1. Ann Smith Author

    These two have both been accused of sexual misconduct. Megadouche interviews megadouche. Franco tried to pick up a schoolgirl 17 years old. Legendary CREEPS.

  2. soulwarrior Author

    The description of the video reads "James Franco ('The Room')". lol
    The movie he's made is called "The Disaster Artist". The Room wouldn't be THE Room WITH James Franco in it. ^^
    (It's correct on the title card that is being shown during the video.)

  3. Flourescent Adolescent Author

    It was clear James had prepared the interview in advance because his questions were so spot on, but Dustin was like "uh, funnies experience on set?" buzzfeed type of question lol

  4. Pranav Author

    Pity Dustin Hoffman is such a bad person, despite being a great actor. 3-4 women have accused him of different forms of sexual assault and harassment, and yet he still insists they're lying and takes little responsibility. And then shows I respect, like this, choose to give him more free, positive publicity, while everyone pretends he never did anything. Just Hollywood, like usual.

  5. Vincent Knight Author

    James Franco was so good at playing Tommy Wiseau, the editors of this video literally thought he was Tommy Wiseau and credited him as the star of "The Room"

  6. margomarie1 Author

    Why the fuck do you have Dustin Hoffman on here…? Variety, you know that he is a huge part of this sexual harrasment problem in Hollywood right?

  7. Lorino Author

    I love Dustin Hoffman so so much, but couldnt stand listening to James Franco anymore and had to stop after 20min. Boy, this guy is really not able to speak and talks and talks and talks so loud and boring stuff. Like Trump would say "so sad" 😂 i really wished Dustin Hoffman would have had the chance to tell more of his interesting life AND he CAN tell something interesting.

  8. imaginemore _ Author

    Hey Variety, answer me this – why have you invited a known sexual harasser onto Actors on Actors?
    Message received; account unsubscribed; view deducted.

  9. Billiam RicRobCol Author

    This feels like Franco interviewing Hoffman. I get these collaborations are unusual (Sandler and Lawrence, etc) but they had to know each other (or know of) well enough. It looks like Hoffman have not seen The Disaster Artist, let alone not hearing of Franco. Nice interview overall but should have gotten a more appropriate actor for Hoffman

  10. sks sks Author

    James Franco is owning this..gosh what a confident lad. He is sitting next to a legend and interviewing him like a pro…I loved this conversation

  11. brentbb0 Author

    I liked James Franco until this interview, which I couldn't even finish. What an egocentric ass he is. Does he even know what respect and humility mean? Congrats, James. You're an immature jerk.

  12. Blair Laurel Author

    Smh at people thinking Franco came off as confident here. He overcompesated for being a nervous wreck. As for Hoffman he can fucking die.

  13. Gregory Kovacs Author

    That's fucking funny… you definitely have to pay attention to this one to trace all the stuff they are saying… They are making probably constant eye contact.

  14. Meta Man Author

    One thing these guys have got in common? They have both been accused of sexual allegations. 😆😆 In Hollywood there is no such thing as coincidence……

  15. Johny40Se7en Author

    Another brilliant video, the pairing is always spot on it's so wicked. I hope that Morgan Freeman and Jach Nicholson are paired up and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, that would be magic.


    Deep respect for these two actors individually ….this sharing is out of "synch"…James Franco and his ego unfortunately destroys the magic of their performances and what could have been spoken……poof…..I see everything spoken disappear into James Franco's mouth ….maybe he is nervous with Dustin Hoffman , feels childish and I am disappointed …..I loved James Franco playing James Dean and Dustin Hoffman was amazing in Little Big Man an earlier performance which was full of humour with Faye Dunaway…………there are greater matches than this in this channel which are synchronised and feel intimate and special ……..

  17. Rabbie Burns Author

    Note to Variety: You have all these amazing actors together in what could/ should be a terrific chat between them, but …. the environment must be too obtrusive, or the cameramen, lighting etc must get in the way as they generally all come over more awkward than necessary. Put them in a room together, set up the cameras on them .. then go out & leave them to it with a couple of glasses of wine/ pints of beer whatever & let them just TALK!!! Then edit, cut, whatever afterwards as you would probably have gold there.

  18. Austin spendlove Author

    james franco you are the man balck lion lee talking here i got my own army protecting me and my wife at all time your the man tho


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