Actors Hollywood Won’t Cast In 2018

It’s hard to pinpoint which unknown actors
today will become international superstars tomorrow, but it gets a little easier to predict
which current stars might fall off the map. Whether it’s a household name struggling to
land the next big hit or an iconic star tarnished by controversy, here’s a list of actors Hollywood
likely won’t cast in 2018. Gerard Butler After the massive success of 2007’s 300, it
seems that most other Gerard Butler vehicles have unexpectedly been either box office or
critical poison. From 2011’s Machine Gun Preacher to 2016’s
London Has Fallen, data shows that the Scottish actor isn’t the leading man the industry once
imagined. His latest effort, Geostorm, has a “rotten”
rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was barely able to scrounge back only a quarter of its whopping
$120 million budget within the US. This string of duds won’t do Butler’s career
any favors in 2018, but with his talent, picking better projects could help him course-correct. Tyrese Gibson Unfortunately, Tyrese Gibson isn’t having
a great 2017, with his unbelievable child custody case and bizarre Instagram rants. Reacting to the news that co-star Dwayne “The
Rock” Johnson would be starring in a Furious spin-off, Gibson didn’t mince words. According to Us Weekly, he wrote in a since-deleted
Instagram post: “Hello world…hello loyal fans and loved
ones from OUR fast universe… I’m sorry to announce that if Dewayne [sic]
is in Fast9 there will no more Roman Peirce [sic] — You mess with family and my daughters
[sic] survival I mess with yours… close your eyes dude you’re a Clown.” In an effort to explain his ultimatum, Gibson
claimed in yet another since-deleted social media post that he was prescribed new anti-anxiety
medication that had an “adverse effect” and caused him to suffer, quote, “a complete meltdown
online.” We suspect Fast & Furious fans hope Gibson
is able to resolve his personal issues and remain involved with the box office juggernaut. Until then, it’s doubtful casting directors
will be banging down his door in 2018. Katherine Heigl In 2007, Katherine Heigl was on the brink
of exceptional fame. With ratings-smash Grey’s Anatomy on the small
screen and the box office hit Knocked Up on the big screen, Heigl seemed set to shine
bright for decades to come. In a now infamous Vanity Fair interview, Heigl
claimed Knocked Up was, quote “…a little sexist” and painted the “…women as shrews,”
which upset writer/director Judd Apatow. Heigl also created a rift with Grey’s creator
Shonda Rhimes after the actress opted out of the Emmy race because she claimed she wasn’t
“…given good enough material to work with last season.” Heigl was subsequently released from her contract
in 2010. Since then, Heigl’s career has been littered
with critical failures, including 2017’s Unforgettable, and the CBS drama, Doubt, which was canceled
in 2017 after two episodes. There’s no reason to believe 2018 will be
any different, but hey, everyone loves a good comeback story. Cara Delevingne After her breakthrough role in 2015’s Paper
Towns, it looked as though English model and actress Cara Delevingne was poised for Hollywood
stardom. Then came the critically savaged Suicide Squad
and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. She’ll star in 2018’s Life in a Year with
Jaden Smith, but unlike his dad, Jaden hasn’t proven himself to be a box draw either. Luckily, hope isn’t lost. Though 2018 may be quiet for the actress,
her 2019 shows promise. She was cast in the Amazon fantasy/horror
series Carnival Row alongside Orlando Bloom. Bella Thorne Known now more for her social media presence
and private life than her movie career, Bella Thorne’s rise to cinematic stardom may have
been over before it even began. After co-starring in box office hits The DUFF
and Blended, Thorne was poised to take on a leading lady role, but that leap didn’t
go as planned. According to Variety, her starring turn in
Amityville: The Awakening grossed a paltry $742 dollars at 10 locations during its one-day-only
theatrical release on Oct. 28, 2017. Thorne could still turn this around. She flaunted her comedic timing in a small
role in the “certified fresh” Netflix original The Babysitter, and she landed another small
role in critical darling The Death and Life of John F. Donovan with Natalie Portman and
Kit Harrington — which sounds promising. Next level Box office numbers aside, 2017 has brought
another, much darker explanation for the potential nosedive of certain acting careers — an
onslaught of assault allegations in Hollywood. After more than a dozen accusations, Oscar-winner
Kevin Spacey’s unprecedented fall from grace left Netflix scrambling to secure the future
of House of Cards and the more than 2,000 jobs the hit show creates. The company eventually decided to move forward
for a sixth and final season without Spacey’s character. On the movie front, Spacey was completely
cut out of Ridley Scott’s All The Money in the World ahead of its December 2017 release
and replaced by actor Christopher Plummer, as Deadline reported. None of this bodes well for Spacey’s future
in show biz. And he’s not the only one. Although the legendary actor is still receiving
critical acclaim in The Meyerowitz Stories, Dustin Hoffman’s highly-acclaimed career may
come to a very ugly end following numerous assault allegations. Considering both his age — 80 — and the
horrific nature of the allegations, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where the actor returns
to the big screen in 2018. After three women have come forward with assault
allegations, Jeremy Piven is yet another actor whose castability has taken a major blow. Piven’s CBS drama, Wisdom of the Crowd, which
premiered in October 2017, was not given additional episodes after its first 13 were ordered…
which essentially means it’s doomed. As for the allegations, Piven understands
the implications, and he’s pushing back. In an Instagram post, he said, “We seem to be entering dark times…” “I hope we can give people the benefit of
a doubt before we rush to judgement. Continuing to tear each other down and destroy
careers based on mere allegations is not productive on any level. I hope we can use this moment to begin a constructive
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