1. G Money Author

    I’m glad she’s honest about being rude to her fans. I think she should clarify what she considers persistent over someone just excited to meet her. Adam is really encouraging. No way he’s at the winter. I love his look. I say re-market for drama now.

  2. Enni Shwader Author

    My selfish, judgemental and conspiring theory about it is that being famous turned to be an endless nightmare for her. Apparently her fame wasn't getting contained as she could have expected, after Mockingjay part 2; also we, anonymous, don't know how psychologically damaging, global fame can be for a long time, specially when you are suddenly victim of an online attack and when your bravery to talk about things may cause you serious problems. So I believe this over swearing talk and acting rude with fans sounds like a great PR's strategy to contain the amount of fame she's conquered to finally get her obvious mental issues fixed so she can keep making money.

  3. REAL TRUTH Author

    Why do Only Fake Ashkenazi jews get hired , they are TURK/ASIAN DNA — no jew in there but who brags about being Arab since they cannot grow body hair from the Ghenghis Khan Rapes , All their people changed religions and that is all that gets hired !!!

  4. bitchoflivingblah Author

    Adam Sandler in Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Punch Drunk Love' was a revelation, and showed his brilliance as an actor. It's such a good film that I watched it now and again. There are so many levels to this film.

  5. AZWings Author

    Interesting conversation. Unfortunately, for me, it highlights how hacky some of Sandlers formulaic crap is. I love him when he actually takes chances. But, his money-making crap is just…crap.

  6. Kevin Myers Author

    Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore…..Classics!! The problem is people/critics don't take the movie for what it is. They want it to give them something that it wasn't meant to give them. If it challenges their humor or Mother! it's somewhere they've never had to go with a movie so they immediately hate on it instead of going on the journey with them whether it's comedy or a challenging drama with tons of symbolism. Not everybody is going to love every movie. But nobody should hate on them as much as they do. Love the actor on actor series. Keep it up!

  7. Jay King Author

    Adam Sandler is the most overated fraud in the history of cinema. It's amazing how he has lasted so long. I liked his early movies when he was real, and some of his SNL stuff. Typical Jewish Hollywood, they promote what they know. He would have never been nearly as successful if his name was O' brien. Such a fraud pathetic clown. I like Jen though.

  8. Tatjana Minovska Author

    weird MOTHER, not flattering, but nice for her as experience, the O'Russel movies is a totally different story, that will bring new nominations and hopefully something more…

  9. Trevor Hirsch Author

    Potty mouth…

    IF you had 10 million fans… (starting from birth) you would have to meet 125,000 a year to get to know them all…

    That’s 342 a day…

    14 an hour…

    Life shows should only live for ONE… and those immediately around you…

    Anything else is extremely unhealthy…

    In my opinion…


  10. Trutv79 Author


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  11. Mathias Voorhees Author

    I don't like Adam Sandler's movies but I gotta say he looks like a gentleman in life. He's polite and not aggressive, like some stars will tell fans to fuck off because they don't have time.

  12. Jo Bella Author

    I never liked her work; but for some reason she is in some few movies I enjoyed. I like her more as a person I wish I could be. A deserving individual being paid like men & deserving not to be a stalker victim by not giving a care for anything in life but her work & family. Like a female Harrison Ford, who was a carpenter & saw itself as one, so is her as a just one of the guys even in high fem looks.

  13. Faint Signals from Vega Author

    Unfortunate attitude of Jennifer Lawrence towards her fans. Her fans were the ones that bought the tickets to her movies. They are the ones that end up helping her make all the big bucks. She's obviously forgotten that. Sorry that I have seen this interview. I thought she was much cooler than that. Not cool speaking about the public that way, with a kind of contempt.

  14. Neeraj Gupta Author

    Everyone here is just hating on Jennifer Lawrence. Like c'mon, she is just a human like us afterall. Do you all know how her rough and controlling her childhood was! Like her mother always got her engaged in to the boyish activities which has made her this rough.

  15. RaRaLa Author

    Hope these actors realise those people asking for their autograph/pic are those who pay their bills. They couldn't live the life they live if nobody watched their films. A little bit arrogant.

  16. Josh Hayes Author

    Adam does this whole interview so straightforward and without humor, kinda random, especially considering how over the top a lot of his comedies are now a days (not his drama stuff which I think is good). Jennifer is known to be super funny and easy going and I'm guessing she was probably surprised how serious he was for the interview.

  17. Matthew Hopkins Author

    I don't know if she's worse of a person or actress. She says she isn't a comediane, but I can't help but to laugh at everything she's ever done. What an arrogant and rude person, just like Ariana Grande, who hates the people that literally made them rich…not that either of those two ever saw a cent for me, it just shows that I made the right decision and they are garbage humans. Also don't forget that Grande hates Americans in general oh, I'll never forget just like Hanoi Jane Fonda.

  18. Jonathan Moore Author

    Lol 5% of your worth is bs.. call someone who knows and get the rest cause we don’t like pimping or game over in Canada and uhh we freed the slaves but apparently you can like I said be you for the low price of 5% plus a 13% tax and uhh the knowledge of that you will never know why..

  19. Jonathan Moore Author

    There’s not a lot of real men that heard daaat lol take a drink on him lol she likes you adam but he likes himself lol me too but not really

  20. Jonathan Moore Author

    No way she living the American dream… and is not feeling it #freetheslavesfrombeingslavestothemselvesandslavestopeerpressureandselflove

  21. MIA 42 Author

    Sandler deserved someone who was just as genuine. Lawrence is a rehearsed "genuine". In other words, she believes her own bullshit and enjoys the smell too much.

  22. d e Author

    Loved both of them always but not so much miss jennifer any longer. Her comments about fans. Rude as f. Then no wonder if her best friend amy shumer…yuck. She is no longer funny she just turned gross. Obviously amy rubbed off on her. So she thinks being rude and ugly to just plain fans is cute? Yep a real nasty rude inappropriate c#&! Did anyone notice sweet male actor looked at her like…wow you are rude jennifer! Yea he looked really suprised and kinda of embarrassed for her. Yea she is a joke. She won't make it if she is shumers buddy anyway. Birds of a feather flock together. Look at shumer and how much she has declined in popularity. So bye miss jen. We had hopes for you. Guess you are not so classy after all.😝

  23. john gonzales Author

    Thank you to the guy who probably doesnt get enough credit and more then likely doesnt get get paid enough and more then likely got his idea stolen THANK YOU! your a God 🙏🏾

  24. Phoenix 24 Author

    I love Adam. Clearly he knows that people dislike him and he's just like the rest of us. If you don't like it, don't watch. And if you don't want bad reviews, don't read them. I'm amazing how down to earth he is

  25. Clever Kat Author

    I love how they complain about the people who help pay there bills and give them a job. Lets just all stop watching movies. Just like blacks trying to act like its so rough in america. Just move to another country. Btw alot of countrys hate americans cause we allow the government propaganda and media to make us look like a bunch of racist assholes. So they can keep us under the heel.

  26. Phyrom Huy Author

    Adam Sandler is a genuine dude. Hes a celebrity you can root for.
    Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand does not live on this planet anymore. She has definitely let all the hype get to her.

  27. Nzuzo Khumalo Author

    23:38. I only came here to see how much of a fuckin CUNT she is in real life. Adam Sandler on the other hand, he's gentlemen. I respect him.

  28. will crow Author

    i doubt you can be that famous for this amount of time without some of it getting old. Lawrence was cute and funny in interviews but you see the liquor and high life getting to be a drag. Feeling grateful for the fame and fortune just weighs too much and then it fades into resignation and contempt.

  29. Bibi Love Author

    I don’t think Jennifer Lawrence is aware that she needs people to go see her movies. Once the fans stop paying, Hollywood will stop knocking. Especially when she is get out of her 20’s and that glow starts going. She’ll learn her lesson soon enough.


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