don’t even feel like it’s us. There’s this light and this
force behind us, that’s just like pushing us forward and it’s
like something wants us to succeed, but it’s not because of us, it’s about this message that I feel like that
we’re giving people and with disclosure, and there is a divine creator, and that all these things around us that we
have all these questions about. Once you go past that and challenges
that, you see the truth, and you see that these things
actually do exist, that’s very interesting, because I am now
a licensed deliverance minister, so many people have said to me, Leon in your Christian walk, then how can you be with this community
which is looked upon as a metaphysical community, and yet David Wilcock is
one of my best friends, Corey Goode is one
of my best friends, as a matter of fact, I manage David Wilcock and work with Corey
and his manager Roger, and we’re doing some
exciting projects together, and see what these projects, what’s great about these
projects is the fact that if you look at Star Wars,
if you look at Star Trek, they came from the minds
of Hollywood writers, but what about people did really
have the real knowledge , that they have been there and can
tell you about that journey, The real star trek. So these are the type of messages
that we’re looking at, these are the type of films and TV shows
that we’re doing, it’s really close encounter
the fourth kind, so it takes it to a whole other level, the projects that we have on the
drawing board as we speak, so then people would say, Leon how does this go with with your spiritual
walk, this is spiritual walk, because is the difference between organized
“religion” and one’s spiritual journey, within organized religion even Christianity there are so many different denominations
that don’t even agree, it’s true, but when you really study and
you start connecting the dots, you can see where it sort of
all falls into place, in other words, from my
own point of view, yes I do believe that there
are extraterrestrials, like I said, I think we would be ego maniacs
thinking we’re the only ones. All are they demonic?
I don’t think so, I make a big distinction
between angels, I think angels exist, demons
I know demons exist, because I’m in what is called
deliverance ministries, I have dealt with getting a lot of things out of people, and extraterrestrials, now with within extraterrestrials, I think that some are good, I think that some are evil. And human beings are the same way I think. Did you work on the movie
Above Majestic? The only work I did and I
can’t really take any credit because Roger and Corey and David Wilcock and
Jordan had already done it, but I looked at it and
worked on the editing, so I gave my Hollywood eye to it, and gave Roger 5 pages of notes, when it came to a different edits, but they did a lot of hard work on it, they had great people involved, and there’s so much information, those of you out there that have not seen it, you’ve got to download it or buy it, and give it as a holiday gift, iTunes or Amazon you can go
on and you can rent now, I’m pretty sure, you can
rent it, you can buy it, but you’ll have to watch it,
at least 3 to 4 times, because there’s so much
information in there, and it’s the type of information
that truly needs to go out, the truth will set you free, there’s
so many frame moments in there, it’s like this is happening, that’s
happening oh my goodness, so I would really recommend
everyone to go out and get it, yeah I mean when Rob
and I got to see it, both of us were just
like yeah this is great, this is a movie that we would
recommend to our fans, and thought it was a great movie,
I’m very proud of the guys. You’ve met tons of different people, I’ve seen that you have photos with Sammy Davis
junior for instance right. I’ll help you out, I’ve been a
very blessed person, I have been around the top
personalities in the world, let’s remember, I started when I was 15, so I partied with the Beatles when they were
the hottest group on the planet, when they first came to Cleveland Ohio, and I was still in high school, I missed 3 days of school hanging out
with Beatles for 3 days, actually we were barricaded,
I couldn’t get out anyway, but we had a great time, I’ve
been around Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, I’ve traveled
all around the world with him, he was nice enough to be in my
movie “Body and Soul”, Michael Jackson I’ve known him
since he was 10 years old, I actually went over to Bobby Taylor’s home when Michael and his brothers were
auditioning for Barry Gordy, and then of course Barry signed
them and the rest is history, so everybody from Michael Jackson to Michael Jordan
and Beyoncé and everybody in between, I have met, hung out with etc, that’s
amazing, that’s really cool, and now I hang out with you guys. That’s great. You’re a minister right, so you’re dealing a lot with the
good and the bad, a lot of people out there are practicing things
that actually worship Lucifer or Satan, they do these things intentionally, they really are trying to actually bring a lot
of those things into their lives, and they’re really confused about this, I’d really like to hear what you say or
what you think about that, well I think that many many people
are tricked and confused, because there are many many people
that say there is no satan, there are many people within the metaphysical
community that say no no there’s no satan, it’s just negative energy,
well I’ve seen pure evil, I have seen people that
are demonically oppressed, and some that are
demonically possessed, there is a difference, and part of my ministry is a
deliverance ministry, we’ll actually pray on these people, and get those entities
to come out or off, so first of all, it does exist, Satan has his own hierarchy, he always mimics what god has done, so god has a hierarchy, a certain order, well so does satan, so in the satanic realm, and there’s a scripture we wrestle
not against flesh and blood, but against what, spiritual strongholds, principalities rulers of darkness and spiritual
wickedness in high places, so they’re talking about what takes place
that war in the heavenly, we’re talking about strongmen over regions, we’re talking about fences of pilates
over certain principalities, it could be over a country, it could be over a particular city,
can be an open era, when you become spiritually trained,
you become sensitive, you can go to a certain city and pick up
the spirit of that particular city, here it’s depression, here
with this, here is that , I can look at people and
see what’s on them, as far as this person has a
spirit of rejection on them, this person has a spirit
of failure on that, it doesn’t always have to be
a big manifestation, sometimes it’s dealing
with the subtleties, but those subtleties nevertheless
hold people back, in other words if you’ve been
told no so many times, if you had so many doors
slammed in your face, all of a sudden you begin
to doubt yourself, and so when you start to
doubt yourself, what comes in, unworthiness, what comes in, that
spirit of rejection, that spirit of failure, that spirit of almost made it
but never quite make it, and then you get stuck. People get stuck by trauma things
that happen to them. Maybe in their twenties or 16, something dramatic happened, certain things stay in
your DNA memory, and so even though you’re now 30, you’re still almost thinking like
you were when you were 18, because you’re stuck, and you
never matured, and you haven’t gotten a hit,
does this make sense. So there’s so many things that
need to be exposed, not even in the Christian world, there are certain churches that
don’t believe in deliverance, there’s certain churches that
are getting to a point now where they don’t really want to talk about Satan or
demons or principalities and so on and so forth and that’s exactly what
the enemy wants, he wants to keep people
ignorant or in fear, now going back to your
original question. Those that compromise, those that for lack of a better
way to describe it, almost sell their soul to the enemy, because I can get power with that
power I can get influence, of money, all the goals with it. But those lives never really
have a happy ending. I mean I won’t do it out of
politeness on camera, but I know people, and you can watch that arc of a career, they made a deal, and you see them
soar almost supernaturally. But then you also see
them crash and burn, and if it’s not them,
it’s their offspring. So the enemy never plays fair. And you will never win
when you play with him. You’ll never win,so that’s
what I’d like to say to them, but by the same token, I want to say in my opinion and from
everything I believe and what I put my life on. That there is a god, there is a
the heavenly father. And there are spiritual laws whether
we want to believe them or not, and those spiritual laws do work, now it’s a slower way to get
to the top and to maintain it, but it’s building on
a true foundation, what do you mean
Leon by spiritual laws, I mean there is a
law of attraction, there is a law of favor, there
is a law of reciprocity, do unto others as you would
have them do unto you, the way you treat people the things you do and the
things you don’t do, that wheel keeps going, you do a lot of kind things for people, other people are going to put into your
bank of grace and kindness, you treat people like dirt, it’s going to come back on you, and so many people
that I see in business, the gouge people just to
make another dollar, they take advantage of people
and so on and so forth, but then they wonder why
something breaks down, and then they wonder why
their health is bad, they wonder why their daughter or son is uncontrollable
and so on and so forth, here’s another spiritual law, whatever you put before god is going to
self destruct in your life, in other words, if you put your career first, your career somehow some way
is going to bring you misery. You put making money, you might have hundreds of
millions of dollars, but you’re still going to be miserable, even if you love your child
more than you love god, that’s the child that’s going to
bring you heartbreak. So everything should have a balance,
should have a harmony, and I can tell you from my own life that in trying
to hear from god for myself, learning how to sit quietly and pray to
spend quiet time everyday, and this is where a lot of
people miss it, in the Christian world, a lot of people
they’ll go to church, they’ll hear a sermon, but they never really act
upon that sermon. Or they’ll go to church every week for years and years
and years but they never do the inner work, the inner work of just being quiet, being still learning to build your own
relationship with him, learning to hear his voice. When you learn to hear that still small
voice it will revolutionize your life, because it will show you things
that would tell you things, it will give you discernment about people about
business about what to do and what not to do, that’s why I started meditating, for me I feel like I was more in tune with myself
and to that source into the light and everything, and through that it really
showed me a lot of things, that is playing out right now. Doing this channel
everything I mean, I saw a lot of visions that I just couldn’t
believe or not I was like, did this ever happened? Just things start playing out and then I think that’s
why Rob and I connected so well, we’ve been friends for a long time,
this is the same thing, we both had that drive and understanding we’re both
just like wanting to do good for people, and we’re not doing
this for ourselves, we are doing this to help people, and when you’re doing it for
others, it’s so much easier. And here’s one thing I want
your people to hear, those that are
watching your channel, there when you learn to
do the quiet work, and you can sit and be quiet and start
to hear that divine voice. Divine ideas would drop into your spirit,
it’s like that aha moment, wow look at this, and then once you
get that divine idea, and you learn to pray, you’ve got to put positive prayer into
it and then I say positive action, but positive prayer positive action
certainly brings positive result, but if you start praying and then go out
and do the actual energy, then you start praying
for divine favor. In other words the footsteps of
a righteous man or woman are led by god and so with that divine favor. People just come
across your path, and for some reason,
they happen to like you. For some reason
they say yes to you, and you don’t even know why, it is because that god connection
and it really works, and that’s what I mean by
building a career, by building a business,
by building a relationship, all of that on the firm ground
of doing it father’s way, man thank you so much for
being with us, that was great. My extreme pleasure guys. Thanks for watching guys, don’t forget to hit like and subscribe
and hit that notification hell, and until next time we’ll see
you out on the edge. This man over here calls me
every year for 15 years, sorry hold on one second. Let me just tell them real
quick what’s going on, I don’t think
they realize it, just yell it upstairs, Hey guys we’re
doing something, can you be a little
quiet or something?


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